Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lovely ,lingering hazy days of summer~

Today ..Thursday is raining..a much needed rain for the lingering late summer gardens..It will be a quiet stitching day..hoping to finish the little piece I am working on..maybe a small pillow..or I will cover a watercolor journal..
Planted a new hydrangea Pinky Winky.. will be different from the Pink Diamonds above(They turn pink..) and the Annabelles and Kyushus..
My son-in-law disvcovered them.
They sound and look promisimg..heads up for  my fellow gardeners..

Have a new cookbook that is Delightful..The Title?

Citron..By Isabelle Lambert.

Isabelle is a fellow blogger.I have made so many things that I gleaned from her blog..
She is French..  and has been in QC for ap 12 years..
She is very successful and this is her 3 rd book..
~Les Gourmadises D'Isa
!and now Citron..
We were having friends for dinner last night and my menu was planned.. but I added a second dessert after perusing her beautiful book..
I will post next time..
Maybe even have a recipe to add...there are so many tempting ones..
I am a lover of lemons..and I know many of you are..
The recipe I chose yesterday..  is a sweet.. made with SUNFLOWER OIL:)
Be back sometime soon..:)
Take care~


  1. What a beautiful day. Love the embroidery and your scissors too.

    1. Both are availbale and were bought on the ineternet..
      The embroidery is from.. you are sent a downloadable pattern..Trace with a window or lightbox..add some acrylic paint and start stitching..
      Availabe at
      Cute vinagey patterns..
      And the scissors are from Ebay..very reasonable.. at this seller..xuguoying2012 shipping..prompt delivery:)
      Thanks Donna.

  2. Ohh, so beautiful a post Monique. I love your sweet little embroidery. It's so delicate. I can't wait to see what you do with it. All of the garden photos are breathtaking and a cookbook about lemon? Well, I am in love! I adore lemon anything. This has to be a gorgeous book. Am going to check it out on amazon. Hope your dinner goes well. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to be a guest and break bread at your table. Bisous. xxoo

    1. I hope the book will be available at Amazon..But I will share some recipes..
      Oh marie..reading your post this morning..I too am so very fond of's my long winter that is afrightening proposal..
      Not the vistas.. but the lack of color and cold.Shoveling.. I would much rather prune:)

  3. I love the embroidery that you are working on, I've been wanting to do more embroidery lately but I keep putting it off, so hopefully this weekend :)
    I love lemon desserts, maybe even more than chocolate so that book sounds very interesting.
    Hope you're having a lovely week.

    1. As you can see I'm just taking a short break from's almost done..Oh Go for it Jenni..!!It feels so good..there are cute Christmas ornaments I have bought in the past with felt and stitching..hope she has new patterns this year..I will share a link if I see them pop up.
      Me too..lemon over chocolate:)

  4. I'm envious of your day of rain, the beautiful blooms in your garden, and a day of stitching. Your ET scissors are oh so charming. Are they ones you've had for some time? I wonder if they are still available. Enjoy your day! ~ sarah

  5. They are still available..I just looked..I wrote the seller's name in a reply to Donna shipping nice girl..She included a small Eiffel tower 4 dimensional keychain..
    And Sarah..I went to Michel's this week for flloss and they had a tiny kit $1.50..of ME paper dolls..just one set left..I've cut them out..cute cute..perhaps your Michael's may have a t the moment..?
    I am liking the quiet rain today..Seriously so:)

  6. Beautiful photos. What a lovely way to spend a rainy late summer day--stitching and perusing a new cookbook. Enjoy!


  7. Beautiful photos Monique, especially the one of the bee in flight. What a great shot. Summer is my favorite time of the year and I always look forward to these hazy, lazy days. So much so that we named our house in the islands "Lazy Days."

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    1. I love that name..Remember your house too:) Many..but that one ..the most I think!

  8. Simply beautiful Monique...
    your photos are really masterpieces...
    I'm dying to see that finished piece of embroidery...
    Happy weekend

    1. You too..:)

      Hopefully I will finish the stitching today..maybe add a bew jewels..LOL..
      and then see what i will do with it..
      I think the patterns emanate from Australia..

  9. Beautiful Monique...I love those scissors and the stitching. I used to do embroidery long ,long, ago...
    Now I have trouble threading a needle with these old eyes, even with my glasses on. I have an old pair of embroidery scissors that look like a stork...i need to dig them out.
    I love your late summer garden....the only thing in bloom here now is my butterfly bush and blackeyed susans...
    So lovely to read this on this rainy day...I will look for the cookbook on Amazon as well!
    Bisous xo

    1. I hope you find the stork:) You have so many neat old things..treasures..I want to see them:)
      Arlene has a butterfly bush too..I ahve tried..I think you 2 are just a zone warmer than I am..
      Phlox would be a nice addition to your gardens Linda..

      Or just relax and enjoy what'' s happening:) Hard..I know..:)
      Embroidering is fun..I did so much when I was younger they were hanging from the rafters:)
      Got into it again with the Christmas stockings..(Very long and detailed but whata pleasure I had..and then with Alicia's ornaments..
      It just ZENS me.
      How about that magnifying thing my first (beloved ) manager had? She cross was on an arm..I loved her set up.
      Rosemarie Faber.

  10. I think your beautiful work will be perfect for a watercolor journal cover. It is raining here today also-)) I am making peach jam-)

    1. YUM.. peaches are lovely right now..Your photos today..well more than noteworthy Yelena..

      Bye for now..It's dark already!
      Can only finish the pale stitching in the morn..

  11. c'est tout simplement magnifique ce que tu fais :) Ça fait longtemps que je n'ai pas brodé (c'est ma mamie qui m'avait appris) mais je tricote, crochète, et couds.
    et tes photos...superbes :) je ne pourrais jamais avoir un jardin comme le tien car j'ai beaucoup d'arbres centenaires, que je ne veux pas coupés et qui donnent beaucoup d'ombre.

    merci pour tes bons mots sur Citron, j'apprécie beaucoup :)

  12. Un plaisir Isabelle..le dessert fut n'ai plus de citrons..
    Je the reviens avec un billet sous peu.Mon mari aime beaucoup ton livre aussi.Un gros bravo!

  13. We had a much needed rain today also. The lawn and gardens were just started to get parched. My tomatoes - even the vigorous cherry tomatoes are not doing well this year. Too much humidity and rain early in the season and the leaves are spotted and dying :( At least the rain gave me the time to spend planning our two September birthdays for Lindsay and Mack. I can't even believe I'm typing September!

    Your needlework project is lovely and what a wonderful remembrance of your garden! I will look forward to your recipes from that book!

    1. It's around the corner:(
      School starts next week here..
      Pretty out today though..
      Hope we get to see some of the festivities:)

  14. Both her book and the site look divine
    Big Merci

  15. Another lovely post! I love to see the bees doing what they do best since we now have a bee crisis. I can't wait to see what you have for us from the lemon book because everyone knows by now I love all things lemon.

    1. I read that Time or Bloomsberg?
      Didn't read the whole article but enough to discover they are responsible for much more than I ever thought..I've always been grateful to them for pollination..but not the extent mentioned!
      I love them Madonna.. they never try to bite..etc..wasps..ugh.

  16. Your pictures are always so gorgeous. A quiet stitching day sounds perfect for a rainy day. :) That is one nice piece for stitching. I started one many years ago but never got it finish! Seems like I just didn't have the patient to get it done. :) Thanks for reminding me of my unfinished business. I might pick it up again when the kids are off to school. ;)

    1. With little can be a challenge..
      I never took phtos nor baked or cooked as much with little ones..I think we had an old Minolta..slides.. and just didn't phtoograph your food 40 yrs ago:)
      Well Julia and her husband did:) And Jéhane and Margo etc..
      You do enough:)

  17. Sweet last looks at August, Nana! I envy you being able to stitch anything - I am all thumbs in that department:)

  18. I can't believe summer is nearly over! Your pretty photos remind me to make the most of what we have left.

  19. Your summer gardens are delightful. I know you must enjoy them immensely.

  20. I am working backwards....have been on vacation...I see the beginning of your embroidery in this post and the mention of Citron.. I would enjoy the cookbook for certain!