Monday, June 9, 2014

In and Out Of the Garden~To quote a beau book~

 the spiffy red sneakers..his mom and I.. went to the Old Port in Montréal to see..

Do click on the link and see what awaits you if ever you go~

actually Director.. MICHEL LAPRISE~

I know I don't go out much ..(which seems absurd for me to say now that I have had 3 grand outings and more in the last few weeks.)  and don't know a whole lot about shows...but trust me..and  the entire audience on the day we went..
This show is fabulous.
a 10

We arrived in the Old Port with enough time to walk around and take pics..It was a GLOOMY beautiful blue skyline for the tents.. was huge crowds  in the Old Port prior to the show..

so we walked..and kept an eye on Mr.Busy.
I'm telling you..this child is entertainment.
It was Grand Prix weekend so the streets were festooned with flags..
Restos has their cute chalkboards everywhere..
The flowers have been planted..
After the can't take my eyes off show..we ate in a resto we LOVE..
The exterior is gorgeous..but we like eating in the garden part..a side entrance of the resto..that is actually a walled courtyard.. 2 floors..
The stone walls spill over with baskets of flowers..
A live band plays..
It's just a gorgeous gorgeous place..
My second time in 8 years..not nearly enough.
A  memorable day..

In the gardens.. cause I did come home:)

It's Korean Lilac time..the first peonies..Baptisias..Irises..the first clematis..

I am most certain the fairies..were whispering about my outings..:)

She's not baking this week?
No scents from the kitchen window.

And Max turned all of 7~
A hockey party..
Have a lovely still spring week.


  1. Just Love the picture of M and Noah! Is that a new camera the colors are amazing?

    But who holds the camera is an excellent photographer!!!!

  2. The Old Port photos are the Sony point and shoot that I bought from my friend..same as QC..for field trips.. point and shoot is the way to go for me:)
    I love that pic of M and N too:)

  3. Absolutely beautiful pictures! I love the red sneakers!:-)

  4. You live in an enchanting environment. Those little red shoes were made for walking!!


    1. It is a summer place:)
      In winter the streets are so quiet..on weekends..where I live..on Saturdays..touristy..
      Our market(I know you love those too..) attracts so many visitors!
      Cute shoes..I agree:)

  5. Once again, pure joy...That little ant caught my eye...I tend to naturally focus on the flowers as being pretty, and ants as pests. But that little ant scene is very sweet...Cirque du soleil, how fun that you got to go! And they originate in Montreal, if I'm not mistaken! The guys & parents must have had a blast. I enjoyed dining in the Old Port several times, on that main wide street that goes to the water. I'll have to look up your restaurant.

    1. Place Jacques Cartier is the's very pretty..but I was amazed how small it all is compared to QC:)
      I am used to I live here..but having just gone to QC..what a difference in size..!
      Yes CDS is from here..Brilliance..sheer brilliance..

  6. With all of this going on I can understand why you didn't bake. Happy birthday darling Max. A hockey party sounds perfect to celebrate your birthday. As away,s your gardens are beautiful Monique and so is this entire post.

    1. They are fleeting though dear Sam.. They love us and leave us:(
      Thank you!

  7. Happy Birthday Max! Your photo's were stunning - loved the ant LOL. My eyes went immediately to that ant. Love the red tennis shoes - wish I had a pair.
    Everything looks so festive. I've never been to Montreal, but did get to Toronto, Vancouver and Whistler just before the Olympics. Hopefully some day.
    Have a great week.

  8. Replies
    1. And you of many things..but like I said POPS!
      I bought a mold.. So far I have not reached your pedestal:) LOL.

  9. Such a nice day out! Happy Birthday Max. Is that peony Molly the Witch? Your garden is exploding with blooms, so nice.

    1. That peony has a story :)

      About 6 years ago.. a friend at work..Luc..gave me 6 seedlings from a Peony farm.. the size of a small weed..
      He said..I know you will take care of them..
      Well this is the first year that 3 bloomed.. and they are the same.. 1 bloom on each plant..but still!!
      I don't know if it's Molly ..they came to me unnamed..But I will check Terry!

    2. How lucky to receive these peonies as gifts. Enjoy, mine are bent over due to the rain (it always hits during peony time doesn't it?).

  10. What a wonderful outing! Especially with your daughter and Mr. Red Shoes. Spring and summer are the time to be adventurous and stray from home :) I looked at the schedule - no shows anywhere near us :( Love your photos and the links to everything. I always take my point and shoot on outings. Too afraid I'll drop or lose the DSLR.

    Beautifully flowers! I tried Baptisia once - it didn't like it here! Too much shade, I'm afraid. Lilacs and peonies! Are there two more delightful scents? LOTV maybe.

    1. I am sorry that these lilacs don't last is unusual where we live but this morning 2 gentleman rang our bell..a Bible group..nice nice men..
      Anyways they said nice things about the gardens and one said..oh the smell when we walked up:)
      I too wished it lasted longer..10 days max.
      It was a wonderful outing..:)
      I think you would love it..
      Travel Zoo has a special.. my friend sent me a link!
      We were lucky we were upgraded to maybe 4th row..
      It was very very special..
      Baptisia.. you are right I think..It flourishes in sun here..
      It's true though..our beloved perennials are so fleeting!
      You are right on all scents..Sweet Peas.. but mine need to bloom yet..

  11. What a wonderful outing! Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. De très belles photos! Thanks for sharing them with us.



  13. fantastic photos, & all with your aim & shoot. Loved them all, The flower with the ant really caught my eye.
    What a great day you had, happy birthday to Max

  14. Wonderful photos of a fabulous outing. I'm more determined than ever to visit Montreal one day.

    1. I hope you do make it.. Stay somehwre cute:)Go everywhere cute and eat everywhere good:)

  15. I really love his sneakers!!! He's stylin' :-D
    And I really love the shot of the fairies .... lovely!
    diane @ thoughs and shots

  16. What a wonderful outing, your photos are wonderful. Montreal is on my bucket list. Your little guy sounds like a character, what fun!

    1. I hope you do make it here..will be hard to leave your views though:)

  17. Oh my goodness - what beautiful festive pictures from your outing, and your gorgeous, gorgeous garden. The peony bud with the ant makes me hope next year I will have a blooming peony. Heavenly peek into one of your delightful days - Happy Birthday to your Max!

  18. Oh that Cirque show looks wonderful,,, I have to see if they'll do it in NY. Your photos enchant! You have all winter to bake, enjoy your garden & outings.

  19. Just look at those little red sneakers! Only a woman my age would say that :-) Your baptistia is beautiful. I just came from my garden and was admiring it.

  20. So, this is Montreal. I heard it's beautiful and your photos confirm it. Want to visit it! What a lovely trip you had!

  21. I want to sleep in your garden when I come to visit! And I want to go nowhere else! Oh yes, with food from your kitchen...

  22. What a wonderful family outing. Love all your photos, especially the garden! Can't wait to see what you bake next week, something divine I'm sure. Happy Birthday to 7 year old Max. How time flies!

  23. What a delightful fun and beautiful day. Those cute little legs and red shoes just captured me and made me smile :)

  24. How beautiful Monique. Love the photos of your busy boy! All of your grands are so special an I love LOVE the red shoes. You know how I love red shoes. The garden photos, circque de soleil, all of it is so lovely. One day . . . Oddly enough I have garden fairies which whisper as well. You have seen them. I wonder if our fairies are related to each other? Perhaps they are. They are great company. ;-) xxoo

  25. Noah's red sneakers: I would print that one!

    You captured the outing beautifully.