Thursday, September 29, 2016

Some final roses..Bran Muffins and Sennelier~

The day  was  golden  with such a glow the day I picked the last of the roses..(I keep saying that..and they keep appearing..)..
I have more as I type~
..before going out I painted my favorite teapot yet again  to be able to talk about this little Sennelier set.
And baked some muffins..some bran muffins from Marie..
Marie's are to the left..I like bran muffins and these were the perfect occasion to use my Lyle's Golden Syrup..Thank you Marie:)
I pop my muffins in the micro..I like warm muffins..they taste freshly baked then..

and some apple crisp muffins..

Back to painting..

First of all..
I am in LOVE with anything and everything Sennelier.
I will never forget my one time visiting there w/ Nancy in Paris and that sweet sweet gentleman being so nice to us.
I could have easily spent an afternoon there and my euros.
So many corners I did not many small things did not come home with us..
however..thankfully some did..
this small Sennelier set is available occasionally at our Omer De Serres store..and I think Amazon.Parka blogs reviews a larger set here..I love Payne's Grey.But I love to WEAR
Nancy's dress is Payne's Grey below.

Some of you may remember this birthday card I made for Nancy w/ this set.

I think they are wonderful..not chalky..not's nectary:)♥ crisp ,pretty, bright colors that layer well..and watered down? The red can become pink..mixing a blue and red will give you a pretty and yellow an orange..they mix WELL.
A little brush comes w/ the set..I would have liked a metal white top to see the colors you are mixing..but I use the lid if I am confident..and a small white welled palette if not..
you would not regret this small set♥
A great place to start..the very very small..I prefer a small travel brush that came with a journal one time..but it's a start..
you could just pack some paper..a Scott towel or sock..and a bottle of water and go paint somewhere for a while :)
Or try at home..not much space is required at all.
You can even play some music you love..cheaper than most outings..even cheaper than dinner out;)

A little side trip..

I visited St Armand's for the second time..the first time was several years ago..I went with my friend as she needed paper..this time I went because ..yes she needed paper but I wanted a smaller Canal book.They also carry Sabretooth...etc..I got sidetracked and did get paper but didn't get the Canal..oh well we will just have to go back.

Jacques said..he would take me back..
I don't drive into town..
I moved out to the country at's been 41 years..
I had no sense of direction back's worse now.
I love the country but it excites me to see new things in the city on occasion..
like this fantabulous place.

This is a minute portion..a small fraction of the wharehouse/mill  they occupy..  papers are everywhere..from large large large pieces to small bookmark sizes..colors..textures..the list goes on and on..the papers are all made from fabrics and bleaching products etc..

So can read about the papermaking here.
David Carruthers was there on site nice..helpful.
I could have taken more photos but for some reason I am intimidated..I asked if I could take a photo and the lady said no people..I agreed of course and told her I hate my photo being taken..but that request took all my bravado..this is the only photo out of three that gives you an idea..of the is huge.

I could have spent hours there..but Jacques was in the car;)

The little book I bought and one of the sheets .. (mostly Daniel Smith colors).
Hydrangeas in a Bonne Maman jar.The leaves are changing quickly now as the nights are cooler..
the light has changed yet again..
Mid day warmth is felt with the sun..but as of now 4.30 ish  the wind is cool ,the light still beautiful..but a bit of brr~

Bon Weekend~


  1. I love your water color paintings. I used to paint water color years ago. About 5 months ago I bought some paint, but then we decided to sell our house, so they have been packed away. It is one of the first things I am going to do when we get settled into a new place.

    1. I bet you are so good at it..your artistic nature must shine..Penny..take them out will only make the home selling process less stressful..I used to tell my clients..keep living..

      I must admit I am surprised how in the last 6 years(since I stopped after 28 years..)listings of homes are so staged.
      some listings needed staging..but many were it seems when I look at homes I favor for sale..not one personal thing is out.
      Like model homes..yet with even less than what they put..
      Your home is lovely..paint♥

  2. Your Roses are so pretty...I must plant some next year....I say that every year! Hahaha!
    Haven't made Bran Muffins in years! Must do that too!
    Your paintings are them! They! 🕊
    We had so much rain today....soggy!
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)
    ps...watched the Great British Baking show last night! Thought of you....

    1. So do you love it?The GBBS?

      I bet you do..

      heads up..

      love this new series..

      This Is Us♥

      Sunshine all day..super pretty day most days this summer..except I am so done w/ the parched gardens.
      Have a nice evening!

  3. Oh Monique, such pretty pictures and the leaves there, awww. Love that you use your little travel paints. And a mannequin? You're going to have to get a bigger table. I used to make my own paper with my flower petals in it. They make little paper making kits. I love those pink roses and am thinking of planting some down a narrow flower bed on a side of the house that just has ground cover and a few flowers. I'd have to try two of each muffins to decide my favorite. Sounds like it is time to get out all the blankets.

    1. They are bed and in front of my nightly 90 minutes of TV.Flannels and socks♥ My flip flops look great w/ my socks:)
      Do you still have some of your paper? would be smitten w/ this place and the owner:)

    2. Flip flops and socks? I thought I was the only one. I probably do somewhere; it will turn up one day. I would have a ball in that store and the one in Paris you spoke of. Just can't find those kind of shops everyday.

    3. We are fashionistas:)
      These shops are absolute treasures..treasure chests!

  4. Your water colors are gorgeous! I need a closer look at your teapot - lovely. We were at Sennelier in Paris years ago when I had begun painting. There was a wooden studio easel there that had a fold up desk on the back side. I asked about having it shipped to the US. The easel cost ~ $750 and shipping would have been that or more. I still think about it.

    1. Isn't it amazing how some things stay with us forever?
      I may have seen that on Pinterest..a man makes reproductions..if I see it again I will send you the link..I may not have the right picture in my mind..but just in case...:)

  5. Even your photos look golden like fall leaves! So pretty! I love the rose topper on your beautiful tea pot. Paynes Grely was always a favorite of mine. I love the hint of blue in it. St. Armand's must be a treasure! How nice of Jacques to take you 💕

    1. That Olympus camera sometimes shoots's white balance is different from angle to angle and sometimes I leave it..Even though it is old I would be hard pressed to ever sell it..we get attached to these things that are part of our everyday..don't we..even with their quirks:)
      I me so much construction on our city roads..detours..etc..
      He dated a girl in that area..brought back memories..I was 3 at the time:)

    2. My camera tends to take photos that are more yellow too and often I have to fix it but I love in your teacup and teapot photos. It looks like warm, golden sunshine. It sounds like construction is everywhere! You can hardly travel the city here without going through construction. The reason I used the route I took when I had my accident was to avoid the construction on the freeway :( I'm sure Jacques is very happy he didn't marry her and has you ♥

    3. :) So cute what you said..funny it's my Oly that does this and you are right with this it works:)

      You won't be having another accident:(

  6. Your tea pot, the roses, that cup, your paintings, the art shop, the muffins . . . you have an eye for making everything so beautiful Monique. I love seeing your perspective on things always. Your Jacques sounds a real sweetheart. You are a match made in heaven I can tell. Love all that you share. I am happy you like the muffins. That makes me happy. I love my muffins warm also and a good bran muffin is a little piece of heaven. Your artwork amazes me, always. Have a great weekend! xoxo

    1. As usual Marie..thank you !
      That shop Marie..well would find so interesting!
      It does give us a good feeling when someone shares our enjoyment..of anything really..or when they you do..
      Yes have a great weekend:)

  7. Everything so happy place.
    Bon weekend to you and yours

    1. You are working so hard:) It will all be your happiest place yet soon:)

  8. Replies
    1. It's here for good Carol..that class I ttok w/ Helmut Gerth..he used to say fall is the only season to paint landscape.Oh and add a touch of red..I think I will take photos of the art he gave me.

  9. ooh such pretty paintings and supplies, i love seeing the little field trips you go on, so much fun, and i love reading your info on supplies. those little roses in the silver teapot, wow, did you do a painting of it :)

    1. I should have Jenni! I didn't..I noticed some more fairy roses..maybe I will try..I guess the silver intimidated me:)
      I think any one of us would love that mill..and the quiet grace of the owner.
      Good idea..isn't it strange that with everything around us sometimes we wonder what to paint? Incredible actually.

  10. I adore those tiny roses...I used to have Cecile Brunner roses in San Francisco...I need to plant some like yours next year if all is well.
    I just put that little travel set in my basket at Amazon...I will leave it sit there for a bit until I need to buy myself a little gift.
    Your pictures all just put a smile on my face...always...
    Bisous xoxoxo

    1. xox I look forward to painting with you:) Virtually..:)
      The fairy..perfect for your zone..and they have a climber for isn't hardy here..

  11. Your pictures are always so gorgeous. Love your art work and your garden. :)

    1. Amy you are such an artist in the kitche,cute cute food always impeccably prepared and presented!

  12. Your photos are lovely. And your watercolors, so effervescent, light, sparkly...those hydrangeas, wow!
    Someday I will but that little Sennelier box. Maybe in Paris at the shop! A girl can dream....

    1. There is a 12 set w/ metal box at Amazon..yes girls can dream:)
      Paris would be le best though♥

  13. Buenísimos muffins

  14. I so love your descriptive words....nectary. Oh, and your paintings, too. 😄

  15. You are having a painting spree this year Monique, every painting is amazing to me. So much talent. I love your tea pot too. A real beauty and lovingly cared for. Isn't it amazing the details the old silver had? I have finally gone down to one hand therapy session a week so I baked banana bread and then Jerry got his long overdue cream cheese swirl brownies. I have so many of your recipes I still want to try but don't want to overdo it. I've also started cutting back things in the garden. It is raining here and will be for a few days but we need it. Babysitting the girls tomorrow night. Enjoy your painting sessions and the weekend.

    1. Have fun tomorrow!
      I am done with the gardens:( They look brittle again..perennials that bloom now..the leaves are burnt and dry and worms are eating the rose leaves..w/ out sufficinet water gardens don't shine I find..have to plant my garic in the next few eeks happy for you that you have healed so well..

      I have cookies coming up that we have enjoyed,soft though:) But good..thanks for your nice words about my trials..very very kind of you:)

  16. I appreciated your tip about not needing much to paint. I can't wait when I can find time to find a little corner to paint, with Christmas music playing in the background :). Love the photos of your little football players, they're so cute! Hope you're having a great weekend

    1. You are painting all the time:) Large works of art/heart:)
      I love Christmas music♥

  17. Hi Monique, love all your painting tips. My grandson who is 6 loves to paint, it comes naturally for him. When he was 4 he painted a ball spinning. I am learning from him. Love your roses, we have some older yellow ones here on our property with the most amazing smell. Have a wonderful week.

    1. You too..our youngest is now 7:( Time flies with those Littles..:( I want to freeze them.:)

  18. Wow -- that place looks spectacular. I do love a good paper store, though I keep trying to refrain from going unless I really need something or else I just lose control! I checked out your small Sennelier palate on Jerry's Artarama -- 17.95. I think I will order it -- you speak so highly of them and I love what you are doing with them. And nice with the flowers. I find doing "water" in a vase very hard!

    1. I do too's gloomy here today..I am going to set up and paint..There is another Sennelier set I wrote Linda a metal tin w/ twice the colors..but $50

      Daniel Smith are great but $$ little addiction..:)
      I refrain too..this is years of collecting..I never paint large things so everything will outive and outlast me..

      I find watercolors last..
      Have a great day!

  19. Wow...can anyone visit the warehouse? I love paper. :)

    1. Yes!
      You would love time you are in Mtl..Google and call and make sure you give yourself time to explore..the staff and The owner were super nice and calm..and laid back.

  20. Why is it that muffins sound so much better in the fall? A warm muffin, a cup of tea and a good book! I am off to check out Marie's Bran Muffins....