Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Future Cookies~For Valentine's day..or not~

The boys..the two bigger boys ..came for a visit Sunday..
Lucas practiced his class presentation in front of us:-)

A star is born:)  In our eyes~
Did some math..while Max did crafts..they played chess..a lovely indoor afternoon on a very chilly day..
Their mom had told me they had enjoyed reading their fortunes at the Chinese Food resto they went to..
I decided to make some for them:-)
I made some ap.20 years ago..
For a girl get together..
I had wanted special ladies to meet..in the hope of matching 2 female friends recently widowed..and in the hope of ..kind of.. sort of ...arranging a meeting for a new relationship for a woman I knew at that time..and a man I had met..
The first never panned out ..but the latter married.
I remembered the cookies as being good:-)
I knew it was a Martha recipe..but tried a new one..
I should have stuck to the Martha..although it had a drawback too..the middle is never as crispy as the outer parts....they're not soft...but not crunchy..
However..these worked fine..and I like the whole idea of fortune cookies..
As a young girl..my mom and I sometimes went to Bamboo Village for Chinese food after church.
I loved it so much..the treat..the company..:-)
Spare ribs..chicken soo-guy..pineapple chicken..egg rolls..almond cookies..fortune cookies..
This is 45 -50 years ago..I can't believe those numbers when I say or read them.
I told Max I was 25:-) not a real lie..it was like a comparison..to his art teacher:-)
So how could this be?
I still remember it all.
We never went out..maybe that is why:-) It has made an indelible wonderful memory in my mind..
So..I made the cookies..wrote the fortunes and prepared tea for my 7 and 5 yr old grandsons..Chinese tea!

I was prepared..I know them:-)
And so it was...

Oh but could we have chocolate milk instead Nana?
Oh but could we just read the futures Nana?And not actually eat the cookies?

Now ..the title of my post makes sense..Lucas calls them Future cookies..I said ..they are fortune cookies Lulu..

No..future..they tell the future..
Well..to me they are  Now Future Cookies and I always plan on making them rosy.
For everyone.
Every future I will write:-)

La recette~

2 large egg whites
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
1/2 tsp pure almond extract
3 tbsps vegetable oil
3 tsps water..
8 tbsps flour
1 1/2 tsps cornstarch
1/4 tsp salt
8 tbsps sugar

First of all write some fortunes on paper:)  Have them ready..

Preheat oven to 300F

In a bowl with a mixer beat the first 5 ingredients until slightly frothy..

add the rest of the ingredients that you have sifted together before..

Drop by tbsps full on a Silpat..  and spread to ap 3 inches..keeping them 3 inches apart..
Bake until the edges start to brown..about 14-15 minutes..

When done remove from oven..I placed my fortune..folded over then folded again by hoding it over a mug:)

Then I put it in a muffin tin..

Bake only a few at a time..:)

You can watch the video here..but the recipe and recipes,are on many many sites..I found the recipe somewhere else:)

And found the video here..

Fun for kids..:)  and for adults to make~

Remember? When we used to say this? Now it feels as if I am full for 2 days:)
Found on Google..


  1. This is the second time I've seen homemade fortune cookies in the past couple of days. Someone is telling me I need to make these!

  2. What a lovely memory and now you are making more with your grandsons. I've never made "future" cookies but may someday!!


  3. Oh splendide!
    I'd love to bake them!
    So cute!!

  4. :) They are so nice to make ..knowing the people you are making them for is the best..
    For the ladies..I had put 3 on each plate..but had remembered which ones had which future in them:)
    I am glad you may want to try these and if you perfect the middle being a tad crisper too let me know:) have a great day..Cccold here but brilliant blue skies..

  5. ~Beautiful and Loving....again!

  6. My dear Monique...you are the best Nana ever! You are building memories for those sweet boys every day! I love the future cookies and the messages they contain...
    Bisous xo

  7. Monique, Your fortune cookies are perfection! I have tried twice to make them and each time they were a bust! I think I'll try your recipe. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. As soon as Mack can read I will make these! He loved my gingerbread cookies :)

    Your boys have such a wonderful Nana. I love the new name - Future cookies ♥

    I just received some Teavivre tea recently too! I love tea in the winter. I wish I had some future cookies to eat with mine right now ;)

  9. Fortune cookies are not only delicious but fun as well. The boys would love them.

  10. Lucas is as clever as his nana.

    The 'future' cookies and the tea you made for the boys will remain in their minds, and hearts, for all time.

  11. Now that is fun! What a cute treat!

  12. More memory building for your precious grandchildren. You are a jewel Monique.

  13. The boys must love coming for visits...you make them all so special.

  14. What a great idea, I should do that for my kids when they come vote. Thanks!

  15. magnifique blog je me suis inscrite a ta newsletter !!!

  16. Wow, these are simply divine, I love your fortune...lol!
    Thanks for stopping by and loving my pink teacups....I saw them online at Amazon and had to have them, would you like a couple of them? I really don't need six...I am more than happy to share!!

  17. Margaret (Mags:)..I have my mom's:) And we are just the 2 of us..But I will never forget this sweet offer:)
    I saw similar ones on Pinterest and loved them..so when I saw yours..I could not help but say:)

    but THANK you..how kind!
    Little treasures..all those grandchildren will surely love them one day..
    I know you wish you had your mom's and baba's..but these will be your heirlooms to your grandchildren..
    Mais vraiment? Tu es gentille d'offrir!
    Enjoy the rest of the week everyone:)
    Thanks for your company.I just love it.

  18. What a precious idea! I love future cookies - so positive and wonderful. I made them a couple of times too. My dad was so cute, whenever we ate Chinese he always said his said, "You are the world's best lover!" We would laugh and laugh. Those are sweet memories. Who knows what memories we are creating. I am definitely going to have to make some Future cookies for the kiddies.

  19. I love these, Monique. And yes the prediction is right, I probably will be hungry again in an hour.

  20. How sweet Jacqueline..your father sounds quite charming:-)

  21. Adorable, Monique, and I love all the little sayings you made up. I've made these once (actually for Halloween) and had so much fun with them.
    (love that last fortune!)

  22. I remember helping make fortune cookies with a college roommate. I think maybe a girl ask guy date. Later we just pulled out the fortunes with tweezers and inserted new ones. Making them again sounds fun. As a family we used to eat out at Chinese restaurants quite a bit. We only have a, not so good, Chinese buffet in town. What a fun grandmom you are. Joni

  23. Wow, you're making your own fortune cookies! How cute! I love how positive those fortune messages usually are once you open up the cookie!

  24. That is so cute!! He wanted chocolate milk and just the "future" not the cookie. Sounds like me!
    Your handwriting is so pretty!

  25. You always share such fun and lovely stories! I come away with so much after visiting here...a chuckle and a smile...inspiration that prompts me to renew my own world a bit...great advice and information...and eyes that have feasted on your beautiful photos and handiwork! It's a treat and I appreciate it very much!
    Tracey xox

  26. Cute! A great party cookie too.



  27. :) Have a lovely weekend..

    For a party they would be good Rosa:)

  28. Catching up with you this afternoon Monique...haven't been here since your cute bird cakes...quite a while!
    Paris cookies and fortune cookies ...you always make me smile!

  29. Oh what fun Monique! I love reading your stories as well. What a dear friend you are. I can remember when I was younger and I could eat about two plates of food at a Chinese Buffet. Mind you back then I would have loved to decorate my home like a Chinese Restaurant. They always seemed to be so pretty and exotic. Thankfully my taste has gotten better as I have gotten older and my appetite has lessened! I have a hard time just finishing one plate of food now! That's a good thing! Love you lots! xxoo

  30. O my-) Homemade fortune cookies-)) I feel like it's so much work. You are amazing!

  31. They are not a lot of work..I promise..the cookies take no time..Yelena..I see your dishes..These would be a breeze for you..it's the personalization that is endearing:)

    Marie you cracked me up..Thank you for that..A bit of laughter is such a treat:)