Saturday, August 24, 2013

Yogurt~Lemon~ Raspberry Cakelets~ from the book Citron~

A marvelous..fully loaded Lemon cookbook from Isabelle Lambert~ CITRON
There are many recipes I want to try in this book..But as I mentioned.. we were having company Wedensday and I just could not after all the preps for dinner which consisted of lemons even in the main dish and rice...and carrots..I decided to add a small dessert to the orange cinnamon pinwheels~
Isabelle had  a lovely loaf shaped cake..I decided to make individual cakelets just because..
I also brought my new  cutie pie  ME cut out in the kitchen with me..

So on we went   my imaginary friend and I :) having a lovely day of creating in the kitchen..My DSIL had gifted me with a tiny lemon..which added to the pleasure..he grew in QC..Green thumb he has..

  You can make it loaf size..or make smaller versions..just adjust your baking time.. Mine popped out of my vintage J-E-L-L-O molds.. very well.I had sprayed and floured them slightly.
I think the first molds like this I saw were at Sol's home..Memories In The Baking.. I loved them on the spot.( could call it lust..)

I had just bought sunflower oil and the recipe called for it..apart from calling my name..

La Recette~
Courtesy of Isabelle Lambert and her book CITRON~

1 Cup Flour
1/2 cup almond flour
2 tsps baking powder
a pinch of salt
 1 1/3 cups fresh raspberries
1 cup sugar
The zest of 1 lemon
1/2 cup plain yogurt
3 large eggs
1/2 cup sunflower oil

For the icing~

1/2 cup lemon jelly
Sliced almonds

Preheat oven to 350.Generously grease a loaf pan.
In a bowl mix flour,almond flour,baking powder and the salt.
Add the raspberries and mix delicately to coat..this way the raspberries will not sink to the bottom of the cake while baking.
In a bowl with an electric mixer place sugar,lemon zest,yogurt eggs and oil and beat well.
Pour this mixture into the dry ing. mixture and combine delicately.
Pour your mixture into your prepared pan and bake 50-55 mins
Let rest 5 minutes before unmolding and then put the cake on a rack to cool.
Warm your lemon jelly and baste the cake .. add your sliced almonds and top with taspberries if you wish~

My notes..
I used the small pans..I used a simple lemon syrup as I thought I had a small jar of lemon jeely and it was ginger..
It is a perfect cake.
First try no adjustments..nothing.
Just right.

You can never have too many lemons or too much yellow to raise your spirits.Or paper dolls,art supplies and blue skies:-) 

Have a great weekend..


  1. Perfect! Loved seeing ME in the kitchen. I miss her! I cannot get rid of any of the old magazines. I put them out seasonally.

    Happy weekend to you.


    1. What a great idea Bonnie..I love my old mags too..

  2. I'll add this one to my growing files of lemon recipes. Love the little cakelets. They make a sweet presentation. I'm certain Ann Estelle had just as much fun as you did! Thank you for a sweet beginning to my weekend........Sarah

  3. What adorable molds. They make the cakes even more special. anything with lemon always calls my name.

    I may be able to convince my husband that my saving old magazines isn't all bad after I read Bonnie's comment.

    1. I have kept very few..(well)..
      Some BA..some Gourmet..all the Victorias I bought..Home Companion(I only have 3 )..Ricardo.. Food and Drink..Blush.
      Some magazines you cannot part with..
      Like Fifi's..I could never part with hers..

  4. My ears get pointy when I hear lemon. This is so exciting. I have a 6-1cup mini bundt pan I am anxious to try. I have not tried it yet, but I think I can dust the berries with a light dusting of almond flour to keep them from sinking. I know Barefoot Contessa does that with blueberries.

    1. Yes Madonna.. in the recipe she says to mix the dry ings and gently toss the berries..this does prevent sinking..not of mine sank..1 recipe makes 8 of thse Jello molds..I think I have that mold..lovely shape(s)..
      You will like these Madonna~

  5. They are simply gorgeous!! Citron sounds lovely :)
    Mary x

  6. Quels beaux petits gâteaux!
    Bon weekend!

    1. Presque certaine que tu comprends l'Anglais:) Sinon.. je peux te faire parvenir la recette en Français..d'ailleurs la recette est en Français:)
      Isabelle est native de France:)
      Elle.. est de mon avis.. et de la tienne...les recettes sont conçues pour être partagées~:)

  7. What lovely cakelets! Those are refined flavors. A perfect combination. Lemon is such a wonderful and versatile ingredient.



    1. You must know Isa..Rosa?
      All her recipes are ..just that ..refined..tried and true:)
      I made her stuffed cornish hens for dinner tonight and they were so darlingly delicious:)
      Hope your are enjoying your vaca:)

  8. Lovely, I will try this recipe, now you just need to translate the rest of the book, lol. Of course I would buy it just to look at the french words...sigh!
    Yummy lemons!

  9. Oh how beautiful and delish these little cakes look. Very lovely and perfect for entertaining. I will certainly add this to my list...Thank you for sharing.

  10. So SWEET ~ you and Mary E. go together! :)

    I, too, love those vintage molds, with thanks to another creative genius; mary sol. Soo much talent that you both share with us~

    As always your images are STUNNING! It's such a dreamy, beautiful world that you share with us Mme. M. Sending you lots of love right back. xo

  11. I love love love this! I just picked up some vintage molds and wasn't sure how to use them, so this is perfect!

  12. Another beautiful post Monique. Everything you do, bake, create, photograph . . . is so beautiful . . . tres belle. I know were we lucky enough to be close neighbours we would be great friends. We like the same things. Oh how I wish.
    love always. xxoo

  13. Your posts just get better and better...
    how glad I am I found you those years back
    happy Sunday.....we can feel the Spring in the air xx

  14. Oh my word! Those are beautiful little cakes in my favorite flavor! Now I know what I'll be doing today:) Merci, Nana!

  15. It would be great to be neighbours..
    I wonder if we just don't know there are people close by who would enjoy the same things? I know in my immediate one loves to cook and bake.
    That's what brought this great little internet world together:)
    Bon Dimanche..
    My little doll with her glasses reminded me of isabelle..:)

  16. Very pretty
    The 1st cake looks covered in snow!

    1. Thank goodness NO SNOW:)
      You will see me post a few happy snow pics when it happens and 1 month later.I will be wishing summer.

  17. I received Citron last week and can't start baking from it. So delicious looking this dessert!

    1. Tout .. a l'air si bon..

      J'ai fait les p'tites cornouailles hier.. si farce..:)Mium mium.
      Un vrai plaisir.

  18. You and Mary E. are just too cute :) Love the first photo with the hearts.

    I adore vintage molds, like we learned from Sol ;o) Have 12 of them. So versatile.

    Hope you had a good weekend. I am a day or two late these days. xo

    1. Enjoy the laid back days:)
      I wish I was just too cute like ME lol..
      I did see many on Etsy last night Debbie..I wondered why I had had such a hard time finding them way back when..many out there..even at my local market..
      All those things that look like yesteryear are so appealing to me..
      Have a great day.

  19. What beautiful little cakes! My mother had little jello molds just like yours and always made a molded fruit salad for Sunday dinners. I recently ordered a similar set on Etsy but they haven't arrived yet. I must remember to use them for little cakes.

    1. And I must look for little molded fruit salad recipes:)
      Etsy is so grand:)

  20. Preciosos y deliciosos pastelitos y además unas fotos magníficas, como siempre.

  21. I will bake the cake as soon as I get home... It looks perfect!
    I have some of those vintage aluminum molds tucked away somewhere...they do not say jello on them i must look for them! I think i may only have three or four!
    Lovey post!
    Bisous xo

    1. They have your name on them..I can look at my market for you..not always same vendors though..
      je voudrais voir la mer:-)

  22. Hi there, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  23. Your little lemon raspberry cakelets are super adorable! So pretty and perfect for afternoon tea...or a fancy tea party! :)

  24. These are so sweet - I love your little moulds! Lemon is one of my favourite flavours to bake with so I love the sound of this book.

  25. Again last night I looked on Etsy..they are available..and still reasonable:)
    Hope you get some..
    They are not you will have to prep but worth it!

  26. Another new weakness for certain. The little lemon raspberry cakes are adorable. What a special treat!

  27. The recipe sounds so delicious with lemon and raspberries! A keeper for certain. Adorable in the vintage Jello molds. Your kitchen helper is so cute :)

  28. or basil, never too much basil! These little cakes look wonderful but now I think I must find some of those fun little molds .........

  29. c'est tellement beau Monique, en version mini :) j'adore. je me suis trouvé deux moules identiques aux tiens, en allant fouiner dans mes brocantes habituelles, et je me suis trouvée aussi un beau set de vaisselle avec des roses :)

    merci beaucoup, je suis bien contente que mon livre te plaise :)

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  31. So cute and sweet little treats. Thank you for sharing a very nice book, I always buy cookbooks. (I probably should have my own all ready-))