Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Birthday Girl~

40!  As the Shutterfly card says..How did our little girl turn 40 all of a sudden?
I love Shutterfly..for books..such lovely things..and I am never disappointed with the quality.
I wanted to give Mylène a special little card too..hand made..
I followed a tutorial ..many can be found on Google..  making a small book..there are many ways..

I used 9x12 Canson watercolor paper..  did the folds..and added a cardboard spine..glued the spine to the pages.. I then tucked in a bookmark  and covered the book w/ scrapbooking paper and started adorning with bits and bobs and odds and ends I had here..
added words and painted a few pages..some cristals..and photos.
I ♥ making this minicardbook..and I think many of you would like doing this too:)
You get caught up in memories..
and you think about the likes..  the ways..the personality..the love..

Could not resist the Philosophy Birthday Girl packaging~
Packaging..  sells me..  wine bottle covers..  you name looking at them~

I made this recipe for her rainbow cake..the sprinkles inside my cake were different..and the colors ran:( turning my cake into a pinky interior instead of Bright White..
I made a different cream cheese buttercream one..
She has always loved Snow White..and her hair is exactly like Snow Whites:) I ordered this little Ebay set months ago to top the cake..
Snow White looked a bit off..:)  anyways..I wanted that..
So we all agreed she looked like she was off..;)
Now getting sprinkles around a cake..I watched a video that said just put them in your hand and press into the cake..well that wasn't happening as the buttercream came off and stayed in my impeccably previously clean hand.
So I tilted the pedastal quite a bit..almost on it's side but not of course and then sprinkled the sprinkles.

I love that pedestal..100 years ago at Christmas tree rotates and plays Happy Birthday To You~

All day the weather was gorge..they did say CHANCEOFTHUNDERSTORMS..

Jacques said..Voyons ne pleuvera pas.
They came at 4.45..bright 5.45 we were migrating inside..due to POURING RAIN.
That's how I entertain in summer.
I hope you try making a little can een just write a SHORT story;)
Fun to do for a friend also.
Again..some people like home made things and others don't's a matter of taste.
Luckily..she wrote and told me again today she really liked it..her husband Alain liked it too..he brought me manure last night for my garlic garden/ potager.
Fantastic hostess gift♥
Happy Birthday again darling..on the 10th~


  1. Your post made me smile. The "It will not rain", the "Off'"Snow White, the "Hostess gift" - LOL. Many fun moments go into a birthday celebration, including the rainy ones :) Your girls and grands are so lucky to have such a talented and craftsy mom/grandmere. The little book is precious and I think I know two girls who would love one...along with a pipe cleaner doll that I have yet to finish. Even the slightly off Snow White looks so surprised at the numbers on the cake :) Happy Birthday to Mylene!

    1. Un peu une comédie oui;)
      I love the preparations ..
      You know what? You are so observant..that IS what she looks like..

      Caroline's card to Mylène was stinkin' cute too;).. 40 is only 11 in Scrabble..

      Noah actually told me :"nice dress nana"..
      and at 10.30 I was modeling my new cowboy boots;)

  2. Happy birthday to your daughter! i just love the book you made, it must have made her happy to have something handmade by you and so pretty, i love seeing the glimpses of the inside. and then that cake, wow. looks like it must have been a wonderful day despite the rain

    1. Can you just imagine the books you can make?And will make..?
      You have everything..!
      Including all your talent!

  3. The book you made for Mylène is precious! She will cherish it forever as well as being a wonderful piece of family history for her children. Such a talented mama! Too bad about the rain but I doubt it diminished the joy of family time.

    1. A..I LOVED making that book.
      I get lost in crafts..and gardening..
      and that's a good thing.
      I have to be inspired though..have to know the person;)

  4. What lovely post and beauty cake for your daugther Monique!
    I would be happy with this lovely snow white cake:))

  5. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!!! What a precious book you created for her. The cake looks so pretty as well:-)

    1. It was sheer pleasure for me to make:)
      Thank you Ry.

  6. Your daughter is so lucky to have a wonderful mother who is making cherished memories forever!! Happy Birthday to Mylene!!

    1. It's never really think of it that way when you are doing it..although I would love to have things like this from my mom..but last night she said I still rememeber when you wrapped a big box when I turned 16..w/ 16 things in it♥
      Thanks Jody..I am sure you do all of this and more!
      Look how many memories you create..

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday, Mylene! Lucky girl to have a thoughtful mom that creates special memories and tokens to hold dear. The book is a treasure! I'm one who finds handmade gifts very special. I call them heart and hand gifts!
    I'm fortunate to have received many such treasure from friends through the years. When I retired from teaching, my colleagues gave me one that each had created a page for me. I pull it out often. Others were made by close friends. I'm at work now creating a book for my husband. We celebrate 40 years together in August. I like to use Mixbook. Have you tried this company? They have various themes that one can select, then slot in photos, quotes, text, etc as one wants. Most pages have too much extra for me, but one can easily delete anything or add more. Try it. Lots of fun things. I've made many books over the years using Mixbook.

    1. Thank you for the Mixbook idea..I will of course go look.
      I bet the books you have received are beautiful..Happy Anniin August.. ours was in June of last year;)
      Now that's an enduring BFF!
      I am like you and love handmade things also:)

  8. Wonderful celebration for a dear daughter! Love the bok. I went to a bookmaking workshop on Saturday & am eager to make more! Bravo!

  9. What a happy birthday Mylene had. I am sure your little scrapbook momento was the highlight of the day. What a beautiful gift! I need to do something like that for my girls/boys. Your cake looks beautiful to me. Everything does. Glad the rain didn't spoil the day! Yay! Love and hugs!

    1. Marie.. I cannot even begin to imagine the cute books you will make..this is small 2inches by 1 I would guess..

  10. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter Mylene. What a wonderful gift you've made her too. All of the great memories wrapped up in something she can keep and enjoy. I can't think of a better gift. The card Joyeux Anniversarie Princesse really touched me. We're all a princess in our parents eyes when we are little girls. We have a friend who made a Shutterfly book of her vacations. I would love to try my hand at it, but haven't had much luck on the internet figuring out where to start. You've inspired me this morning Monique.

    1. Sam..Shutterfly has an easy path..which I often take..I wish you were next door..I would certainly come and help.
      It's not smething that is done in one minute.. to start..I would open an account..

      then download the photos you want to Shuttely and title it..album 1 say..

      make sure you have more photos than you need..I hate running out before my book is done;)

      You will be able to chose layouts.. like 1 photo on a page or 4..or more..take your time and enjoy..
      They often have great deals!
      I am an email away if you need help;)

  11. Oh, how sweet and darling! Fantastical heart and hand gifts, and a resounding rendition of the birthday song to your Mylene! I still can't believe my two are in their thirties - and parents themselves:)

    1. flies know what that says about us;)
      Thank you Katrina..

  12. It must have brought back so many memories as you made the book, baked the cake and added Snow White and her dwarfs atop the cake. I surely would have had the cake sliding off the cake stand had I tried to tilt it to add the sprinkles. Katherine would approve your cake for sure! I am sure she had a wonderful birthday celebration, wish her a wonderful year.

  13. Homemade is the best, Monique, and you are the best mother too.

    1. I can assure you..I'm far and wide and far again..but I try .. ;)
      Hope you had fun w/ everyone..

  14. I, too, am easily enticed by packaging! I remember when one could only get lovely soaps, teas, cookies, etc. from Crabtree and Evelyn!! Perhaps they were the standard bearers. What a lovely book!! Happy birthday to your dear daughter.


    1. Bonnie..I still favor C & E..Savannah Gardens was one of my scents:)

  15. You make the BEST hand-made gifts!
    You really do. The cake is fab too.
    Hysterical in fact ;))

    1. It is hysterical isn't it?
      We really got a kick out of it;)Not exactly the feeling I was hoping for.

  16. You do the most amazing and creative stuff Monique. I want to come live with you and learn. Love that cake and stand, so fun and so pretty!!!

  17. What a sweet Mother you are. I am sure your daughter loved the birthday book and cake. You made everything so special and homemade. Sweet memories.

  18. Hi Monique, you always make everything so special for each of your family members, every occasion, every milestone. They are so lucky to have you. You are a wonderful role model.

    1. I find they are more my role models:)
      Thanks're so nice.

  19. Such a beautiful book and cake! I love the card book, what a lovely idea....

  20. How special you made your daughters birthday for her. that birthday card book is gorgeous, and I'm sure she will treasure for the rest of her life. Hand made gifts will always be my favourite.

  21. I can see you had been working on special touches for a while ;o) Glad your daughter has a momma like you!

    1. :)

      You know what I thought of when I was making it? Remember the photo album you made me? That I brought to Europe?
      The folding etc;)
      Again..thank you.I still have it and love it.
      It hung everywhere we went that Sept ..

  22. That is the sweetest girl ever! Your daughter must have loved her birthday party - I know I would! What a cool cake plate too - very neat that it plays Happy Birthday.

    1. I bought my cucumbers and peppers today;)
      Can't wait to make your relish..
      Thank you Tricia.

  23. Every time I come here....I am speechless...your creativity and artistic skills are unbelievable, Monique...
    What a beautiful gift for your daughter...she will cherish it...for sure...
    When my daughter was 40, last year, I bought her a charm bracelet, and added a few charms from my bracelet, that I had been given when she was born♥️
    She was a Cinderella fan when she was growing a Cinderella cake for her!
    I have used Shutterfly a lot...but their shipping costs are terrible!!! I always get into a hubbub with them, and they end up crediting my account! tee hee hee!
    I tried to add your little sparkles to my cursor a few years ago, but could not get it to this!!
    Have a great week...
    Linda :o)

    1. I must have the link somewhere for the sparkles..although they were done via a long departed computer..but I will try and find and send to you..

      You are so creative !
      And way better at begonias ..mine seem to have all come down w/ some kind of mildew..all the rain?
      Love the charm bracelet idea..and adding some of yours..
      I have my mom's gold one and my silver one..
      I remember being 17..going on a very special date(I was a very late bloomer) and she let me wear her gold charm platform shoes gave way..I tripped going up the stairs..and bent her gold Capricorn zodiac sign..:(
      She never said anything..
      such a great great mom!
      You too have a great week..going to see what you have been up to!

    2. Oh my goodness....loved my platform shoes!
      That is too funny Monique!
      My boyfriend gave me my silver charm bracelet for my 19th birthday!
      My estranged sister has my Moms bracelet...:o/.....most of which I bought! Grrrrr....
      Probably too wet for the Begonias...mine are at the cottage, so they have to fend for themselves, if no rain!

    3. I hear you..:)
      Will look into the fairy dust tomorrow for you..
      That's ok eh?

  24. What a wonderful birthday celebration for the princess!! How do they keep growing? It is astonishing.
    I adore the book. I may have to suggest it to our little craft group as I am not sure I would ever set out doing it on my own, but what a choice little keepsake. I know quite a few granddaughters who would love having one too.
    The cake is gorgeous and that pedestal is stunning! Happy, happy times!

    1. Thanks Jacqueline..It would be a lot of fun at your craft's small..1x2 about maybe a tad bigger..should have kept a prototype;)

  25. So lovely creations!! This post made me smile like a kid. I just pinned that cake photograph. I would love to make a similar cake on my daughter’s birthday. We will host this party at most beautiful party places Miami.

  26. I'm sure your daughter loved her little book. Handmade gifts are so very special and projects like this can bring back so many wonderful memories. You always have such thoughtful and creative ways of showing your family how much you care about them. You inspire me, Monique.

  27. You sure know how to make people feel special! How fortunate your family must be :) <3

  28. Monique
    I subscribed to your site ages ago - but do not get notification of your posts. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Every time I visit, I am edified or inspired. I am a painter - a drawer - and this post was very moving. And you call yours "Littles"! I love that.
    A big hug and lots of love your way, Monique.

    1. I get your updates once a week:)

      I do know that I subscribe to more blogs that arrive to me..for some reason some don' fcat yours took a while..but some it's been over one year.
      To you too nana:)

      Oli has a Mini Red Cooper too.. but just a bit bigger..

  29. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Time flies.