Wednesday, February 13, 2013

BlueBell and ButterCup's Vanilla Tray Bake~'s not actually THEIR recipe for this delicious's their mom's Marie~
She lives at The English Kitchen..and a few other places too..
This isn't the first time I have shared one of Marie's many over the last few years actually..
But it is the first time I introduce you to 2 of her creations..well actually more..because all BlueBells' and ButterCups clothes are designed by Marie too..I think they picked up that cup in Aix~♥
I used to love HOME COMPANION~ Mary Engelbreight's magazine~ and ALWAYS flipped to Ann Estelle:) or one of her friends..the cut out dolls brought me back to my childhood:)
Well guess what? Marie..started creating her very own paper dolls and outfits..
So how could I resist purchasing some?
They are so so so adorable..and arrived so quickly!  Ahh the power of the internet!  A high resolution file is sent to us..:)

You can print them up at home..or do as I did and have them printed at Bureau En Gros(Staples)..
I had them printed on heavier cardstock as I knew they would be cooking and baking with me in the kitchen.
The first thing we made was for Jacques(and he thinks these dolls are so cute too!)...was Marie's Vanilla Tray Bake.It looked moist..and delicious.The kind of cake Jacques likes.:)
So we decided to give it a try..I used a large pan though w/ individual squares..

I wished and hoped and all went well..all the cakelets rose..:) and looked wonderful!
Both girls were happy with their first venture together in the kitchen~

  Just delicious!

You can find the easy peasy  recipe here~
If you have Flour,sugar,butter,eggs,sour cream and a few basic other ingredients you are on your way~
You can order Marie's cute cute dolls..(there are more) her other blog..The Artful Heart~
Fun to have for you or for any child ..or child at ♥ that you know:)
I just had to tell you about the dolls:)  And the recipe~
And thank you Marie for everything you share~

This is scrummy ..As you would say~
Ces petites poupées sont des coups de ♥ pour moi~


  1. I had several sets of paper dolls when I was young. It is just something you see anymore.

  2. I wish I had kept mine:)

    I know we don't see these anymore..and they make me smile:)

  3. The dolls are so adorable. You always have such adorable ideas on your blog.

  4. The dolls are so adorable-)) I just love them, very cute-) Thank you for sharing.

  5. c'est mignon comme tout, tes illustration et tes recettes, j'adore!

  6. Oh Monique, BlueBell and ButterCup look perfectly at home baking in your kitchen! They did a great job too as the cake looks fabulous! You are so sweet to me. I am glad you like the paper dolls. I had ever so much fun creating them and it makes me happy to know they make you happy. You make me smile! Happy Valentines Day dear friend! xxoo

  7. I miss Mary E. too! In fact, I have about a dozen of her magazines that I cannot let go!! What charming little partners you have with you in the kitchen!!


  8. My girls loved to play with paper dolls when they were little. You have incorporated Marie's little girls into your post so cleverly, Monique. Lovely post. Happy Valentine's Day.

  9. My girls liked the stick-on dolls :) They were plastic and the clothes stuck like magic. What great memories. I love Marie's dolls and their clothes are adorable!!

    Oh my, the cake looks yummy! The girls did a great job :)

  10. Colorforms! I even loved those..
    I know those 2 in the kitchen were a great team:)

  11. These are wonderful. I always love Mary's work and it fits you to T Monique!

  12. Happy Valentine's Day, Monique. I have always had a fondness for paper dolls. Love how the one's little dress seems to match your lovely plate. I love simple cakes and this one sounds very nice.

  13. Happy Valentines Day Nana!
    I too loved colorforms! They were one of my favorite things!
    Bisous xo

  14. Happy Valentines Day Nana!
    I too loved colorforms! They were one of my favorite things!
    Bisous xo

  15. Happy Valentine's Day!!! I loved that magazine, sure wish it was back.... I also love your toile plate, oh my that is just gorgeous!!! The dolls bring back lots of memories for me, I may have to go and get some for my girls!!!
    Have a lovely evening!

  16. I really like Marie's blog and this cake looks ever so good!



  17. She has tried and true recipes..Every dessert has become a favorite here with my husband:)
    She will be adding dolls on a regular basis I think..
    Mags I think you would like to play with them too:)

    Hi Linda:)
    Carol we all adore your artwork too.I am lucky to have discovered so many talented people through blogging.
    Brings so much pleasure to someone who kind of likes to be out of crowds:)

  18. These are sheer delight. You know I have my files of Ann Estelle and her friends. Such fun to play with on special occasions such as this. ButtterCup and BlueBell........precious!
    Hope your Valentine's Day was special. I've been away from my computer and out of touch. Sending sweet thoughts your way..........Sarah

  19. Oh Monique! This post brought back so many memories. I used to love paper dolls. Dressing them, lining them all up, interacting with them...such fun for kids. My antique club had a speaker a couple years abo who collects antique paper dolls. It was fascinating!
    Yummy cake too!

  20. I love art.. in all forms..but am not well read at all.. when I see something beautifull..or charming..or that has meaning to me.. I am hooked:)
    The speaker must have been so interesting..I guess she brought some of her colllections;)
    Nice to see you again Sarah:)
    Mme Deer suis contente d'avoir fait la décourverte de votre si joli blog~
    Have a lovely weekend~

  21. Aren't they just the cutest ever? How great that Jacques loves them too. They would be magical cooking in the kitchen with you.

    Speaking of magical, everytime I move my cursor on your blog I just adore the fairy dust.

  22. I know your little ones would like these too Jacqueline:)
    You're the fairy:)

  23. I want to be your next door neighbor. You are so creative!
    And kind of a good cook... ;)
    OH! Yes to the Mary Englebreit...and guess what?
    I have the Instagram app on my phone and follow her (have I said this before?? deja vu...) well she is on often and I have chatted a wee bit with her.

  24. Such a pretty post - the details on the dolls is incredible and the bake sounds simple but so tasty, I love the inclusion of sour cream.

  25. I wonder if I was the only child who altered all her paper dolls' clothes. Ah, the memories.

    I love how you brought your paper dolls alive, to help with baking. So cute!

  26. Ce gâteau a l'air juste "excellent". Bonne soirée.