Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hot,Sunny, Summer Days~

 We had some beautiful sunny hot days.. which made the daisies shine..little sunbursts I find they look like..
The roses and clematis are coloring the gardens..but the dang rose chafers are in a feeding frenzy.
They shred my roses ..and many become an unsightly mess..
Is there a cure?:)

Years ago I had a Misto mister for EVOO..I actually spotted one for $5.00 this week and put it back on the shelf..that thing clogged up so often it was the most frustrating gadget.
This  past week..prior to finding the Misto.. I found this Bertolli EVOO spray.
It's wonderful.That's what the clincher  was at putting the Misto back on the shelf..
It works..and has not clogged.Plus I find the bottle pretty and colorful.
I needed it to make that Chicken Milanese with Tomato and Arugula salad on top...again:)
I had made the salad the previous week and could not wait to eat it yet..again..
I highly recommend it.
My chicken..even pounded was a tad thicker that Gina' I baked mine a bit longer..
Don't hesitate to make more salad and I made the tomato mixture earlier so the flavors would meld even more.
I used Panko that I seasoned myself..
Find the recipe here..It is soo good.!
You will probably end up making it quite a bit this summer.

I also made a new Strawberry Walnut Cardamom tea bread..
Any guesses where this lovely recipe came from?
Marie:)  You can find her recipe here..
And thank you yet again Marie.

Last but not least..Sam at My Carolina Kitchen tempted me with her cherry salad..
Look at those jewels ..what a way to brighten up a salad..
I used Feta..because that is what I had.And we had no poulet..:( Next time..I'll have the poulet on hand..
It's a lovely cherry season salad.
I did add a spot of honey because Jacques likes honey in a vinaigrette.
Thank you Sam!
Sam always has the most colorful healthy platefuls that will tempt anyone♥

Omer De Serres had a special on a small Sennelier watercolor kit..just 8 colors..but what 8 colors!
I love this kit..
The Payne's Grey is such a treat in a small kit..
In one of Sarah Midda's books there is an itsy bitsy lady gardener holding a tree as a pen.
I copied the idea of the pen.I have little pens that look like tree trunks and I was instantly smitten.
I used my little poser to try and get an ok angle..I made 2 birthday cards   the first one the hands are really holding the tree pen..on this one I goofed..But Nancy won't care.
Nancy loves to wear grey..or black..sometimes a splash of red such as a beret or a purse her daughter has given her..but usually long and dark.. she always has her earrings and her necklace on.
Don't get me make hair excess..
I didn't dare add her cat..for fear of having to start over:)
I am the give an accomplished artist...this card.
I am sure you will see Carol G's influence on the left with the colors swatches:)
You must be tired ..those of you reading this..I made you run around all over the place:)


  1. Never heard of chafers, but grasshoppers better jump faster than I can grab them. Love everything, it's perfect, but your little water color, sublime.

  2. Not tired, delighted, Monique. Your images and comments are refreshing. I'm smitten with the card you painted. What a gift! Love the little girl with the tree pencil. It's totally charming! I would frame such a card. You are a dear!
    Happy belated Canada Day, my friend………Sarah

  3. Monique, you really made a gorgeous salad with the cherries and I especially like the garnish with the pansies and how you enfolded the cherries in the green lettuce leaves. You are too kind with your nice words about my healthy dishes.

    I love your pretty card for your friend and it's such a thoughtful and person gift. I know she will cherish it. I would give anything to have your talent.

    1. Sam..I always want to make what you make:)

  4. Lovely salads, looking so colourful and I'm sure totally refreshing.
    Your friend will be delighted to receive such a personal card made with love, so beautifully designed.

  5. De délicates photos, à la fois appétissantes et apaisantes. Ce petit "sketch" est fort mignon !

  6. Everything lovely to look at as usual! I'll have to look for that oil spray, though I have one that I refill from Pampered Chef that seems to be holding up okay.

    1. I will keep an eye out for the PC make..thanks for the tip!

  7. The garden continues to look great. We get hit with Japanese beatles and they are starting to arrive he garden. The salads look yummy and so does the tea bread. Such talent with your art work, wish it was something I knew how to do. It must give you such pleasure.

  8. I have been tempted by the Chicken Milanese with salad, so summery.

  9. Your card is just wonderful. Don't stop.

    I have a misto and the company should be held accountable for a defective product. :)

    Now off to check out another chicken recipe, because you can never have too many. Thank you.


    1. I threw the Misto out I believe as i could not find it..They would have to be a miracle Co to replace an object I don't have anymore:)
      I am glad yours works Madonna..and you are so right about chicken recipes:)

  10. Your garden looks fabulous...The card is so special, what a lovely gift. So many talents you have. Making your food beautiful is such an art. xo

  11. your posts are always so lovely!
    from your garden to your kitchen to your art table ~ so very beautiful ♥

  12. Your flowers are so lovely. But the pictures of the food stole my heart away - it is 12:06 a.m. and I wish I had that meal right here, right now. Yum yum Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful photo's.

  13. That watercolor is so pretty! You are very talented.

    The bread and salads are mouthwatering, and the flowers are delightful.



  14. You capture Summer Lightness in many different forms! I'm going to look into olive oil spray & I'm working on eating more green salad-y dishes, you make them divinely. Hurry, Bravo for your watercolor, also summery lightness...The little paint box is adorable & the colors seem to be working well for you. I like to use fewer colors these days...
    It finally turned cool here today with a gentle cool fog...You are on a latitude north of me, I think, I'll have to check that.

  15. Oops, I meant HURRAY, not hurry for your watercolor!!

    1. Hurry works too:)
      You made me laugh..
      You should see my typos! Sometimes I catch them..sometimes not.. gratefully the worse ones..I have caught!Blush words.
      Cooler here today and moreso demain..
      Camden looks gorgeous.

  16. What a lovely way to start my day with your wonderful "in and out of the garden"! The salads, the flowers, the watercolor, all such a treat! Thank you and good morning, Nana:)

  17. That is so good to know about the olive oil spray! I also had the Misto which was a real headache with clogging. I threw mine out. Everything you made looks delicious! The chicken, the strawberry-walnut bread, Sam's salad - all so delicious my tummy is growling :) I miss my delphinium. I lost them and my lupines :( I need to find a space to plant more. Always a temptation with beautiful flowers. There could be worse things :) The weather here this past week has been dreadful. Storms, fog, more rain, now chilly. Thankfully, the forecast for Independence Day looks dry - even if on the cooler side for July. LOVE the watercolor card. So charming! I wish I had beautiful handwriting like you.

    1. I made room..I have spots that need revamping..we'll see how she does..I have so much invasive Queen Anne lace in my beds..:-( Especially that corner.hope she survives..revamped areas in summer..never really pretty..
      I agree beautiful flowers always always a temptation.
      Enjoy your holiday Susan!

  18. The piece of bread looks so pretty on the floral plate and the salad with the pansy, i love it. your watercolor is so sweet, i love it too, and the delphinium what a lovely color, Your garden must be a real treat right now :)

    1. It needs to be loved..with the heat and humidity has been neglected this week.I will try and remedy soon.
      Thank you Jenni..

  19. All your dishes look so pretty! what a lovely summer with all your flowers, must be fun to spend time out there. The watercolor is beautiful, I bet your friend will cherish it forever.

  20. Sweet watercolor! The lady in the hat, is she a self-portrait?

    M, my daisies are still thriving in my garden . . . probably because they're wild.

    Happy Summer Dreams!

    1. She is my friend Nancy:-)
      Wild things are Proven Winners...
      Sent you a little email last week..check your spam:-)

  21. You cook beautifully, garden beautifully, paint beautifully and photograph beautifully!

  22. Monique, what a delightful post. Not just because you baked my bread and liked it (although that did please me to no end!) but all of your treats here today, the colours . . . the flowers . . . it's all very beautiful, like you. Those salads are gorgeous! I am not sure I could tempt myself to pick a flower and eat it. I can barely bring myself to pick any of my flowers because I know they will then die. They all die eventually anyways! But I do love to look at them in other people's salads. I am a silly girl. I know. I A D O R E your little water colour. It's so precious! So you. You are a treasure. I have one of those little wooden people for posing as well. I use it too. It does help I think to figure out how to draw different poses. You do delight me my friend. You really do. xxoo

    1. Marie..such kind words..:)
      I do grow some flowers just to eat.. the pansies..nasturtiums..herbs.. roses and lilies are edible..and they are here so that's fun to.
      believe me I don't pick enough for my bouquets that it shows that they are gone..
      Just a few here and there..
      I am like you and like to see them in the garden too!
      Handy that little bendable guy/girl.

  23. All look delight anf beautiful Monique!!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  24. Pretty, pretty! Love those flowers!

  25. I'm behind on your beautiful posts! Haply belated Canada Day! Love this post. Yes you are brave to paint the card, but it is wonderful and will be cherished!

  26. Your chicken and arugula salad is my idea of a perfect summer meal. I love arugula but have a difficult time finding it in the markets. It just isn't a popular item here, not of any quality anyway. Lovely post, Monique. Thanks for brightening my day.

  27. Carolg likes your swatches better!
    Adorable sketch and the salad is to die for !!
    Why did I not think of this as I was downing my cherries by the handful.
    Will def give it a try.
    Big Merci

  28. Monique I'm making the cherry salad tomorrow night for my guests will let you know how it tasted!

  29. It is always a joy to read your posts…they feel like a breath of fresh air. I enjoy that they include a little bit of everything and thank you for sharing your experiences with us.