Friday, June 6, 2014



Plural of Felicity..

I love that word..and right now..felicities abound around me.

The gardens..from bud to bloom in the same day..
Iris and Tree Peonies are  great examples of this~
A few blooms on Bridal Wreath Spireas to a full blown bush~
Aquilegias..with their glorious flowers..
Huge Hostas~
Queen Anne's Lace picked by the railway tracks..
After seeing a friend and her garden.

"Whatcha Got Cookin' Good Lookin?"

This little catchy phrase is going to be with me forever.
I started working whenI was office smack in town..through the years I got to know some people..
who became regulars really where I worked..just to drop in and say hi if they saw my car..etc..

and  one gent 4 years younger than I who used to visit regularly.. he had been in a terrible auto his twenties I think ..I had thought younger but he said no ..he seemed to remember his twenties..
It left him mobile..capable...lovely smile.. etc..
but unable to work and with difficulties..
such as speech etc..
Anyways his line to me was the above..:)
And he said it to all the girls..
We had nice conversations together..through the day he even brought in a photo album with photos of his dog..himself..his car..prior to the accident..with the faded pages..
he left our little town a few years ago..and I left work 4 yrs ago so I had not seen him in ages..remember I am 60 now:)

Still cookin but not good lookin:)
Anyways we took 3 of the boys to the local let's eat outside where everybody knows your name.. but the tourists.
As soon as I walked to the outside Main Road patio area.. He stood up from a picnic table and said:"Hey..Whatcha Got Cookin Good lookin"
So the 3 boys..Jacques and I went to sit at his table..
the 3 boys sat across from him..with Jacques..
And I with he..
The boys were shy ..and I told them the story of how he and I met..and that that was  what he always said..I could tell they were uncomfortable at the beginning and I wanted them to know to always be kind..they are taught this every day in their home..but this was a different situation..anyways we were able to talk..he told them a bit of his story..
the boys were so nice.. shook his hand when we left..
Oli still reserved..but he's 4..
Geesh sometimes..he's reserved with anyone!:)
I loved them even more at that moment..then  we went home and we talked about him..
and it was nice the feeling in the car..
The boys said what a nice man he was.

Two days later Lucas came over and said to me..:
"Whatcha Got Cookin Good lookin ?"
With a big smile..his handsome young  face..
And I thought of how in a heartbeat a life changes.. and another starts..

I added toasted coconut..a very good idea~

A sesame seed oil  and seasoned rice wine vinegar spiraled salad:)
I got mine at Amazon..less $$
The idea came from Linda~
Thanks Linda!
We made curly baked fries too..

A binder I put together when we moved here and planted the gardens.. I don't think I would remember all the names of the clematis and roses..
If you are starting a garden..may I recommend this?:)
A simple binder..keep tags etc..

Some..are still here..some are long gone or recently lost.

I had high hopes for so many..Ramona.. HF Young..Julia Correvon..Nelly Moser..La Comtesse De Bouchaud..
Ville De Lyon to name a few..
Some were gangbusters for 2 or 3 yrs and then went away:(
I must tell my climate ..sometimes the prettiest are the least dependable..
I am going to adopt  another Comtesse..she was great and still blooms..but less..
And then there are the proven winners..
Huldine..Willy..Jackmanii..Etoile Violette..Arabella..Blue Angel.. Durandii..Pagoda..
It's a little addiction you see..♥

The We Lived Happily Ever After Graphics..~ are what I used on two of my photos..her blog explains so much about how to use these things with even free photo editing programs.

And Oli 4 riding a 2 training wheels..
It seems the youngest one..because he wants to be with his brothers.. strives to catch up so he does things quicker.
No babies here..
Like Noah in his family~

He got his own rock star  cyclist  helmet..♥
My son-in-law took that cute pic..mommy's toes are to the left~

Noah was my little star when he performed in his dance troupe's show.. Hip Hop.. he was the beginning MC.. had his hip hop moments and then stole the show for me again in the finale♥
  With a wave and a "Hi Nana:"♥
From The Stage~

Be still my beating heart~
Bon Weekend~


  1. That was a heartwarming story. I can hear your heart singing having reconnected with a friend and getting to "share" him with family. I also love the way you have organized your seed packets...what a great idea!

  2. Lovely story and memories and your past connecting with your present.
    Your flowers are all my favorites! :) I think i remember having bridal bush in the yard where i grew up so that brings back good memories.
    and the seed packet idea is perfect, i always end up forgetting what i planted.
    What a rockstar your grandson is in that helmet :)
    Have a lovely weekend

    1. I must try my hand at a journal like YOURS.:)

  3. Your gardens are lovely and so is your prose. Have a delightful weekend!


  4. Gorgeous gardens, I could spend all day out there. Love your sweet story....such lovely memories. Oli is adorable and that helmet makes a statement.

  5. Nice story and I love that line from Hank Williams' song! That Iris is beautiful~

  6. Oh how I wish I could have seen Noah. Love the story and your garden.... How on earth did it burst forth so fast?

    1. It's a's a marathon.. a sprint..

      Till the end of June..and then other things take over ..and really by's almost done:(

      Thus my frenetic attraction to it all right now..
      Cause's over..:(

  7. I have no doubt that you are cookin' and also good lookin'...good looikin' is as much about what is on the inside as the out...and you spread such beauty all around...That was a lovely story, a wonderful transmisiion of love & kindness. Your Rose Girls, how you love them too...Merci, et félicitations on the joy you have found & that you share! I looked up" la félicité" because I don't really know this word in English either: "Bonheur extrême." Then I found: "To bliss out" "Etre au septième ciel."

    1. J'adore how you find the translation..s

      I love them..I never looked in French..

      I try and cultivate my joy dear Rita..thank you for noticing:)x

  8. ~Your so blessed good lookin.....Di

  9. Lovely story. And lovely garden. At the moment, my backyard is blanketed with wild daisies. Ha.

    Please give Oli a hug. I'd do it myself, but his helmet frightens me.

    1. Hahaha..I bet the wild daisies are glorious!
      Oli cracks me up Sol~
      A great crack up..That innocent 4..
      You made me laugh out loud..cause we hug from above you are right!
      That helmet although the spikes are foam..may surprise..!:)

  10. Chaque petite phrase qui résonne dans notre tête a une histoire particulière et c'est intéressant de l'écouter/ la lire.

    Toujours autant de douceur dans votre jardin, un havre de paix.
    Et ce cake à la rhubarbe, je vous en piquerais bien quelques tranches, fan de rhubarbe que je suis. Mais vous le savez déjà.

    Bonne soirée et bon weekend

    1. Je voulais faire votre recette avec les fines tranches rhubarbe est trop petite..pas assez large:)
      J'en trouverai en dehors de mon jardin por faire votre belle parure:)

  11. Just about everything you have I may have as well in our new home. We just closed today, we moved in today and tonight will be our first night in our new home. The garden needs some love and seems like I will be doing some watering in the near future or perhaps just wait for the rain. Love your jardin! :) -Bev

  12. How lovely for you to run into that special man with your grands.... And they got it too. Sweet boys. You photos of your garden are gorgeous. Spring is heaven!

    1. SPRING IS HEAVEN.. it is ..if I can picture's Spring.:)You are so right Gail.

  13. What a great story! And stop, you still are good looking! I bet Jacques agrees as do all your little sweethearts. I love how Lucas picked it up. How I wish I had organized labels like that. Your gardens are beautiful. Does that spirea change pretty colors in fall?

    1. No.. once the flowers bloom..and right now it looks like a huge bowl of beautiful dripping's really nondescript:(
      I only have clematis and roses like that and honestly I could remove some tags as some are gone..But it's you that made me grateful to have a log:) When you asked..:)
      Especially Willy..I had a Markham's Pink and got confused..but the log pointed to Willy..I checked after I told you..
      I wonder if little sweethearts think of goodlookin ?What do you think?
      I think we're a different universe classification..they see us with their hearts..:)
      I LOVE that love that!

  14. Once again beautiful garden photos. Todd is green with envy. I Love your garden journal. We need to do that. Such a super idea! Loving the story about the man who used to visit you at work. And You are still beautiful I think. I know I have never seen you but I have touched your spirit and that is beautiful, just like you. How wonderful that your lovely grandsons got to meet him and hear the story. Your boys are beautiful. I know boys don't like to hear that they are beautiful, but they are. xxoo

    1. Oh Marie..I tell the boys all the time how beautiful they are:):)
      It's impossible for me to not do..
      I am envious of Todd's roses and wildflowers!
      Thanks Marie!

  15. Very cheering your beautiful pictures !!!

    I will come back...

  16. I love al your pics alwsys, your plates, the flowers, the garden, but I love so much your grandson pic he is cute and lovely.
    Have a nice day!

  17. What a delightful story of that acquaintance from your office. It's true, so many lives are changed in a heartbeat. Scary but true. How nice that your boys got to meet him and how Lucas used his 'catch phrase' ♥ and Oli's helmet - LOL!

    Beautiful garden shots! What is that lovely bell-shaped pink flower with her head handing down? It looks vaguely family like I may have had it and it died. I have two ring binders just like yours :) The Comtesse is very happy here - I have two. Bubblegum pink not really my color though but she plays so nicely with Avant Garde.

    I made a rhubarb recipe too that I will be sharing soon :) Love rhubarb! I must try this one too. The coconut addition sounds perfect. Your curly salad - so beautiful. Not that I need another gadget but I love the squiggles!

    1. It's an aquilegia..a double of some sort and quite floriferous..They are varied,gorgeous and fickle.
      They will pop up in the front of the house..where I have never planted them.the seeds seem to get carried by birds etc..and they either love where they are or not..many of mine have disappeared..
      This particular one..has been great..I have a blue that is a comeback queen too..My neighbor..they grow rampant there..right next door..go figure!
      You don't need that gadget :-)
      It's fun..but not a necessity:-)
      I'll try and collect seeds of this one and send.

    2. Dorothy Rose!
      Granny's Bonnet:-)

    3. I thought it might be an aquilegia. I did have one! Seeds of Dorothy or her blue brother would be wonderful :)

  18. Every time I see a wonderful gadget in your posts I want to run right out and buy it, but I have to keep telling myself "You are downsizing, Missy." The spiral cutter looks like fun for summer salads. You have the garden I dream about living in, so lush and green with so many soft colors and textures. I can picture my little 3 year old grandson in the helmet Olie is wearing...I smile every time I think of it.

    1. You don't need it..promise..
      It was a temptation for a while:-)
      I have an Amazon.can card with was $30.00 less than at Williams my points!
      Fun little thing..but not a necessity:-) Thanks Cathy..grateful for our gardens..ya never know how long you will be the I think I get ferlempt at that thought sometimes..and get mushy about it...

  19. If you never wrote a word, I would still love your blog because of all the wonderful photos you share with us. I look at each one and appreciate your lovely talent of enjoying and sharing beauty.

  20. Your garden is so beautiful, I just love this time of year. What a nice story about the man that had the accident and your grandsons. Happy week-end!

  21. Wow! Your garden is gorgeous! beautiful pictures!
    Cheers, Mila

  22. Such glorious spring photos, Monique. Living in Florida, I do miss all the northern spring blooms. But I remember them well and love seeing them in your posts.
    Touching story about the man and such a wonderful learning experience for the boys.

  23. What a sweet post, Monique. Love that catchy phrase. I can see Lucas adopting this for his Nana. Endearing!
    Your garden is glorious, and the idea of keeping the binder is genius.
    Enjoy your garden, my friend.

  24. Now I can not get the song out of my mind...:)
    Such a lovely always. I think you could give garden tours with your wonderful gardens!
    "Hey good lookin'...whatcha got cookin... How bout cookin something up for me!" That rhubarb loaf looks amazing!
    Bisous xo

  25. It's another lovely QC day here..Savoring the leap at a time.
    Thanks so much..for your nice comments.

  26. What great pictures! It's always a treat visiting with you!

  27. What gorgeous flowers! So soul-uplifting.

    Lovely loaves and colorful salad.