Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend Snippets~well.. Saturday:)

This weekend we celebrated our youngest daughter's birthday~ 36!
Un amour d'enfant..petite ainsi  que maintenant grande~et maman de 3 des "Alphabet Boys"..
Pinterest played a part in her birthday:)

I had loved the gifts I found on Pinterest..on my Wrapping Board:).. how they added black and white photos to the gift wrapping~
I scanned an old  color photo  of when she was perhaps 3..with long blonde curls pinned up..her bathing suit and water wings~
I loved her little face..I still do:)
The whole family got together at our other lovely  daughter's her sweet sweet turquoise kitchen..for a family meal..
6 kids..6 adults..
A delicious meal of Ricardo's pork w/ beet sauce:)..all the Tostitoes I could eat before hand..veggies ..dip..a very "F" hd..delish..carrots potatoes..superb soup..leek with crisp pancetta topping:-) ..

I offered to bring dessert.

I don't love eating them but love making them~

Again I found many of this very same cake on Pinterest so I won't quote one source.

You simply bake..a 2 layer chocolate cake.. ice..surround with KitKats..individually and top with Smarties..I added a personalized circle of fondant on top w/ fondant candle place the candles..and to lessen the amount of Smarties~
Pedestaled and wrapped with a's a fun and easy birthday cake:)
And the kids were so excited:)
A cake mix can work fine for this kind of cake..
It was a lovely Saturday spent with all my favorite people in the whole wide world~
Did you spy one of my market bags?
If you did you must have spied those absolutely precious crocheted radishes and string beans?
Creative,thoughtful,perfectly stitched..they are my favorite addition to my market bag.This is THE market bag now~:)
No.... I didn't make them.... I wish!..A dear dear girl did:)


  1. this cake looks stunning, what a lovely tea with your family

  2. C looks like Max here Monique!

  3. My grands would think I was the most clever grandma ever if I brought your cake to a party. The kitkats and beautiful chocolate colored bow make it special. Leave it to you, Miss M...

  4. Not only is this clever, it makes a gorgeous presentation. Looks like a gift! And the market bag---yes, THE market bag, it all makes a charming vignette. Your home must ooze with charm!
    Enjoy your day and Happy Birthday to your darling daughter. ~ Sarah

  5. Congratulations !!! ...that cake !!!!...yammie !!!

  6. Lovely! I particularly like the way that cake is decorated.



  7. I could eat that chocolate colored ribbon! How gorgeous it is!! Happy birthday to your youngest... a charming young lady indeed.

  8. I have been a long time fan of your husband and I are going to Provence in April. Wondering if you have any restaurant recommendations? We will be in Nice, Cannes, Mougins and St. Paul de Vence before boarding a river cruise in Avignon.

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Noreen ~

  9. Hello Noreen..

    We spent very little time in Cannes and Nice..but if I may make a suggestion..a blog I love..and a person who is without doubt an expert in the region as she lives there and is a true "Foodie"..would be the ONE to ask..

    She is so nice I am sure if you left a note on her blog..or emailed her directly..she would be happy to guide you.
    They travel all the nice restos..good food..she is an expert herself:)

    He name is Hélène..
    You will think you landed right in Cannes upon visiting her blog..
    My husband even asks for me to send her new posts to him:)
    I think she is fluently bilingual and perhaps even more languages.
    Have a wonderful time..
    It was a heavenly trip for Jacques and I.

    It is a really cute kids cake:) Don't hesitate if you ever need something easy and cute:)
    My daughters were lenient :)
    They don't eat KitKats and Smarties every day!~:)

  10. What a gorgeous cake...I can feel the excitement and see the grandchildren's wide and "smiling" eyes!

  11. Oh Monique, you never fail to impress me. You are the best Mom and Nana. I wish we were neighbours. ~Ann

  12. Me too! One of the cutest cakes I have ever seen and I love the market basket and that cake stand! Just beautiful!
    Sounds like you had a lovely party this weekend...i am so happy you celebrated!

  13. Monique,
    Thank you for the information. I have gone to her blog and agreed that it is quite the resource for all things Provence. I am away from home for the month while we are in St. Bart's ~ and reading your blog leaves me longing for my kitchen!

  14. move here too:)

    Noreen..what a life!

    Yes she is so well traveled..lives right there in Cannes!!And so helpful and nice!

  15. This is one of those "why didn't I think of that" moments. We unashamedly love Kit Kats but only have them after Halloween (leftover treats).


  16. At first glance, I thought the cake was a carefully-wrapped present, which is what I expect from you. But this is even better, because it is cake. Chocolate cake!

    Mon ami, I didn't know you had a Pin. account. I opened one long ago, and haven't done anything with it. Surprised?
    I didn't think so.

    Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter!

  17. I have turned into such a little Pinner Sol~
    Never really knew much about it..and then..well I started and there was no stopping:)
    It's like having favorite learn a lot..I would follow you.. would love to see what you like~
    I have the red bar at the right saying Follow Me..I don't know why I put it there really..but I get to know Pinners that have the same likes and thus's nice it really is~

    Save your KitKats next yr:)

    It served 12 people nicely..but all I ate were 3 kitkats:)No cake:)

  18. Superbe, tout ce chocolat me donne très envie d'être gourmande. Bises

  19. What a glorious Saturday celebration, Nana! You always make things look so pretty and festive....Happy Birthday to your daughter - and you, after all:)

  20. more ways than one:)So sweet you should say that~

  21. Such a lovely cake. I am sure your daughter truly appreciate your work of art.

  22. I can't believe you don't have a sweet tooth! Wish I didn't!
    I love the crocheted cute.
    I believe I will make this cake for my son turning 19 on friday.

  23. Oh my so much loveliness here . . .where do I start!! Your market bag, so sweet with those adorable crocheted vegetables. Must have! And that precious picture of your girl. How beautiful and what a great idea for the wrapping paper and that cake!! WOWSA! What a fab idea. I love Pinterest. I do, I do! Love YOU too! xoxo

  24. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl! Radishes are very cute on your bag, love them-)

  25. Happy belated birthday to her. Love the pictures that you are sharing with us.

  26. Your lovely cake must have gotten lots of oohs and aaas....just beautiful.

  27. I feel I've been away for so long! I have so much catching up to do - that's the hard part about returning :)

    What a gorgeous cake and you found the perfect ribbon for it. So professional looking! I must have been a wonderful party. I adore that photo of C. It's hard to believe - tome flies so quickly.

    Love the market bag - but it's how you find the perfect bag for the adornments more than anything else ;)