Sunday, August 4, 2013

Confitures aux bleuets~

Please read my notes re the jam below..there have been some changes :)

Again..I am sharing another Christine Ferber recipe..this one I think the easiest of all~
She has a few in her book one with lemon also~next time:)

La Recette~edited. Aug 7 th..please note..I have modified the recipe since I first published it:-) 
This is another version of the blueberry jam..This recipe is different than the one I the same book.

Wild Blueberry ~

2 1/4 lbs wild blueberries..I don't think mine were wild:)
3 3/4 cups of sugar
Juice of 1 small lemon

Rinse the blueberries in cold water without soaking them.  drain in a a ceramic bowl mix them with the sugar and lemon juice..let macerate 10 minutes..pour into a preserving pan..and boil for 5 minutes...stirring gently..Pour back into the bowl..
Cover with a sheet of parchment and refrigerate overnight.
Next day bring the mixture to a boil  again.Cook for 5 minutes stirring gently..Skim carefully.. Check the set..Put the jam immediately into jars and seal~

The one I the original one I had posted~ It was a comedy of errors..I loling as I type~

Here it is again:)  

2 1/4 lbs of blueberries
3 3/4 cups of sugar
Juice of 1 small lemon

Rinse the blueberries in cold water without soaking them.
Put them in a preserving pan with the sugar and lemon juice and bring to a simmer.
Pour this mixture into a ceramic bowl
Cover with a sheet of parchment and refrigerate overnight.
Next day bring the mixture to a boil..stirring gently.Continue cooking on high heat for 5 -10 minutes continuing to stir.Skim carefully Return to a boil..Check the set..Put jam into jars immediately and seal..

Jacques..the jam eater..loves it.

I have a favor to trusty Sony DSC-H2  fell down at a birthday party yesterday..It came to Italy and France with me..We got along very well for outings where I did not want to carry a DSLR..I loved the macro..the zoom..the crispness of the photos..Outdoor shots..
I know it would be too costly to have fixed..Amazon has 1..but it is over $600.00  I paid just about $200.00 in 2008.I don't feel right buying an old model for more..Used.. a concern..
Can anyone recommend a point and shoot with a greater zoom and sharp photos.. even a later models DSC-H  ?I know some later models the reviews were not as good..and others excellent..
Any input would be greatly appreciated..For day
Thank you~I apreciate it..


  1. Oh, so sad about your cameral Monique! I know how you feel. I accidentally dropped my beloved Mac down the stairs a few years ago, a very sad day indeed as I saw it fall through the air and bounce down the last of the wood steps, Ouch!
    On a sweeter note, your jam looks simply amazing, once again. You've totally convinced me to try this fun technique!

  2. Oh no.. was it salvageable? Hope so.. Or under warranty?Hope you do try..
    I've been having fun with preserves this yr..It's nice..

  3. Quel privilège d'avoir des bleuets à ce prix, il serait dommage de s'en priver :)
    Cela donne envie, j'ai rarement goûter les myrtilles fraîches, et en pots elles n'ont que peu de goût. En espérant en trouver avant la fin de la saison.

  4. Beautiful images. Love that blue, and I like the overnight technique.

    Oh I'm sorry to hear about your camera (you captured WONDERFUL images with it during your European holiday!) I was able to use a compact Nikon last summer while away from home, for a wedding and I liked the results. I'm not sure of the price (I think it was a year old ~ so I'm not sure the same model is available) but I'll certainly check and will let you know. I usually check amazon and B&H photo (.com) for reviews, they are always so helpful. xo

  5. Can't give you a model, Monique, but I always buy Nikon cameras.

  6. Divine! A pretty flower bouquet.



  7. I too am sad about your camera. We've always been happy with Nikon. We took our little point & shoot Nikon to France instead of lugging around the big one and got great shots. It's no longer the current model, but you can't go wrong with Nikon. I believe the newer models even have a "food" mode. We always use Amazon, but B&H in NYC has experts who can answer any questions that you might have.

    It's funny, but the first thing my husband wanted after we married (and I might add, had enough money) was a Nikon camera. His first picture? You guessed it. Himself in the mirror :) Men - you gotta love them.

    Love your pretty blue Ball jars. Perfect for wild blueberry jam. Hope you have a lovely week ahead.

  8. That's so cute about meakin Sam.. when my daughter travels.. she always takes a photo of hrself and her husband:) I love that..she points the camera towrads her:)

    I have 2 Nikons.. compact digital..they were my first loves.. but no zoom at all..
    So I am looking at the Nikons too:) But you can always fall on a citron:) in every or any make..
    So Donna..Mary and Sam..I truly know what great cameras they are.

    I just know now w/ around..beach..I need a zoom:) a good zoom.I read that panasonic(never owned one) is coming out with one in Aug.. 60 zoom...

    These turquoise Ball jasr are so cute.. Turquoise is so popular right now:)

    Thanks everyone for your input..
    I did find a reseller with my old one..
    I love Amazon.
    Have a great day!

  9. Happy you found another camera! I've been curiously following your jam recipes, which seem complicated to me - I make a jam that takes all of 20 minutes , no pectin, fresh and small batch agreeable, but always interested in other possibilities. Lovely photos, as ever!

    1. I just love trying new things Katrina:) Probably why I trty so many different recipes..
      You would laugh if you saw todays..Apple jelly.. so more complicated:) But beautiful little vanilla specks and stems..
      I think I do it for the pleasure...I don't eat any of it:)and it really is something Jacques loves.
      Didn't order the resale yet.. a little iffy on that..they were out in 2006..It could be as old as Lucas:)

  10. I am so sorry about your camera. Your photos are always so wonderful. I hope you will share what you finally decide.

    I too have had fun with the jams this summer. Chris from TheCafe inspired me with her strawberry jam, which is to die for, and I also just made her pepper jelly. It sounds a little strange, but is delicious as a glaze for roast chicken or over cream cheese for a quick party appetizer.

    1. It doesn't sound pepper jelly is one of our favorites here and even my daughter makes it now. we make that one every year..don't know if it is the same as Chris'..Mine is from Josée at Au plaisir de bien manger...will have to go look at Chris' jam too:)If her grandchildren are in the psot sometimes I get blindsided!
      I will let you will either be wait and feel the Lumix in my hands..or just check the Nikons..for a change since my Slrs are Oly and Canon.Or take a gamble. with the resale..

  11. Monique, I"m still cooking with bluets too. No jams, but lots of muffins, cakes, etc. I've been taking them to friends cause we can't possibly consume all of them. '-)
    Glad you found a camera replacement. I rarely use my point and shoot since getting my iPhone 5. Your photos are always exquisite. Perhaps I should take your lead and get a new camera.

    1. Many take with their phones and they are wonderful:)
      But I would need a new phone:)
      Bleuets are so nice to bake with..even the color Sarah:)
      I am investigating.. the more you see the more reviews you read the worse the choice becomes.
      I appreciate how naive I was in worked..
      Sometimes ignorance is bliss and TMI is just TMI:)

  12. Pretty, pretty flowers, violets - pinned! so sorry to hear about your camera. In case my camera breaks, I have always planned to buy something refurbished on B&H - they are pretty trustworthy. I purchased from them before and so did my sister. great store.

    1. Thanks for the tip Julia..I appreciate it..My KA stand mixer was bought over 20 yrs ago..refurbished..still A-1:)

  13. I only tried wild blueberries ones, when we visited Maine last Summer. Delicious!!

  14. Hi Monique - When I saw the blue Ball jars in a local store I thought of you. I'm not surprised to see them in your photograph. I'm so sorry to read about your camera. I can only imagine what you felt as you watched it hit the floor. heart would have stopped. I have just enough blueberries to make your jam recipe. That's a new method for me and I am eager to try it. I love your sweet little bouquet.

    1. Oh I am happy! Hope I don't have a typo in there..:)~I should have my friend check..
      It's funny about the's been as I said to Europe..every occasion..birthday party.. name it..and I always thought what on earth would I ever replace it with?
      I would have no idea where to begin..Then..Sat. at the party..and I was holding it having just taken a in slow motion.. it flew out of my hand onto the wood patio.. the lens would not go in and out etc..So I knew..I read about problems.. LOL.. I have never had a problem with it and some suggested banging it.. I no avail..
      Anyways long story short I have found reseller ones on Amazon..but a friend may have a similar one also for sale..I'll let you know..
      I like buying something when something knocks my socks off which doesn't happen a lot:) Every time I thought I read a possibilty.. 3 negatives came up..
      So we'll see:)

      PS I will have my friend check and make sure I didn't make a typo here..Cathy..!Hope she reads my email tonight:)

    2. friend was nice enough to check and there were errors..more than typos..I made was so easy I wrote down what I did by heart:-)
      It's fixed but to be sure..expect an email from me tomorrow with the scanned book page:-)
      And her set words:-)
      Sorry..all fixed though..fiou..thank goodness you told me:-)

    3. Hope you got all my messages:) LOL
      The recipe was correct..but now there are 2 here.. it's the second one. My friend and I..we each are giving one:)
      Check your emails Cathy:)

  15. Bonjour Monique, ton commentaire m'a beaucoup plu et ne t'en fait pas pour la petite distraction, lol!! :).

    Ta recette me plait beaucoup et je vais l'essayer c'est certain. Ce matin j'ai fait la confiture au bleuet et chocolat, c'est décadent! Je ne sais pas si tu l'as déjà essayé? Au plaisir ma chère et à bientôt!

    1. Est-ce celle de Jasmine Cuisine?:) J'en ai fait..:) Pour Jacques.. décadent..
      Je voulais revenir au plus pur cette année.. mais elle est savoureuse ..tu as entièrement raison.
      J'étais mal quand j'ai relu mon billet..Tu es gentille..merçi..
      D'autre part nos saucisses artisanales avec ta relish.. miam miam:) Je vais partager ta recette en te faisant un clin d'oeil pour que l'on voit ce qu'elle devrait avoir l'air:)Bonne fin de soirée Josée:)

    2. Oui, c'est bien celle de Jasmine. Je prépare toujours de petits cadeaux maison pour la famille et ces petits pots vont être inclus.
      Pour ta reclish, je suis certaine que ce n'est pas si pire, ;).

      La saucisse artisanale est-ce fait par toi ou tu l'achète? Je cherche une bonne recette de saucisse maison, style déjeuner.

      Bonne journée à toi Monique!

  16. This whole post knocked my socks off..well I was not wearing socks really, but you know what I mean.
    The blueberry in the blue jar is next for me too!
    L xo

  17. Monique I am so sorry to hear about your camera. I know how that feels. I have no recommendations as I don't take knock out pictures like you do. I just have a simple Samsung point and shoot. It does a good job though, but not like yours. I miss Wild Blueberries. My sister was picking them yesterday and had a nice big basketful. She shared a photo with me. We have cultivated ones that we grow ourselves. Perhaps I will give your lovely jam a go. It looks gorgeous. I am still drooling over the Apricot and Honey one though . . . so lovely, as always! xxoo

    1. Your blueberries should do fine Marie:) I doubt mine were wild~too round and big..
      Your photos are always nice Marie. we are so critical of our own is so difficult..and you cook and bake so many kinds..I only show the ones that sometimes are photogenic.:)
      BTW your korean beef which is a staple here also at my daughter's all 3 boyls LOVE it.

  18. I am putting that first photo on my phone and carrying it around with me every where for when I need a lovely dose of beauty!

    I'm a Canon girl, but my favorite point and shoots are Lumix.

    1. I like my canon too..and the Lumix have great reviews..
      I'll share what is transpiring when it all comes together:)
      It will be a reseller of a very similar camera..Can't wrap my head around a new point and shoot right now:)
      I love having a coup de coeur and I don't yet.
      Thanks Pam!

  19. Too bad about your camera. I went from a Nikon to Canon and now have a Panasonic and I like it the best. Easy, easy, esp. on a trip. The flowers, gorgeous, and blueberries, perfect!

    1. I appreciate all your inputs!

      I will look into a new one..but I was able to find a trusted reseller:) To tide me over until that dday:)

      Thanks everyone!

  20. Your photos are just stunning! I love homemade jams and blueberries are one of my favorite fruits. Thanks for sharing and clarifying.:)

  21. how absolutely beauty post abd lovely pictures Monique !!

  22. ...and sorry about your camera;(
    mine is my second camera is a Cannon and is really good!

  23. The jam sounds wonderful, and I love your photos, really beautiful :)

  24. Thank you~ Very much for the nice comments.

  25. I see you found the blue Ball jars! They are perfect for the blueberry jam. You've really been jammin' lately :) I love all of the flavors you are trying!

    I am so sorry about your camera. Oldest DD dropped her cell phone and shattered it this past weekend :( I bought a Canon G10 a few years ago to take on trips and it takes wonderful outdoor photos - not so good for indoor shots though. I really should sell it as it costs more now than when I bought it!

  26. I've never tried blueberry jam but it sounds gorgeous! I love it's intense deep navy colour.