Monday, June 30, 2014

Oh Canada!

Nothing said Oh Canada more to me this year than Ginette Reno singing our national anthem at the hockey games:)♥I love her.
Oh and Oli  with the flag..acting like Carey Price♥ I took some photos of him early Spring with the flag..can't believe how bare the gardens were!
Amazing nature~

I love my David's Tea too.That Oh canada tea? tastes like a day at the Sugar Shack..It's got tiny maple leaves in it..Always a cute surprise in certain ones..and the names..Gotta love em.
If you are having people over for Canada day..or even July 4th:)

I heartily recommend this quinoa dish I gleaned from Julia~

Spinach and Mushroom Quinoa.

I am now addicted..I add toasted pine nuts..

And these maple syrup muffins..I was on a mission to try and recreate muffins I loved at Lafayette's..after a few attempts..this is the closest I came..

La Recette~

I halve  the recipe.. as whole is too many.

so this is what I do..

I can't tell you how good they are..

1 cup natual yogurt..not vanilla..not flavored..greek could do I am certain
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup brown sugar
 1/4 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup Organic maple flakes
1 extra large egg
 1/2 cup oil..light...canola..corn..
1  1/2 cups   Oatmeal Crsip  cereal..and just SCRUNCH it..
2tsps WATKINS Maple extract.( bought in Massena NY).McCormick..bought here.. is not pungent enough..I have read that  KAF is the best..shipping to Canada is too  $$ for 1 item..
1 cup of flour
2 tsps baking powder
pinch of salt
extra maple syrup..

1.Mix yogurt and baking soda
2.Add brown sugar,.maple syrup ,maple flakes, egg and oil.Mix well~
3.Add cereal and maple extact(no oats as it changed the consistency of what I wanted}..Mix well..
4.Add flour baking powder and salt..Mix well.

Pour a dollop of maple syrup in the bottom of your muffin cups..

Fill muffin cups and bake at 350 F for 25-30 mins..

This recipe makes 9 substantial muffins♥

All this testing leads to extras..  so neighbors..:) the extras..

Bagged in a Kraft paper bag..doily on top..a Susan Branch stamp and jute twine..

I love her stamps..books.. etc..
Mentioned before..a box has been lost..
Was able to recover 1 book and the set of Girlfriends stamps..minus one of my faves in the box..the huggers:(
Used my last sticker for a friend  a couple of weeks ago..
Everything SB is so dear♥
Have a great Canada Day..and for the 4th..a great July 4th!♥Independance Day.
Or in our world..Noah's 6th birthday~

PS..The maple flakes are available at$6.99
Equinox Maple Flakes..
You guys are so lucky! Everything at your fingertips at .com:)


  1. I so wish I could tell stories like you. You speak straight from the heart. My words are all mangled or don't come at all. Your photos are premium magazine worthy. Your props are to die for. Your baking makes me want to place an order at your bakery, or perhaps even visit! Happy Canada day! :) -Bev

  2. Le Canada a de la chance de te compter parmi les siens, Monique ! Allez, je prends un de ces délicieux muffins et je file ... Bisous

  3. I just love what the person before me said and i agree! I love how you share these moments of your life. Happy Canada Day and Happy Birthday to your Grandson :)

    1. Are you painting Jenni?
      I got a new little paint set I will share next time..I think you would like it..
      I am quite the homebody..
      I believe this is like a journal..that's why I talk so much here:)

  4. Canada Day looks like a time of great celebration! I, too, am a fan of all things Susan Branch! Sending along birthday greetings!

  5. Bonjour ma chère Nana,

    Tout d'abord je voudrais souhaiter un très joyeux anniversaire à ce petit bonhomme qu'est ton petit-fils !... avec de gros petous !
    Une publication qui me ravit à chaque fois avec des recettes tellement tentantes lorsqu'on admire tes magnifiques photos...
    Tout cela est vraiment irrésistible !

    Gros bisous ☼

  6. The spinach & mushroom quinoa and muffin cups are so pretty. Happy Canada Day and happy birthday to Noah. Sounds like you have a lot to celebrate.

  7. So that's my problem I don't eat standing up Monique!

    1. LOL you made me laugh..If it's who I think it look magnifique!!

  8. Happy Canada Day to my favorite Canadienne :) I know I would love each recipe too and those wonderful teas! The maple muffins are perfect for today. I've never seen maple flakes! I will have to check Penzeys next time I'm there. Love the stamp - LOL. If only that were true!

    I hope you are having wonderful weather on Canada Day. Hot and sunny here but we are bracing for strong storms later tonight. More rain :(

    1. Hothothothumidhumidhumid..threats of thunderstorms..but nothing yet..sunshine as I type..
      They are nice the flakes:)
      Quinoa recipe is a keeper:)
      Hope the rain doesn't hurt your beautiful gardens..

  9. I will celebrate Canada Day and Noah's birthday by making both of these delicious recipes.
    Happy Canada Day, you lovely Canadian!

  10. Happy Canada Day to you and all my friends north of the border. Happy birthday to Noah. I think you are some delicious ideas for both celebrations


  11. Happy Canada Day and Happy Birthday, Noah! Love the doily and those muffins too!

  12. Happy Canada Day Monique! We love quinoa, and I'll be making this one soon.Happy Birthday to Noah!

  13. I am addicted to pine nuts. Glad you finally made it to Trader Joes. I love most of their stuff, but not all. I usually shop at 3 different stores starting with TJs.

    Loved your ikea pan.


  14. Happy Canada Day to you, your muffins sound perfect for the occasion!

  15. Happy Canada Day! Those muffins look great. Can you clarify the amount of cereal? Is it 1 1/2 cups or 1 1/2 boxes? Love the wrapper too. You know I am ordering them...

    1. Cups Cups! Thank you Terry!!Going to amend:)

  16. Replies
    1. Monique, I was going to order paper baking molds on amazon but the shipping was crazy. Do you know your brand moulds, they are even cuter than the one I saw on amazon.

  17. I had afternoon tea with Ms Canada in Paris, Janice and she was waiting for me to wish her a HAPPY CANADA DAY. Fortunately I read your blog so I knew better.
    In the US people don't say Happy 4th so much...but then we don't have maple syrup as our national food either :(
    Can't wait to make that quinoa dish !! YUM YUM thoughI'll substitute toasted hazelnuts here. Miam

    1. Toasted hazelnuts sound great for this dish.
      I think I could live on Quinoa dishes..:)

  18. Happy Canada Day to you! I love your country, but have only been to St Andrews, Quebec City, Ottawa, Montreal & Victoria (years ago.) I have a dream to take trip West a trip from Quebec City...Canada seems to be a nation that is gentler than many, more civil, more kind...I too would like to try the quinoa dish...
    Referring to Carol's note, I think here in Maine you do hear Happy 4th of July, or Happy 4th or Happy Holiday, though maybe not so much as Merry Christmas...
    Here is a Canada Day image for you, by Noral Macphail who lives in Toronto. I've been following her blog for some time & have bought some of her little paintings/drawings.
    I liked going to the link for the song...I don't know her, but she's a powerful singer!

    1. Rita..thank you!
      I just watched one of her Youtube videos..
      Love the flag..s the art..her work..and am her newest follower.
      Merçi beaucoup pour ce beau partage.
      Thanks for the nice words:)

  19. Canada looks beautiful through your eyes Monique. Thanks for sharing all this good stuff. Those muffins sound spectacular. I'm pinning to try for my family this summer, love the maple syrup at the bottom, yum! Oli is precious, love that sweet little face :)

  20. Oh Canada . . . I miss Canada Day over here. There is no holiday quite like it to compare. The British don't do a national holiday as such. They have other special events, but they are not all holidays. I like the Queen's Birthday Parade at the Horse-guards which is always nice. With a fly over Buckingham Palace at the end. But not the same as Canada Day! OH, and listening to the Canadian anthem at the start of hockey games. Memories of my childhood. Beautiful. You have made me miss my homeland, or at least the homeland of my childhood. Love all of your treats here today as well! Especially your lovely little flag holder! ;-) I wish we could get maple sugar and such over here. We can get small bottles of Maple Syrup. Very expensive, but worth every penny. My sister sent me a bag of Maple Sugar last year and I treasure it. I am eking it out in small bits! Love all that you share! Tres Belle!!

    1. I know your are so happy where you are now!
      It's fun to remember though..and your family is here so you have ties:-)
      The flag holder' s a keeper for sure Marie!

  21. I just made your muffins and Jerry and I loved them. I found the cereal but with raisins so I left them in, they could have had a few more. I also left in the rolled oats. I never used maple flakes, or heard of them before. YUM. Because I used tulip muffin cups they were not as big but the yield was12. These are a keeper and will definitely be a fall muffin. Thanks Monique for a wonderful recipe.

    1. Thanks Terry!
      I have never seen Oatmeal Crisp with raisins..yum!
      So glad you enjoyed them!

  22. Happy belated Canada Day! This quinoa salad looks absolutely mouthwatering and so do the maple muffins.



  23. Hi, Monique--This isthe THIRD time in a few weeks that I thought I had posted a comment here and still don't see it. It's become quite annoying! It happens at Marie's blog too lately. Anyway, I will try AGAIN! :)

    I loved this patriotic post--especially the pretty muffins in their starred wrappings. :)

    And I enjoyed Ginette Reno's singing during the hockey games too. She came out so nonchalantly, sang fabulously, and then simply walked away like it was nothing--and it was most certainly not. :) I can see why she's a national treasure.

    Have a sweet weekend, ♥


    Val :)

    1. Oh!! It posted! Well, third time's the charm, and all. :)