Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blueberry Hill~ And 2 really good recipes~

I know..looks almost like my strawberry apple pie..but it's not..
same tole painted tray though..
I have had it for maybe 15 years..
It's just right..large and old:)
Our own blueberries are coming to fruition:)
I love them on their stems..

You can find the blueberry pie recipe I made here.
I had to buy blueberries though as I needed 6 cups:)
My husband LOVES pies..I am happy to have found some new ones for him.
I sound so 1950's.
Makes sense..I am.

Delicious..and again..I really like this pan.
Didn't make their crust though..

And those cookies?
Telling you right now..
Please don't blame me for your NEW addiction.
You will need FROZEN blueberries for the cookies and you can find the recipe here..
Be prepared to be astounded by the photography..
Did you go yet?
Told ya so:)
They are absolutely amazing..  these the photos!♥

Here is a neat little webpage to try..
Random Words and they make a collage for you~ Word Cloud~

Just think of words ..and enter them..The possibilities are endless..
They place the words where they chose..You can start over..but  chances are the words won't be exactly where you want them..But it's nice to see one's words:)
I mean one could start over and over and over with a myriad of words~
Like adding chickens..eggs..names of people you love..places you you love..friends you love..♥
Enjoy..I do.♥

And have a lovely weekend~

He does♥


  1. Got a small crop (quart) of blueberries this year, but hope to have more the next... And, you have a good weekend too.

  2. Both the pie and the cookies look fabulous! Wish I had a big cookie warm from the oven right now.
    The random word page looks so fun. Then have it printed off on canvas and frame it! Too fun to create your own.
    Love your little one with his daisy!

  3. Love the pie Monique. What a lovely idea with those words.
    Your little man is just the cutest.
    Happy weekend to you and yours.

  4. Beautiful and delicious in your beautiful cast iron pan. Fruit pies just say "summer" yes..with a scoop of creme faiche and tea it is just what we all love for "gouter at 16:00" . I can devour any berry pie/tart and you bluebery one looks so just wants to bite into it. . And your bleu clematite is gorgeous!


  5. Just when I thought oatmeal chocolate chip cookies couldn't possibly get any better, you've added blueberries. What a fabulous idea. My husband will fall in love with them for sure. And your blueberry pie reminds me of summers long ago. What a delightful post this morning to lead me into the weekend. Hope you have a lovely weekend as well.

    I'm off to check out the random word page now. It sounds very inspiring.

  6. Just what Ronelle said above! Have a wonderful weekend, Nana!

  7. Blueberry Chocolate Chip Cookies??! Wow! Definitely a new cookie I haven't seen. Healthy too, right?? ;)

    1. Well..not really:)
      But..good..good..I use milk chocolate..:)

  8. Another beautiful pie Monique! The cookies look yummy too and her photography is beautiful but your website and photography I think beats hers. Thanks for the Random Words website, great for birthdays, anniversaries, best friend gifts. Imagine a family gift with names, bdays, personality descriptions? That is a beautiful cast iron pan. You said amazon. Do you have a link to the buyer? Oh that clematis! And if I did not comment recently on your fence of clematis that was spectacular too. Can I ask you to look the name on that one too? Today is perfect baking weather and after two weeks being sick with bronchitis I am feeling good. I am going to make the cookies for Jeni's Britton Bauer's oatmeal cream sandwiches (the cookie portion). Your boys would love them!

    1. Here is the link to the pie pan Terry..
      Funny thing though..when I ordered was that $ but free shipping..
      Things change from time to time so you may want to keep checking:)

      The clematis is HF Young..I grow it with Huldine and Jackmaniis..on the back wall of the garage on a big trellis Jacques built for me when we moved here.
      I am very happy you are feeling better!
      What a difference n'est-ce -pas?:)
      I'll Google the cookies!
      Take care!

  9. Are they Oli's beautiful chubby hands?

  10. Monique, I must be missing something, I don't see the link to the pan...

    Thanks for the name on the clematis and for your good wishes. By the way I put it into the cookies to bake board on my Pinterest page. Those lemon ones with powdered sugar were from your board I think. Enjoy the weekend!

  11. Never mind Monique, I found the pan, thanks!

  12. Opps!

  13. Wonderful post, love blueberries, your pies and cookies look delicious! Our blueberries have disappeared overnight, thinking maybe there is some type of netting that I can put on at lease 2 of them and the forest creatures can have the other 2. Anyway there is always a u-pick-em place, but we have to drive a ways.Thanks

  14. Monique, there is so much that is beautiful about this post. Where to start. I love, ADORE blue berries and that pie looks gorgeous! Also the cookies. I am wanting to make both of them and they are on my "TO COOK" list now! My blueberries are not quite ready yet , but soon! I am 1950's too. Very much so. I like that. We are alike. I love your word cloud. So nice. I am going to go try one myself! But the sweetest thing of all is the last photograph. So sweet. I am quite sure he loves you. Who wouldn't! I do too! xxoo

  15. I don't recall that you had blueberries! How wonderful to go outside a pick a few to eat - even if not enough for a beautiful pie like that :) Thank you for the cookie link too! They must taste wonderful and that's one fruit that my J actually likes in bakery. I will try them!

    I spy Kim's lovely day lily on the side :) Mine is blooming its head of right now!

    Noah ♥

  16. That pie is calling me! The cookies too!
    Those sweet little hands? Melting my heart!
    I am going to try the words now!
    Happy Weekend!
    Bisous xo

  17. My blueberries are just ripening. It will be a race between me & the birds. Those cookies look really good... the blog you found them on is a good one too. I have found so many good blogs through your friendships with fellow bloggers that comment here. Such a lovely community. Thank you! Your grand with the daisy - precious. xo Have a lovely weekend. GG

  18. Blueberry season never comes soon enough! Love picking those berries and then enjoying the special treats that follow. Your pie and cookies look like the perfect summer treat.

  19. You are the pie QUEEN Monique, so beautiful. I want a large piece with a scoop of vanilla ice cream please. Our blueberries are done now - sad. It's so fun to go out in the morning and pick a handful for yogurt or oatmeal. Love your photos! We thought the summer would never come, didn't we? Now it's here in all it's glory!! Especially at your house :)

  20. I love blueberries Monique and this look amazing:))

  21. Two fabulous treats! That pie look incredibly tempting and luscious. A heavenly dessert.

    Have a wonderful week!



  22. Enjoy you do! That is for sure! I used to play with Wordle, I wonder if that's the same site. Blueberries I think are on the way here, though I heard they are already out on the mountain tops. They are so adorable, those little berries & now they say that they're one of those "miracle foods" that make your brain better & prevent disease. Not bad medicine, especially when you, Monique, bake with them!

  23. I think I love baking pies!:)
    I know I do..

    Next one..a heart in the middle..:) Like the song:)
    Thank you for your sweet comments..

  24. These are two great recipes to make this summer. Beautiful pictures!