Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Petit gâteau d'amour~

Very very simple..I have made this cake before..gleaned from Best Recipes magazine on the internet,no real instructions..time of cooking etc..but recently saw a pound  cake adorned w/ strawberry hearts..so I decided to add them to this cake..
I made one regular loaf size and a mini ..
The minis are.. 2 bites.. 2 bite minis:)
The center stays moist because the berry cooks in the cake..

I wish  everything I baked and cooked was pink and turquoise:)
Like the tapenade I made recently.. it  would be much more photogenic:)
Every dish would be:)
I could not resist sharing this cute ringleted back ...I was with..this pretty sweet girl  at Lucas' 8th birthday party:)
Her baby sister is just as delicious.. but I didn't get a back shot of her..
20 children were there..and parents.. we painted faces.. 
I did the boys..Super Mario and Luigis..
our  other daughter did the girls..Butterflies:)
And I got my face painted with flowers by a little girl named Ava..
She did a better job than I did~

Getting back to the cake..
It's lovely with a cup of tea..

La Recette~

 1 1/4 cups of sugar
1 free range egg  I am sure mine wasn't
1 1/2 tsp almond extract
2/3 cup of milk..I used buttermilk
1 1/4 cup flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/8 tsp cinnamon
8 tbsps melted butter..I didn't

So  no instructions..I creamed my very soft butter and sugar..added the egg..extact..buttermilk..and mixed in the flour that I mixed with the baking powder.
Put in my molds..and pressed strawberrie..you make a v in a whole strawberry..then slice in half and press.
I bake mine in a 350 degree oven.. at least 30 mins for the wee one..longer for the other..you will have to do the cake test..my larger one took about 40 minutes..and I teneted with foil towards the end as I did not want the top too brown.
You can dust with icing sugar..:)

Very good~ You can serve alone..or with ice cream..crème fraiche.etc...I recently made cf at home thanks to Sue at The View From Great Island..~ Nice to be able to make it~

 I am amazed at all the pinks in the garden right now..Mostly..The Anemones.. the beautifuul swaying japanese anemones... Phlox..Zero maintenance.. 100% payback in  just cutting back in the fall..the rudbeckias..  lilies..roses.. geraniums of course..are still going strong..
But there is a difference to our air here~
It's almost...fall.
My neighbor's Maple across the street.. has southern exposure in the AM..that tree is always the first to show ..rouge..(Sob)..
I found one on our lawn out back  too..
Too too soon.
Stand back Autumn....please:)?
I need more time~


  1. Oh, to have one of these with tea sounds delightful! I envy your garden full of blooms. The recent heat has taken a toll. Things are baking! So thank you for sharing the beauty of your Canadian garden, Monique. '-)

  2. My two sisters had those ringlets :-) I painted my side door Blue Spa and I know you would love it since you mentioned aqua. To have one if your treats would be nice!

  3. Gorgeous pinks! One of my dogwood is an early changer - it's leaves are already red!

  4. Gorgeous pictures. The cake looks so good. Thanks for sharing.

  5. ah Monique these look just beautiful!! and love your pictures!! xo

  6. I thought it was Coquette? xo

  7. Just lovely! And I agree about the pink and turquoise. But I also think the cake would be lovely any which way it sounds so delicious. Summer here lasts for quite a while, so I will languish in all things light and airy!

  8. What a beautiful post. Your photographs are lovely, and the recipe sounds delightful!

  9. Pink in the garden, little curly haired sweeties and strawberry hearts...I think my day has started off right.

  10. Oh your cake looks so delicious.
    That photo of the little girl is adorable!
    Love this post Monique

  11. I always have so many thoughts when reading your posts. Yes, tapenade is not photogenic (I know from personal experience), your gateau looks amazing, I love all things pink, and finally your little girl's hair is just glorious.

    1. I do remember your tapenade.. it inspired me to put some on fish again this week:)

  12. What an adorable little girl. Your grandchildren and their friends are at such a precious age. I'm with you on pretty perennials in the garden that keep on giving and giving with zero maintenance. I am trying to fill my garden with more of those and less of the ones that need a lot of hand-holding and work. And as always, your baking skills are just amazing and so creative. A collection of your posts would look like a lovely scrapbook of beautiful memories.

    1. I wouldn't know where to begin in your zone Sam..zones:)
      Love Plumago in Florida and Bougainvilleas..always amazed how asparagus ferns are ground cover:)
      You're so right about that age Sam..:)

  13. Thanks for liking pink and turquoise too.Your comments are so nice..Have a great day..
    It is grey and raining..it might be a little painting day....

  14. This looks delicious and with those strawberry hearts, I love it. I also love the little bouquet of roses, so pretty.

  15. O dear Monique, I wish all the food would be pink also and light green and light blue-)) Have a wonderful evening!

  16. This Is so pretty Monique and to me pretty always makes it taste even better. I love the hearts!!

  17. I love back views too...
    So evocative.

  18. What a cute cake with strawberry hearts - so simple and yet so refined! Love it!

  19. A pretty and tempting cake! Pink is such a wonderful color. Those anemones are beautiful.



  20. I love everything Monique, the cake, the flowers . . . the ringlets. But especially the words. You are a treasure. Truly. xxoo

  21. What adorable cakes, pinks and ringlets, Monique! I love how strawberries make hearts when they're cut. Face painting sounds like such fun - soon here will be co-ed parties in our lives too :)

    Oh my gosh, we have a maple tree that has so many orange leaves already. I think it must have been stressed by the drought last year. Color on trees and shorter days - not already! I need to plant some more anemones - mine disappeared! Thank goodness for phlox right now - and dahlias :)

  22. :)

    I gave up on dahlias..sadly because of my earwig gourmands:)

    I am so not ready for the cold.

    Oli is jumping off the high diving bord at 3..very soon 4:)
    The summer was a summer of growts and spurts..
    no ringlets:)

    Have a great weekend everyone~
    Love our visits..

  23. That shiny hair running in ringlets down her sweet back...just beautiful!
    The cake is lovely, your flowers, everything....
    How did I miss this...so glad I saw it now...
    Bisous xo

  24. It's always delightful to visit your blog. This mini cake is just gorgeous. And you pictures are always so pleasant to look at. My little girl was sitting next to me and she wants me to set her hair curly like the little girl's hair you've shown. :) Okay...logging off to play with my girl's hair now. Thanks for sharing and wish you a wonderful weekend.

  25. Amy ..do you French Braid your sweeties hair?
    I used to love doing that..
    Thanks so much!

  26. You are amazing!

    I will try this once I get all organized here. You're right, this little island in Maine IS my tonic and restorative. I am at peace. The only thing missing? My grands.

    Sending love,


  27. Love the strawberry hearts in the little mini cakes. I especially like a small little bite of sweet like this...not much guilt that way. :)

    1. I like salty:-)
      And bread..and just a bite is more than enough for me..but I love to bake and make sure it's good:-)

  28. Ces petits gâteaux sont adorables et les fraises en forme de coeur ne peuvent qu'attendrir ~

  29. So beautiful ~ down to the very last detail. What a delightful post, M! Merci beaucoup, mon ami. xo