Friday, January 3, 2014

What's Happening~ Pas Beaucoup!:)

Started stitching next year's ornaments .  and dittoing a few of this  past year...because it has been so warm in - 4 F as I type..I just checked..I promise..and it's been colder..this seems balmy.
So not too much snowshoeing going on..nor x-country skiing~
I do love winter.. I do..but temps like this prompt me to add an I Love Summer photo taken on our buried Adirondack chair~
That adorable middle pic in the collage  is from source..Thank you..thank you..
A very dear gift Santa brought me apart from a very fashionable Lululemon scarf..and gardening tree ornaments..
was that cute cute apron w/ my 5 reasons I love baking..:Jacques..Lucas..Max..Noah and Oli~
Cute cute..
And my very own Susan Branch Calendar:) From a girlfriend~:).. I now call her my SB girlfriend,because SB always talks about girlfriends..I named her that:)
I love it..Always have  the desktop ME.. But I have to say..I love this one..of course what is there not to love about Susan Branch:)

January encouragement to I knitted what I always knit..neck warmers..hope to widen..broaden my horizons:)

Had 2 sleepovers..lots of kiddie movies..popcorn..pancakes..sippie cups and not..puzzles..Minions..
Shirley Temples in Flûtes:)
Lots of little boys...Like the 3 second puzzle maker up above..:)
I think I mentioned hope last post..
Well that's a snippet of my 3 hopes in hyacinth  bulb starters by the kitchen the collage..

I then  moved them to the sunroom..

I watched the Christmas special ..that I loved so much  Call The Midwife..that site..the link gives it an 8.3 as a series..we give it a 10 J and I.
Sister Evangeline tried warming her I am doing~
But like her I may realize they will bloom when the perfect moment arises.♥

P.S. Jerusalem..the cookbook was also a gift for me from a dear friend..
I made the hummus at the top with our beach friends' good!

The New York Times has already published the if you would like to try making this hummus here is the link~ Basic Hummus.
I like adding different toppings..the red peppers we roasted this past late summer will be delicious on this hummus~

I hope you enjoy it..I made half the chickpeas took much less time than 20 minutes to be right..
I topped this one with toasted pine nuts a good drizzle of olive oil,parsley and spring green onions.


  1. I came here from Val's! You have a lovely blog! I've signed on to be a follower!

  2. Hi Monique. Love your post. I am obsessed with Call the Midwife. I can't get anyone here to appreciate it.

    1. I know quite a few that do:-)
      We will watch in unison:-)

  3. Happy 2014, Monique. My new ME calendar makes me smile with thoughts of you enjoying the same each day. Darling apron! My hyacinth bulbs are sitting on the window sill too. Another parallel of our lives. Warm winter wishes sent your way………Sarah

    1. I do too think of you:-)
      Ever since I found out we both enjoy it every day:-)

  4. Nice warm feelings coming from your house on this very frigid day here...
    Your hummus looks marvelous! It is really nice with some Pom Arils on top too!
    I love the color of that gray wool...lovely texture too...
    I love CTM...can not wait until it starts every week again! We love watching it together as well.
    N has such sweet look on his face...
    Hmmmmmm....i think I need to force some bulbs too...
    Bisous on this first Friday of 2014....

    1. You are the one that said you liked Jerusalem's hummus the best:-)
      That is the reason I picked that recipe:-)
      That wool was M's neck warmer:-)
      And I know we both love CTM:-)
      You saw it first:-)
      J had taped it..thank goodness..
      Otherwise I would have missed the wedding..

  5. Somehow I think pas beaucouo never happens at your home with all of the projects and crafts you do :). We love hummus and I'll certainly look at this recipe. So healthy and nourishing.

    I've never seen Call the Midwife! Will definitely be looking for reruns.

    Love the collage with sweet face, knitting, etc., and hello January. I welcome January as it means spring is just that much closer :). I'm glad my garden is covered in a heavy winter blanket of snow his year.

    1. tiny little village library..I think may carry DVDs of this wonderful series..Amazon does also.
      I am 99.9 % sure you would love it..
      I would love to crochet comme toi
      I am very happy also ..that with this cold..our gardens have their duvets:-)

  6. I can see why you love Susan create an artistic happy way of life too. I've always liked her books...The first photo, yummy, since I can't eat sweets, this one appeals to me more than just visually. I love the gifts you received.
    COLD: Ne m'en parle pas!!! Wow, right? Bundle up! But mostly, I too am staying in...grateful for heat & light...Reste au chaud, mon amie du Nord!

    1. I just Googled Lynn Johnston today wondering how she was..a Canadian cartoonist-artist..
      She had a way of sketching people that reminded me of you..
      I think you and a few others I have met blogging are so very fortunate to be so talented..sigh..

    2. You are too kind! I just Googled her too, OMG, I love For Better or Worse, love her way of drawing. I would have to work hard at learning to animate my characters the way she does, to put them in motion...And you, très douée, toi! Merci!

  7. What lovely pics!! I love Winter too! and here is hot! OMY
    I love the sweet face, your knitting (love the color) now Im knitting cotton yard for some pillows for my bed!

  8. Beautiful pictures. I still have to get my decorations put away before I can think of any projects.
    We had a lovely day today - in the 70's.
    Stay warm.

    1. Mary..our decorations are up to..we usually wait until the day after Epiphany..force of habit..

      In these cold days I do appreciate the glow of the small lights at night..

  9. Pas beaucoup?? I beg to differ! Lots is going on in your beautiful life. I love it all. You are such a sweet and gentle spirit. I love my visits with you. I have the ME desktop calendar each year and also the Susan Branch wall calendar. Gifts I give to myself, because I love them so. I cannot wait to see your hyacinths bloom. They will be so beautiful. I know it and I love Call The Midwife. I could watch it every day of my life and never tire of it. That and Downtown Abby, but I guess we are lucky they are not on every day because then they would not be so special. So we must indulge ourselves in them when and as we can and be grateful for the gift they are. I love, LOVE humous! You can buy roasted butternut squash humous here and roasted pepper and lemon pepper. I love them all. I cannot pick a favourite. I find them all delicious! I am looking forward to all you share with us in 2014! Love you to bits. xxoo

    1. I think I mentioned to you our craft areas look alike..with the same things in it..except your work:)

      They take their time the hyacinths..but worth me something to watch grow in this tundra:)
      Looking forward to all your posts too Marie!

  10. It sounds to me like more than a little is going on. I'm sure you must be enjoying the scarves you are knitting to ward off the cold and your hummus sounds delicious. I've heard very good things about that cookbook. And how could I have missed Call the Midwife? I shall be on the lookout for it. Stay warm Monique.

    1. I hope you can see some episodes I think you will be hooked..The cookbook is very different to any book I have..
      Those neckwarmers do come in so handy..
      But I do want too learn to follow apatttern and knit something else:)

  11. Belle année avec beaucoup de bonheur et joie en famille! et de merveilleuses créations!

  12. The hummous looks terrific!
    Everyone wants that cookbook!!

  13. A lovely way to start the New Year. Wishing you warmth and happiness in 2014.

  14. Love your photo collage…especially the "I love summer" sign sitting in the snow. We have to keep a sense of humor with all the snow and cold of late.

    1. That we do:-)
      When the sun shines it seems more bearable:-)
      Bet your orchards are so pretty in all the snow..

  15. 'Pas beaucoup !! It looks like you've been doing all sorts of varied activities. Love your collage giving us an insight to what you've been up to.
    How nice that you like 'Call the Midwife' we get English TV on satellite here where we live. The series has finished, so I'm hoping it will start again later in the year. There was a Christmas special episode, which Mr France recorded for me, I'm looking forward to watching it, haven't had time yet, but hopefully will fit it in this next week.
    Look forward to seeing your Hyacinths in bloom. My Paper whites have been & gone, now I'm waiting for my mini daffs. to grow on the window ledge.

  16. Mr my husband had recorded it for us:-)
    It is a gem:-)
    I am sure you will like it Barbara:-)
    You will see her hyacinths:-)
    I hope we get to see the mini daffs:-)

  17. I love "Call the Midwife", my kind of show-) Our year starts very nice also^ a lot of snow, husband working from home, children of from school, and I do a lot ob baking-)


  18. Everything here is charming and lovely - thank you Nana! I admire your knitting, and am sorry to say so far this is something I cannot do. I'm not sure if it's because I am left-handed, and learned basic right-handed knitting, which confused me. Love hummus and will try out that recipe - something to do when the temps are minus 15 F. So cold I didn't go out until the thermometer reached 10F. Fleece neckwarmers, gloves and snowpants, icy weather. Welcome, New Year! Wishing you and yours lots of music, warmth, and good food!

    1. Oy that must be hard..trying to imagine it..
      I am a rightie..
      But I dress warmly too:-)
      Tomorrow supposed to warm up just temporarily..will stick my nose out:-)
      Stay warm..heal the hand:-)

  19. I love those bulb starters! Where did you get them?

    1. Hi Pam..I have had these 3 for many many years..but I just went to your Amazon..and they have some..hyacinth bulb a Google image search will find many:-)
      Country Living this month featured long glorious ones for paperwhites-

  20. Monique, you did peel your chickpeas first didn't you for the smoothest hummus? My grandkids love it, but I've yet to make it. I'll just have the naan anyway. It is always good with everything. I am still doing the bedding and laundry from the grandkids this weekend. I'm going to have to get more sippy cups as my Ollie spilled apple juice on the ipad.

  21. Oh no..:( That's happened at my daughter's house:(
    Is the Ipad ok?

    Bet they love the new kitchen!

    Oy I didn't peel's smooth as can be..the book never told me to peel..or I just overlooked taht like I know I do..!

    Will read it again..
    I am telling you I am addicted to it:)
    I love Naan Donna..warmed in the oven w/ a spray of H20 first!

  22. Alors la prochaine fois, essaye de les peler, les pois chiches. Après cuisson, en les frottant dans une grande bassine d'eau; Le résultat est incomparable ... Quant aux bouquins d'Ottolenghi, ce sont tous de pures merveilles dans lesquels je pioche tellement d'idées ... Et puis sinon, j'adore ton tablier, bien sûr ! ;o))
    Allez, cette fois, je vais travailler ...
    À très vite