Monday, July 14, 2014

~ Mish Mash..

I know a bit of a mish mash..Here there and everywhere..

All those pretty Saturday roses..

But it rained today..
So I got ready for Noah's sleepover making these cute cookies..
Just make the best chocolate chip cookies you like..
then add Googly eyes.. by her method..or just melting chocolate chips..I made mine from memory and see how hers are way cuter!
La prochaine fois!!
I made half of a new recipe..they were good..but still 6 too many made 12.. so I walked them over to the across the street alphabet boys and they were gone..right away:)
Jacques and I each tasted..but I removed the Googly eyes for us..
I know..we are sticks in the mud.
I had one bite.
I can't poison anyone..I have to do a taste test..
But mine took much longer to bake and if you do the double scoop..flatten first   a bit:)
The boys had big smiles..and I No..ah:) will too.

Remember I saved some unopened peony buds in the fridge?They are still there..
But I also hung some peonies upside down in the basement..opened and unopened..and you know what?
I love the way they dry..Have not tried white..but the pinks work so well!
Just wondering if any of you love Songza like I do?
There is music at your fingertips for to bed..
Falling asleep.
It's a dear app!
It's an App on my Nexus..must be on your Ipads too♥
It's also just there on your computer..follow the link.
That's it..I'll have a new blueberry pie recipe next time and out of this world blueberry chocolate chip cookies:)


  1. oh gracious!

    even a mish-mash post, is a delightful post, here!

    you have the magic touch, when it comes to blogging.

    i am soooo gladddd i foundddddd yourrrrr blogggggg. :-))))))


  2. Happy Monday! Love the cookies with the googly eyes!

  3. Those cookies are the cutest, i'm sure your grandsons loved them. Dried peonies sound so pretty, i'm glad they worked for you,are those them in the photo? when i first saw the photo i didn't realize they were dried, and ooh blueberry pie sounds good, i remember having the best blueberry pie in maine, so i will look forward to that next time. Hope your having a lovely summer,

    1. I hope you are having a lovely summer too and that your projects are coming to fruition..yes the dried peonies are in the easy..upside down:)On a beam in the basement..
      Maine and blueberries..a match made in heaven Jenni!

  4. the prettiest "mish mash post" ever!
    such adorable those little eyes. the "profile" cookie made me laugh ... so cute!

  5. You got very creative with the cookies. All of the different faces are adorable. I've dried hydrangeas but never peonies. Very pretty.

  6. Que divertidas, me encantan estas galletas y además tienen que estar riquísimas.

  7. These cookies really look tasty ! I am going to bake a blueberry something today – I think I’ll make up a recipe – will take pictures but if it does not taste good, the pictures will be deleted! I had planned to place whipped cream on it and some pieces of strawberries so it would be bleu, blanc et rouge for le 14 Juillet, but am not sure if I will. Your photos are very nice – j’aime les pivoines derrière les notes de musique – quel refrain est-ce ?

  8. Those cookies have to be the cutest things I have seen in a long while! Those lucky boys!
    I like Songza too...also Spotify and Pandora...lovely to listen to music all day long!
    The dried Peonies worked beautifully! The cookie recipe looks great! Cut and pasted already!
    Bisous xo

  9. Wow, the peonies look great. They dried already? I will have to try this next year.

    Who could resist those cute cookies. They boys must LOVE having nana across the street.

  10. Love your fun cookies Monique. I know the boys were crazy for them. You are so disciplined, just one bite? Much better than me :)

  11. Yammie !!!...enjoy summer from !

  12. I got a good chuckle when I saw your cookies, Monique. I can't imagine there is a child out there of any age who wouldn't love one of the cheery cookies. Didn't know peonies could be kept in the fridge. I always learn so much when I come to visit.

  13. I can't believe we both posted CC cookies today! I've had my post lingering for over a week and finally got it finished today. I love those googely eyes :).

  14. Bonjour ma chère Nana gourmande !

    Comment résister à ces petits cookies ?... Ils doivent fondre délicieusement dans la bouche !
    Accompagnés d'une bonne tasse de thé, inutile de dire que ma pause serait idyllique !

    Gros bisous à toi ♡

  15. So FUN!!
    You had me giggling from the 1st picture on ;))

  16. Glad you had good luck with the peonies...the cookies cracked me up!
    I love Songza too.

  17. Forgot to say that I will be patiently waiting for the blueberry chocolate chip cookie recipe!

  18. It'funny how they each develop their own personalities:-)

  19. Another lovely post Monique. So much to love here. I am sure that the chocolate chip cookies will be such a success story for the party! So cute! I love your dried peonies! So very pretty! I have not heard of Songza. I will have to check it out! Hope you are having a lovely week. Kind of showery here. But liveable! xxoo

  20. Dear Nana - just echoing what Tessa said (first comment) - the humidity here is so thick it looks as though it rained, hoping for a rainstorm to clear it up....Oh! those Saturday roses! Is that their proper name? Because they are definitely in my future...Waving to you and the A-boys!

    1. It's been super humid here too!
      The roses are called Polaris..very hardy..!Lots of images on Google too..hope you find them..mine were mail order years ago as I could not find in nurseries..

  21. I think I'd like one of those cookies looking at me!! I'm anxious to know how your dried peony came out.


  22. Those cookies are so adorable, you sure know how to make things fun. Can't wait for you blueberry chocolate chip recipe and blueberry pie!

  23. The music & the flowers, so classically that a handwritten music score?
    The cookies are adorable, I'll bet the kids just love them! Hope the sleepover was wonderfully fun!

    1. Hi is an old texture I had..and did not keep the source..l just add it on top of my photo..any image of sheet music need to use a photo editing program.
      It was fun..he brought 3 books he always does..gets 3 stories every night at home..thought of of them was particularly lovely about a grandfather gardener:-)

  24. Your creativity knows no bounds! I never would have tried drying peonies. I love the Pandora app. Will have to check out Songza too.

  25. So, do peonies open after a time in the fridge? I love the idea of drying them, they must look like party dresses. Show us the result?

    Thanks for being my first visitor after so long. It's nice looking at my favorite blogs again. I've had NO time for anything for so long so it's great relaxing again.

    1. I am happy you can relax again..:)
      As I said I dropped by just 2 days ago wondering about you!
      You always hope everything is well in blogland:)
      Busy is good..
      They are there Deana..behind the sheet music:)

      They dry so well!
      Yes..chilled in the fridge(I wrap in paper towels then brown bag)..pick fresh buds.. months later you take them out and they bloom..not my experience.but pretty as peonies

  26. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I always enjoy coming over here-it is so festive and peaceful.

  27. Love those cute cookies! I bet the kids loved them!

  28. Cute cookies! I'm a big kid, so I love them...



  29. Such adorable cookies. I bet those peonies are so beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing your delightful cookies...they do make me smile.