Thursday, July 10, 2014

Strawberry ~Apple Pie~ Ricardo~

It's still strawberry season here ,,at Nana's House..
The gardens  are blooming enough now to pick a few roses..matriarca..snapdragons and sweet peas..although not any means the snaps and the sweet peas.. I still pick a few. I just can't help myself.
The clematis are prolific though!
The front fence is blooming it's head off.. and we can't walk through the front arbor..I know that's not a good thing..but what can I do?
Walk around:)
The others are starting to come into bloom and I wish they could last all summer everything else..

I bought some fresh berries.. and I had some apples so I Googled Apple Strawberry pies..
The main reasons..?
The berries and this cast iron pie pan..that I spotted months ago..on one of my very favorite blogs..
There is nothing not to fall in love with there.
It all starts with the marriage of gorgeous photography and Amelia..and then every subject:)
It's where I buy my Christmas Ornament patterns from..Anyway she showed this pan once..and I already have such a fondness  for whatever cast iron I own from my mom's on..I thought why not?
My daughters friends were visiting parents in I placed my order months ago..and they just brought it back..from

It is a GREAT pan.heavy..but GREAT.
The dough stayed so nicely baked well  
It was a pleasure to pull out of the oven..
The recipe is simple and wonderful.
The dough..I must confess..I made this pie the morning we were going to Noah's 6th birthday party so I used my grocery stores dough.
And the recipe?
You can find it right here..

Apple Strawberry Pie
I humbly think you could safely add it to your pie making repertoire:)♥


  1. Lovely! The flowers, the pan and the pie.


  2. Beautiful pie and beautiful garden! I love your little stars for the top crust.

  3. The stars, the flowers, as always, you sweep me into your beautiful world...
    "The gardens are blooming enough now to pick a few roses..matriarca..snapdragons and sweet peas,,," This line alone makes me think of those gardeners who have gone before & who have left lovely poetic journals...
    Merci, Monique, Rita

  4. Oh no you didn't. I can't believe you made such a beautiful pie and with all the stars... Just sensational. Should be in magazines. Clematis is fuller than I've ever seen one and the plaque in the middle. All perfect.

  5. Your photo of the apple strawberry pie should be on a cooking magazine cover. Absolutely gorgeous and the stars are so artful.

  6. Quelle superbe tarte ! Elle irait très bien avec la robe étoilée que j'ai porté lundi ~

    Bonne fin de semaine.

  7. Your pie looks good, but having grown up in a house where it seemed like fresh strawberries were served every day---'nuf said! Your flowers are gorgeous! Very pretty and colorful!

  8. Oh my god, the pie is jaw dropping beautiful and the fence of clematis is to die for. Dare I try to do this recipe? I do have my Mom's cast iron pan. Off to read the recipe.

    1. You do dare!
      It is spot on ..Jacques and my son-in-law really enjoyed it..It stays so perfect when cut..
      You do need minute tapioca though..
      I had bought some for another recipe..So I had a jar:)
      Keep watch on the top..make sure it is nice and baked..
      The rest should look after itself..
      Cast iron just amazing.
      If your oven needs more time let it..
      But because you cook the filling before..nothing is hard..nothing is mushy..because you know when to stop according to the recipe..
      Ricardo..very rarely does one of his recipes flop.
      And such a great guy:)
      I did baste my stars before adding and sugared them also..before adding..and I kept them cold before with the bottom crust..and cool your filling!

      Let me know Terry!

    2. PS..can you believe there is a PS?:)
      A sprinkle of cinnamon in the filling may be an add` on for moi.

  9. So you took his recipe and adapted by using the cast iron skillet? I assume you used a cookie cutter to make stars?

  10. Your garden is looking amazing and I of course adore your "Nana's House" sign!

  11. Yes..I adapted by using the cast iron pie pan..and used a star cookie cutter:)For the top..

  12. Thanks. Starting to catch on to this baking thing. By the way, I got my goodies from that Etsy seller they are nice.

  13. Strawberry and apple pie in a cast iron pie plate……both new to me, but certainly good recommendations, Monique. Your pie is gorgeous, as are your gardens. Enjoy the delights that are abundant at your home. '-)

  14. That pie! Oh my!!!
    I could eat the whole thing.
    And those strawberries ..... they are gorgeous!!!!
    Now I'm hungry ... LOL
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  15. I agree there is nothing better than a cast iron pie pan. Your pie looks amazing. And what could be sweeter than the Nana's House sign. So cute! Deb

  16. Your pie is absolutely gorgeous, strawberry and apple sounds wonderful, love the cast iron skillet and all your flowers.

  17. Such a pretty pie, Monique! Always have loved my cast iron frying pans so imagine the cast iron pie pan would be fabulous as well. Such happy floral photos!

  18. Have a nice weekend love from me....Ria...x !

  19. The pie disappeared in a heartbeat..
    I am looking forward to making another:)
    It's not the prettiest year in the gardens..
    many perennials have taken over..and I need to get them out..backbreaking work..Hostas etc..
    They need to be rejuvenated my me:)
    And sadly..we had to have one of my fave trees taken down.. it changes the whole landscape:(
    I know I will get used to it..but right's been a view routine breaker...
    Thank you..have a great weekend!

  20. So many similar views here. The clematis are very, very happy this cool and rainy season. They are hundreds and hundreds of blooms just spilling over everywhere. I love it!!! Your plants are very happy too, I see :) I saw the first Japanese Beetle this week :( Just like your chafer - they are nasty little bugs. No more roses this summer! My garden could use a lot of rejuvenating too :)

    What a beautiful pie! Love the cast iron pan too. I have beautiful cast iron skillets and a lovely enameled cast iron round that I should try for pie making. I have grown found of Ricardo since you first shared his recipes :)

    1. His recipes ..always work..that's what i like..and he IS very charming..nice family man:)
      Your clematis are always gorgeous:)

      maybe next yr..the reju:)

  21. You are the Queen of gardening, blogging, baking, photography and grandmothers!! I hope to someday be able to have a garden like yours. My flowers are sure taking a while to bloom. Perhaps it's because they have been neglected for a year as the house sat empty?? I don't know. Anyway, have a great weekend! xo -Bev

  22. again....

    your photographs are amazing...

    i must search your beautiful blog, to see if you give photography "secrets" away. :-)

    gentle hugs,

  23. Bonsoir ma chère Nana,

    Charles Trenet aurait chanté en admirant tes magnifiques photos :

    "C´est un jardin extraordinaire
    Il y a des canards qui parlent anglais
    Je leur donne du pain ils remuent leur derrière
    En m´disant " Thank you very much Monsieur Trenet "
    On y voit aussi des statues
    Qui se tiennent tranquilles tout le jour dit-on
    Mais moi je sais que dès la nuit venue
    Elles s´en vont danser sur le gazon
    Papa, c´est un jardin extraordinaire
    Il y a des oiseaux qui tiennent un buffet..."

    Je pense que je serais capable de rester des heures à contempler tes fleurs...

    Et cette tarte pomme/fraise... certainement un pur délice. C'est la tarte de mes rêves avec toutes ces étoiles !
    Je te fais de gros bisous ♡ ☆ ♡ ☆ ♡

    ps : Merci pour ton gentil petit mot. En ce qui concerne le crayon... Cet après-midi, je l'ai utilisé et testé pour une aquarelle à cause de toi !! sourire. Merci, car je l'aime bien mon aquarelle, moi qui ne suis pas très habile avec...
    Le crayon s'estompe sous l'effet de l'eau.
    Bisous encore !

    1. Bonjour Martine~Alison..
      C'est l'une de mes chansons préférées!Nous avons reçu un coffret -cadeau de 4 CDs de chansons françaises au mois de juin..Et cette chanson figure parmi elles..
      Hier en auto..allant chercher des me suis répétée pour la dixième fois..professant mon amour de cette chanson car elle jouait si gaiement en route:)
      Je l'aime tellement!
      Inouï que tu la un gros merçi pour les charmantes paroles!
      MA..quel est le nom de ce fameux crayon?:)
      Moi aussi..Bisous..

    2. Bonjour ma chère Nana,

      Nous étions sur la même longueur d'onde ! Quelle agréable surprise alors !...
      Le nom du crayon que j'utilise, tu peux le trouver ici :
      Je te fais plein de bisous.

  24. your clematis are so beautiful! I love that you have a variety and they all look so good together. A cast iron pie sounds so delicious, yum :)

  25. You are the garden Queen...the pie Queen too!
    Stunning images of all.
    That pie just looks magnificent! Delicious!
    Bisous xo

  26. Monique how lovely are always your post! And the flowers and course Iove this beautiful pie:)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  27. I love your garden photos Monique. I always do. You have a little piece of heaven on earth there! You are so blessed. That pie is gorgeous! I would hever have thought of putting apples and strawberries together, but they look absolutely delicious. WHAT A PIE! I must make and soon before the strawberries are all gone! I think Todd would love this. Thank you so much for all the beauty that you share with us! xxoo

  28. I don't know how you do it!?
    So fresh and beautiful.
    ALWAYS !!!

  29. what a delicious looking strawberry pie! love your photography too. thanks for sharing a great recipe!


  30. It's the recipe and the pan!:)
    I made a blueberry one yesterday and it turned out well..Very happy with that makes pies look good:)

  31. Gorgeous - I love the pretty lid made of stars!

  32. I can't take my eyes off of that pie Monique, it's just gorgeous! I love the pan and I don't think I've ever seen grocery store dough look so pretty!

  33. That is the cutest cast iron pan ever! I can see why you wished for it. A gorgeous pie!

  34. I forgot to mention that I love the Nana's House sign :-) We have the same clematis.

  35. A splendid pie! This combination is mouthwatering.

    That sign is so pretty.



  36. Monique, The pie is just beautiful! Love the stars!

  37. Try is my husband' s new favorite!:-)

  38. Oh my you did an incredible strawberry pie. There are selling the basket for $12 here. A bit expensive but I was craving strawberries. Made a loaf yesterday that was delicious. I should post the recipe next week.