Monday, March 30, 2015

C'est Pâques ..soon~

So I have been busy in the's off season here for everything.
Not enough snow to snowshoe..
Way too early to garden..
We did go and see The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with one of our daughters..
It was good..not as good as the first though.I do admire that cast tremendously.
Judy Dench is 81..she looks fantastic..I love her clothes  in those movies..all that linene..all that fabric..I don't see any evidence of face lifts..etc..just a gorgeous face.
Maggie Smith 81 artifice..a lovely face that still looks like Maggie Smith..
To be so fortunate at 81.I just love them to bits.
They are both..:"Dame"~
I must admit at the was a bit exhausting trying to hold back tears  thinking we would witness a every step..I thought here it comes..the tears would well  and  then dissipate.
Nice little outing .Took the routine out of the week~
Actually it was quite unroutine like..Tuesday I took Jacques to lunch for his birthday..about an hour away.. what are the odds of your son-in-law..being in the adjacent booth?
Imagine..we hardly go out..and there he was with one of his reps.:)
Wednesday we babysat Noah..and I showed him how to cut the tops off choux..and fill with whipped cream..sprinkles and icing sugar~
Oli took the routine out of the weekend on Saturday.Tell me..I only had girls I only have boys..but I can't remember my girls lifting a marble rolling pin over their fragile little heads....and using it as "weights"..saying:"Look Nana I'm strong"~
There's the proof up above.
We baked cookies..the same sugar cookies..  and I had only made a 1/2 recipe..I was able to make the 4 x-large eggs..and we were able to make numerous small cookies with the leftover dough~
I think he used about 10 different cutters:)
Bunnies..chicks..animals..Angry Birds..I love baking with kids..everything is fun for them.
I did make some while I was alone..I had picked up a BIG egg cookie cutter at Williams-Sonoma at a truly great reduced price.It's in a shopping city..far..more than an hour away..where I took Jacques for lunch;)
It must be 5-6 inches high..I made one for each of the boys for their baskets.
I made plain round sugar cookies..added a wee bit of rolled fondant and added he Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit edible wafer papers.
They are soooo sweet!!
I found those on Ebay.from the UK.I think I do these things for me also.

Last night was our first epi of Call The Midwife.I thought I would miss Jennie..I do..but the cast carries on beautifully and I cried again.So moving..That little boys and his siters..:(..

I have a few more things to do..but I must tell you ..not a chore.Play.
I played with paints..also and wanted to try scanning..

Can anyone tell me why the white watercolor paper scans greyish?
I find whites are so hard to capture in photo backgrounds and scanning.
Help? Please?
The other thing I wanted to how do we create a downloadable file to share on blogs?
I tried everything to no avail..
I watched you tube videos..I spent about 2 hours Sunday..I know it is good for our brain to try and learn..but the soul gets depleted after so many failed attemps~?
I seem to get it..but when I add the link on my blog..NOTHING HAPPENS.

La Recette  des "sugar cookies"  tirée du livre Sprinkle Bakes.
I have shred this before..w/ links etc..;)

I made this is what I do..

1 stick of butter..I use salted always...she does not though.
1/2 cup plus 1 tbsp granulated sugar
1/2 egg;)  This is easy..simply lightly beat one egg..measure..use half.
1 tsp of vanilla extract..I don't halve this and use the paste..that's why all my cookies have sprinkly tiny ,dark dots in them.
1/4 tsp of almond extract..I don't want the lmond overpowering for the I do  halve this.
1 1/2 cup of flour
I don't add the pinch of salt because my butter is perfectly salted.

In my KA..I blend the butter and sugar until just combined..don't overbeat.
Add egg and extracts.. combine..scraping down bowl..with half the recipe even more important.
I add my flour to that..and mix until it comes away from the bowl.
I have already prepared a cooking sheet with my Silpat..
I don't refrigerate.. I wrap and let rest..on my cool ceramic counter for a is cool enough summer I do..;)
I lightly flour a board..roll and cut to the shapes I want..
I put the whole sheet w/ my screened-in porch..that is unheated and frigid.For about 15 minutes..this summer I will refrigerate.
While the cut out shapes are chilling..
I pre-heat the oven to 350F

And bake ap 15-20 minutes.
Success every time..
Check them though..if they are bigger or smaller..keep an eye out..baking times will vary.
Cool on cooling racks..
When cool you can roll out fondant..the exact shape of your cookies..and apply w/ a gel (edible) or corn syrup..
Then you can add you wafer paper.. by cutting out the designs..and again adding a gel or corn syrup..that becomes your glue.

You can also just dip in a mleted candy melt..let dry..and addthe wafer paper in the sma manner..that's how the little button one is made.
I have a little tich for round wafer paper..once it is applied..a small piece of saran wrapping ith tightly will assure that the wafer paper adheres uniformly and tightly to even the periphery..
Lots of fun being had making wafer paper cookies.~

Yippee I figured it out!

Google Drive was the easiest way..

I think my problem was trying to view a download in a Preview works in published mode..
Now if I find something cute..I can scan save and share.


  1. As always, I've enjoyed your lovely post this morning. After growing up with only sisters, I can attest that little boys are different--a joy, but different.


  2. How lovely cookies!
    I love peter Rabbit!!the cookies look beautiful.

  3. I love your sweet blog! You make me want to come back and see whatever it is you are doing! Great post and pictures. Wafer paper, who knew!! Thanks for dropping in to see me on my first day back to blogging the other day! I'll be back to see you soon! Have a wonderful day.

    1. I bet you feel so good to just be settled now;)

  4. Your cookies sound so good, I could sure eat about 4 right now with my coffee. I have been wanting to see both of those movies. I just love Maggie Smith, she is priceless. She is wonderful in Downton Abby.
    Have a wonderful Easter and the boys will love their big Easter egg cookies.

    1. She is wonderful in everything..I do love her..The movies are nice..different nice.

  5. All I can say is wow! I would never eat those beautiful creations of yours...little masterpieces!
    Your little men are too precious xx

  6. I found so much that I like in this post - cooking with children, Call the Midwife, Maggie Smith and Beatrix Potter on a cookie (!). Sounds like a wonderful week, Monique "-)

    1. It was hors de la routine..:)
      Did you read the note I left you?:)

  7. If you are talking about your watercolor in this post, The background looks white to me. But I think scanned documents have a tendency to look grey on the computer screen. Can't help you with your other question either. Boys are different from the girls. Oli must have had a ball making cookies. I hope it lasts because Frankie is preteen and into his iPod (don't get them, you will lose your boys in the kitchen!). I like how you got Jacques to shop with you by inviting him to lunch. Have to remember that one with Jerry! Your cookies are beautiful. Not sure I will ever master the decorating techniques like you have but right now I know a few people will be happy with my efforts. I have to look for Frozen cookie wafer paper. Katherine is very into it, she loves Elsa.

    1. I have seen the FROZEN cute!
      Don't underestimate your cookie talents..I have seen some~:)
      Lucas is the only one w/ a Mini Ipad..of course they all use their moms and dads..etc..
      Lucas..the whole family chipped in for his bday..Max..7 is so into sharks..he said to know when everybody bought Lucas the Ipad? Alll I want is a shark's jaw to put in my room..
      ALL he wants..?:)
      Ebay has the Frozen paper:)

    2. How funny shark jaws. Maybe you can get them on eBay for him! Or next time you go to FL go see the fish monger....I saw them on eBay and etsy. Can't get them in time for easter so I bought her an Elsa necklace.

  8. Just what I needed on another snowy day on Long Island.
    I think watercolor paper turns grey in the scanner is because, ONE: the paper has "tooth", so it does not lay perfectly flat on the scanning bed (lets in just enough light to dull the image), and/or TWO: the setting is too "dark".
    If you can, just lighten up the contrast setting -- this works for me on scanners and color copiers.
    Or, send the scan to "photos" and use your editing software to brighten the paper. I have to do this with most of my photos when I do a watercolor tutorial; I brighten the paper as white as I can get it without bleaching the paint colors.
    I use a Mac, tho; iPhoto is very easy to use to manipulate the scanned image; I have no skill whatsoever in Adobe or Photoshop.
    Any advise I could share about making good links depends on the Mac platform -- it's just a click and drag thing and sometimes I even mess that up.
    Now I want a nice cup of tea and a Peter Rabbit cookie. Or five.

    1. Thanks! I think I'll scan lighter..adjust the usually make sthe watercolors pale..but if it works for you:) Maybe it could work for me..Anxious for the DGB:)

  9. Swooning over the darling Peter cookies, Monique. It's ALWAYS a special treat when I visit Nana's table.
    I, too, love to bake with children. For all the years in the classroom, making decorated cookies was a favorite activity. We did it frequently in the school where I taught the first 20 years because we had a kitchenette dedicated for classroom baking. Since retiring I've baked with the grands of good friends at Christmas time. Fun!
    I signed on for an online course in art journaling. I'm determined to learn how to create beautiful journal pages. You are my inspiration!

    1. Oh I am so curious about your sounds like fun.
      I love learning new things.
      I am sure you were an amazing teacher sarah.
      I am certain certain.

  10. Monique I am so proud of you. You actually figured it out! The cookies are to die for and I wanted to mention how sorry I am for Noah and your daughter's loss of their dog. I bet you heard great stories of the trip to Disney World. My grandchildren already want to go again.

    1. She was soo sad..She always expects to see kli race to the door when she comes home..
      I know what that's like..she does is her second loss of a dog..One about 14 yrs ago..and now Kali.
      I see a another dog in their future;)

      Feels great when it clicks and you "get" something;)

  11. I love your Peter Rabbit theme lately! The transfer papers are so charming! So is Oli :-) I see his hair color is changing! I'll bet Dane's hair will turn darker as he gets older too. So true about the boys - they want to show off in such different ways than girls. I wish I could help with the scanning but I don't think I've ever scanned a watercolor. I've only taken pictures of paintings with my camera. I think someone mentioned the texture of the paper - I'll bet that's the answer. Little dips in the paper will make shadows. Love your Cuisine watercolor sketch and I can't wait to see what you share with Google Drive. I haven't done anything like that either. So much to learn out there! I will be nice enough here this week to start some raking in the garden so I hope to get outdoors and uncover the daffodil leaves that I see poking through the leaves. Finally!

    1. Forgot to mention the movie - I heard it was not quite as good as the first, which I loved! So true about Maggie and Judy.

    2. Oh my are close to raking?

      Far from it here..but it rained today so maybe;)

      I know Oli's hair looks darker w/ this cut..Caroline cut the 3 boys made Oli's look so different:) And darker..
      I love that kids that age never worry about the color of their hair;)
      Just like their nana..NOT.

  12. Such a pretty post, pretty biscuits, pretty sketch, but can't use the word pretty for Oli.... so cute biscuits baked with your cute assistant.
    I loved your sketch so you.

    1. It's about the extent of my knowledge:( Fun still ..Thanks Barbara!

  13. Preciosas, preciosas.

  14. Lovely as always... thank you for helping me get in the spring / Easter mood!

    1. I bet your vistas are Springer than ours!
      Happy Spring Gail...

  15. I have learned something new! Wafer paper! I didn't know it existed! Sprinkle Bakes is from my town! I love Beatrix Potter - plus I love baking with children! Our grandchildren are a couple of hours away, so we have very limited opportunity for that fun.

  16. I LOVE your little weight lifting (rolling pin) helper!! He is just too cute for words. And, I love that there were Angry Birds in the mix. LOL! My grandsons love them, too. ;) Your grands are going to have The Best Easter baskets. Monique, every image is just a joy to view! I love visiting here! Wish you were next door. blessings ~ tanna

    1. Me too..I would beg you for stitching lessons;) BEG you.

  17. The little way is looking tres chic avec les lunettes. Ils est une petit James Bond. La poste c'est très jolie. Je t'aime Pierre la lapin. I speak French to Mr. Kitty-not sure why and I had a friend who told me he did not know my cat was French and thought that I had imported him. Thank you for your kind words-it is hard to believe it was a year ago for my mum and 5 months for little Penelope. I still cry for both of them. There is one opposing counsel I deal with and he is very kind to me-except I always cry with him-he is always asking how I am and his thoughtfullness always seems to bring on the tears.

    1. :) Il aime ..being very chic;)
      You may shed tears for a while dear Esme..
      There are loves..and Loves..
      Amour w/ a capital A..which means big love..and amour..w/ a little
      We shed way more tears for le GRAND A.

  18. OMG, Monique, those Peter Rabbit edible wafer papers, very sophisticated presentation. I love it very much, your children/grandchildren must be so happy! Great idea, makes me do something creative also-)))



  19. Your little cookies are so sweet, Monique. I have a recipe for fondant that I must try one of these days. Holidays pass by so quickly and I almost never get through the list of treats I want to make. I enjoyed the movie too, but not as much as the first. I love the cast but wasn't too fond of Richard Gere in this film. I didn't think he added much to the story.

    1. I found he was the weakest link..I agree..
      And the first was better.
      I still have a few things I want to add..the cake..and a few cupcakes..after looking for a few years I finally found the Meri Meri Peter Rabbit ones.
      Things always come later here it seems..
      Easter is a dear time for baking..

  20. You must have a huge collections of cookie cutters. I see that you have a very capable little assistant and your Easter cookies look so lovely.

    1. Way more than shoes or purses:)
      I still am thinking about your perfect macarons!

  21. You must be such a good cook! Many years ago, in San Francisco, I had a co-worker who was from Montreal. She used to bring a dish for lunch once in a while that was very tasty – I think she called it a tourtière or something like that. I never had it since, do you make this dish, or pie I should say?

    1. Oui!
      Every is a tradition..
      She must have loved San Francisco.
      People have told me that they have left their hearts the song.
      I love to cook.
      I have all this time on my hands now...

  22. Oh my! That's so cute ;)
    J'adore Peter the Rabbit, adorable.

  23. Oh I agree....that boy and his sisters....had a tear here....
    Your grandson is a handsome!
    I love that he has his apron on...and gets right in there!
    Rolling pin and all!
    As always.....your photos are a dream....
    I love the two old Dames as well....wonderful gals...
    Enjoy your week Monique....
    Happiest Easter....
    Linda :o)

    1. You too Linda!Are you having the sleepover?

    2. We are having our Easter dinner on Friday...
      We will at least take a drive out...and be prepared to stay over...depends on the darn weather...
      Supposed to be 3 on Saturday....and we are not sure if the driveway is open yet...
      Fingers crossed we do!!!!!
      I am promised dinner out at the local retaurant!!

    3. I thought she was sleeping at your home;)
      We are expecting heavy snow here garlic is the areas close to the house..where 1 ft has thawed..:(

      Easter egg hunt may be on porches..

    4. Happy Easter Monique♥️
      We had snow!

  24. Again I'm so late. I may never recover from company. Sounds like you had a marvelous week and look at sweet Noah lifting weights with the rolling bin. How adorable and how wonderful that you captured the moment so it will last forever in your scrapbook. I fell in love with the Second Exotic Marigold Hotel, but since I didn't see the first one I had nothing to compare it to. I can't imagine how it could have been any better but it's on it's way from Netflex. I too thought the clothes and scarves were so pretty and exotic. Love, love, love Judi Dench & Maggie Smith. They don't make actresses like that anymore. As far as the colors go, maybe Photoshop would help. I use the simplified version and it's not as powerful & sophisticated as the professional one. And for download things, I am clueless. Wish I could help.

    1. Well maybe now that you saw the second one first..the first may pale:)
      Both movies are well worth seeing..if not for those two "Grandes Dams" du cinéma!

  25. Such a busy week you've had. But a good one! Love those precious cookies and boys! When scanning I sometimes weight the paper to make sure it's firmly against the glass. After I preview I can adjust the contrast. And as for your not getting my blog? This has happened several times to me. I have no idea what to do. Feedburner is no help!

    1. I am going to try..funnily enough once I figured out how to add a dowloadable file..I tried w/ that watercolor..and it looked much whiter when I opened the file..
      Thank you!

  26. I want to give your cookie recipe a try. I almost missed Call The Midwife, I was hoping that Jennie would make an appearance occasionally, but I guess that won't happen.

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter.

    1. I must go see how you have been doing..your blog and perhaps a handful of not get to me..So I never know if there is a new post to visit and see:(
      I hope all is well~
      It's Sprinkle bakes recipe:)

  27. I was so happy to get home and find your lovely post this morning. The girls and I always made spring cookies...they loved to decorate them. I must admit that none looked as adorable as your Peter Rabbit cookies! Such talent you have.....

    1. Hi Kate.. it's wafer paper..I didn't draw Peter..:)
      I bet you had so much fun!

  28. UNe belle semaine, donc ... J'avais beaucoup aimé le premier "Indian Palace" (c'est le nom du film en France ...) mais ne savais pas qu'il y en avait un second ... Je viens de regarder: ils le jouent dans un cinéma à Cannes ... J'irai le voir ce weekend, certainement ... Trois jours de repos à la suite ... Une aubaine ! Call the Midwife est définitivement ma série anglaise préférée. Mieux encore que Downton abbey, je trouve ... La saison 4 est terminée, il faudra attendre, maintenant ... Quant à tes petites choses de Pâques, elles sont toutes plus belles les unes que les autres ! Les sugar cookies, d'abord, c'est évident ! L'énorme emporte-pièce de William Sonoma, qui fait rêver, quand même. Les paniers de Pâques seront bien garnis ! Ces wafer papers Peter rabbit, aussi ... Trop mignons ! Le petit lapin blanc qui sort de son chou est juste adorable. C'est une salière ? Et rassure-toi, cuisiner avec des garçons peut occasionner quelques surprises, c'est sûr ! mais ce sont souvent de bons apprentis, néanmoins ! ;o))
    Allez, des bises en te souhaitant une belle journée

    1. Chère Hélène;
      En regardant tes petits ..grandir en beaux et bons jeunes hommes.. je pense souvent à nos petits..Tes enfants ont et ont eu..une éducation exceptionelle à mes yeux..De tous les points de vue.
      Vraiment.. vous continuez de m'impressionner..Et ce que je trouve de plus beau..c'est que tout se déroule avec plein d'amour!
      Le petit lapin.. c'est pour n'importe quoi.. confitures.. etc..
      Bonne vacance;)!!

  29. Such a sweet post Monique. I wish I could help you with the technological things, but like you I am flying in the dark by the seat of my pants! Your cookies are just beautiful. You do such a lovely job with everything. Love the picture of your little strong man! Call the midwife. I thought we might miss Jenny also, but we didn't. Bring a box of tissues to each episode this season. Seriously. I shed tears with every one. So good. Such an excellent series.

    I loved the first Marigold Hotel film. Have not seen the second one. I may wait for it to come on the telly. We only put out the big bucks on films that are worth paying for. I know . . . we are cheap. If I don't speak to you before, have a Wonderful Easter. Joyeuses Pâques! xoxo

    1. Marie:) We had not been to the cinema since Les Vacances Du Petit Nicholas..w/ Caroline and family..
      We find so much on Netflix etc..I get more excited about the big screen than Jacques does;)
      And when our daughter called to invite was an offer I couldn't refuse..We are very much lke you and T:)
      Do wait for it is not like the first.The fisrt was new and enchanting and I agree that Richard Gere brought nothing to the story..that sounds so mean..I have always liked him.

  30. LOVE your watercolors!
    Can you make them into cookie decals too?
    So cute.

    1. If I had a printer that had edible ink cartridges..Big investmenet for a few decals:)
      But a great idea..a local ..well 15 minutes away grocery store..used to print those..they stopped.
      The little wafer papre is quite reasonable..of course I am comparing to the higher Fancy Flours shipping and unit costs.
      Thank you Carol:)I had fun doing it..

  31. PS I shoot art in the best natural light I can find. Usually scanning is no problem.
    If there is I use PS Express app and hit Auto Fix to whiten backgrounds.
    C'est comme ça

    1. I am goingto try auto-fix..Thanks Carol!

  32. Barbara Lillian sent me your blog link . . . Love the Peter Rabbit papers for your sugar cookies! I must get some. Peter Rabbit was my sons favorite book. I just did a post . . . Google Irish garden house.blogspot . . .

  33. oh Monique, you have amazed me once again. Those Peter Rabbit cookies are precious! I never heard of the sugar wafers. I must try this for next Easter to send to the grandkids. I never got around to baking them cookies instead I made a homemade card to both and send them lots of candy for their Easter baskets. I can't wait for the day when I can spend time with them in the kitchen. What fun memories you are making. You're such a sweet Nana :) I had wondered about Jennie in Midwives. So she's gone indefinitely? :( I have yet to start watching the new season. Our snow is about 98% gone. It was in the 60's (F) today so I pruned some bushes and cleared some brush and oh the smell of fresh soil is glorious. I see several plants bursting through the ground but I'm not sure what they are, crocus? daffodils? tulips? Hopefully all of them!! Have a wonderful blessed Easter! -Bev

    1. What a beautiful time of year for you in your new home..Hope you take pics so we can see what's blooming there..Our snow has still lots to go..
      Have a peek at Facy Flours they have a huge selection of wafer does Ebay;)
      Have a beautiful Blessed Easter yourselves:)

  34. Your cookies are beautiful, look like they came from a fancy bake shop! I'm with you with the butter, always use salted. So funny, they say real chefs always use unsalted. I guess I'm not real but I'm glad you're with me.

    1. Well I know I am not..but salted butter works for me..and you;)Thanks Chris!

  35. I adore your cookies, Monique! The fondant ones are the cutest I've ever seen. So much fun to bake with kids!
    Re grey backgrounds: your water color looks white to me. I change my header once in a while and couldn't figure out why the background looked grey online, when the jpg was white. I asked Google (there is always someone with the same problem...what did we do without it?) and they told me to go to Google Plus settings and uncheck auto enhance. Who knew? And it worked. Don't think that's your problem, but Google has the answers, you just need to know how to ask the questions correctly.

    1. Oh Google is my confidante!
      He knows more about me than anyone;)

      I never knew that either Barbara..will check it out and thanks..I may make you Honey rolls for Easter..
      Happy Easter!

  36. You're all prepared for Easter, Monique! Love these cookies - so cute and unique at the same time!

    1. Thanks Julia..just a few more steps and it will be ready..

  37. Monique, I love your Peter Rabbit cookies, so cute! I'm always inspired by your beautiful watercolor sketches too. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. I know you like wafer paper too!
      And doing watercolor!

  38. Monique, your cookies are gorgeous! Love the wafer paper. I need to make some time and try these little gems. you make it look so easy. Glad you had a lovely lunch. babysitting the grands is always a pleasure. As far as making your images white, to turn this feature off, head to your Blogger dashboard, and click your icon in the top right corner, then the big blue “View Profile” button. You’ll be taken over to your Google+ profile.

    Hover in the top left corner (on the G+ logo) and a menu will pop up – click the settings icon. Scroll down, down, down (it’s a huge settings page!) to the Photos heading.
    Uncheck the box that says “Auto enhance: automatically enhance new photos” and your settings will be saved automatically (no need to click save anywhere).

    I also save my images as.png and they always show up white.
    I will get back to you regarding downloading.
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

    1. Hi Linda..I figured out the downloading..Either I could not get the link to work in preview mode..and had it all the time..Or I finally lucked out with Google Drive~
      It works..My setting is not on auto enhance..I had checked that..I think Barbara up above mentioned it..So many tips and tricks..
      Thank you thank you..Glad you were on vacation..Well deserved!!

  39. Your Paques posts are ALL so beautiful...I love getting your posts in my inbox..and even though I comment very little...know that I enjoy it thoroughly!
    Have a joyeux Paques Monique

  40. I simply adore those Peter Rabbit cookies! They are just too sweet for words, as is your little grandson baking with you. I miss baking with my grandson. Happy Easter! :)

  41. Well, everything is fun for the children & fun for you tool!! Lucky guys & you! Those wafer papers are magica!! The watercolor is so light & sweet. I'm afraid I can't help you because I don't even know what a downloadable file is! Did you mean how to post a video?I take photos rather than scan most of the time, the colors are nicer for me. Joyeuse Pâques, even though it's almost over...

  42. Each and every holiday is a delight with all your lovely goodies that you create. Oli looks like he had a great time baking with you…that is wonderful.

  43. Somehow I just knew that Easter at your house would be magical...

  44. These are so adorable! I always wanted one of those printer so I can make "edible" pictures for my cookies....but I guess the price tag is way out of my lead. Thanks for sharing this idea. Guess it's way more logical to get the wafer paper. ;) Thank you so much or sharing those lovely pictures of your cookies and your little boy. He is super adorable.