Monday, July 7, 2014

May the Force Be With You..And Routines~

Picking small bouquets for the windowsill..or anywhere in the house..
Lady's Mantle is like..a whisper of yellow in a bouquet with a hint of chartreuse..perfect for the budding Annabelles that start off green and end up huge balls of white..perfect for the daisies..and some early  rudbeckias..
It really doesn't take much to make a bouquet.

Starting to eat something for lunch and making a routine of it..many days..not most..I must have gotten carried away while adding the text..
I love avocado and so does my husband..we live alone together so I can mash it up w/ 3 garlic cloves:)  add olive oil..salt and some baby tomatoes..on a nice piece of toasted bread with fresh herbs. edible blossoms..a slice of fills the spot.
Making  La Relish de Josée..  because no other relish compares:)to us.
I eat the same thing every morning for breakfast..Get up every day same time.. go to bed every night same time.
I think I am a creature of habit:)
Noah had  a party this w/e..a Jedi Party!
You don't turn 6 every day:)

Everything was so cute..there was even a dunk tank..that my son-in-law obstacle course..One of those rainbow cakes daughter made..:)
A sundae bar.
Glorious weather.. a tad windy..but glorious..
On our way there.I said to Jacques I love our grandchildren's parties..he said me too..and we just get to relax:)
The chickens held court as always.
They were not roaming as there were so many children there..
The day before they were:)
Lucky little grandchildren to have such fun little busy happy lives.
Not routine at all:)

The loot bag tags and one of the gifties in le loot bag..
That mommy thought of everything.


  1. That is a gorgeous sandwich. Even your routine is beautiful :) We love avocado too but I rarely have it on for lunch - I don't think of it! On a grilled hamburger - always. In salad - always. Lovely bouquet too. Things are so slow to grow this year. In the 30 days of June, 20 of them were rainy here. A record.

    Noah had a wonderful party. I will pass this along :) My wee boys are very much into bouncy house fun right now. With the new Star Wars movie coming out - hopefully Hans Solo will heal quickly :) - there will be another new audience.

    I think I spy a a couple new photos on your sidebar! Must see about that relish in another lovely jar :)

    1. It was soo windy Susan..that Mylène did not set up the bouncy house..It would have blown away..
      It will be fun to share the birthdays:)

      Lucas is going to be 9..not sure if there will be a party or a movie day♥
      Couldn't resist the jar:)
      I am hoping that slower means lating longer..We have had a bit of a was lovely to hear the rain earlier:)
      Just going up to switch it up a bit..avo on the side..and a slice of tomato on bread,lol..
      I am living dangerously today.

  2. I so agree - little bunches of flowers dotted around the house - especially if picked from the garden are so lovely. That sandwich looks like a great lunch - I seem to live on avocado and tomatoes!

  3. Bet Noah was so happy. Love the silver vase/cup and the cake. Mom must take after you.

    1. He was really happy..his girlfriend Mathilde came..what a cutie..

  4. That is a great party idea! Our grandson had a Hobbit party last year. Son-in-law worked really hard on that one!:-)

    I love your blog! I also love that you consider yourself a "creature of habit.":-) Now I'm hungry for avocado! Yum!

    1. Hobbit must have been so much fun too!
      I love having son-in-laws that make stuff:)
      Food or building etc..:)

  5. Your flowers look so attractive in the silver mint julep cup. I have a pair that I use on the dining table from time to time. So glad Noah's birthday party went well. Turning six is a big deal. We're creatures of habit too and go to bed and get up at the same time everyday. Personally I like routines and feel very comfortable with them.

    1. Me too Sam.. well we do too Sam:)
      6 is a big deal..I told him to add a zero and that's nana's age..

  6. So adorable that party was! Love childrens parties! I miss them very much!
    Your lunch is more often than not my breakfast! I sprinkle with some lovely crunchy Maldon salt.
    One of my favorite satisfying light meals!
    Very windy here today as of my umbrellas blew down and is now kaput!
    Bisous xo

  7. what a beautiful blog you have!

    lovely, simply lovely...

    and your photography is amazing!

    gentle hugs,
    (a nana in the upper n.e. of the u.s.)

  8. Darth Vader must be ageless. My (now not so little) little boys insisted on Star Wars parties many times through the years!! Small vases of flowers reside on my kitchen window year around.


    1. Yes..even his daddy still has his Star War figurines from when he was a child..
      I was surrounded with STrawberry Shorcakes and My Freind dolls and Cabbage Patch kids and Barbies with our girls~
      It's a whole different ball game,,for sure.

  9. Love the idea of avocado mashed with garlic and served as open sandwich with herbs and cheese. Yummy! And the party was fun, I am sure! Love the rainbow cake your daughter made - it looks so beautiful - I always thought they are so difficult to make, so it impresses me each time I see one ! :)

    1. Julia your quinoa and mushroom so appreciated by my family!And I crave it now.

  10. I love avocado, and this past week I've been trying all different kind of sandwiches.Now it's time to try yours! Thank you for the great idea!

  11. Looks like Noah had a great birthday party. That avocado sounds wonderful. One avacodo or more? I would do that for dinner also. Little flower groupings are a joy to have around the house. I planted zinnias, cleome and cosmos for the first time in a long time and I can't wait till they bulk up to get lots of cut flowers. I planted dahlias for the first time in years, hoping they grow before the frost hits. I too love your monogrammed mint julip cup.

    1. Hi Terry..I'll be on the lookout for vases..:) I forgot about Cosmos this yr:(
      The dahlias have buds..So happy about that.
      Hope the earwigs don't follow..
      We use one avocado for both of us..I mash the whole avo..add oil garlic salt and the cut up tomatoes and mix.. so half an avo each it becoes..PLENTY for each one on a nice slice of bread.
      The cup was a gift years ago..I added the M. with a rub-on's lasted!
      He did have fun..She's a good party planner..In Feb she hosted my was adorable.

  12. I make a open faced sandwich similar to yours, we love avocado. The Jedi party looks very special, what a wonderful family you have.

  13. Thanks Monique. Wow rub on transfer, I have more to learn. I saw a cute Etsy shop with digital imprint transfers that you pay and download. I want to do it but don't have a clue. I guess the shop owner could give me info.

  14. I am a creature of routines too. I don't find them boring at all, more comforting. Love your lunches!

  15. Great party, lucky 6 year old guy and all of you! Your photos are exquisite, I keep saying that...Monique, you must be sooooo healthy with the beautiful nutritious food you eat. The routines, in my opinion, give us freedom to enjoy life!

  16. You do such a beautiful job putting food together. It's so tempting I can almost grab it off the screen. What joy! A Jedi party! I know my grandson will someday have one too, when he gets a little older. Upper N. Michigan weather is picture perfect, I am loving it!! Sounds like you had a great weekend :) -Bev

  17. What a Beautiful flower arrangement! I'm a creature of habit too. I absolutely love a piece of toasted bread with a little olive oil, topped with avocado and grape tomatoes! Your Lunch looks delicious, the photos are just amazing too!! The birthday party looks like it was so much fun. I'll always love anything to do with Star Wars. "May The Force Be With You Today"!!

  18. I'm a routine person too, from activities to what I eat. I'm pretty boring!
    Six, yes it is a very special birthday. I think 6 year olds are my favorite age group for children. I taught 1st grade for 10 years. ;-)

  19. Cueillir de petits bouquets de fleurs du jardin est l'une des meilleures manières de profiter de nos belles fleurs.

  20. Love your everyday lunch Monique, that would be heavenly to me! That party is too cute, such a creative mommy!

  21. Beautiful routine Monique and I love avocado in sandwichs and garlic!
    Just delicious!

  22. I am a creature of routine as well Monique. I like things the way I like them I suppose! Your little tartines with the avocado look so delicious as does that relish, but the piece de resistance, that sweet birthday party. I think your apple has not fallen far from the tree! A creative mama and a creative daughter! xxoo

  23. Trying so hard to comment on your blog Monique??
    It is as always such a delight to visit here.
    I just love those little monster cookies and the birthday bash looked like a blast!

  24. And now it came right!
    The avo reminds me of my mom....mashed with crushed seasalt, pepper and a touch of vinegar...
    my little sign is hanging in my kitchen here ...I just love it!