Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Loose Change..

To put..this and that~

 But not this and that..

Loose change sometimes becomes lost change..(more often than not..or spent on things that don't matter much in the long run..if one waits too long..)..before I lose this change..I'll just do a little recap of pics saved..

I finished my stitching project..  and left the house blank as she did..I started stitching it in pale yellow like our home..but thought..less is best in this case..It would be nice to make one's own little stitchery kit too with one's own handwriting etc..more personal..
But this one was fun...already all done up for me..It can be found  here  at   Stitching Cow..
I had bought a fabric covered sketch/art book at Michael's ..but the paper is really not great for watercolors..and.. I couldn't bring myself to paint the cover....I will have to look at it a long time..

So I started filling in the pages with Paris Breakfasts tutorials..and my own little watercolors..on watercolor paper..then glued on the pages..
It's a hefty book:)

Anyways I finished the stitching and added it to the cover of this latest art book..in a very basic way~
Too basic..
But at least twice..(it's on a small table in our sunroom) . ..
my husband has said.."this is so you"..
And although I would like to act surprised..he knows me well...as he is right.
So now I know that's where the stitchery belongs.
With downloadable patterns you can do them over and over again.
The birds are plentiful ..We have bird songs all day when it is just Jacques and I..they are shy..er when others are around..
I took a little video..
However..  warning..you may yawn:-)  No..you will:)  Or fall asleep..
I just love them..Real gourmands at the feeder:-)Niger seeds are their menu of choice..Hang them..and they will come..our feeders need to be on long wires so the squirrels don't steal their banquet~
Tried the above  cookies..  Deep Dish Smores.. for   our little family across the street..since I have the muffin top molds..
Little ones liked..They are pretty I would have liked them even deeper..Recipe is here~

Made a few Cornish hens..2 recipes.. both very good.1 has a lemon stuffing.. w/ maple syrup..and baked to juicy perfection the oven...from Isa's book~the other is broiled.. split in 2..and delicious also.. where I took the lovely cooking class..Maria Loggia ,and ..whose 2 books I am happy to have here~
We really enjoy them and 1 is enough for the two of us..(1 cornish hen:) )

In the garden.. a little video of one of my bird restos.in our garden...My birds are  singing in French:)
They also go next door and sing in English:) .. from Britain:) bilingual finches~

What sweet voices~ And good appetites~
If every moment could carry this calm.
I am enthralled with these tiny birds..The big ones are gorgeous..Cardinals, Blue Jays ,Orioles ,etc..
but these are sooo many ..and darling.

"Pan,who and what art though?"he cried huskily.
"I'm youth,I'm joy" Peter answered at a venture "I'm a little bird that has broken out of the egg"~
J.M.Barrie~ Peter Pan


  1. Monique all look beautiful, always love your pictures and love embroidery too! especially flowers! lovely! and the récipe sounds delicious!

  2. Oh Monique, I love this post. Your sampler is gorgeous, and makes me want to do a few I've have stored away for so long, I'm going to have to look for them. My little yellow finches get sunflower seed pieces and are the main ones at my feeder. So far from OK to Canada. They stay here all winter too. The cardinals won't eat at the feeder. Wait for it to hit the ground. Don't know why.

    1. Donna..doing this little thing had me on Etsy and I found so many Bucilla kits that I did when I was young.. I even favorited one..Can't believe I am thinking of starting over after having given most away the last time we moved..
      It is fun..so I agree if you still have them..dig them out..this winter maybe ?
      The cardinals here feed at a different feeder.They are all such little miracles..to last the winter here too?!
      Thank you:)

  3. Your watercolors are wonderful. I have been thinking about retrieving my supplies that I bought several years ago. The only problem is I have no talent, but maybe I can manipulate the color so no one will notice.

    I love seeing you cooking pots/pans/dishes. I know people say if you can cook the pan is no issue, but I find it helps to have good cookware.

    We have a overabundance of hummingbirds. They get pretty aggressive sometimes when certain flowers are in bloom.

    Thanks for the lovely post.

    1. Madonna..I promise you..I have no talent in painting..my mom did..one of my daughter's does..but I don't.. I did what Carol suggested we do to follow her tutorials..I still try freehand but I like .tarcing her work and trying to follow her colors..I find it is teaching me..even though I am a copycat.
      If your thoughts are what is stopping you..please put them aside and try:)I can't seem to paint or draw real life..I need a phto in front of me.. I have a list of what I cannot do:)
      I bet you would be happy..
      Very happy.

  4. Many times I find your blog like sitting down with a pretty book of crafts and foods. Today is one of those times. Lovely!


  5. I love it all, your watercolors are so pretty and those cookies look soooo good. A wonderful mix of everything showing a life well lived.

  6. De superbes photos de cuisine et de terroir, un régal pour les yeux.

  7. The chicken, the cookies, the beautiful watercolours and stitchery and the song of finches is a great way to start my day.

  8. Oh my goodness so many goldfinches!!! We get way more house and purple finches, I'm not sure why.

  9. Mon like my little kids at school say when they outdid themselves...give your brain a kiss....xoxo!

  10. Monique your work is always so beautiful, whether it is your paintings or you handwork or your baking. I really admire your talent. How wonderful that your husband appreciates it also.

  11. This is a treasure trove of a post - so many beautiful things - your watercolors are simply gorgeous - I really don't know where to start here - fantastic!
    Mary x

  12. I am thrilled that you finished your Cottage Garden Embroidery pattern and included it here on your blog, I looks wonderful, well done and thanks for linking back to my website, very much appreciated. Keep up the great work! Warmly Lenna

  13. Please you have a picture of roasted peppers ricotta timbales, do you have the recipe. Luis san Juan Puerto Rico.

    1. Hello Luis.The recipe was found here..
      Please have a look at the link..she has images which helped when I made it..and was my inspiration..if you cannot translate please let me know I will help.
      I made it so long ago!

  14. So many lovely things. Your life is full of beauty. I wish I had the time to draw -- but never stitch. I tried it once and ended up screaming!

    1. I always wondered how on earth I would pass my days when I would stop working..and never really pictured myself stopping.
      So now..with time on my hands..it is relatively easy to find time..
      Chaque chose en son temps~
      To everything there is a season~
      You made me smile out loud with the screaming.I just can't picture you screaming Deana:)

  15. What a lovely stitching project...I like the sentiment! Your watercolors always make me smile. How wonderful to be so creative. I enjoy preparing Cornish Game Hens...I am taking a look...

  16. I'm so glad you decided to share this and that with us. Your little book with its stitched cover and art work is lovely.

  17. Such a treat to see your pretty watercolor images, and the stitchery is totally charming. I clicked over to the Stitching Cow's lovely site. I've bookmarked it for future reference. I think I'd like to stitch this pretty piece. Did you use the computer to print off the pattern right onto the fabric?
    As always, your food treats look delicious.

    1. Hi Sarah..
      I used my light box..you can use a window..your computer will print up the pattern on paper..the instructions..the floss you need.. a colr pic of the project and a stitching guide..(I had not done bullions since the 80's)..
      Then you place the paper on the widow and your fabric on top and trace..
      The pattern is cute and basic.. You could omit the words and use your own handwriting..I found hers youthful and charming..so I kept them.
      I like that it is not too long a project..I used to stretch my projects on wood frames we would make.. but I just used a hoop in this case..
      I prefer the heavier plastic hoops now..not for looks..for quality..don't know what happened to the wood ones..but they sure aren't made like they used to be..(I sound so old..)..
      Her little felt homes are so cute too.
      I think this one suits you Sarah:)

    2. I agree, Monique. I'd like to stitch this one. Thanks for the additional information. I have my old hoops, but have a plastic one too. I agree, the new ones are not of good quality. I'm going to meet a new "finisher" next week. I've a few stitched pieces waiting to be finished, because my long time finisher decided to retire.

  18. Great photos and you are one talented lady! Love the watercolors, cookies and the finches! You're so lucky to have bilingual birds! :-)

  19. Lovely visual collection of your loose change :) I love goldfinches and must get a bigger feeder like yours!

    I'm sending you an email.

  20. Love your watercolors, birds and those cookies are so fun Monique!

  21. Nice video and beautiful bird singing, as well as some other nice song in the background. What were you playing? Not only are you good at stitching, water-color, cooking, baking, photos, you're amazingly good at videos too! Very crisp colors and great sound!

    1. Julia you have great ears.. I have two little stones ouside that are speakers from inside..It had to be a CD on our system..
      The soundtrack of Something's Gotta Give..I just went to make sure..tehre are alwys 5 on it..that's the one..
      I favor that soundtrack very much..:)

  22. So pretty
    I prefer YOUR watercolors best

  23. There is just so much to love here Monique. Who can not be inspired by such an assortment of loose change. The art. The cookies. The stitching . . . that sweet video of the birds. Mostly your sweet spirit which shines through every line. Love you my friend and all that you share with us. xxoo

  24. It is truly a treat for the senses stopping by your blog. You are so talented!

  25. It is such a treat and joy for the senses to come visit you Monique. Your stitchery, painting, S'mores!! Chicken ready to roast, and your darling bi-lingual finches... you made me grin with that line ~ ;)
    So much talent, and contained in such a beautiful person! xoxo

  26. Monique, I hope I am back! What a crazy-busy summer and barely enough time just to post a blog - just one little one a week, but I hope to be back to more posting and lots more visiting.

    How I love your birds. They were so beautiful in the video with the music in the background.

    Your Paris Breakfast pictures are fabulous. You are always so varied and doing so many, many things. It is always charming and delightful to visit and I hope I will never ever ever be this busy again!

  27. I hope my little entries never come across as show and tell..I mean that is.. what it is..but it's to share links and recipes and your camaraderie..all of you..
    Blogging has been a teacher for me.. bloggers..:) have been teachers to me..
    And we never quite know how important these internet relationships are.
    They are.
    More than words can say.

  28. Dear Monique,
    Wow, just beautiful cover for your little book. You are so talented, "it is so you"! Love it, absolutely love it-)

    Chicken looks very appetizing, I like the light on that photograph-)


  29. Oh my dearest Monique...
    I just sent you an email...
    wow that embroidery is to "die" for!
    What exquisite little hersey choc tartlets..
    and yummy chicken too!
    Your photos are, as always, just magnificent.
    Bon weekend

  30. Love the thought of bilingual chirping, Monique. Your post is full of beautiful little treasure. You never cease to amaze and impress me with your many creative skills. Your little bird visitors are so sweet. We used to call them canaries when I was a child living on a farm.

  31. Had I seen a bird like this growing up I surely would have called it a canary:) I had a bird once.. It escaped..? Funnily enough my husband thought he would be fine w/ the door open..to his cage ..and the door open.. our house..:(
    A parakeet I think it was..


  32. So happy to see this post...just returned from vacation at the sea. I love the embroidery, we have a pale yellow house too! The paintings are gorgeous! The cookies, the hen....love it all. Such a joy to visit with you...always!
    Bisous xo

  33. Isn't that funny..I never knew!:)About our yellow homes..
    You are home sweet home..Welcome back.:)Bisous ..x

    1. Waving to you from my yellow house!
      Bisous xo
      It is nice to go away but always nice to be home!

  34. Monique, What a lovely post. I'm always in love with your photographs! Your embroidery is a work of art and your watercolors are beautiful. The cookies look so yummy!! We have finches in our garden too, I'm always filling up the feeders. For as little as they are, they eat alot!! Thank you for stopping by with your sweet comment. Yes, my daughter, Carly, took the photos in Europe. She just returned back to the States this week. Her boyfriend, Justin, takes photos too. He set up a photo shoot in London with some models, they both had a wonderful trip. Can't wait to see their photos! Have a wonderful weekend....