Friday, March 6, 2015

Donella Loves Tea~

My friend Donella loves tea in the afternoon..and little biscuits and things..
Meringues and candies.
She loves to garden..and read..pinks,plums and pearls.
Her grandchildren.Her children..
Maine,Vancouver,Halifax and Hawaii..her town here.
Making quilts and painting.
She loves her computer..and her indoor plants..
Her cozy place,her treasured things.
I love to visit Donella..
I worked with her 100 years ago,,from the get a  green 28 yr old..this seasoned realtor was welcoming to me.
Unlike others who always "Do we really need another agent in this small town?"
If not for manager dear Rosemarie..and our secretary at the time..
I don't know if I would have lasted...those first few years..

Eventually Derek and Ray etc..made working there  plausible to my sensitive nature.
And then others:)

Donella would have me to lunch..made me feel welcome..
She retired eventually and I kept working.
We kept in touch.
She's had a hard time the last few years..but what a trooper..and she could give Violet a run for her money with her sometimes feisty repertoire of come back lines;)
Honest.. true blue..and a fighter.
She has turned out to be quite the role model for perseverance.
And complain? Never.She tells it like it is ..but you won't hear :"Woe Is me",when others would not even get out of bed.

Anyways..visiting Marie's blog as I always do..she shared  little dolls she makes..I was instantly smitten.I have linked you to a story Marie wrote♥..Keep looking at later posts..She has made Alice In Wonderland..Dorothy ..A Bumble Bee  doll..etc etc..
Un Coup De Foudre.
So I started making little effigies for people..that these dolls came to mind for me.
Lady Donella was one of them.
I add a little card..and a tag..
She put her under her lamp leaning against the base.
You are never too old for dolls..
This one is 6 inches high if that.

Nancy got one.. a small paintbrush in her apron..and a backpack for all her travels..
She has even been out I am told.

I am so thankful to sharing her gave me the inspiration to try.

Noah..has had the time of his life with his mommy at Disney,this Spring break.
I don't think I would have ever had the independance to take one of my children..on my own to Disney..she planned everything ..booked everything..all the photos ..Memory Maker.All the meals w/ famous characters.
Mylène has Disney in her blood..:) I loved seeing all the pics she shared and all the little notes..I had never Face Timed..I did! How great is that!!
She sent photos that brought back memories from when we went as a family..
Seems like 100 years ago..I was 34..the girls were 13 and 11..

I love this one  above..Tinkerbell♥

I won't leave you w/out a recipe..Perfect for this weekend..just cause it's a weekend..
These are my daughter Caroline's waffles ..they turn out perfect!  They are from her co-worker Loredano..
You can even freeze the batter.
We all have that Flip waffler.Mine is Oster..Caro..Hamilton Beach I think..and her clue..

They are perfect..did I say that?

La Recette~

I will give you the recipe as I got it..I halved it..and still Jacques and I can make 2 meals out of them.This recipe is more for when the boys sleepover etc..Jacques and I are light breakfast eaters.
We actually tested for a lunch..We each had 1..I had half.
I keep saying half..

4 eggs
4 cups all purpose flour
3 1/2 cups of milk
1 cup vegetable oil
2 tbsps white sugar(they sometimes put more)
8 tsps baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract.

I simply mixed all the ingredients;)
That's how easy they are..But remember I made half..and was able to freeze some~


  1. I do hope this isn't the third comment I've made as two before didn't go through. Noah looks ecstatic. I sent my daughters and grand children to Disney in Oct and they had the time of their life. So different now than when I took my children. Loved this post; want to connect with friends, paint, bake. I bought some Double Devon clotted cream (I think that is what it is) and now need to bake something to put it on. Happiest weekend, Monique.

    1. You too!
      Maybe scones with that cream?:)
      How wonderful of you to have done that for the girls and their kids!

      Penny Lane will surely be next.

  2. I love friends that I have a long history with. Donella sounds like one of those good, loyal and fun ones. I'm sure you are a wonderful friend too Monique and she feels blessed to have you making her tea and biscuits and dolls....

    1. Very loyal.. years later after she retired..her son moved away.. they asked me to work with them..I knew it was because of Donella of course.:)

  3. Bonjour ma chère Nana,

    Je suis sous le charme de ta publication... Je vais aller rendre visite à ton amie Marie...
    J'adore la petite aquarelle de cette délicieuse poupée.
    Tes gaufres me semblent succulentes, accompagnées de fruits rouges hum !!...
    Merci pour la recette.
    Je te souhaite un excellent weekend. Je t'envoie un grand rayon de ☼...
    Gros bisous ❦

  4. How wonderful that you have a friend like Donella. Friends like that don't come along that often and I can tell you both really cherish each others friendship. Dolls, tea and biscuits - there's no girl alive who wouldn't love that combination. I still love dolls (actually teddy bears now, but they're still dolls to me). Your tag with "limited edition" is just as charming as the beautiful doll you created. And look at Noah, all full of smiles and beaming with happiness. There wasn't such a thing as Disney World when I was a girl and now with no children of my own, I missed the fun you have with children. A half of the waffle would be plenty for me too and how great that you can freeze some. You certainly made them gorgeous with the beautifully placed fruit and the dusting of sugar. Hope you have a great weekend Monique.

    1. You too Sam..
      I know a lady doesn't like to tell her age..But Donella is well into her 80's..It goes to show you that age means nothing in people we become friends with..
      I bet you have many friends and many teddy bears.That little tag..I bought the stamp in Florida last year..a very sweet blog//Curly Girl kitchen showed it..and I think she even said she bought it at Hobby Lobby..:) That was my first time in one..for all of 10 mins max..but I left w/ thta:)
      It came in handy for the dolls.

  5. I'd like Donella too! Noah is a dear! I'll take a whole waffle plus Sam's other half!! I, too, was a real estate broker a few year's back but made so much money, I had to quit in order to spend it all. Ha!!!!!


    1. You made me smile:)
      I was one for 28 yrs..
      Always the same company..
      I loved some of my clients♥
      I think it is harder today..
      Much more competitive..even when I left..a few years before I was totally different..
      Noah come home tomorrow...

  6. what a wonderful role model Donella must have been for you, i just love the little gift you put together, such an adorable little doll.
    Noah's disney pictures are great. Disney land is just such a great place for building family memories. I love it there, i remember going 3 times and i loved each one. I cant' believe your daughter did it on her own though, pretty cool :)

    1. I know..on her own..She is a French Kindegarten teacher in an English school..When she gets the kids..not one word of French do they know for the most part..when they finish..they are bilingual:):)
      Jacques and I look exhausted in our Disney pics..:)

  7. Donella is absolutely lovely!!
    I love dolls!!
    I love Noah's Disney pictures, how cute he is, I love with Pocahontas and love with the boy of UP, lovely!!
    This is a lovely post!

  8. What a cute doll and what a wonderful woman we just don't mnow who we are role models to and how we change each other's lives. What a lady!
    The waffles look wonderful. We had the. Last weekend for 35! But they are so filling.
    How fun to go to Disney. That reminded me that I need to get my Memory maker photos. I took mine by myself to Disneyworld - from cars to hotels and driving without GPS! I felt like ai could do anything after that!

    1. You CAN do everything..You are a powerhouse of everything..Truly!!

  9. Donella must have been one of those very special individuals that leave their footprints on hearts. '-)
    Your precious little doll is a charmer. I admire your talent in all things, Monique. You are like a magic fairy ~ everything you touch is filled with magic. Even those waffles!

    1. I would say you are quite a fairy yourself:)
      Especially Valentines:)

  10. I loved reading about Donella, Monique. Of course you know you must be a friend to have a friend and I am sure that as much as you think of her, she feels the same about you! What a dear thing to do. I love your dolls and also the cards you painted to go with them. Such a special touch. But that is you to a "T." Special. Love the tea infuser! How sweet! And the tea tin of course. I also loved the sweet pics of your grandson. What a lovely adventure. It was something I always wanted to do as a child. I used to dream about going to Disney. Have not made it yet. I expect I would look exhausted in any photos as well. I hear it is full on! How much more special to enjoy it with children. I know you did not go with them this time, but your daughter did. I am sure she was exhausted also! There is nothing that quite compares with the energy and wonder of a child! Love, LOVE the waffles! I am bookmarking/pinning these. MUST try! Love and hugs. xoxo

  11. You WERE the sole inspitration..I would have never seen them not thought I would be able to.
    Marie I dreamt of Disney as a child to..but it never dawned on me we could ever go..I knew that..But I loved Annette and M-I-C...-K-E-Y.. M-O-U-S-EEEE.
    I dreamt of having a dog.. and a canopy bed..

    Tin of new from Nancy.We always had tea together when she lived across the way..Pink lemonade jasmine:)
    Thank you again and again Marie!

  12. How I wish I would have had someone like Donella when I first went into real estate. I was the one who didn't last. Too many agents looking out for just themselves to lend a hand to a newbie. I felt lost. So much for a second career in real estate :) I love the doll you made - she's adorable! And the card with your painted version ;) You and Donella are both fortunate. How these pictures bring back fond memories of Disney. What fun we had as a family. Jam-packed, fun-filled days and nights. It still brings a smile to my face. Noah must have had a blast. It looks like they had good weather, thankfully. Copying the waffle recipe!

    1. They had a ball Susan..She had to wake him at 3 AM for airport and flights etc..and they are sad to leave..
      But they had a ball:)
      You remember real estate correctly.To a T.
      I can't tell you how many times ..I cried the first year.
      The waffles are keepers:)

  13. Such a beautiful, beautiful doll... and even more the sentiment and lady behind this particular creation! I would love to know Donella and I will have to visit Marie's. We were at Disney this time last year with our grandsons and daughter and SIL. So much fun! Love. love. love. your doll! blessings ~ tanna

    1. Thank you Tanna..You must have had a ball..I can just imagine:)

  14. The doll is WONDERFUL
    And the watercolor even more so if possible.
    Love therough edges...very textured.

  15. Such a charming little doll and such a lovely painting showing all her likes. Your talents are endless. How wonderful for your grandson to get to go to Disney. Loved the photo with Tinkerbell.
    Your Waffles look so delicious, I can understand why you half the recipe, You are strict with yourself, I'd eat them all .

    1. So far my favorite is with Tinkerbell also..
      Thanks for your nice words Barbara!

  16. I really like the little doll, so pretty and elegant. I copied your waffle recipe and will make it for sure (half of it like you say.) I wish your daughter taught French where my grandchildren go to school. My daughter would like them to speak French since I never taught her, but around Nashville they don’t offer it much, now it is mostly Spanish and I live too far away (5 hours) to speak French to them.

    1. I hope you enjoy the waffles:)
      When we visit Florida..we see that the second language seems to be Spanish there also.

  17. What a sweet little doll for a special friend! You are so talented, creating such a dear little sweetie and even a beautiful card to match. Donella sounds like a wonderful friend to have. Your grandson looks like he has had a wonderful time at Disney- I love the Tinkerbelle picture! And those waffles? Perfection! I'd love to have those for breakfast any morning. :)

  18. We're never too old for dolls, Monique. How adorable is she? You are so talented and clever. When I was a kid, I loved paper dolls too. Spent hours with them. Even have a friend who spoke to our Antique Club about them amazing collection. They've gone out of fashion. :(
    Love Disney...of course it helps to live so close. I took my kids all the time when they were young. Now it's the grandkids.

    1. I loved paper dolls..and colorform dolls:)
      I have only been once to Disney..w/ our daughters..It was a very happy place.

  19. You are right Monique .. Never too old for dolls and dreaming xx
    It's a beautiful post.. I love everything .. You are so talented at those handmade treasures.
    Love everything xx

  20. Talk of paper dolls brings back many memories. I used to design clothes for them using pages out of wallpaper books. Should have become a fashion designer instead of interior designer (which I did for only a few years). Your wee doll is precious, as is your water color. The waffle looks most delicious! Donella sounds like a precious friend.

    1. The clothes must have been so you still have any?
      Not surprised you were and still are an interior designer:)

  21. What a thoughtful friend you are. The little doll and beautiful card are precious.
    Love the photos of Noah! I had only one doll as a child and took her everywhere with me. One day, my older brother drew a beard and mustache on her - in ink! I still have her - the ink has finally faded. When my daughter was little, I bought her several American Dolls and had as much fun as she did playing with them and making doll clothes.

    1. You only had one doll?
      My brothers were a bit like that too:)
      I love those American Dolls..I hope she has kept them.
      I bet you are such a loving mom/nana.♥

  22. Hi Monique, love the doll and the story, it is so sweet. What a great artist she is!

  23. O Monique, the handmade doll is so cute, I love her-)))I am a huge admirer for craft/art like that. Noah looks very happy-)))

    Hugs my dear,


  24. Old friends are the best friends, aren't they? Lovely photos, as always.

  25. Monique,
    What a wonderful inspiring story, a special friend forever! The handmade doll and watercolor are my favorites! I grew up near Disneyland in Orange County. Lots of family memories there!! I'd love an order of your delicious waffles, please!!

    1. You should make the waffles..your girls would like!

  26. Elles sont ravissantes, ces petites poupées. Je viens d'aller voir le site en question ... la tienne est particulièrement réussie. Toujours ce sens du petit détail qui fera plaisir. Quant au sourire de Noah, il fait lui aussi plaisir à voir !

  27. Please, Please, PLEASE tell me where I can purchase a swan tea ball like the one in your first picture! I am a personal sitter and my first patient was Mister Swan. I would have been with him for 3 years this October, but he passed away. I loved him so much and I have tried to find something "Swan" to remember him by. The swan tea ball would be perfect. I would be using it every day and remembering my dear sweet Mister Swan.
    Thank you,

  28. I found it on Amazon.
    Thanks anyway,