Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The Serviceberry  was in bloom in May..~My favorite~A Mother's Day gift 7 yrs ago..when our youngest was expecting Lucas..to commemorate his birth~You see it as you drive up right away..and on a clear day..the white against the blue is heavenly~ If ever we move..I must have this one moved with us~:)
I played and added the little hearts..to my beloved Serviceberry.I am truly in love with a few of our trees~
.. had some time recently at home..with miserable weather and some fabric that was wanting to be put to use.The weather graced us..  after a spell..with those brilliant blue skies ..and warmth in the 80's~  90's..and almost 100!I enjoy making small things.using my sewing machine..printer etc.. These are as simple as printing favorite ephemera ..(Graphic's Fairy,Etsy etc..)adding some burlap..and stitching onto little hearts you fill with fiberfill.. Add some cord..or ribbon,diamonds..feathers and le tour est joué.
I had a basket full..w/ recipients in mind.. very few left:) Good ...I can make more one day. It makes the day..so pleasurable and peaceful.to be using your hands .
From The Heart~

Another thing I hearted recently was this movie..I had read the book and really enjoyed it but it was quite a while ago..Many times the movie is not as good as the book to me..But I really liked this one..so surprised the rating is so low.Laotongs..are a marvel to me..what beautiful enduring friendships.

Having never known my blood sister..this contract bound sisterhood..w/ true sentiment..enchanted me.

I  have never been one for confrontation..this relationship..(s)  works  in my heart for me.


  1. Lovely tree and hearts! I must get the hang of using fabric and printer....a lovely marriage! :-)

  2. These are beautiful, I too love giving little gifts from the heart.

  3. You are so very creative and talented. I enjoy all your photos as well.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie "The Handmade Homemaker"

  4. Une très jolie publication... Des petits coeurs semblables à de doux nuages accrochés aux branches...
    Ils sont très raffinés et charmants.
    Merci pour ces merveilleuses photos.

    Gros bisous.

  5. What a beautiful blossom on your tree, I want one, never heard of it before, & certainly not here in France. I can make the hearts but not all your lovely charming printed labels, how artistic you are.
    Gros bisous... Barbara Lilian

  6. I know the little hearts will be enjoyed by those that receive them...they are so sweet.

  7. I'm smiling:))
    Beauty all around....gorgeous!!
    you missed my post then ..

  8. Barbara how nice to find your blog about France your home now.I am enjoying it~
    Shel..now I found it:)

    Thank you..Have a great day everyone.

  9. We have two service berry trees that delight us in May. I also love the pretty red berries that follow (so do the birds). The hearts are wonderful. I'm going to check out instructions and see if they are simple enough for me to do.

    I really liked Snowflower and the Secret Fan" and enjoyed the movie though not as much as the book.


  10. But Monique, you're wrong. Your have many sisters, all around the globe. You're more than a joy than even your Serviceberry tree.

    -Rob333 (GardenWeb/ThatHomeSite friend)

  11. I just love the comment above...it is true Monique xx

  12. I loved the book, Monique, but never have seen the movie. Beautiful post.
    (I've copied your Buttermilk Rhubarb Tea Cake recipe; it looks lovely with that glaze.)

  13. This is such a beautiful post...you always make me smile when i need to most....
    Sisters of the heart...ones we choose for ourselves are such a treasure in life....
    You certainly do have many sisters...all over the world...
    Bisous sweetiegirl!
    L xo

  14. It's amazing how we do become friends~
    Today..I had emails that just warmed my heart..and even my husband agrees..that this web world can be a wonderful thing with wonderful people.

  15. Beautiful ornaments for your Service Berry tree. Sweet house in the background as well. It suites you. I've read the book - but have yet to see the film. Sometimes your choosen sisters can be closer to you than your biological ones.

  16. You always make the best of any situation, Monique :) We had that heat, it cooled and was beautiful and now we have it again.

    What a beautiful tree and adornments!

    Loved the comment about all of your sisters ♥

  17. Forgot to add I love your summery new header.

  18. Very pretty, Monique!
    Rob 333, I remember her from the cooking forum. That seems like so long ago!
    Thanks for your good wishes on Eamon. Did you see his pic? You forget how tiny they are!

  19. Kathleen, I too, remember YOU from the cooking forum. It was a long time ago, but we all still know each other, even if just a little. And as usual, you're making whatever part of the world you're touching, that much sweeter.


  20. Hi Monique!
    Love these new hearts of yours, Graphic Fairy has such pretty images for us to enjoy!
    Many thanks for leaving me a note, I was missing you! Hope you're painting watercolors on your journal.

  21. Love these hearts. They are so adorable. I love them with the burlap, too.
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today. I wasn't able to directly respond (your email wasn't linked). I hope you share your milk can with us! I made the tea towels out of muslin fabric and added the stamps.
    I loved scrolling through your blog! Following you on the way out....