Friday, February 22, 2013


Lots of links:)

You know this already:)~the above that is~

And I do like mugs too..

Just a little individual birthday cake..:)  Keep the mug and wee spoon!

I thought these mugs were so cute for Mug Cakes~They come with a small spoon~

The same day..I tried my hand at this:)

I am sure you know right away why I had to make it..In my teens..I dotted the i in Monique w/ a ♥~
No surprise there:)
But here is the surprise~

A heart is baked into the middle:)
It's a heavenly triple lemon cake..It would take pages  for me to write out and I type at the speed of honey trying to pour out.. that has hardened~
Suffice it to say it is from a baking Diva~
The that you bake the first portion of the lemon cake..(to which you have added the desired food coloring) in an 8x8..or 9 inch square pan before making the whole thing:)

I made mine the night before..
Then after it is baked and cut it out in the shape you desire(I see stars in my future)..
wrap vertically in cling wrap..and freeze..
the next day..
you make the second batter..
place some of the batter in your vertical mold..
set the hearts(that are now kind of stuck together frozen:) ) the batter and then place the rest of the batter all around and on top..
I would love to give you exact dimensions..but mine did not cooperate with the original recipe..
My heart cutter was ap 2.5 inches..but my pan.. 4x 8 1/2..
I could have used more batter(?)  but no..the secret for my cake will lie in a smaller cutter~
After the cake has baked..and make sure you cover the heart as to NOT get a dome..
you pour lemon syrup on it:)
and then..when add the lemon glaze:)

I added edible blossoms:) Just for pretty.
Mme .Carrée..has the most beautiful photos and exquisite recipes..
When I first discovered her..I was still working..and perused her blog from tip to toe..entranced~:)
The next day..
Max came over for a visit:)

He takes art classes..and likes to hunker down and focus on art~
So he and I spent some quality time in my humble art room(means everything room)..
and decided on a picture for him to paint~
He chose a picture from Sharon one of her books..
It's an adorable book..that I love to peruse..
Max chose this  illustration to do..

The Pizza making section:)

That day I had decided to show him a technique a very wonderful artist showed me..
The Lighbox Technique..

Forgive the fuzzy pic..nana was in a bit of a rush Max was quite impatient to dry it:)

Max is 5..I think he did a most marvelous job of his first ever Lightbox Technique:)
We then played with small watercolor cards..and Gouache ..and Titanium white:)

Max is wearing on his favorite paint blotter..a cut off white athletic sock..he enjoys putting it on..And seeing how it looks after his works of art..heart:)

How cute are 5 yr old hands?:)

I asked him who his mini watercolor card and envelope were for..he said :"Jojo"..

"Jojo I asked?"  "She is our lunch supervisor:":)
I thought that was so cute!

But..after he discovered my stamp collection..and personalized his envelope with :"Hand made by"...And Happy Birthday..
He decided it would be for his mommy:)As her birthday was yesterday~
Loved that~

Before the boys came over..
I had prepared some bread..a new recipe~
That you can find here..

I used the link recipe at the bottom of her post..I did not have caramel color..and it appears I cannot get it in QC, I added  1 tbsp of molasses..and I halved the recipe..and... I used 1/2 all purpose unbleached flour and 1/2 Robin Hood Multigrain Bread Flour.
I put everything in my bread machine on  the  dough cycle .
Then used my attached together 4 small loaf tin..and my very favorite baking pan from France given to me by Lee~Ann and Jon~
Let them rise..and then baked..
Honey Butter with them would be sinful:)

All in all a creative 2 days:)

Thanks Max~xx

Have a great weekend~


  1. ~the apple doesn't fall far from the tree Monique,looks, artistic etc. like his

  2. Hello! I recently just started a youtube Korean food channel, EasyKoreanFood, where you can learn how to make fast & easy Korean food! It would mean the world to me if you could check it out because I'm just starting out! Thanks!

  3. The bread looks faaaaaabulous! And the wrist sock is brilliant, I've got to try that.

  4. So much goodness here Monique, from the mug to the painting to the bread! Loved it all. I will have to try your wrist sock idea! It is a brilliant idea for sure! I always have a rag next to me but a wrist sock makes even better sense! Thanks for all that you share with us! Bisous! xxoo

  5. Wow. Lots of great ideas here.

  6. The best kind of day Monique!!! Your house must have smelled wonderfully with baking bred and cakes. Even I could be a budding artist under those circumstances.

  7. Les deux artistes! J'aime vcoir tous ce que vous avez faits! Le pain, les illos de pizzas, les coeur, l'amour..les choses d'une gtrande importance!

  8. Monique, did I hear cake and lemon? That is all it took for me. I'm going to the store in a bit.

  9. What a beautiful post, Monique. It is always a treat to stop by for a visit. Your little Max takes after his very talented Nana.

  10. Oh je veux un gâteau surprise comme celui-ci! Il est magnifique!
    J'adore l'idée de le couper pour découvrir un coeur!
    Bisous d'une fan!

  11. Amazing post! You are the best Nana ever...a magical build beautiful memories that will never be forgotten!

  12. Amazing post! You are the best Nana ever...a magical build beautiful memories that will never be forgotten!

  13. Monique with a heart for the dotted i. Makes me smile! I agree with Linda are the best Nana ever......a magical Nana who does so many creative incredible things. No wonder those boys are sweet and thoughtful. '-)

  14. My little ones are so funny..Caroline told and showed max my post and he ran into their living room telling is older brother he was going to be famous:)
    My smile for that day for sure.:)

  15. Cute cups, lovely bread and pretty cake! Max is so sweet.



  16. A wonderful post with so many lovely projects. It appears that Max is going to have his Nana's talent with his painting.

  17. Adorably-so-Monique! I love baking in cups and mugs, but I've never had any mugs as cute as yours!

    And it's no surprise that artist Max is already following in Nana's footsteps.

  18. So many beautiful pictures you have here. The mug is gorgeous, illustrations are amazing and the cake is divine! I am glad I stepped by today. Have a good day dear!-))

  19. I saw a similar shape within a cake recipe a few weeks ago. I thought to myself that it looked hard and here you've done it and they look perfect!

    All of the creativity - so dear :)