Friday, August 7, 2015


Serendipity~ means  a fortunate happenstance~..

One of the homes we lived in..we named it Serendipity..I have always named where we lived.
I like what that word means..fortunate happenstance..not much  not to love about those 2 words..
we could all use some serendipity once in a while.

I am a bit of a nut when it comes to looking at art supplies..
I will never forget an artist client I had..whose studio was in a barn on his property..a bright windowed barn..he painted HUGE..and many of his works were in this bright windowed barn.
When I laid eyes on his long tables with his art supplies...I was in love with what I saw immediately.
I often wish I had some of my mom's art supplies..
I loved going into Nancy's studio across the street..seeing her work..her tables laden with supplies also.
This past week..I heard of a young woman giving away the paint set up above..I put my name down..I was 3rd in line..but wrote my name ..with..if ever.. beside it..
Lo and behold 2 days later..I was told it was to be mine.
I arranged for pick up..,came home..opened the box..and the feeling..I cannot describe it.
All the paints except one are dried up..I don't care..the pen is there..a few other things..tracing patterns for the artwork..
The drying medium is almost full,the special powder..
I love the palette..the metal box..the metal tag inside stating Winsor~Newton..
look at the words..on the leaflet..about the soldiers and sailors..♥
I thought the kit dated back to the 1920's or 30's..however the excerpt is from 1912.
I bet my mom would have been interested in this..perhaps she even had a set?
I've since re-arranged the paints(of course)..and the set is in our living room on the writing desk beside the antique typewriter.There is no room to write on that desk anymore..but I keep papers..pens..treasures..there.

In keeping with the recipe part ;)
Nancy's birthday is the same day as my daughter's August 10th..we met her ahead of time in Mtl..on Tuesday..
I wanted to bring her a cookie..along with her gift..not that she likes sweets..but she loves art;)  so I made her some artist palettes..the first thing I ever gave her was a House Cookie w/ her address when she moved in across the street..she's left busier more cosmopolitan pastures..but I still like doing these for her.
I used a coconut butter cookie recipe..drew a palette template  with cardboard..baked the cookies.. a straw was used to make the hole..
I used a thin layer of rolled fondant on 3..  colored rolled fondant for the wells..and edible markers to draw the brush on one..Just in case you are not familiar with edible markers they are fun..My set is Ateco.
You can use corn syrup to adhere the fondant or a piping gel.
I recommend plastic close fitting gloves to color the it rinses right off..and then you dry and move on to the next color...contrary to our skin..which colors .
The tiny fairy roses are in bloom..  yet most of our gardens seem like the end of August..what's up w/ that?

Lucas..our first Little..turned 10 yesterday..
it's a tradition here..that every Little has a day with us on their birthday..lunch out..and shopping for what their hearts desire..within reason..nana has a budget;)
It's amazing how different they all are♥
A serendipitous gene pool~
Bon Weekend~

PS Last night we watched season 4 episode 5 of FNL..
We both had kleenex.


  1. Oh Monique, I know how you love that little paint set. What luck. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I was just about to close the computer...when I saw that you had posted...and I HAD to come over for a peek inside!
    What a fabulous find!! I can only imagine your feeling of joy♥️
    And who else would treasure it like you?
    Those cookies are so creative...YOU have the touch...
    Belated greetings to Lucas...a very handsome 10 year old...
    Just leaving for the cottage...glad I stopped for a visit...those Roses are amazing...from your garden???
    Have a fabulous weekend...
    Linda :o)

    1. could grow them in a hardy..The tiny tea roses..perfect for you.
      Have fun!

  3. what a treasure, all those are supplies, i have an old paintbox that i treasure but there were no art supplies in it.
    those cookies are so cute too. Happy birthday to your first little :) and serendipity what a wonderful name for a house there is a shop in portsmouth NH that i love with that name.
    Oh and what does FNL stand for i'm not really up on all the shows especially if they are netflix.
    Have a wonderful weekend :)

    1. A treasure..s ..indeed..
      Jenni..I think you would enjoy Friday Night Lights..FNL..we are watching it on Netflix..there are at least 6 seasons..2006-2011.
      But I just Googled and they have DVD' I am thinking maybe a local library would have the DVDs for you?

      I know out teenie weenie library in town has certain DVDs.
      This series was extremely popular..I don't know how we missed it.
      But the so endearing..
      I hope you get to watch it of you enjoy television once in a while:)
      You too have a great weekend..Jenni I just got a book I will talk about is CaledCreative Girl by Danielle Donaldson..and I think you would like it:)Maybe check it out?

  4. Monique, I smiled when I saw the title. My favorite word! Yes, a fortunate happenstance ~ the way I like to let life evolve, especially when I travel. I think if we leave ourselves open to experiences, many good things present themselves that we might have otherwise missed. Let serendipity take us away! '-)
    The art set was meant to go home with you. You of all will treasure it as something very special. I'm happy it found you!
    Your little fairy roses are delights. My roses are all bloomed out and need to be cut back again. This weekend will be a work day or two in the garden.
    Love the artist palette cookies. Your friend will be delighted!

    1. Me too this weekend a workday or the gardens..making room for garlic;) More garlic.

      You suit Serendipity to a "T"!
      My gardens are suffering from Augustinitis.
      Tired.. :(

    2. I'm suffering from Augustintis! I find myself falling asleep when I sit down after coming in from running an errand or two in the heat. Headed to Santa Fe soon. It should be a bit cooler there.

    3. Sounds like a beautiful get away:)

  5. First Happy Birthday to your little guy. The cookies sound amazing and I know that she loved them.
    Your artiest treasure sounds so interesting and I know that you love it.

    Your roses are so lovely. Mine all need to be cut back. Hopefully I will be able to do some work in the garden this weekend. I need to rest up after all my Bday celebrations.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Happy Birthday to you:) What a fun loving busy girl you are!

  6. How wonderful to sift through that wonderful box of art supplies! Happy that it came to you :) Beautiful roses and the hint of pink in the beautiful vase in the last pic! My roses are now food for the Japanese Beetles :( I thought maybe they wouldn't come but they were just a little later this year. It seems they also LOVE yellow dahlias - boo-hoo. I won't plant those again next year. I've been squishing them with my fingers. Creepy. They also like my basil leaves so they do have good taste ;) I'll bet Nancy loved your palette cookies.! So clever you are, Miss M! I can't believe Lucas is double digits! I'll bet he feels like such a young man. It's fun to have different personalities. Serendipity indeed :)

    1. Is your garden getting tired also?
      I pulled out a blueberry bush today..transplanted..and made room for more garlic.
      My fave thing w/ my French radishes and Italian spinach this year.
      I gave Nancy 1 cookie..she rarely eats sweets..but she is keeping the cookie..these things..air dried..last for eons..that's how good they are for u;)
      Lucas..bless his ♥..
      I said:"I miss you in your swing at the back"..I love you now..but when you were a baby in that swing?

      He turned around..and there I found his swing..

      Not for nothing their last name is Latendresse♥

  7. You deserve the joy that vintage artist palette brings. How marvelous it must have felt when you opened the box. I plan on making those palette cookies someday for my art class. You are a wonderful, kind and considerate neighbor. You inspire me :) Luke is growing up so fast. He'll be playing football in college pretty soon!!! Time needs to slow down! Have a great weekend! :)

    1. Thanks Bev..oh what a great idea for an art class;)

  8. Definitely a serendipitous find. It goes without saying that I love art supplies. I have a box of gouche that is sorely under used. What is the story of the artist that owned them? I would love to know. Cheers on another birthday for one of your beautiful grands. Speaking of which, I love how you change the photos on your side bar, with your wonderful Nana updates. It was cool tonight when we were having dinner on the patio. Hints of fall (no!!). Have a lovely weekend dear friend.

    1. I don't think there is a story..I should have girls are on FB..I'm not..there is a section called VarageSale..where the members sell or give things..this was on a give away..
      I picked it up at the girls' home..I left her a little package as a thank you;)
      She runs a day care..I saw the sign..:)
      You too..I think I see some plein air in your weekend?:)

      So I did not. discuss with her as it's done through my daughters.

  9. Serendipity indeed. I love that you name your houses. I often think to myself what would I call my house if I was to pick a name for it. It keeps changing. I can't make up my mind. Love the art set. What a fabulous find! And the roses also . . . our garden is starting to look very tired as well. The seasons don't know what to do it seems. Loving the little art palate cookies. I am sure your friend was thrilled. Who wouldn't be at such a gift! The thought behind everything you do is just so filled with your heart. Happy Birthday to your grandson. I have two who will be ten next year. Where does the time fly? I hope the next ten years don't fly as quickly. Sigh . . . Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

    1. FLIES by..10..he looks 14 to me..such a sweetie to sit in his baby swing for me for a few minutes..

      Don't you find Matt Seracen is an amazing grandson on FNL?


  10. Wikipedia says:
    Pen painting is a painting technique used by seventeenth-century artists from the Dutch Republic. First the artist grounds a canvas with white oil paint before drawing on it with blueIndia ink.
    There you go.
    Have fun!

    1. Maybe I will try!

      Focusing on a little art book I received this week..I had pre-ordered from Amazon..Fun little projects.

  11. J'aimerais bien le voir, ce bureau couvert de trésors ! :0)

    1. Comme moi j'aimerais voir tous tes trésors..après les doit y en avoir un ou deux de plus?:)

  12. What a treasure Monique and it's perfect that you should receive it. No one would take better care of it than you. I'm sure Nancy must love your artist palatte cookies and her friendship with you. I can't believe Luke is going to be 10. How time flies and how wonderful that each of them get to spend their special day with you and Jacques. I thought of you this week when we visited "Monet and the Impressionists" in an exhibit in Chattanooga. It's just amazing the influence he had on other painters of the time.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    1. I am shy to say Monet is the only exhibit I have in Mtl..I went with Lucy..
      I loved it..
      I am sure I would enjoy the exhibit you saw!

  13. You received a treasure trove of art supplies. Makes me smile to see all of it . . . . reminds me of my Mother too. Lucky Grands to be able to spend a day with you enjoying lunch and gifts. Those cookies are darling. Lucky Nancy to have you for a friend.

    1. It's me that's lucky to have met her:)

      She's so far a zoo for taffic and parking..was somuch nicer walking across the street..
      anyways..we write every day:)
      Thanks Penny.
      You must be gearing up for your trip!

  14. That box of paints, etc. looks like a work of art itself!!


  15. Look absolutely beautiful Monique!
    I love the roses!
    And thd little paint!

  16. Hi Monique, love all your treasures, especially the paint sets.

  17. Wow, your new treasures are unique and gorgeous antiques!!! Were they advertised in a local newspaper? I curious what your grandson picked out on his shopping trip!
    I am also a fan of serendipity. It's a kind of magic. The palette cookies are adorable!!! How lovely that you honored your old neighbor in your special way.

  18. Beautiful, beautiful,...

  19. M, I'm so glad you got the paint set. I was meant to be. Enjoy your new treasure. What a find!

  20. What treasures! It seems to me the older I get the more I love old bits and pieces (aside from old silver, which I've loved forever with a magpie's lust) - this is just charming! So admire your patience with those delightful painter's palette - they are charming!