Friday, April 21, 2017


So you saw chaos in the kitchen for Easter..

this is my peace and quiet the kitchen..not nearly as lively or happy or busy..yet I am ok w/ calm too.

all seasons are clearly seen through our windows..and I am so grateful for is where I spend a lot of time...

there's a lot of stuff going my kitchen..actually probably everywhere and maybe that's why I am a tidy can't have collections AND a mess..that becomes hoarding to me..I need to see everything in it's place..
yet I can visit..anyone who is not like that and appreciate their fun.

What is it they say?"Dull women have immaculate homes?"
I am on the verge of dull..Goodie One Shoe.

I like looking at things that make me happy Rita Moreno I guess..just saw the inside of her home..she's not living in her house to be like a magazine on a's got her stuff..:)

So..looking  outdoors for one..for a treat....a basil Cucina things..the scent sends me to the moon..
the jade plant that was almost a peanut when I bought it to go into this planter a friend gave me..

Nancy's  Sel..Café..Thé..etc..  apothecary very REAL  French jars.. etc..bought in the south of France maybe 40 yrs ago..more more.. even..

I think I am taking those w/ me when I go..I don't want to see them on Varage Sale..or in a Garage sale;)

Avez-vous lu mes belles filles?:)♥
These have to b my mother's things:)

I don't like windows hidden by curtains here except bathroom and bedroom..lace in the dnr..  darkness to sleep..apart from that..please let the light shine in..
right now is possibly the ugliest time to look leaves..brown grass..leftover leaves..bleak w/ the rain..

as I type..I can't help but feel for people that live in flooded areas  right in my area..we are by a we live UP the street,,..state of emergencies have been declared..evacuations..

can't imagine:(  

Can't imagine Les Champs -Elysées....

I visited chickens this week..gorgeous chickens..

I like naming chickens;)

I always used to cut my tulips..the stems..then remove leaves that would be below the water line..change the water every second day..fill my big round fishbowl w/ water..and place my tulips..eventually they drooped and I loved that look..but this look is cool too..from the Marchande De Fleurs a flower market..

don't like an inch of frigid water..

and they will not droop..and they will off w/ ice cubes every few days..

Jacques likes this upright look does  Caro ..I do too..but the loose side of me  ..likes the droopy look too..

I made this of Marie's w/ Jacques' home made hot Italian sausage and a ton of that was good!
I had not used cottage cheese in yrs..this makes 2 meals for us..we ate easy and good!

I made some quiches..because I had so many pretty eggs:)!
See the minis?The little brown ones..?

These  are what ..eggs look like from new laying chickens..small and gorgeous and fresh..they will get bigger..

Pol Martin's  quiche fave much cream!  LOL whipping..thick cream..  1 .5 cups to 3 eggs..well worth the indulgence though..That makes 2 dinners for us..

I..  by on a Wet Canvas forum..(I had Googled something which led me to WC)..that Legion paper was sending out a set of 3 sheets of watercolor paper..samples to those who asked..
I went and asked....  and forgot about know Canada..US..shipping etc..I thought what are the chances that it applied to here..

out of the blue about 1 month ago..I received a note saying they had not forgotten about me..and then on Good Friday..(delivered the day mail here GF and Easter Monday)..I had the sheets..
how totally generous of them  ..I was with my daughter and she said..: "Wow ..$9.50 in shipping..for 3 sheets of paper.."..
I acknowledged that was indeed very very generous..

I was so surprised..anyway..I tried half of one sheet and I am smitten..I never frame what I paint..I have an oil of Lucas that is sitting in a frame..unframed but on display..but this one I did frame..I matched the frame to the one I chose for Susan's beautiful gift to me..and now they are one above the other by my cookbook/telephone kitchen office area:)

I love the paper..and will buy more.

So samples work.
Next time I am in the US..  chaching.:)♥That good!

Have a nice least I think I am starting to see buds on trees.


  1. I love your beautiful kitchen window Monique, it's just like you! And what a great tip for tulips. I love learning new stuff like that! I just learned a similar new trick with lettuce from the garden. It seemed the minute I brought it in and washed it, it got limp and unattractive. I figured out that if I wash it well (under cold running water), then placed it in a glass of water (just enough water to cover the bottom of the glass), it will stay perfectly upright and crisp for days! I just refrigerate it for an hour or so before serving to crisp it up a bit more. Good thing I figured this out, as Scott planted beaucoups of lettuce back in February!

    1. Chris..on the counter the lettuce? I must have missed that!

      That is great :)
      I love tips too..

      I was just thinking and talking to jacques about you not 10 mins ago..we were talking about last June and Paris..(I guess in light of yesterday..):( and I had noticed our appartment was no longer listed a month back and now it is..I asked him if he remembered yours..:) I have to go back and look..I'm not going..just like of my doctors just came back from Lyon..she loved it..said a Mini Paris..and water

      Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Your kitchen looks wonderful with the fresh basil and sun shine window! That quiche looks yummy!

    1. Jacques and I always say.. our home looks so different sun/rain..sun..the whole house pops:) Yellow does that I find..
      not fond of dark colors on walls for us..for others..yes!
      I always appreciate every day we live here..I know it almost gets like borrowed time:(

  3. I love having a wonderful view from my kitchen window too. Your kitchen is so light and bright! I love the chicken names ♥♥ We saw two wild turkeys walk through our yard twice this week. We're hoping they stay, maybe lay eggs, have babies :) They have the funniest walk. Was just looking at a quiche I wanted to try yesterday ;) Thank you for the tulip trick and to Chris for the lettuce tip! No tulips here yet but the daffs are almost over already. So sorry to hear about the local flooding. We've have so much rain this spring also. I will have to Google your paper. What a wonderful gift and your painting is beautiful, My Dear!

    1. She is happy belw yours here:)

      I love wild turkeys..we have only seen coyotes..skinny skinny..I think once a moose..mostly seagulls..

      I have a few scllas showing..period..I just bought Ranunculus bulbs this AM..w/ the hope of digging the bulbs up this fall..we shall see:)
      Have a nice weekend..♥My dear!

  4. Love looking at your photos on such a gray morning, I've had to turn on the light even with all the windows. Rainy through the weekend. My newly opened peonies and irises and roses will be kaput. Makes me so sad, but I did get a few pictures yesterday. I saw a line, As above, so below. I googled it and went on a journey about Hermeticism and and the meaning of it all. That's how my mind works. Little snippets turn into tomes. And, I smiled when I saw ~, goodie one shoe and chaching.

    1. I just Googled it:)

      That's why you are so well read and brilliant..

      I also..once my peonies bloom..the rains shall return:(

  5. Love, love the view from your kitchen window, Monique. I don't think I'd ever leave that room.
    If I ever decide to move from where I am, I would love a window over my kitchen sink. As old fashioned as it sounds, I'd also like enough room for a kitchen table and chairs. We have a counter with stools, but it's just not the same.
    That quiche looks delicious - your dishes always look wonderful
    Happy week-end.

    1. I hope you do get a window over your sink:)
      I hope you I mentioned above.. my home feels different to me than it did 16 yrs ago..the same love..if you can love a house..and I do..but I feel that it's not forever now..those thoughts never crossed my mind all those yrs I am hanging on to all the lovely feelings here..

      cause ya never know.
      That's the one thing I hate about finding out we're not immortal..or infallible.

      Must be the rain lol making me talk like this!;)
      HAPPY weekend to YOU:)

  6. Good Friday Monique...
    We stayed home...rain warning at the cottage...and 50 km winds...we will wait!!
    I am like you with my "stuff"...i like to see it and enjoy it...then I am happy!!
    I love your Basil plant in the basket...mine is in a big pot, on the kitchen that herb!!
    Your kitchen is beautiful...I love to look out my window was drapes for me either!! And...none at the cottage...just blinds in the bedrooms for darkness.
    I have not had quiche in ages...perhaps I should make one...hmmmmm...
    Love your painting of your lovely are indeed lucky...✨
    Have a great weekend...
    Linda :o)

    1. YOU are lucky:)

      Such a life..just got home from Canadian EH?
      And Staples and Super C..

      Having a the pluses..that's why we are lucky..and right now no flooding.

      Your dear 28 yrs of real estate..the first 12..I brought Jacques to see every waterfront..I was visualizing on the water..never happened..

      so I think u are of both worlds..cottage country and city life..

      let's face it..I found a leather pouch Jacques owned maybe 50 yrs can be like a small purse..IDEAL for travel watercolor...that excites me..:)To concoct a little set..that I don't need..but will love doing with stuff I have..

      You're a bit like that:)
      I need TOTAL darkness for bed;)
      Gosh it's ugly out..;(((

    2. We were at Cdn Tire too...and Walmart...and Winners...truly an exciting day!!

    3. LOL Linda:) Well Winner's is fun♥

  7. I think your kitchen window, sink and back-splash is the most beautiful I have seen. I spend a lot of time looking out my kitchen window while I work away so it is very impt. to me. What a sweet name for a beautiful chicken. I would love to meet 'the ladies' across the road that provide us with fresh eggs...all 85 of them. :)You would have a blast naming them all. lol

    1. son-in law has 8..Monday to Sunday and Georgette:)
      You are lucky to get farm fresh from across the street:)
      I spend so much time there..but so much time..:) Too.
      Have a nice weekend:)

  8. Dear Nana, thank you for the tips about keeping tulips fresh.
    I do have a great window in my kitccen and no curtains as well. I like to watch the sky and trees.
    Wish you a happy weekend.

  9. No window in my kitchen where I live now alas . . . I miss. We used to live next to Orchards and I love to watch the changing of the seasons outside my kitchen window. I have a nice big dining room window though and that is good. Your girls are beautiful and I love their names! So very you and those pretty little eggs. How sweet! Oh to have the light and space you have. I could happily live with a very tiny living room, but long for a big kitchen. Oh how I miss that. I will have to look for some watercolour paper like that. It looks lovely and with your recommendation, how could I go wrong! Money well spent for sure! I wish you a lovely weekend, with no flooding or any other mishaps. I hope your world begins to green up soon! Bon weekend! xoxo

    1. I love your big dining room window❤️And all your art.You could paint on Bounty and the end product would have people clamouring for it.
      You are o busy..have fun..we fished your delish mock l yesterday for lunch..damp and rainy so just right.Merci!PSOrchards them.

  10. I don't have nearly the light in my new place...but it doesn't seem to bother me. But then, I like rainy days and we're coming into the rainy season down here. Still is lovely mild weather at this point though. The heat and humidity hasn't taken over yet.
    Droopy tulips are so pretty and I adore droopy peonies!
    Have a lovely weekend, Monique. I'm off to St. Augustine for a few days next week with my book group...just a few days of Florida history in store for us. Fun!

    1. I loved St-Augustine' ye we side stepped there..charming charming..
      Me too love the droopy ones..more painterly ❤️I don't. Mind the rain either but not every day in spring when I feel I have so much to do..Jacques doesn't get antsy..everything in it's time.Lucky guy😊Have a ball!

  11. What a beautiful kitchen! I too love to see out and can never understand why people keep their shades drawn. I suppose it makes a difference where you live. For my part, I am partial to a bit of acreage around my house. When we bought the house in Texas, a flyer was circulated that there was a "pet" moose on the loose, who liked to peer into windows. That would have startled me for sure!

    The recent events in Paris - so troubling.......I am less inclined to travel these days.

    1. Well sadly our last trip made us less inclined to travel also..although..MV may be in the cards..but it's 6 hrs away by car..
      We once lived on one was it is 1/2..but with no neighbors in back..yrs ago..I pictured myself on the water or small acreage w/ outbuildings..

      never happened;)

      I know many love curtains drawn..we're all so different..
      Have a great weekend..:)

  12. I love. love. love. your kitchen window view. So bright and cheerful. The scent of basil is one of my favorites in this world! I have a few things I'd like to "take with me", too. ;) I'm going to have to try to find some of that paper. So glad you framed and hung this one! Beautiful! I like perky or droopy. There just isn't a bad way for a tulip to look (except wilted). Have a wonderful weekend, Monique. blessings ~ tanna

    1. You are right Tanna..and Jacques just had a brilliant idea..clip some..not all..then you will have the best of both worlds:)

      LOL you got that about taking w/ me;)


  13. So many things I love in this post! Your kitchen *sigh*, with all that light! Chickens! A new recipe that would be a treat! and how-to with those glorious tulip bunches at the store! What a lovely way to start Saturday, Monique - thank you!

    1. Well thank you for visiting me this yet aother rainy day..Oy..OYOY..!

  14. I ordered that Legion sampler too but haven't tried it. Both you and Tammie Lee give it high marks! Maybe this weekend.

    I love your bright and airy kitchen. Mine is so dark -- only one small window. I'm thinking of painting the wooden cupboards white this year. Then it won't quite go with the adjoining family room but I may take a chance and live dangerously!

    Longing for the day I can have quiche and sausage again. This looks fabulous. (And thanks for the tulip tip, too!)

    1. How exciting and fun and educational to see Vivian paint your pretty pic!!
      You know what? if a lighter kitchen would be to your liking..well do it this isn't a rehearsal this life of ours..

      this is my first light kitchen..we always had pine and there is such a warmth and coziness to wood..I still love everyone elses..
      I just discovered along the way..all of a sudden..I needed light.
      Live dangerously..

      Hope you like the nice of them n'est-ce pas?
      Enjoy today..and tomorrow..and the next...:)

  15. Oh dear so lovely! Love your pictures...
    Have a happy weekend, take care!

  16. Wow wow wow!
    And then yr sensational watercolor!
    That is some serious paper yr using too. See. Good materials yield even better results!!!
    Pounds chest and lets out a cry

    1. Lol on this Sunny Sunday morning:)

      It's on my shopping list:)

  17. I absolutely love your posts, new friend! So chatty and newsy, and your photography is amazing.

    I love the sunlight you have in your kitchen and I always appreciate plants like yours in those light filled spots. I'd have bare windows, too, except my husband loves his privacy. How private can it be when we are in the country?

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend,

    Jane x

    Side note: I jotted down your tulip/ice cube tip. Mine are blooming but I'm always disappointed in how quickly they shed their leaves. Wish me luck!

    I love your watercolors...saw them on IG and swooned. Glad you like the paper. I wish the postage wasn't such a problem. Is there any way you can find out of anything like this brand or quality is sold in Canada?

    1. I did Google..I keep wish lists for US getaways..the paper is on my list and weighs nothing almost in a suitcase:) My days of dishes are over:)
      I love your posts too..they are still not getting to me..I am going to try and circumvent by using my other email address..that someytimes works..

      outdoors my tulips get eaten..either in bulb stage or bud stage or full grown..all stages of carnage are sad:(

  18. Your kitchen window is gorgeous and so inviting - I could spend my "sink" time as a happy lady in front of that view. If husband's want their wives to cook more, perhaps they should create kitchens like this so they will be happy in their work! That is a beautiful chicken. One of our neighbors has chickens and they name them and love them well. Nothing like fresh eggs - quiche is a perfect recipe for these! Hope you have a wonderful week - p.s. love your watercolor of your house - so pretty! And thanks for the tips on the tulips!

    1. You're welcome! This tip was new to me..I was doubtful..but so far so good and my daughter tried it and wow there too:)

      Before we moved here..I started a book of things I had liked either in magazines or homes I viewed as a realtor..

      and we tried to add them where we could..naturally after 16 yrs many things have changed..yet I am still happy with things just the way they are..

      we don't have moving..building..or renovating in our genes anymore...
      I think we overdid it in our over 40 yrs..;)

      Have a great day and thank you TRicia.

  19. Hi again, Monique! This is actually a reply to your blog comment on my blog, since you said you don't get my replies. I sent it to your email but then you mentioned possible spam filter. So, sorry about adding this conversation to your own blog and feel free to delete the comment. But...
    When you say you don't get your replies do you mean you don't get my email? I reply to you via email, since you are a no-reply blogger. But if I didn't have this, you would be a no-reply blogger like this:
    From: La Table De Nana []
    So, I can't reply to that. Some people I have addresses for, others not. So, I'll usually leave them a comment on their blog thanking them for the visit and if they asked a question, answer it there, but I hate to fill their comments with a separate conversation. It's OK, though, if they DO have a blog, because at least we can communicate. But a non-regular commenter replied and asked for a recipe which I would gladly send but she doesn't have a blog and is also a no-reply blogger so I have no way to get in touch. Make sense? I'm not sure!

    If your spam filter is blocking replies like my email, then you can put my address -- in your email box and it should get through. I think. I hope! I enjoy our off-blog conversations, especially about painting!
    Gorgeous day here and I hope the same for you. Really feeling like spring!

    1. I will add it now..I am a no reply? I had no idea!!

      I will add your email addy now as a contact..thanks for taking the time to tell me:)

  20. EH bien moi je suis assez bordélique, en fait ... Enfin non, je crois qu'il me faut avoir sous les yeux tout ce que j'aime ! ;-) Mais j'ai aussi du basilic dans ma cuisine. Et de l'herbe à chat, maintenant ! ;-) Des bises

    1.écassine et Caramelle:) Hihihi..:)

  21. Your basil is looking very healthy.

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