Monday, June 23, 2014


I love white in a garden..s..
Peonies..roses..feverfew.clematis...they just brighten every spot they are tucked into..
I always speak of perennials because my gardens are 99% perennials..
Except the baskets and a few little extras..
The white fluffy peony is one of my faves and is in a neighbors garden~
But there is something to be said about annuals..boy they they just keep on giving..
I planted flats of annuals for a friend and she asked me to pull the perennials..
Too much..they get too big..

So her gardens became a cacophony of red and white annuals today ( mid June..)..interspersed with so many miniature varied colored roses..and very few ..perennials.
It will look fantastic all summer.!
I said we planted a Canada Day Garden:)

And now to Arthur..:) Arthur is my friends dog..they are such a beautiful couple..That's a little keepsake I made for them on their wedding day..
At that time they had Taz..their beloved dog..  but a little while back..Taz  went away..and Arthur came along.
When we had our first grandchild..they packaged up cute things that a nana and grandad should have..
The other day..we met them..and I said.. Arthur is like your child..and she beamed and said yes!!
Her face said it all..
So I thought..  bring them something for their baby:)
Our friends N and D..make cooikies regularly for their Ben..they graciously shared the recipe..
Our Brigitte Cookie cutter came in very handy!
Pour Arthur♥

La recette~

1 1/2 cups of whole wheat flour
1/2 cup all purpose flour
1 tbsp baking powder
1 cup peanut butter I used smooth
3/4 cup of milk
In a large bowl combine flour and baking powder
In a small bowl whisk peanut butter and milk until smooth
Make a well in flour mixt. and gradually stir in milk mixture until well blended
Use hands to make dough into 2 pliable balls
Knead each ball well on a floured surface about 2 mins
With a rolling pin roll out dough to 1/4 or 1/2 inch thickness..stamp name:)
Place on baking sheet lined with foil(I used parchment)
Bake 15 mins at 400 F..(Check..mine were small took less long)
Cool on a rack  and store in sealed plastic bags in the refrigerator.

I made 1/2 the recipe..


Yes  that would be my doing:)
Oli got tattoos when we had him over:)
He picked his designs..♥

One of my favorite sayings..~Max wrote it on was over his party food table♥
It seems I have developed a small infatuation with Mini Bonne Manan Preserve jars~

It all started with Pinterest and Martha Stewart..for salt and pepper shakers..:)
But I only have one.
These are my first tea type the tiny little jar.
I am on the lookout now.
How can something so small..   in the material world worth a million fancy bucks to me?:)
This one's going to get mileage:)
If you come across a mini or two..think of the possibilities.:-) ♥

Anyone else experiencing Blogger's blog roll only loading the lastest post from those you follow?
Couldn't access any of the blogs I follow..had to type in which blogs..?
Any tricks on how to fix?Thanks if you do:)

As of today..June 25th Blogger is fixed! Thanks Blogger!


  1. I like the idea of a garden with red and white blossoms through the summer! I do, though, like developing perennials as they return each year with a minimum of effort on my part.:-)

    1. I don't think I have one red bloom here..

      It's funny..I love it elsewhere..but here it's almost shocking with all the pinks and blues..
      Perennials..gotta love em:)

  2. Leave it to you to make very special treats for Arthur. I'm almost ready to make the decision to bring a puppy home and I'll save your recipes for these doggie cookies. Personalized puppy treats...what fun.

    1. A puppy would be so lucky to live with you Cathy!

  3. You have such a beautiful garden, it must be so peaceful!

  4. The white garden photos are so very very elegant & beautiful...
    I love your saying...
    Here are some French children's books to recommend to you:
    26 lettres pour t'aime de Nadia Bouchama
    J'aime d'e Albin Michel
    Tendresse et autres mot doux à partager de Michel Boucher et Nathalie Tousnakhoff
    Je t'aime, je t'aime, je t'aime Poèmes pressés de Bernard Friot

    Belle journée, Monique, Rita

    1. I've Googled them all:)
      Thank you..
      At every report husband and I take the children..(grade 1 and up) to purchase a new book for their efforts..I will look at Renaud-Bray..all French books there.
      I just started this with the last report card and I like it:) It's nice to be in a BOOKSTORE instead of a toy store:)
      We had Noah this weekend and his mom the maternelle teacher brought 2 books she particularly liked.. to show me..
      When I was small
      When you were small

      They are so sweet Rita..

  5. oops: autres mots doux....pas "mot"....

  6. Love your white garden. and what kind offer to make biscuits for your friends dog.
    Like you, I too cannot access my blogs only the recent one. it started last week & I thought it must have been something I'd done by clicking on something I shouldn't have. last night I went through the favourite ones I follow and subscribed to follow by email. I know I'll miss some who don't do follow by email. if it ever rights itself they will all be duplicated. If any one does let you know what to do please contact me.

    1. If it corrects itself we will be happy..

    2. Hi again..I just Googled and apparently the Blogger crew is onto this..trying to fix we are not alone:)

  7. White in the garden is my favorite. I use white bloomers in our shade garden. It gives a cooling, restful ambiance in the Texas summer heat. Wish I could grow peonies. Your white is exquisite! This summer I planted white impatiences in the large urns. They are happy thus far, but the triple digits have not arrived. Will see then if it was a mistake. '-)
    Your blooms are exquisite. Each time I look at your beautiful photos, I marvel at the sharp clarity. Please, tell me again what camera you use.
    Thanks for the recipe. I should make Sadie some treats.
    Enjoy your beautiful summer, Monique.

    1. Hi Sarah..I bet the white impatiens in the urns are exquisite..timelesss I can just see them..
      YOUR gardens are beautiful..i remember when you first showed some..Garden Tour style so pretty.
      I switch cameras often..when the boys are here or on trips or outings..I use the Point and Shoot Sony..I always had the DSCH2..dropped it after yrs of enjoyment at one of the boys parties..and now have Arlene's DSCH5.They are great point and shoots I find.
      Oli's tattoos..and the birch sign Max wrote are with the Sony..and the floppy white peony..
      I distinctly remember the first peony is with the Oly..the cookies and Bonne Maman with the Canon.
      A dream would be to try different cameras.. LOL..
      Most of the gardens and food..Canon XSI..about 8 yrs old..and the Olympus E 510..even mostly used for the gardens..and kiddies in IDEAL situations LOL..

      Many programs enhance photos:)
      I find Image Stabilization in a camera a must..The Oly and Sony have that..some of the Canon lenses have it too..
      Good photo editing programs..

      Free..are Photoscape.. PXlR..Ipiccy..PicMonkey(some features)..Gimp..Ribbet..
      They are such helpful tools..
      Especially for brightness and sharpness I find..
      Max's sign could have benefited of a brightness and sharpness adjustment.I was too quick on the posting of it:)
      Sarah..I am ap 4000 Bank points away from an Ipad..for waterlogue :):)
      Jacques and I will share it..We've never had an Apple product..
      Thank you!:)

  8. J'adore cette petite barrière blanche qui traverse votre jardin et se marie parfaitement à la luminosité de vos belles fleurs !

  9. ooh i really like all the white, it seems very cooling and relaxing and the bouquet of roses and forget me nots in the jam jar, perfect :)
    How sweet that you made dog biscuits for a friends "furbaby" :)
    Have you tried following people on bloglovin, i like it, but i know not everybody does and then you would need to move all your blogs. I hope something works for you, there is also something called feedly, just a couple of ideas if it doesn't come back around to working.

    1. I do follow on works very well!
      Thanks's just that many of mine were followed before Bloglovin' and I would be disappointed to lose them:(
      Feedly..I could do that..I think I will have to now if the glitch isn't resolved..Thank you thank you!

  10. I need to look for a bone biscuit cutter for our granddogs :) So cute! I have had so many mini jars that I have tossed. Some from hotels, wedding favors, etc. I may still have one in the frig. Will check! Cut the last of our peonies for vases last Saturday night. I will miss them so much. Nothing quite so spectacular to take their place. Pretty, pretty pics!

    1. I really have to rethink the big show areas..:( Once they are gone..the big showstoppers.. they look so bare..
      I will go see if you posted about last sat..since Blogger is not working..I did this morning and it was the post I last saw..:) Going now:)

  11. I always enjoy stepping into your world M.

  12. How nice of you to do that for Arthur! They would be a yummy treat for any lucky dog! I'm with you all the way with white in the garden! It really looks brilliant with the green grass and stands out so well. Your flowers are gorgeous!

  13. Aren't you sweet to make those adorable dog biscuits for Arthur. Lucky neighbors and lucky Arthur. Your garden whites are so pretty Monique. You really have a green thumb. And Oli and his tattoos - adorable.

    1. If I had a dog:) And we did..
      He might just be a bit spoiled and too mothered:) looking green thumb looks a bit.. unprofessional:)

  14. I love seeing your beautiful peaceful. You are so sweet to make treats for Arthur! I love that they have his name stamped on much fun!

    1. It WAS fun for me:)
      I love making things for people i care about:)

  15. Arthur is one lucky pooch! You are the most caring friend!
    I also love white in the garden...your garden brings me joy every time I see a picture of it and all the magical things it contains! Love those tats on Oli! So cute! You are indeed an Artiste!
    Bisous xo

    1. He is still so much fun ..the littlest one you know:-) He still gets happy when he sees us..

  16. I think you're the one who's a beautiful friend, making treats for their dear doggy. So sweet! Love your gardens, what a miracle the seasons bring!

    1. A true one!
      I sent my daughters a link to Emery:-) ohmy goodness that's a lot of cuteness..what a face...delicious:-)

  17. A beautiful post Monique ... What a treat to bake those personalised doggy biscuits especially "pour Arthur" and you utterly took my breath away with your most softest capture of pretty tea roses in a Bonne Maman jar. I must keep my eyes peeled for the mini jars .... just perfect for rosebuds and pansies.

    1. Hi has them..
      I think they are so sweet when you bring baked goods to a friend also..Next US visit:)

  18. What a lovely post to wake up to on Tuesday! Oli's tattoos, the dreaminess of flowers, and a splendid dog bone recipe! Merci!

  19. What a beautiful peony. I also love the rose! I started a white garden but then added some blue and then added some yellows too. It still needs so much work. I tried to get a city of York rose but when it bloomed it was red instead of white. So frustrating! Can I bother you for the name of the rose Monique?

  20. She's Polaris..If I had to start over..I would make a hedge:) It's really a lovely hardy rose..doesn't bloom all summer and then i may get another flush..But Packed with blooms!
    It gets big..

    1. Woops..the large rose bush?Or the smaller rose in the Bonne Maman,Polaris is the large one behind the fence

  21. What a sweet post, love the flowers, the biscuits and the jars!

    1. I think the full jars are great go with gifts:) Empty..I can see individual place settings:)

      Etc etc..cute as buttons!

  22. Monique, I dropped back by to suggest you try Feedly or Bloglovin' for following / reading blogs. I switched about a year ago and have never looked back. They are easy to join, a pleasure to use and you can even categorize the blogs you follow into different groups.

    Hope your week is going well.

    1. Thanks Sam..I am hooked up to Bloglovin but some of the blogs I have been following..I seem to only get through Blogger:-(
      I hope they fix it soon..
      It's a holiday here today..St Jean Baptiste..
      And it' s raining cats and dogs...
      An indoor day for sure..
      I did sow seeds earlier before the downpours so all was not lost in the garden:-)
      So nice of you Sam!

  23. Monique your garden is breathtaking. Love your little vase. Our favorite restaurant used to have petit vases of flowers on the bistro tables. They looked like a little nosegay.


  24. Your garden is beautiful Monique!
    And your biscuits for Arthur are amazing!
    And cute:)

  25. I am having the same problem with Blogger Monique. I am sure it will fix itself soon. Love, LOVED all of the photos here, but then I always do. Even those little tatooed arms. You are such a dear friend. I showed Mitzie your doggie biscuits and she said that she wished you were our neighbor. I concurred. Me too. I LOVE LOVE LOVE little jam jars. They are such a delight. I never thought to use them for salt and pepper shakers, or little vases. Thanks so much!! Love you very much my friend. I know I used the word Love a lot here today, but there was just so much to fall in LOVE with! ;-) xxoo

    1. The little jars are you too Marie..for all your gorgeous blooms!
      Blogger is fixed!

  26. Beautiful flowers - and love the idea of keeping them in a jam jar!

  27. Beautiful flowers in that sweet jam jar. I love small things too :-) I'll come back later to visit more but I have also been having issues with blogger.

  28. Blogger is fixed as of this morning I see you all:)

  29. Oh! Our white peonies have JUST burst into bloom and stop you in your tracks--you have to bend down and smell them and then stand there marveling for a while. xx

  30. Those little jars are so cute! Have you tried reading your blogs through bloglovin or feedly?

    1. Yes works.. a bit later than Google Blogger..and not all are there:(
      Those pots are so sweet!

  31. Bonjour ma chère Nana,

    Ton jardin est somptueux... tes pivoines majestueuses. Je suis d'accord avec toi, j'aime le blanc dans le choix des fleurs. Il apporte une grande fraîcheur et beaucoup de délicatesse.
    J'aime ce petit panneau "Je t'aime gros come le ciel"... tout comme ce tendre bouquet.
    Je pense que mon ami Icarus se régalerait de tes biscuits !
    Un très joli billet... tu as illuminé ma journée.

    ♡ Gros bisous ♡

    J'ai rencontré durant plusieurs jours des soucis avec blogger. Je ne pouvais plus afficher ma liste de lecture. Une seule lecture possible. Lorsque je cliquais pour obtenir d'autres flux, rien n'apparaissait non plus... Grrrr ! Donc je ne suis pas aller visiter mes amis de la blogosphère...
    Aujourd'hui, tout semble rentré dans l'ordre.
    Bisous encore...

    1. Oui tout est revenu:)
      Icarus est tellement adorable..!

  32. The roses in the jam jar are exquisite! Going to save those jars from now on. (the problem with saving things that appeal is SPACE!)

  33. Wonderful white flowers! Those dog biscuits look perfect. Arthur is very lucky.



  34. love the little jam jar ~ perfect for your garden roses.
    the Arthur biscuits are adorable {especially personalized } ~ I use the same recipe for Archer. When we adopted him from the shelter, I took down a box full for all Archers friends still waiting at the shelter for their forever homes. Wish we could have brought them all home with us ♥

  35. Love you little Bonne Maman jar! I have some of another brand, I keep them all! They're just adorable.
    Thanks for such cheery images today!

  36. Je prends la recette ! J'ai quelques copines qui ont des chiens et elles seront contentes du cadeau !