Sunday, October 2, 2016

Apple pie..Hydrangeas~ M Graham and painting teacups again.

It's amazing how a lens changes so much..the photos were all taken with my Olympus..but this last one is with a new /second hand maybe third hand lens..a manual lens...50 mm 1.8 with an adapter.
I love how so much blurs in back..the last tea cup wastaken with it can tell..the writing is sharp..the cup not..

This last one..I used Grumbacher .. Sometimes..if you prefer learning at home..Google etc..are necessary musts..
I was getting a bit discouraged with my in the above middle picture....a teacup from my mom..
I Googled  howtodrawteacups..
and eureka..lots of tips and tricks came up..
I made sketches and put them in my How To Draw Teacups card:)
They range from drawing a square..or rectangle..and an ellipse drawing a circle  with yet another ellipse..lots of tips and tricks..

for my initial test w/ my M Graham watercolors..( see the palette middle pic at top ..bottom left?You may remember a beach buddy gave me that palette w/ large dots..more than dots..of his set of M Graham watercolors..
he paints with few colors and mixes..)
I do like them a lot..there is a summer set that looks interesting..
the colors are rich and juicy.

I did use a gold acrylic..thanks to Vivian Swift telling us about that:) Well it works need very few this the colors mix beautifully..I have had this palette for almost 1 year..and it still paints prettily.
My next trip to the USA I think I will invest in the summer palette.

The last one..I used Grumbacher ..they seem chalky at times and less vibrant but on paper..I liked them..this is the set that was missing one pan..

You need very little to set up a painting spot.
I sat in our screened-in-porch Sept 26th..and painted a few teacups..
I use a dry erase board from the dollar store..a paper clip to attach my mom's tea cup..the palette..a worn Scott towel..2 empty Kirkland grapefruit segments empty container..

a mechanical pencil and a broken off all fits on the board..on my lap..
oh and that pretty block of watercolor paper from Sennelier~

I could make a different apple pie every day and Jacques would be happy..
..this time I used that crust I keep raving about..sliced some apples thinly..enough to fit the dish with a hill of apple slices shrink and your mound evens pile them on..especially w/ a dough crust on top..
1/4 cup of flour..3 tbsps fave blend of apple pie spices that I make that includes freshly grated cardamom..
and a crumb top..butter, flour, brown sugar..oats..I added pecans and walnuts this time..
I love the look and smell of a pie on the counter..he loves the taste.

Every fall..I cut down my hydrangeas..this is one of our Pink Diamond bushes..we have high I like putting things on hutches to make the ceilings more cozy..
that basket sits on our tv armoire..the hydrangeas last a good year..but by the end of the year..they do I fill the wheelbarrow w/the old..and make a new arrangement for the coming year..I place them exactly how I want them in the large basket..and let them sit for a few days in the garage..then I bring it in..the reason I leave in the sometimes there is a bee or two:( An earwig or two..

Do you love KDLang? I do..
Do you love Tony Bennet?I do..
Together..they are magic.
Like fall leaves..only one artist paints like that!♥

It has been such a gloomy weekend!
Heavy..dry..w/ record lows of rain in imagine..
Today is Sunday and I baked..a beef and mushroom pie from Canadian Living for Jacques..sad to report Rogers is selling Chatelaine many paper products such as magazines and newspapers are becoming obsolete with so much online..I guess..
I made a soup..a few other things..but I will save ..because what else would I talk about:)
 I made scones..yes I do indulge..and bites of this and that..
And that Costco popcorn:)
I took one of my 10 fave scone  recipes..but used self -raising or self-rising flour?To mimic Mary Berry.
I love her..
I had no idea she had has such sadness and challenges in her life.
I love her even more now.
Oh..and I painted..and took pics and played with my toys...♥

Have a lovely week~


  1. I think I want to live at your house, apple pie, scones, beautiful hydrangeas, lovely paintings... Do you have any openings :)

  2. You encourage me to get excited for Fall... finally! The pool is still open, I looked at it mournfully this weekend as it was cold and damp and a possum drowned there (eek!) The photos are wonderful. I love your watercolors and the review of different types of paints. More encouragement, thank you!

    1. Fall is gorgeous when the sun is out ..nostalgic and heavy when gloomy..well for me:) But you can't live in October and not see magic right?
      And how nice is winter to paint too..wish we could pick buqets in the summer..and come in to winter..hard to explain..Have a great day!

  3. Oh, I must investigate Mary Berry. I love her too, but only know her from the British Baking Show and nothing of her life. And Tony/kd. Oh, yes, two of my favorites.

    Your hydrangeas dazzle me. I picked all mine -- they're now drying inside. I miss them outside but they were dragging on the branches. And oh, the yummy baking smells from your home! Quite perfect. As are your teacups. I love each and every one -- I know you see the flaws. I see the charms!

    1. She had polio younger..which made her spine different etc..the hardest part is she lost her youngest a car accident..
      she just kept on going w/ all that sorrow..sometimes we look at people and think've got it all..the projection..

      You are right Jeanie I see the flaws..we are all alike I think..:)

  4. miam ce gâteau et jolie l'aquarelle

  5. Oh yes, Mary Berry is a real trooper and has indeed had some incredible sadness in her life. I am pleased that she has stayed with the BBC. She is a very loyal person. Says a lot to me about her character. She would not follow the money. Your paintings are lovely. It is hard to pick a favourite. I think I love the bottom one most of all, but that could be because of the words. Your pie is so adorable! I love the pie dish, how sweet with the pointing arrow. I need to make Todd an apple pie! He loves them so very much. We are going to cut our bushes right back this year as well. Especially the roses and the hydrangea. A good pruning does them the world of good. I have never dried and brought in, but have wanted to. I am loving the season so far. We have had quite a few sunny days. LIke Jeanie, I know you see the flaws in all you do, but we do all see the charm and the love. You are a treasure. Love you to bits! xoxo

    1. I would probably stop blogging if not for the visits..I started for the girls so they would have my recipes..but they are cooks in their own right now..and if need be they pick up the phone..I just love what we share and discover..with our wonder magazines are not surviving..
      the dish is old..I forget where I bought it..a tag sale for sure..not new..

      Pruning is shocking at a bad haircut..but helps in the long run:).
      Have a great day Marie.

  6. Pretty artwork. The Internet is great for learning new skills. Jacques must be in heaven now that it is apple season. I need to cut back my hydrangea as it is growing too big and sticking out in the driveway. What a great idea to save extra to freshen up your arrangements. Do you put them in the basket without water and let them dry? I have been meaning to google to see how to dry hydrangea. Do you strip the leaves so they don't brown? That tree stump would make a great stage for a little one to perform a play or belt out a song. They chrysanthums look bright and sunny there. Enjoy your week.

    1. I just cut them and stick them exactly where they will go..the baskets..and place they dry naturally in the right water and I leave leaves..they dry up..nothing sheds etc..however getting them out of the house at the end of the 12 months..well you could find your way back in easily..a trail of dry petals..worth it!
      I find Annabelles do not do well..the Pink Diamonds..perfect..and I am sure Pinkie Winkie also..
      He likes any sugar season:)And now his reg stock of CF!

    2. Happy Monday Monique....
      I love your idea with the beautiful Pink pretty!
      I used to have lots of dried flowers around the house in the early 80's...
      Think I'll snip my dozen Limelight Hydrangeas...they will look beautiful for Thanksgiving!
      I agree with everyone...your teacups are perfect...and your (Jacques) pie looks very tasty....
      Hope to get some garden work done today...pool is closed...time to clean up!
      Have a wonderful day...
      Linda :o)

    3. We had appts downtown..just got home..Jaacques is going to mw..I may cut a few things back..Oh Linda I went through the dried flowers here and there too stage.till the dust won;)

      So off with their heads and now I just have that big basket of hydrangeas:)

      Aww..Esther will miss the pool:(

    4. Thanks for the tips Monique.

  7. That apple pie looks wonderful. Love those pretty hydrangeas too.

    1. Jacques is such a dessert person moderation..the pie will last the week:)

  8. Stunning pics Monique. Such pretty hydrangeas and your teacups I just love. I like my apples sliced thinly too. Love KD Lang, especially her singing Halleluia. It is just so pretty a song. I fixed spaghetti and meatballs for the grandkids and my daughter last night and her boyfriend was bossing my grandchildren. Aye yay yay. I didn't say anything, but couldn't sleep last night. So do you get involved and say something or not? I don't know, but you know what I did. I said it this morning. Can't help myself. The geese just flew in to the lake from wherever they go to to sleep. It is a beautiful morning and the lake has leaves floating on it. I bought some bulbs to plant so some gardening for me today too.

    1. I just noticed the glass arrow on the pie pan. What a neat pan.

    2.'s a tough kids live across the street..well one we have tried to not say anything ever..Jcques warned me 11 yrs ago..LOL..
      So far the kids are so special I am glad I didn't meddle:)
      But if I saw something that bothered me I think I would say something..and I bet I have..I remember no I don't bet I have..I have..
      How is that instead of I didn't inhale:)That famous quote:)
      I love that song too..and River!:)

    3. Not as neat as your skates..:) Makes me think of The Preacher's Wife..and Whitney:( all of a sudden..I guess music etc..;)

  9. My Limelight hydrangeas are turning a beautiful shade of greenish-pink too. I am going to cut some for the dining room to enjoy through Thanksgiving. I believe we got all the rain that missed you in September. I don't recall such a rainy past 2 or so weeks. Finally some sun today so I can get outdoors and start some fall cleanup. I love the saying on the purple teacup. Teacups make a wonderful watercolor subject and you have such lovely teacups to pose for you :) Lovely paintings! I have an inexpensive 50mm 1.8 too. It doesn't autofocus but great lens. Your tree stump makes a beautiful table for the mums. Jacques' pie looks delicious with Tony and K.D. looking like they'd love a piece :) Happy week, Monique! xo

    1. You too..
      It's not my's 3 homes up the street:)
      Teacups..yes..even Googling teacup pics..and you have so many to paint!
      Are you going to paint again? This winter?

      So talented you are..I bet your teacups would be beautiful.

      TG is next weekend here ..Alain and Adamo are awys..not sure anything is going on...


    2. It's a beautiful scene. I think you must have the prettiest neighborhood. Yes, I am committed to picking up my brushes again! I'll need to re-train myself it's been so long and also watch a few old videos :) Oh my goodness, your TG next weekend already. We have little Thanksgivings and then larger ones as we have to share the boys with their other grandparents. This is our year! We get to be Bo's first Thanksgiving ♥ When are you planting your garlic?

    3. Probably last week of October..
      I cannot wait to see your paintings..although I get to see one every day..
      BTW I need a new photo of Bo bébé♥
      We have a beautiful neighbourhood..:)

  10. Love apple pie .
    What lovely pictures Monique.
    Autumn is my favorite season so far <3

  11. That pie is fabulous! How pretty you stage everything. The hydrangeas are gorgeous. Love the reflection of te wheelbarrow and flowers.

    1. HI Linda..air must admit since figuring out a few manual settings I have fallen in love with one of my old cameras and have been playing.
      If I entertained I would enjoy doing tables like you do..I think..because I used to love it.
      Thank you.

  12. I have the KDLang/Tony Bennet album as well, it is wonderful. And I've made apple pie just yesterday. This wonderful post speaks to me.

    1. It os such a good with Spotify etc..many don't buy as many CDs..kind of glad I bought this one when I did:)

  13. The pie, the leaves, the old book spine, and your lovely paintings! I love to start the day looking at your amazing photos. Those leaves made me smile, from ear to ear! I am such a lover of fall colors. Those are all amazing.

  14. So funny..I find your photos amazing:)
    I do love the rich fall colors..this morning I left here at 7.30 the early morning light catching certain trees and potted plans..well it just takes your breath caeras were home.

  15. Bonjour ma chère Nana,

    Un gros bisou de Portland où je me trouve en ce moment à l'occasion de mon exposition de peinture...
    Je suis sous le charmes de vos petites aquarelles... Vos tasses de thé sont adorables. La douceur des couleurs me plait beaucoup. J'aime cette belle harmonie.
    Et miam-miam, je goûterais volontiers une part de cette tourte aux fruits.

    Gros bisous

    1. J'espère que tout va merveilleusement bien!
      J'en suis certaine!

  16. Beautiful photos, love Mary Berry too... no more Chatelaine? :(

    1. For some reason..:) I am not surprised you do:)

      Been thinking about you..when our little town turns to gold:)
      I see the end of your Japanese Anemones in front of your home in my head♥

  17. Beautiful close up of the hydrangea - is that the one with the different lens? Soft and pretty - and that huge mum (I think) - lovely on the stump! I'm so impressed with your watercolors, and how you keep on, even if discouraged. I love watercolors, but painting, aside from painting walls and doors and furniture, I leave to experts like you. Lovely, lovely . Happy October, can you believe it's here?

    1. I cannot..I find I have spent less time in the gardens this summer than the last 4 years..the drought..and heat..maybe that's why I painted I love seeing the different reaction..paint/paper..marvels.
      I started putting things to bed today but we have not had a frost everything is big..bushy and dry.
      Still grateful..and looking forward to my garlic..
      It is the new/old lens..w/ an adapter ring to fit on the DSLR..she was selling her whole E410 kit and camera..I asked if I could only by that..since I have had the E510 for years and years..she said yes..and sold the rest a few days later..enjoy the end of the week..

  18. Gosh too beautiful! Everything...your apple pie looks just like've captured it so well..I'd love to sit with you now and share a piece with some of your flavousome tea.
    The hydrangeas and your paintings are gorgeous.

  19. What a stunning pie! That would be hard to cut into!
    Who would know that there would be tips on how to paint a teacup! Isn't the internet a marvel?

  20. You would be fun to play with. I like what your eye sees and glad you share with us :-) Especially since I sit in an office with no windows for 11 hours a day. This is funny to me....I was interviewing a woman for a payroll position recently, and she asked if she would have a window office.
    I enjoy both KDLang and Tony Bennett.
    I must make a heart shaped apple pie soon. I'll surprise Joe :-)

    1. I admire you ..I need are so happy..I can't wait to see you when you no lonegr work!!:)

  21. The 50 1.8 is such a fantastic lens. If Olympus makes one, an 85mm is also a dreamy lens.

    1. Pam..thank you because I really have no idea which lenses are best.I appreciate your suggestion because you are such an amazing photographer.

  22. But not a gloomy post! Love your teacups, your autumn, Bennett & KD Lang together and separately, heart pie! I have set my self a new challenge: to try out painting without ink lines! We shall see....Meanwhile, getting ready for a February art show at the language school.

    1. But I love your art lines♥♥
      I am sure I will love the other also..but your art is alive w/ motion..with those art lines..loose..fluid..

  23. Monique, Oh how I wish we were neighbors, I could come over for dessert and learn how to watercolor ♥ You have so many wonderful talents!! Love K.D. Lang and Tony Benet, I'll have to buy their CD. Mary Berry is a favorite here too!!
    Hugs, Jody

    1. I know we have so many of the same likes!
      And loves..our families!

  24. It is apple festival time so only natural that apple pie comes to mind. You know of my relationship with pie crust so....I will give yours a try! Your watercolors always make me smile.

  25. Tes photos sont vraiment sublimes ! Et cette apple pie... Miam !

  26. I bet your house looks and smells delicious! And I'd say you have this painting tea cups mastered! They are lovely!
    I've missed the blogging community. So glad I found you again!
    diane @ thoughts&shots