Friday, July 29, 2016

Well, Hello August~

You are just about to happen upon us..did you see July fly by?

August..a whole lotta pinks going on and a whole lot of yellows so I'll start w/ the pinks..
Some of these I have shared on those of you who have seen the radishes and the salad can look away :)
I grew my radishes because I could not find watermelon radishes here..
I may try again..later..

The bee balm is prolific here and even moreso in my borrowed wildflower gardens out back.
So I pick bouquets and display them for me.
I have trepidations now..going into wildflowers..ticks have appeared it seems in pets here in QC..and quite frankly they freak me out.

I've been baking and taking pics and gardening and painting..and reading..Lilac Girls was good..almost 800pages and I didn't get bored at all.
I love E-books..but not for art me it is better seeing it in person if you are trying to learn to paint..etc..or keeper art books and you all know my faves..
I have gone on and on about them♥

So... August is busy in our little clan..
Adamo ..July31rst.. Lucas August 6th..Giuliana August 8th and Mylène August 10th..Caroline and Frédérick's anniversary..and a childhood friend's birthday..Really really nice.
And next weekend Lucas and Mylène,,

Which brings me to the subject of cards..

I am an E-booker and an doubt about it..and an E-shopper too..

 I get the  E-cards idea  at Christmas..well ..because postage is dear and if you have a gang of cards to send..I get it..I used to send out 100 calendars sometimes hear.."I get so many calendars"..ok then..and they were almost $2.00 each to send.
That is one thing about my job I do not miss..mailing out calendars:)
And international rates are so high..'s just not doable.
Many gave up sending Christmas cards years ago.

So back to the cards..I get the E-cards for Christmas..
But I don't get an E-card for birthdays.
unless you cannot get out:( I so get that..been there done that.:(
When someone is not all means don't go out..and do what you just can't..never.
Never should anything be an has to be freeflight~ forgot:)
And that happens..a lot:)

But if you remember and you can get out..why not send a real card..hard copy..a stamp is still the most affordable gift you can give.
The $ store has cards:)
Just write in it..

It just feels so send and to receive.
I get excited when I send something:)
I do..
A little nutty I am..

I follow some  calligraphy/mail art  artists on Instagram..and oh my goodness the letters are such a gift!
One I can follow her blog also..Lindsey..

I think one of the things apart from her insane talent at making her maps  and all the art she creates..that makes Carol Gillott's Paris Maps just how special the letters are..the work involved..and the care that goes into them..
and they arrive snail your mailbox..
with lovely Paris add-ins~ business cards,flyers..such cute stuff..the things I was looking for during our week in Paris~
Treasures to me.

July and les bonbons:)

Les petits trésors de Carol Gillott

I must say..before we left for Paris..I went over so many of Carol's refresh my memory and to point me in directions..very helpful.

The easiest to please friend I have..  said this past week..

"Always nice to receive a package"~

I had not received these yet~

See what I mean.?.Feel good via snail mail~

Bon Weekend!


  1. Oh là là, of course I am so with you on this subject of snail mail!! How exciting to see what you just received, wink, wink! The garden/flower photos, so vibrant! Emailing IS so much more efficient, and I love it. I would love to put myself to work on calligraphy. I know for me it takes a lot a lot of repetition and practice...But I do love it...Happy Birthday to ALL! I'll bet you'll do them up well, in your artistic way!

    1. I am winking back at you:)Calligraphy..when I first started there were the fonts in the little booklet with all the talent out many fonts are new and beautiful..classes are given here and there..and as many men as women are as talented..the supplies..such as pens and nibs and holders are collectors items they are so pretty:) Definitely a fine art w/ a touch of youth right now.

  2. Your pinks are so refreshing. But I have to ask, what do watermelon radishes taste like? I have a few e-books, but I'm a 'hold a book' girl. Something about turning the pages...crazy, I know. But I've always loved paper, pens and books. My husbands birthday and our wedding anniversary is August 23rd. Lol! I still love sending and receiving Christmas and Birthday cards. I get it from my mama. She sends cards to everyone in our family, even the extended family and many friends. We tease her that we should buy stock in Hallmark. She loves it. Have a great weekend, Monique!

    1. You too Laurie..small world Sept 23rd:)
      My mom sent cards too..I guess we are keeping up the tradition!;)
      Watermelon radis to me tastes like a a bit lighter.I just love the colors!
      I still send Christmas cards too..but not 100 and no calendars:)

  3. Quelle surprise Monique :))
    I did not expect...THANK YOU!
    By the way yr envelopes are works of art. You might consider writing on the back DO NOT OPEN EVER! I am returning the stamps though...they were not 'franked' or whatever they call it. Bet laa Poste went into shock when they saw yr gorge envelope.
    I believe in recycling :)

    1. Lol I have no idea what you mean about franked do you mean w/ the post office stamp?
      Glad it got there! I think getting mail is right up there with excitement..Julia and Avis thought so:)

  4. Sounds like a good August is coming your way. I gave birth to two children in August, and thought it is our hottest month here, I am looking forward to it too, though I don't know why. Still crazy after all these years... That is interesting about the ticks in QC now. I live in the most tick infested place on earth; every size and shape carrying diseases. If you remember, my husband's infectious disease was from a tick. He still suffers the after effects. Beautiful radishes and pink. My bee balm is red, but I like the pink better. Have a wonderful last of July weekend.

    1. I do remember:( I was tested for Lyme I don't have it....but I know it's an affliction:(
      I hope he is faring much better Donna..I was just at our brocante and thought of was so packed today with such neat and wonderful things.I am at the end of my career:) If you know what I mean..The pink is all other perennials..I hear Jacques' famous last words:"too bad they don't last long"!

      I remember it was so hot the August I had Mylène..I was 21!

  5. Beautiful pink and the flowers are so lovely. it gives one great pleasure to receive a personal little card in the mail, rather than email. It's more personalized and it does make you feel special.

    1. I agree..:)
      You have been so busy Linda and I love what you are doing for people:)

  6. I remain VERY big on real cards -- I try to save on some by buying after the holidays and now that we have forever stamps I buy when the postage is lower and save the Christmas ones for the next year. Maybe it's because I make so many cards (and sell them) that I always prefer a real note or card to an e-one, but I don't think so. There is pure joy in opening the mail!

    I took a break from Carol's monthly sketches and plan to start her maps in the fall. She's amazing -- one of my fave blogs for several years.

    August -- it feels as though my August is nearly over and it hasn't begun. Lake time. Massachusetts time. Canada time. Time to make art, time to swim, time to play. I wish summer could continue forever!

    1. I think I have discovered I love summer more than before..
      I now's ok to come in:)And NOT garden all day:)
      I agree Carol's keepers..

  7. Monique, I planted watermelon radishes too.They are a little spicy though, but so pretty when you slice them open. I can't find my bee balm in our garden anywhere. I'll have to go to the nursery and get some. Your pink one is so pretty. I have always loved getting cards in the mail, it's so exciting when you open them up. I used to make all my cards by hand, I have quite a collection of stamps. Lately I have ended up getting them at Trader Joe's, just $1. Can't bet the price. I love paper, pens, watercolors and anything to do with art. I can't get enough. Happy August 🌻 Hugs, Jody

    1. Have to confess..our stamps PALE in comparison..when I go to the post office and ask for "cute" stamps..they look at me puzzled..

      and then they show me one kind..and another kind..that's the choice.

      I love the TJ cards..I buy them when we are there for eye candy..One I bought..I have certain ways..a girl in an apron holding flowers w/ a chicken:)at her feet..
      Not to mention I love TJ's..wish we could have one..
      Thanks for al your inspiring posts:)

  8. Yes, what a treat to receive "real" mail from someone. Our mailbox is often filled with flyers and junk mail. When there is a card or letter or package delivered I almost feel giddy with excitement. And no more so than when one from Quebec arrives! 😘
    Hello from the Cape!

    1. LUCKY duck..I think next year we will go back to the Cape..I miss it so much..I bet you are having amazing weather:)
      A Texas postmark had the same reaction for me:)
      Molly and Philo.

  9. I don't know what I like better, your flowers or your radishes, both so beautiful!

    1. Scott can grow these! You have such a climate for growing things!
      What I used to look forward to..when we USED to drive to Florida..was seeing the cotton fields in the Carolinas♥
      And once..exit 97..JR:)

  10. You are so right about receiving snail mail, preach it girl! We need to go back to those days. Your August sounds really busy but fun! It's going to fly by that's for sure, September will be here before you know it. ;)

    1. I known..then October..the older I get the fatser it goes!

  11. I love getting cars, letters,etc. It is a lost art. There is nothing better than getting a beautiful Birthday card. I got about 10 this past week,and over 40 Facebook Birthday wishes. I would rather have a card than a present. What can you get a 81 year old gal for her Bday that she doesn't have.

    Your photos are simply wonderful. I sure hope that August isn't as HOT as July. Sounds like your going to have lots of events happening in August. Enjoy each and every one.


    1. What can you get an 81 year old that she doesn't have..let me thin..
      a CD of beautiful music she has never herad and falls in love with?
      An orchid?A beautiful plant she does not have?Lunch out together?A set of watercolors and paper:)
      I bet you could enjoy all of those..Or a funky cute necklace?

  12. Are those beets in the salad. It looks delicious. I love to get mail-cards, letters. I love stationary. Unfortunately it is a dying art form. I will send you a card one day.

    1. I will send you a card!

      They are watermelon radishes:)
      Email me your address Esme:)

  13. There is so much to love here. Where to begin . . . your photographs are always so beautiful. Love the watermelon radishes. I must look for seeds! I am with you on the ticks. *Shudder* cannot abide the thought of even one! I got a lovely surprise in the post yesterday, such a beautiful envelope. I have not opened it yet. I am so in love with the envelope. I suspect a Bday card, and I am so grateful for snail mail. You are a treasure dear friend. You have a gift of being able to pick people up. Love you to bits. Tank you so very, very much. It could not come at a better time. I am in love with your caligraphy. I must get a book and practice. I would love to do this. Have a wonderful Sunday! xoxo

    1. Marie the link to Lindsey:) She teaches mail art..decorating envelopes..etc..she is up above..I know you love mail art.we both Pin it:) we have no secrets in our Pinterest board..unless you have a SECRET board:)
      With Sam Elliott..:)

    2. haha you know me so well Monique! ;-) xo

  14. Life here this summer has been so busy for us in so many ways, I'll be writing about it soon. I haven't had time to make a post or even look at all my favourite blogs, but I just had to take time out for this one so,so lovely and like all your other followers comments cards are just so special. Enjoy your summer with so many celebrations.

    1. It is our warmest and best summer that I can remember,harder on the in 90F and no I get dizzy in too hot it's been a bit of gardening a bit of painting.:)
      I look forward to heaing about your summer and I hope it's all good..

  15. My mother was a great letter-writer. I miss that. Now it's all email and text. Even invitations and cards. I really draw the line at email Christmas cards, but I get quite a few every year. I cringe.
    Can't believe it's August.

    1. I know August!!
      My mom too Barbara and she had beautiful handwriting.When I was young she would encourage me to write thank you notes to my aunt..s for the gifts..One of my aunts died at 96 about 12 yeras ago and she still sent me $25.00 every birthday to which I always sent a thank you note:)
      Every wedding gift got a thank you note..etc..
      Oh those moms of ours♥

  16. Love getting something in the mail! One of life's simple pleasures
    Oh, so hot (and humid) here too!

  17. Love E-books, and snail mail is a wonderful thing, from an early age Mom taught me to write thank yous and letters. The pinks are so pretty, and happy!

  18. We receive so much junk in the mail, it would be lovely to receive a wonderful letter! I love all your little projects - sounds like you are having a wonderful August so far. Where has the summer gone? We love bee balm! The butterflies and bees are happy here. Have a wonderful weekend Monique!