Friday, June 20, 2014

Some Blues~And a Cheri Salad~

Johnson's blue at it's best in it's spots here in our gardens..I have placed it here and there..
I recommend this perennial  although..yet again.. short lived..
Also..Big Daddy Hostas..they have blue in pretty not your normal hosta..I met them years ago  in an art class..we visited a magnificent private garden..
I was taken aback by the magnificence of her Big Daddy hostas ..get ready for BIG in yrs to come..mine are big..but you have not seen anything until you have seen years of Big Daddy growth.
I don't know if you remember the fern..the wee thin fern unfurling quite uniquely  ..a few..Spring posts back?
There she stands in back of Johnson's Blue..sandwiched  in between the fushia urn..
LOVE that fern.
A client gave it to me prior to selling his home...he didn't want to leave it..
I have been the grateful caretaker ever since..

That DELICIOUS from Cheri..
I made it Monday for lunch..we will have it again this week..
Then I will buy more kale..massage it again..
And we will enjoy it again and again..I love the texture the kale developed..
I added feta instead of Blue.. and more garlic since we are on a Dr Oz garlic kick..although for this post blue would have been in keeping.
It's so good!

The porch ferns and blues look so much better than the winter whites on the porch..
What a difference a season makes.

Lucas..will be 9 this August..
On father's day..everyone was here.. and lots of giggly games were played with the 4 cousins..
At one point I took out bubbles..because..
I love bubbles..and Oli at 4 still does too..

Lucas is so good natured and so good with children younger than he.. he even blew bubbles which encouraged the others to do so..
He's something else:)♥
Like that fuschia..:)  The purpley blue pinafore/tutu is just gorgeous..these are ballerinas!
I love Campanula Glomerata..One mistake I made that I did not plant in threes..many I eventually could divide and make 3's..but this one..I should have bought 3:) Some plants multiply and multiply..Hostas can come out of your ears..but are great fillers..

Glomerata..seems to stay 3:)
I love CLUMPS  of threes~

Or fives..♥
My cobalt pots will follow me to a retirement home if they can..
They are Lee-Ann blue pots to me♥
PS..A good little book to get you kickstarted in choosing garden "Taylor's Guide To Perennials"
I have had mine for soo many has been lent out..
The price at the back says $22.95..I bet on resellers you can get it for a song! Don't even think twice about it..
It is classified by colors.. also..
Mine is close to falling apart now..
Hope you can get your hands on a copy..

School's out in a few short breaths..  they will be boys of summer again~

Bon Weekend~


  1. Lucas is beautiful and has grown so much...he looks like his dad!

  2. Owww so nice summer to see your beautiful son !! from me Ria...x !

  3. Stunning photography! And we have the same big hosta and blue fleurs nearby . . . so nice to find your blog (via your comments on Sketchbook Wandering) . . . xx

    1. So nice to find yours!
      I had heard of your wonderful books at Rita's:)

  4. I am in awe of your beautiful post today. I love blue in nature and on little boys! Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  5. I love the blue and bluish-purplish colors! You have a wonderful knack with plants!

    1. Oh Nellie I think it's more like another passion.. and like everything else..Jack of all trades..master of none..

  6. Sensational blues, Monique. I have a blue garden on my patio. Love the urn too.

    1. That urn is from the same gentleman/client that gave me the fern.
      he was an exquisite gardener..I am sure his new gardens at their new home are stunning.Such a kind couple.
      Guy and Mireille:)
      The blue pots are from Lee~Ann .a dear girl who moved to California.
      I hope they know much I enjoy looking at them and thinking of them..

  7. "Hostas are certainly impressive," Sol says, as she patiently awaits a green thumb.
    Meanwhile, I'll enjoy the beauty of your garden and your grands.

  8. First of all happy birthday Lucas. You are so handsome blowing the pretty bubbles. My husband loves blue flowers. I've never seen a blue germanium nor the giant hostas, so I will definitely keep my eyes out for them. I love ferns on a porch. They are the essence of summer for me and I always put them in a place of prominence.

  9. Lucas is lovely and love yours pics Monique!
    How beautiful look all in your garden stunning!

  10. Look how fast your garden leaped into summer M. And you captured it all in stunning technicolor. Which camera?

    And Lucas. How can he be 9 already? So handsome.

    1. Lol A all different cameras:-)
      And ask me if remember which..
      The salad..definitely Canon with pancake lens..the rest Olympus and your Sony..
      I can't believe he will be 9!
      I can' t believe I' m 60:-)

    2. I'll have to look up pancake lens.

  11. I must look for blue geraniums. This is new to me! Your beautiful blues make me smile, especially the cutie in the blue checked shirt. '-)
    Summer days ahead………….enjoy and savor these times.

  12. Hooray for summer! I now need to look for the book and some more blue flowers! I am a blue girl too!
    Lulu is such a big boy...times flies!
    Bisous xo

    1. I am so happy you say Lulu too:)You remember:)

  13. Dear Monique, Your beautiful photos continue to bring me so much happiness! I just saw Sharon's giant hosta chez elle. WOWW!! Oh là là! The sweetness of your granson blowing bubbles, WOWW! the gorgeous plate with your addition to it! The full summertime blossoming of the flowers, arranged in your still lifes!! Happy first day of summer! Je t'embrasse, Rita

  14. De si belles couleurs, si intenses qu'on s'y perdrait.

    Bon weekend ma chère ~

  15. I have the same huge hosta ;o) I may need some blue geraniums too. Lovely. Your grandson is so handsome. Have a wonderful summer!

  16. Beautiful color and lovely salad!

    Lulu is really handsome.

    Happy summer!



  17. Such a lovely post showing your garden so full of colour and that huge fern & giant hosta look so healthy. it doesn't look like you are plagued with slugs & snails. my neglect of gardening this summer has taken it's toll, all the slimeys have had a feast since I've not been inspecting them. What a handsome boy your grandson is, won't be long before he'll be breaking some young girls heart. :)

    1. It goes by so quickly doesn't it Barbara?
      Hope you are out and about much sooner than later.
      Not pleasant to suffer..

  18. I love your hosta, just beautiful! The blue pots are just lovely together. I've been making a kale salad too. Just chopped kale, quinoa, feta and greek yogurt with cilantro, a little ginger and lime juice. Just so light for a summers lunch. Love the photo of Lucas with the bubbles, just priceless. Happy Sunday!

  19. Thank you for the mention, you are so sweet. Your pictures are so brilliant, love the way you look at things.

  20. Beautiful pictures and the salad is so healthy!

  21. My head is just starting to peak above water although we have Les Boys today (Mack in pool with Papa and Dane napping). I love those big blue hostas and have many, many that I've divided over the years. I think mine were called Hosta Sieboldiana Elegans. BIG and Beautiful. I need to try this salad! I planted kale seeds but I think but bunnies have been liking it too much as I see nothing. Bubbles here too ;)

    1. I am sure you are more correct than I :) re Big Daddy's real name:)
      All of Fred's cabbage and kale were eaten in his gardens..:(
      The boys have bunnies and chickens now..
      I think both my son-in-laws would have been happy on farms..and my daughters..well..not:)
      I can picture Mack:)Dane too..but your pool glistens...

  22. Oh, I could sink into those pristine white porch chairs! Beautiful blue and purples - especially on the birthday boy!
    But especially love that magical last picture......

    1. It's Photoshop of course:)
      And the L Davidson papers I bought online..she's so good:)
      I hope your gardens are pleasing you..

  23. Your grandsons are all so handsome and look very French, c'est vrais! I would expect nothing else. Love all of the blues and purples and blooms and the salad, and just all that you have shared. You are such a treasure my dear friend. Each visit with you is a wondrous gift and nothing less. xxoo