Saturday, December 28, 2013


It's coming up..2014..
Just a few days before our Christmas celebrations.. the weather was quite frightful..yet beautiful..  lots of snow..another reason to do some chores outside..with some baking therapy inside..
Ask me if I prefer shoveling or baking and the answer is quite clear..the baking makes me forget the an instant:)
I had been charmed by Yelena's Gribotchkys..Russian Mushroom Cookies..Hers popped off the screen wanting to tumble into our home♥

So that particular shoveling snow day..I decided to try making them..I thought they would be cute to add to the goodies I would be dropping off..
I must admit I was apprehensive as to getting them to look like hers..but step by step  I saw them come to life..
So cute they turn out!
Go to Yelenas' and Pin or Print or will have fun♥

If you want to add whimsy to your New Year's cookie platters.. a touch of color and nature:)..make these..they are on my keeper list now..forever:) I already cannot wait to make them again next year:)

If perhaps some of you  are not familiar with Cooking Melangery..I have been a follower for quite  a while..But not from the very beginning... which would have been a very good place to start:)
So I have started perusing posts I missed and Pinning wonderful things..
Her styling  and photographic talents..inspire.. to say the very least..:)

One idea..I found on Pinterest..I intend to do again~
Prior to Christmas..I had black and white photos printed up ..and used them as gift tags..:)
Cute I found..and time saving!
Now if Invisible tape..could be truly Invisible..:)
I should have Photoshopped it off....Sometimes in a photo things are much..less invisible:)
The photos looked nice on red.. black..Kraft paper and a few printed papers..
The children knew exactly which gift went to whom..etc..
Santa was so good to have photos of everyone:)

I read this  again the other day and like many of this man's quotes..thanks to a  friend..I was quite taken:)

Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear.If we believe that tomorrow will be better,we can bear a hardsip today~
Thich Nhat Hanh,Peace Is Every Step


and then..


Thought I would start the New Year with a quote I find inspiring:)
To me New Year's is not about resolutions..
It's always about Hope:)
There is a mystery to it.. we don't know the contents..or the outcome..
So we can hope...for anything really~:)

Bye bye 2013~...that's little Santa Noah leaving here after Christmas Brunch..
In a few days...Onto 2014~..:)


  1. Very inspiring quote Monique and one I will definitely keep and cherish. We never know what the new year will bring so why not hope for anything our heart desires. The photo gift cards make lovely mementos as well as cards.

    Bonne année to you and your family and I know you will enjoy those adorable toad stool cookies.

  2. Lovely quote...with hope our trials can be easier to work through. What a good way to approach a new year. I seriously could never have mushroom cookies as beautiful as yours, though. There are some gifts that went to others...for me, it is the gift of being able to appreciate those special gifts when they are shared. ;-)

  3. I've done those mushroom cookies a long time ago. The recipe was in a Times-Life Polish cookbook. I haven't done them since but loved them. I also love the gift tag idea!

    Happy New Year!


    1. I remember the Time Life books!
      You were denitely ahead of me on cute I find..
      Yes all the best:)

  4. What gorgeous photography You have :) Happy hopeful New Year !

  5. Monique, I need only to look at the photo of Noah on his skateboard to make me smile.

  6. :) Me too.. and his painted toes..
    :)Cracks me up..It's a real smile isn't it?

  7. I love this post and the quote you have here, a very good one for the new year, so thanks for sharing it here, and the mushroom cookies look amazing, so adorable

    1. Your posts have brought joy to me this past year..Thank you Jenni.

  8. Love love love!
    Hope your Christmas was magical, and your 2014 is amazing and beautiful.
    Monica xoxo

  9. The quote is so inspirational...
    The little mushroom cookies look delightful! Cut and pasted for sure...
    Your grounds are strikingly beautiful in every season...
    You inspire me always....the picture gift tags are genius!
    Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year...may it be a great one for us all!
    Bisous xoxo

    1. X
      You're so kind:-)
      You usually see everything before hand:-)
      You must be relieved:-)

      Yes all for one and one for all in 2014-

  10. O dear dear Monique, your mushrooms are so cute, I am so happy that you tried my recipe! Everything is beautiful in your post. We just came back from our little trip to NYC, we had a wonderful holiday! I hope you did also-)


    1. I hope we get to see photos..was there a carousel Paris?
      Thank you for this charming..yes charming recipe:-)

  11. Your special little champignons look like they have just come from a French patisserie, I hope Carol G sees them :)
    Last year I used photos I'd printed in black & white for gift tags,such a great idea, I think I found the idea on some ones blog. Lovely Christmas photos.

    1. Your tags were so pretty..hope to hear about your family Christmas:-)
      We both think of Carol G:-)

  12. what lovely and magic post!! Love yours post Monique!!

  13. Those cookies are so cute. You always have such great ideas. All the best for 2014.

  14. Those cookies are absolutely adorable Monique! I loved the whole post. No snow here for the holidays, just rain, wind, rain, wind, and guess what . . . more rain and wind! C'est la vie! Loved that last photo of Little Santa Noah. How sweet. I wish for you and J the very best in 2014. May it be a stellar year for us all! xxoo

    1. Yes!!!May it be..:)I think those cookies are right up your your toadstool ornaments for your tree..then you could paint them all!

  15. Dear Nana, I'm so in love with your colorful photos...And in awe of your technological experience & talents...Yes, those mushrooms, adorable!! Magic, magic, and it looks like you did not get one of those ice storms (which you know all about) but just beautiful snow? So beautiful, the photo of your grandson leaving your home on the holiday. Thanks for the quote about meaningful & made more powerful by the reminder of greener days...I'm trying to appreciate the beauty of the ice, I am...Wishing you a most magical last few days of 2013...Rita

    1. You did it you know..I have a small journal out..having fun..but I think one should never compare LOL.
      Or everything would be torn out and in my garbage now.
      I want to create what I see..I must need glasses.
      Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Nana - I'm loving your snow sprinkling down the photos - how you do it I would love to know, even if I don't understand. I think you're a whiz! Loving all the photos, even the snowy ones, but the little pictures under your archive make me feel sunny and warm and oh so cozy. Happy New Year, dear Nana!

    1. I am going to email you..:)

      The snow that is always on my blog..just always is..for the life of me I couldn't figure out where the snow was coming..and Pick Monkey just seems to have added it..but will xeplain..
      My husband said how did you do that snow falling on the desserts and Noah?
      He even noticed..yet I did nothing,,funny..
      Sadly not a whiz...

  17. Magnifique post! belles photos, meilleurs voeux à toi aussi, beaucoup de bonnes choses et beaucoup de bonheur en famille !
    Bises de fin d'année !
    A bientôt, Cath.

  18. Happy New Year, Monique. I hope we all enjoy and healthy and Happy 2014. Thank you for introducing me to Cooking Melangery. I have a feeling I will find many wonderful things there. Your garden is beautiful summer or winter. Love your little mushrooms - a festive and whimsical addition to holiday cookie assortments. Pinned for next year.

  19. I hope you had fun in Chicago:) Bet you did!

  20. I'm sure your Christmas was special spent with your lovely family. I love the gift tag idea and the mushroom cookies are so cute. I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year.

  21. Gorgeous gorgeous ideas! I LOVE those mushroom cookies - Lots of love and best wishes to you and your family for the New Year.
    Mary x

  22. Tu as l'art de trouver des idées fabuleuses sur le net. ces champignons sont à croquer et li'dée des tags est vraiment excellente. je garde pour l'an prochain. Comme toi, Pinterest m'inspire souvent. Ce site est incroyable ...
    Bisous et belle fin d'année à toi et à tous les tiens

  23. Tu auras plusieurs photos:)
    Mes Meilleurs plaisir de suivre vos sorties !:)

  24. Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année! Profitez bien!

  25. Happy new year, Monique! ♥

    I love the photo tags. 'Wil remember that for next year.

    And the mushroom cookies are adorable. My mom and aunt love all things gnome-and-toadstool-related, so these might be the next sweet I make for them. Valentine mushrooms, yessssssss. :)

    1. Bianca will love that:) Well the parents will!

      You will have fun w/ the toadstools..don't despair if the stems fall the oven..lift them up at half baked time..and return to oven..Yelena said so too:)Polka dots on top would be cute too..


  26. Beautiful images. It' always a pleasure to visit.
    Happy New Year!

  27. Happy New Year to you Monique! I'm so happy I gotten to know you this year. Love your mushrooms, they don't even look real they're so pretty. The snow pictures are amazing, wow!

  28. Monique, Happy New Year to you and your family!! Looking forward to your inspiring blog in 2014!!

  29. All the best everyone!

    Fingers crossed for everyone..for every wish...upon a star~

  30. Happy new year, Monique! Love the photo gift tag idea! Lindsay does it for The Boys so they know which presents are theirs but doing it for everyone is a wonderful idea and one that I will need to remember for next year. I am actually looking forward to January and everything being more quiet for a while. It's been a busy past week! Frigid cold here and we have to go out tonight. It will be fun but I'd rather be home wrapped up in a warm blanket :)

  31. Just had a look at the blog you mentioned. I can see why you like it! Forgot to add how cute your cookies turned out :)

  32. What a great idea for gift tags! I want to try that! Shoveling snow is not my idea of fun, we've done plenty of it this December and it's snowing like mad now. And bitter cold. Happy New Year! I hope it's the best for you and yours, Monique!

  33. So cold here too..Jacques brought in more wood....relentless cold..Bright and sunny though for this first day of 2014.
    Barbara..mentioned..with a post that it's a rare moon new's been 19 yrs since it last happened and it's a good sign:)
    The tags are so much fun..with a bit of notice you can plan ahead..funny pics..romantic

  34. Monique, those crimson-topped mushrooms are adorable! I've had a chocolate mushroom post in draft since last summer. Think I should post it? :)
    Take care of yourself. Happy New Year!

  35. Bonjour ma chère Nana,

    Dans la forêt, j'aimerais bien trouver de si beaux champignons à croquer sur place !...
    Une très très bonne idée que les photos sur les cadeaux.
    Je te renouvelle mes voeux pour 2014...
    2013 s'est achevé par la naissance ce 31 décembre au soir de mon dernier petit-fils, Hugo.
    Je te fais de gros bisous

  36. The mushrooms look fabulous on their own but the way you dressed them up with elves and snow - how charming. I am so enchanted with the snow on your photos. Yes, we need that hope during the winter! It sure makes a pretty picture though! Hope you have a wonderful 2014!

  37. Happy New Year and all the best for 2014!

    That is such a great idea. Those gift tags are really pretty.



  38. Très bonne année 2014 et merci pour ta fidélité à mon blog.
    Jolis champignons que j'aimerais trouver sur mon chemin (lol)

  39. Happy New Year Monique
    I hope you and yours will have a healthy New Year filled with many blessings.
    I love the gift tag's so personal.
    Everything looks so pretty and those little mushrooms are sure a keeper. I will pop over there now.
    Shel ♥