Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bread Machine Egg Bread ,yummy scones and an art tutorial via Gail.

my mom's measuring cup

Frédérick's hen

Sounds like something Violet Crawley would say;)...about the scones that is~
But it's true..because we love scones..I have shared many of our favorites here..but these caught my eye at Butter and Brioche's beautiful blog..the addition of almond meal..and the jam on top just did me in.
I didn't have any rose petal jam..but I did have the David Lebovitz Strawberry jam..that I made..and made again..and made again;) I went ahead..
when Jacques says:"Ne perds pas la recette" means they are keepers and delicious.♥
And they are.
Of course her photos always catch my eye also.I am sure they will entice you also~
Go peak..and make them..I have printed the recipe up for safe keeping.

I would not recommend making scones in 100 degree weather..I made my pomegranate scones  except w/ figs..and the butter didn't stay cold so they were like scone/galettes..oh well..some days are like that.
We are having a "canicule"..heat wave..
I even had 2 Kilkennys:) One in a resto and one here at home..

no gardening for me..
I can faint in too high heat.

I found a wonderful offer one day from Artisan State..

investigate..  I am not sure if the offer still stands:)

There was a one time introductory offer ..that happened upon me..I love Shutterfly don't get me wrong..I get ap 3 albums every year..from them..but this one looked different..hard..cardboard..lay flat..not big could pick one of a few things to try..
I chose to do the summer book with them..
I only used 2 of my photos and all the rest were the moms:)
I think the intro offer is still in force..

Lucas made the cover  because the backside of the book shows..the rest of the pic;)

But all the Littles are equally portrayed..poor Ray though..I only noticed after..anyways the book is top within the my door.
If you can get in on their fabulous offer..I suggest you do it..even if you cannot..they are different and lovely and we are happy to have one and I would definitely order from them again.
Customer service via email..was great!
(Again..they have no idea I am writing this:)) compensation..

If you want to sit down and have some fun.. go see Gail at Painting The Hamptons..this recent post of hers was so much fun..
look at the tutorial..w/ supplies in hand..and lose yourself at the beach.

Gail is a very talented artist as well.. and her husband Hugh is also .They plein air paint together and I find their outings charming..I recently read My Paris Dream because of Gail on  another of her posts..her art was featured in the write up for Kate Betts ..

Ok now..the egg bread.. the recipe is from  an old book of mine..Better Homes and Gardens,Best Bread Machine Recipes  circa 1997book.Not the new one that Amazon old one..and you can probably get it for a song~

I make the 1 1/2 lb loaf..and it's big:)
I don't bake it in the machine..I take the dough out..shape..braid..let rise and then bake.
This is not like our no-kneads ..or Ricardo''s a soft..slightly sweet ,,sliceable ..toastable bread.
Not rich like the challahs I make..
I love slice..mayo..fresh sliced tomato  s and p.
Easy peasy..

La Recette~

3/4 cup of milk
1/4 cup of water
1 egg
2 tbsps butter or margarine
3 cups bread flour..
2 tbsps sugar
3/4 tsp salt
1 tsp active dry yeast

This is what I do..all liquids at the beginning..I melt and cool my butter first..add the rest..I use reg flour that we buy at Costco..for this bread..

I use the dough cycle..mine is 1.30 hrs..

I remove..shape..braid..cover let rise..and bake on a pre-heated 350 F oven..for 35 minutes.
It won't have a crisp bottom..crisp like our others..but I don't always want crisp .
I sometimes want soft..sliceable and delish.
I love painting,baking scones,making bread..
and many other things:)

I have since repainted these..twice more:)

My little trial run with the w/ pen one w/out.
The beach scene..not the Lori Davidson collage page:)I love that Digital page from Lori..where my humble trial fits in:)
I am a member of Scrapbooks Graphics and this was a latest offering..I could not resist the artist.
Have fun..and bon weekend~

P.S...We have finished watching Friday Night Lights..pity there are not more shows like this(Parenthood ..was too)..we must have been living under a rock to have not seen this fine series the first years it aired.
Great actors..storylines..
I am not a footbal fan..only when I see my littles in their uniforms and that's it..but this show is so much more than that.
It's about relationships and families..friendships and character..and mistakes..and making amends..and being good..and,teachers,parents,addictions,afflictions,faith,courage.
Loved the cast so much.
Clear eyes,full hearts,can't lose.


  1. Oh Monique, your book is simply gorgeous. I must check out the link immediately. I've looked at Shutterfly and came away more confused that I think I want to be. I also like the size of your book. I so wished I had saved more of my mother's kitchen things. My parents died within 6 weeks of each other and I think we were so drained that we didn't spend the time we should have going through mementos. She had never thrown away a thing - my old dolls were really hard to look at after all these years. I agree about the scones. You must have a good one to appreciate how special they are. Good tip about working with butter in the heat of summer. Not always a success. I hope you have a lovely upcoming weekend.

    1. I am just going to email you..

      My mom and dad 6 months apart..

      I guess he just could not bear to be w/out her..
      Me too I wish I had her kitchen things..I have very very few.

      Of course back then.. things were different and my mom had 1 wooden mixer..they were not accumulators..funds were not for frivolities etc..

      Imagine the Littles later..hard to imagine actually:)

  2. Well, you got me with your Mom's measuring cup and of course, I love scones, probably would be my last request (for food). I've never tasted rose petal jam, but will look for some at the specialty stores. I love those Shutterfly books - wish they would have had them when my kids were young. I just love your paintings and that you get such enjoyment from it. I hope more of my favorite shows begin again soon as the summer ones haven't been very good. I seem to be watching much less television which isn't like me, so I think it is that I am reading more and not so good programming though I do have lots recorded, I don't seem to be watching those either. Thank you for your kind words. I know we all have our trials; it is just part of life. That is why I so enjoy your blog. It is always so beautiful and perfect.

    1. It's a good thing to keep busy and focus on good..sometimes it can be overwhelming..
      I can't wait until all good things come to you.

  3. I have a cousin and it's a pinch of this and that in a recipe. Everything she bakes or cooks always comes out terrific.
    That recipe for the bread sounds wonderful. I gave up bread 6 months ago so it would be wasted here at my house with just me. But, if I have company I will be making some of it for them.
    Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully it will be cooler for you.

  4. Oh Monique! You drink beer? Me too! Hahaha!
    Your bread and scones look delicious....of course!
    The painting is so it!
    I also order books from Shutterfly! Miss V loves to look at them!
    I have been loading pics into my shutterfly....waiting for a good offer!
    I have bookmarked your site, and will certainly check it out!
    Raining here today....putzing around inside...son coming for a visit later♥️
    Have a great weekend!
    Linda :o)

    1. Try this one Linda..$5.00! Shipping the was here in about 4 days..usually they are $30.00

      So $13 something's small and adorable!

      I like wine..but somehow beer agrees very well with me in heat waves.. cccccold one.
      Not from a bottle though;)
      Our Littles love the books too..Rain maybe later..M and N just left~

    2. Not from a bottle here either...or plastic...only glass!
      I will def look into that book...thxs!

    3. :)

      Hard pressed.. ?Maybe a bottle.:)

  5. love the still life with the egg scale, so country wholesome. The little beach painting~is it yours? Have you seen the book Walks on the Beach by Sandy Gingras? Did I mention it to you? It's one of those little illustrated books that we both love.

    1. You didn't..but now I will go look:)The beach painting IN the frame..yes.. we got to do it on Gail's blog..:)
      I did it a few times and must admit it helped a lot for the chairs..I always had trouble..maybe not next time;)

    2. Oh I know I will ♥it.
      Perfect little book to take to the beach and read and uncanny similar the art:)

  6. Monique, Your mention is so sweet! Lois Bender, my water color instructor, should get all of the credit for the painting lesson. It came to me via one of her emails. I Love how your beach painting turned out! Thanks for the book making recommendation. I am going directly to the site...

  7. So many smiles in your post :) I wish someone I knew had chickens so I could get such beautiful eggs for egg bread! You know I love bread machine recipes so this will be a 'must try'. I just finished a beer tonight! Not my usual choice but I do like Stella Artois :) Maybe one every week or two when I have popcorn. Hand in hand :) The photo book is gorgeous! I will definitely look at that link. The hand stand! Wow! Adorable scrapbook page with your wee painting!

    1. Oh get one of Ma nd D..pool days?

      WE like Stella too:) Jacques likes to keep a variety on hand..Frédérick makes his..:)
      I love the handstand too!

  8. The book is a wonderful idea! I tried to download the app on iPad and keeps crashing. I'll try again. A book from the family vacation that is upcoming would be great. Or K's birthday is coming so either would work. We love scones too and I'll try your recipe when we get back from the shore. I have one of those scales too. I think we must have similar taste when it comes to collecting. I have no bread machine, could it be done the old fashioned way of mixing, rising, deflating and forming to rise again before baking?

    1. No clue Terry..I mkae 70% of our breads inthe machine..just the dough..then hand formed and baked in the oven..the no-kneads like our know what I do;)In fact I just got up to take the lid of the Le Creuset;) One is being baked now..

      But online you will find many challah recipes that are not bread machine..this ecipe came from a bread machine book so hard for me to sa.

      The book would be FABULOUS for your holiday..GREAT.. I did mine w/ my PC..
      I will tell you to start and finish the project on the same computer..I moved from one to another and all was lost..
      so I sat dwn..started over and finished all at once..took no more than 30-45 mins..

      Download all your pics first.. I chose the second offer the flat 8x6..

      And I preferred the look of 2 photos per full one to the left one to the right..filling in the whole page..I left 4 w/ smaller pics and added text..except on two.i.t's a learning curve..
      So I asked Noah to write w/ a Sharpie and will ask the other 3 Littles to do so also..It looks cool!

      Good luck..well worth it!!
      Have a ball!

  9. So much to love. The bread, the scones, the painting, the books. FNL's. We are about halfway through season one and I am loving it. Quality telly for sure. I am going to check out the tutorial now! Love and hugs and Happy Weekend!

    PS - Love the glass. ;-) One must needs do what one must needs do!

    1. I am so glad you like the show too:)I love when both J and I love a series;)

  10. Nous devrions tous faire des albums photos, si convivials et bien mieux que des photos à regarder sur un écran !
    Je ne résiste pas à l'appel des scones ;)

  11. I love scones and beer and books and art and most of all your wonderful blog. I'm happy to come here.

    1. :)Have a great day..your blog is always sweet and happy and differnt and creative!

  12. Well, this is right down my alley. I just got out my bread machine before this post and proceeded to bake bread.
    I have this fancy machine and I need to put it to work. I definitely will try this recipe. I haven't had a good scone yet, so I am anxious to try
    something good. Love your art! The Littles are so cute. I don't like beer, but I do enjoy a good glass of wine. Happy Friday.

    1. Wine is my beverage of choice..
      There are so many wonderful breads you can make in your machine..shaping outside the box is fun..and makes for pretty..and I know you love too.

  13. Oh Monique, your bread and scones look scrumptious! I'd like to have a bread machine now! You have such great talent, love your painting too!
    I also order books from Shutterfly! I always love dropping in to see you, your blog is just wonderful and happy!
    Have a great weekend~

  14. I laughed when you said don't cook it in the bread maker (hard to braid I imagine)> When I make pie crust I use the processor to pulse and then I put in the water with a fork. I find it works best that way Funny how machines can do some parts of tasks well and not others. Bread looks fab and yes... a good scone makes all the difference. Half the time they are just plain stale in shops. Nasty things like eating insulation! NO amount of jam can fix that. Homemade fresh out of the oven-- that's a scone.

    1. I did a few times..for a gluten free bread I had to make a few times..and it worked:)

      You are right and made me smile about NO amount of jam..can fix that..

  15. What lovely post and how lovely recipe Monique:))

    1. Hope you go to Butter and pretty Gloria!

  16. I so agree about the scones. I never liked them until I had a great one. Will try them with jam on top next time! Always love when you show your paintings.
    I use Shutterfly but will check out that deal ;o) Have you bought any mums yet?

    1. I have seen and looked at mums:)

      Nothing bought yet..
      that's where my frugal side comes in;)

      I hate to throw them away..:(

      like my ferns right now.they will go roadside w/ free on my mums do..

      It was neat to bake w/ jam ON them..

  17. I love the painting M and I bet the book is charming.