Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ricardo's No Knead DELICIOUS Bread! And my girls~

One night..a few weeks ago.. at about my Le Creuset small pot..I mixed  3 1/2 cup of flour.. 1/2 tsp yeast..1 3/4 cup  cold water and 1 1/2 tsp salt..mixed it up with that dough wand I have..and let it sit overnight.. cover on..the next  morning at 7,30 it had a nice yeasty smell and at least one lovely big bubble..
Then..In another bowl..I had 1/3 cup whole wheat flour ready..

My new "Ricardo" magazine had arrived..and I was just too curious..

But wait..while it was still in the pot..You fold it onto itself about 6 times..Then dump it in the floured bowl..and coat w/ flour..Cover ..let rise 45 minutes..while it was rising..I preheated the middle shelf of the oven to 450..and after just cleaning off a bit my Le Creuset stuck it in that hot oven w/ the top on for 30 the end of the 30 dump your boule and cover and bake 30 mins..covered..30 mins uncovered ..after about 22 minutes I felt it was dark enough..Nothing of course brush off some of the flour at the bottom and you have a lovely boule..

I did not use the full 1/3 cup of  whole wheat flour..
If you feel like trying yet another no fail no -knead bread..and Ricado's:) Try it!
So good..
And the rise time is shorter than the others..
Always better same day..All of them..

It's the eve of Spring my desktop Mary Engelbreight calendar says..
Pourtant..  However.. it's 20F outside..
I am an optimist and know that March is the end..we may get a surprise early April..

But even that is short lived..

This weekend we will celebrate Jacques' birthday en famille..
And that will be better than Spring for him..

I made more little dolls ..this time a tad taller..  and I made them with my daughters in mind:)♥
Mylène..and Caroline..
I love making these..
They are Provence girls:) With their bérets and flowers.. one is a teacher..the other is on a contract for 18 months with an investment I added a Kate Spade purse..similar to the one she bought in I didn't really know what to add..
The only reason I said what they because of the little add-ons..Truthfully I am always surprised when the first thing someone tells me about their children..or that they are lawyers or doctors or have masters in this and that...or that they are super successful and are $$..
If they are happy..perfect!

Cause happy matters most.
I love that John Lennon quote..

I may not have thought so.. 30 yrs ago..but I do now.

And I quote..

"When I was 5 years old,my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life..
When I went to school,they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.
I wrote down" happy".
They told me I didn't understand the assignment..
I told them they didn't understand life~"

Bon Weekend~

Oh mygosh what happened here w/ all the white?
I can't seem to remedy this..I think it is because I emailed the recipe..and copied and pasted..and then the whole post became ..white.

C'est la crois;)


  1. I can smell the bread....heavenly!
    I have a no-knead recipe from Chuck, of "Chucks Day Off"...
    Very delicious....
    Those dolls are so talented you are....
    Enjoy your evening...

    1. Linda..I gave that book to one of my girls..I will take a peek Sat!

    2. I also agree with your philosophy....
      Just want my kids to be happy♥️
      Sometimes.....easier said than done...

    3. Linda.. wait till Miss V is a bit older..the you worry about them;)

  2. Now that I am in my fifties, I love your quote even more. There is so much competition out there today, but I am not seeing a lot of happiness. Love your girls, and I know J will have a wonderful celebration.
    Thank you to you and Ricardo, I made this bread. So easy, and perfect for the weekend for us to enjoy.
    The danish dough hook works great with the No Knead Bread. I just gave one as a gift and my friend Annie loved it too.

    1. I was happy when you made it:)
      And that it turned out well for you..
      We do get wiser don't we?
      The fought hook is a great gift.
      You are so thoughtful Debbie.

  3. The joys of blogger (blogspot). Not being able to change things that just happen to happen, oy! Love, love the dolls and the stories behind them. You are such a great story teller. Have a great weekend and yes indeed, Spring is upon us even at 20F degrees. I must try that bread too! Have a blessed weekend with your family :) -Bev

    1. I hope your grass is sporting..I did mine I saw 2 only 2 little green points..
      But we have time!
      Thanks Bev!

  4. Oh, those dolls - each with their own unique personality - I love them!
    And the bread - warm from the oven with a bit of butter. I have to try it. Love your curly tool.
    We're expecting snow tomorrow - Happy Spring!

    1. I know you like crafting too..looking forward to seeing your pillow...
      It will be a touch warmer here tomorrow..we still have loads of snow!
      I have fun making these dolls.
      My craft room neede an overhaul after though..
      Now it's organized..
      I don't work well in chaos:)

  5. Monique you are so wise. Your girls must be so proud of you. I will try that bread. I can't wait. The dolls are so cute and do look very Francais. Spring is coming. Though muddy where I live, daffodils are blooming and the trees are too.

  6. sprung into Spring so fast!
    Always muddy here in Spring too..on a farm..must be so muddy!
    I love when the trees bloom..
    We see a hint of green in the trees when the weather warms..and then full throttle..
    It always feels as if no time has passed when I say the gardens are waning...

  7. Bread is my weakness and I love the crusty no knead bread. I tried for years to get it that way and it wasn't until someone taught me about using the covered enamel pan that I succeeded. What a beautiful trick!
    I am so in love with the dolls. I love their attitude, their house and their accessorizing!
    I am copying that quote! Truly, it is all about happiness! And my happiness lies in my home and family not the career I could have had, for that I am eternally grateful!!

    1. Me happiest days are those with my family...
      You can give the dolls cute little personalities..they come together slowly..but all of a sudden,they end up how you imagined them..

  8. Monique, my chef has been baking no-knead bread since I first met him. It is his aunt's recipe, but I will share this one with him too. He is baking as I type. '-)
    I must order him a dough hook like the one you show. He doesn't have one, nor have we heard of this. I assume you recommend it. Perhaps the Easter bunny will put one in his basket this year. '-)
    Love the girls! You are so talented. So very cute in their berets!
    Happy, Happy Birthday to J.

    1. How nice you make your chef an Easter basket..I bought mine at am sure .com must have different models..bread baking sites sell them also..Maybe KAF?
      It's a fun little gadget ..he doesn't Knead one;)'s just fun..I am sure he has his own technique..that is perfect.

  9. Another great looking bread. I'll have to try this on end see how it compares to the other no knead bread recipe you gave back in November. First we have to eat some more of the Irish Soda Bread I made for St. Patrick's day. Such talent with the dolls. Wish Jacques a happy birthday. BTW, I like the photos of Noah. He reminds me of a younger version of our grandson Frankie.

  10. That boule texture looks just like the one we buy at our local Boulangerie. hmm !! I can smell it. I asked Mr France to slow down on the bread making as I was eating to much & thought it might help with the weight loss. However baking bread seems to have stopped altogether, he says it's the garden rescue or bread, So I chose the garden rescue. But I'll save the recipe for a rainy day. Those cute little dolls are charming, do you have a pattern or is it a kit you buy.? I hope spring will come your way soon.. Enjoy your weekend ' en famille ' such precious times, I can think of nothing better than when our family is all together. happy birthday wishes to Jacques.

    1. It's a perfect bread for garden restoration:)
      I am a bit away from that though..It is a pattern..this is the second one I bought ..on Etsy on the Verity Hope site.
      Thank you for your good wishes for Jacques..
      It has been a weight gaining winter I find..;)

  11. Bonjour ma chère Nana,

    Cette belle et généreuse boule de pain me met l'eau à la bouche !! Je n'y ai pas droit, je le sais avec mon allergie au gluten, mais juste un peu !!
    Elles sont adorables ces petites poupées !... J'aime toutes les poupées. Je n'ai pas eu la chance d'en recevoir lorsque j'étais petite. C'est mon "chéri" qui m'a offerte ma première et poupée et j'y tiens énormément... Je l'ai prénommée "Pearl". C'est une poupée ancienne qui a un système avec deux petits cordons avec des perles sur le ventre qui lui permet d'émettre de petits sons.

    Tu avais raison de vouloir être heureuse dans la vie et j'espère que tu l'es ! Tu nous offres du bonheur à chaque fois qu'on te visite.
    ❀ Gros bisous ❀

    1. Ta poupée semble unique et charmante!
      Tu es si fé artistique..j'aurais pensé qu tu aies eu plusieurs poupées;)

  12. What a warm and homey post M. I love your "girls." and your story about happiness. So you.
    Happy Birthday to Jacques!!!

  13. Your Provencal mademoiselles are adorable Monique. You are so talented and have an eye for turning everything into something special. Love the Kate Spade bag too - a nice personal touch. Yes, happiness is the key to life, but often that wisdom comes later than we would have wished. Your bread is gorgeous. We made no-knead bread a long time ago when the idea first came out in the NY Times & were impressed with how easy it was. I'm not familiar with Ricardo, but I have a library copy of Jim Lahey's (the baker who came up with the no-knead idea) book "My Bread" & there are some amazing new recipes including an olive bread and a beautiful rye. I was tempted to try them, but my husband went low-carb right after the new year, so I've put that idea on hold for now. Hope you have a nice weekend and happy birthday to Jacques.

    1. You'll make up for it in Provence!
      Ricardo actually mentions Jim Laheys..which was the first one I made..and says his recipe..the one he and his team developed was based on JL"s..there are small differences..
      I would love to get the perfect nut/olive bread..out of bought ones..that is my fave ..Walnut/black olive..
      Rye would be great w/ our smoked meats.
      Oh you are so right that age brings that "knowing".
      When our girls were in school..we convinced them I am sure as parents do that the way to be independant and happy..
      I I know.. grandchildren made me rethink all this.

  14. When my children are happy, I'm happy! I adore your "girls". If you ever decide to market them, I'll be ordering a few!! I am persuaded to make this bread. Every time I see it around, I think I'll make it. Happy birthday to Jacques!!


    1. I hope you try this one:)
      I don't sell them..But Susannah at Verity Hope on Etsy sells hers..and they are TOP cute.I still have a lot to learn.
      I can't keep looking at hers..because;)
      Thanks Bonnie..!

  15. OMG, that bread looks wonderful and I know that it is so good. Love a good bread. The girls are darling - where did you get them, or did you make them.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. I bought the patterns on Etsy Mary..At Verity Hope..she has many pattrens..I have 2 patterns of this genre.. a smaller version..and thenthese taller gils..The doll "Donella"..was the shorter version.
      If you enjoy crafting I think you would enjoy making's all there in the patterns..
      Have fun.

  16. Oh, that bread looks so delicious, Monique! Your Provencal ladies are just adorable. I love their criss-cross stockings. ;) Happy Birthday to Jacques... I know celebrating with family IS happiness! BTW, you can order Kiwi Crate subscriptions online (the boys ALWAYS want that as one of their Christmas presents... they stalk the mailman for their monthly delivery! ha!). blessings and wishes for a wonderful weekend with family! tanna

    1. Thank you Tanna..I will go look ..I know they get a subsciption from their auntie M..Chickadee maybe?

      Thank you also for Jacques' good wishes..

  17. Beautiful ..everything.
    The bread...the photos and most of all those beautiful dolls! ♥ Such a clever lady.
    Happy birthday to Jacques... enjoy the fun weekend.

  18. I've already made the bread :) Last time Lauren and her beau were here for dinner - delicious! I used too much whole wheat and it got stuck in a big fold in the bread so not picturesque but very, very good. Oh, these dolls turned out so stinkin' cute :-)) That house is charming! If you had granddaughters there would be lots of cousins for them ;) Everything you say is so true about happiness. There is so much stress out there. You must do something you love and makes you happy. My "stinkin' cute" friend always says "You're only as happy as your unhappiest child". I'm glad ours are all happy♥ and Happy Spring!

    1. That is so true..:) And guess what? I keep saying in my head:"stinkin cute"..when I see something stinkin cute;)

      That house is actually mine,,it sits atop a cabinet in the kitchen..I still have the girls furnished ones in the attic..have not parted with them yet..Imagine if Lucas has a girl in my lifetime..or either one of them:)
      I know I would be than even now..but..

  19. It is so strange that so many things on a blog "just happen." Things appear...disappear...change color. Your girls are beautiful, Monique. Every little detail is so perfectly done. You have inspired me to bake bread today.

  20. Beautiful bread and darling girls. So much to make anybody happy. It is always a pleasure to stop by here Monique. Have a lovely birthday weekend with Jacques and the family.

    1. Thank you Penny..I told Jacques that he was getting good wishes..he says thanks:)

  21. One of 'your girls' is sitting here enwrapped in the arms/paws of a French bear and she doesn't mind a bit.
    Grande merci!
    From Your Girl in Paris

    1. Oh you are my girl in have no idea what pleasure I get from your art/blog /suggestions/joie de vivre/ sense of adventure..and knowledge:)

  22. Monique, you always inspire me to bake more bread. Love the idea of no kneading. I can almost smell the lovely aroma of your freshly baked bread. Your girls are the sweetest ever and they make me smile. Love the quote you shared. Happy is life and we should all strive for that. Sending Aloha greetings....

    1. Happy people are lucky and blessed..
      It's not for everyone unfortunately.
      Aloha to you too..that greeting sounds so I am about to put my snowshoes on.;)
      I am going to get through to Spring no matter what~

  23. Quel pain superbe, digne d'un boulanger.
    Cela met heureux de bon matin, avec de généreuses tartines... Yum !

    1. Ricardo..est un chef Québécois..qui anime aussi une émission de télévision très populaire.
      Aussi..une revue gourmande:)
      Il a un site web..qui t'intéresserait..

      Il a aussi un site anglophone.

  24. I just adore bread and baking and carbs - bravo!

    1. Oh me too Tricia..
      Deprived myself of bread for half my life..
      I take such pleasure in making something so delicious with nothing.
      Little miracles.
      Thank you.

  25. I LOVE no knead breads!! They are so simple, and they make mornings smell so good :)

  26. There's just nothing homier than the scent of freshly baked bread. The texture looks amazing- and that crust!! Your girls are absolutely precious- such details! You are so talented! :)

    1. The girl that created the patterns is talented;)Thanks you though..they are fun to make Betty.
      I agree our homes smell fantastic w/ bread bakin..
      I have it going now..and one in the bread machine..for his dinner;)

  27. Beautiful bread...I love the dolls!
    Bisous xoxo

  28. I've decided - I'm going to try making some bread. You've inspired me :-)
    I do like the girls. I thought at first that they were working in your bakery but then I continued readying and found out that they had different careers.

    1. Amalia you made me smile..
      I hope you try this family loved it last night.I had made 2..this one won hands down:)
      I love that.

  29. MOnique, your latest wee dolls are just beautiful. I love them. Your girls will adore them I am sure. I need to buy that pattern also. Love, LOVE the bread. Anything no knead gets two thumbs up from me! Yours looks gorgeous, as always! Tout ce que vous mettez vos mains pour . . . sort belle . You are just so talented. Love and hugs! xxoo

    1. I think that of you..
      Oh Marie you won't believe what happened.I hope I find her today..I packed both dolls to bring to the girls last night and after we brought in the desserts(I made the roll w/ a creamier flling thanks to you..and what a hit!)..and breads and shoes..and wine etc.
      I could not find the M doll!!
      I have to search.She may be in the recycling:(
      The taller ones have a differet personality..
      I thinkyou would enjoy them..I think you should open a shop:)
      Little bakeresses would be so cute..!

  30. Your bread is so perfect Monique, it looks amazing! Love those dolls, can't believe you made them. They too are perfect and so sweet that you made them to be your daughters!

    1. We nearly lost one Chris..

      I had said to Jacques there are two bags by the mudroom/ screened porch door..don't put them in recycling plse..
      He had:(But just one.. M's bag w/ Alain's empty egg cartons..

      M's..the teacher..
      But all was not lost..she was at the top of the blue perfect shape this morning..So M will get her effigy Wednesday when we see her.
      I was at a loss last night giving Caroline hers..
      Happy and relieved.
      Le pain est extraodinaire.:)

  31. OMG!! Dear Monique, where to start-)) The bread is absolutely perfect but I am totally in love with your dolls!! You are one talented lady and I admire you very much!! They are so lovely, so much character-)))

    Hugs my dear, have a wonderful week!


    1. You are so nice Yelena...they are nice to make..feel good nice..especially when you have the person in mind..thank you.

  32. The girls are soooo cute!! And that bread!! I have to try this no knead bread - I can only hope mine would come out as gorgeous as yours!

    1. This one will Pam.. when my lid comes off though it's no more than 22 minutes..this time also.
      What I love is that you put it together before bed..and the next morning you are good to go~

  33. Qu'elles sont belles, tes petites poupées ! Une très chouette idée ! J'étais allé voir le patron aussi mais ne me suis pas exécutée encore ! ;o)

    1. Elle est tellement agréable à confectionner..La plus grande..convient a plus de gens je elle est plus grande.. mais les deux ont leur propre charme.

  34. Monique, Just made two loaves for our relatives. Nothing like fresh bread!! Yours looks sooo delicious!! I'm in love with your beautiful dolls!!