Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017~

Easter 2017~

Sometimes we have snow..sometimes we have rain..sometimes freezing..rarely sunny and mild..and never ..ever..ever..what I see on blogs or IG w/ daffodils and tulips and bright green grass and little chicks running around.. just never know..

Wuthering Heights heavy..misty..spitting rain kind of day was..

once a week ..about..I wash my hair and blow dry the kinks out..straight..I ironed it as a teen..w/ wax
one of my daughters arrived earlier in the AM to hide clothes pegs all over our property..more later...she told Jacques:"Tell mom it's frizzy hair day.." I was making the salad inside..

and thought..just let it I dampened the ends..and stuck 3 bobby pins in it..and went outside later in the rain to take photos etc..
so Janis Joplin I was again..(Respectfully.)

Easter is so different for us now..

Little ..I had my dress coat..gloves..shiny shoes..went to church all my life w/ my mom until she went to see Him up close and personal..I was 19.:( You all know how many tears I have shed over that day throughout my life..

I married that yr..and was saddened to learn I could not marry in church because Jacques was a divorced man.He was divorced when I was 13..
 At 19 I was still going to church..

so we married at city hall and the Justice of the peace said to Jacques:"Better Luck This Time"~
Well my romantic notions of a wedding in church..being blessed by the priest..didn't happen.

I stopped going to church.

When we had the girls..we went back..they were baptized..had their first communions..etc..then the girls grew up..and it was harder to get us all to go..

and by then..I was ready to stop.

we returned for about 1 yr a few yrs ago..and have stopped again..

All this to say..that Easter really all about the bunny.

Our children and their children..are ..well of a newer generation here..that seems quite prevalent.

It does not change what our beliefs are..just the way we live them.
So all this to say..

this post is all about cake ,braided breads,cookies and straws.
No religious forgive the materialism of the whole thing.

Mylène..brought empty baskets and the boys had to find 25 clothespins each to earn their filled basket..the last few yrs..the eggs were found in a heartbeat,this made..the hunt outside last even the spitting mist..;)

so the pins were packed away and the filled goody baskets brought in..and the fun continued..I think they had a one point it was pouring and they all went out and took their shirts off..and ran in the rain..(I had daughters in pretty dresses w/ dolls..) this is all new to me..but I find it hysterical and wish I had done that.;)  Not yesterday..but young..:)

I made cookies..the ones I make every yr..just used a unicorn cutter....let me tell you that case you ever make them..I made the speckled cake..I had Pinned some last yr..just used a coconut white chocolate cake recipe..(Part boxed lol) girls loved it little..

the spattering is messy..I did it can do it a few ways..just Google around;)

I made these cute breads..all the kids ate the eggs  too!

Just a word of recipe makes 8 rolls..not 4:)  I doubled

the last thing you want to do one hour before everyone arrives is braid 16 buns..I had made 8 eggs so only 8 had eggones..the rest I put sprinkles on them..
..I felt so silly..I not read through a recipe..I read..makes 4..done..double it..later in the body of the recipe it says form 8 balls blablabla..I have told  the more than delightful fabulous talented accomplished fantastic blogger..just so she fixes it:)
You can find the recipe here..

Made a clam can see the lovely basting brush for the loaves..the tulips Noah gave me:)  
A clam chowder..made te oyster crackers..we don't have any here..a spiral cut ham..a Goat's mustard sauce:)..and  chinese salad..where it got that name must be because of the bean's a classic 1970's salad w/ spinach and rice and raisins and cashews and sprouts etc..

The day was.. beautiful chaos.

Mylène ordered  adorable straws for the Littles..(not so little anymore..)..
and I loved that shot Caroline took of me w/ Lucas..I hate having my photo taken..  not crazy about the bobby pins ..frizzball hair..the bright nail polish that is already OFF..LOL and all the at the moment clutter lol..but I love the feeling..this is how I love much.

Here's a funny little story...

Katie and Brooklyn..Oli's friends..walked by and saw me working in the garden..Saturday..they had baskets ..I said:" Hi Girls!"

Katie said: "Hi!"And walked up to me w/ Brooklyn..they were selling cookies they made $1.00 each♥

Brooklyn still had a few..I bought her bunny..Katie..had that half egg

I asked her if someone ate half? She said ..:"Oh no..Vanessa broke off half.."I told her I would of course buy it♥That it looked delicious.

In the words of Art Linklletter..Kids say the darndest things.and I love that.

They don't care if their hair is frizzy..if they have bruises on their eye (Oli.. a helping Nana in the garden mishap)....or missing teeth..they don't care if they are shirtless in the rain..and they are such good people.
If I had to pick friends..they would all be children.

So those were my Easter purchases apart from 3 large Kinder Eggs:)

P.S. I always post about Easter because my blog is my journal..not my deep down personal one..just my every day one.
I like to come back and look and read..
Have a great day..

I'll be washing my floors lol.


  1. you have had a Great easter !!....look like fun Ria x

  2. It sounds like a fabulous Easter and I love the bread/egg!

    1. The breads are good..just a bit finicky last minute;)

  3. It looks like a very special day, love all your beautiful touches :)

    1. Thanks Chris..I know yours must have been wonderful♥

  4. Oh my, what a wonderful day to remember. The food looks and sounds so delicious and I loved seeing pictures of all of you (except Jacques. - where was he?) I always went to church too with patent leather shoes and gloves, had the children take their classes before communion. The final straw when I lost my religion after years of questions, was when I saw an article that Easter was formerly Oester, a pagan celebration in Europe to celebrate the planting and harvest to come. I am thrilled for all my friends who are religious and find their comfort from it. But, faithless I am. I think you and Jacque were the luckiest two people on earth for finding each other. And, you have the most beautiful hair in the world. Do you really have a white couch?

    1. Lol I do! 2 in the sunroom..I kid you not..within 2 minutes yesterday because of all the mud outside..someone must have had some on his jeans:) A nice dab of brown..I told my daughetr oh don't worry..Donna..I toss the covers in the washing machine w/ detergent and a spot of bleach..all gone.. a couple of weeks ago..Jacques served me a glass of red wine..I leaned past my laptop and the glass splattered everywhere..on the slipcover of the sofa..and the cushions.. wash and wear..GONE..


      Well the justice of The Peace didn't have much faith LOL.. 43 yrs later.. well he's still here at Easter:) Me too..he was inside..watching the second batch of unplanned likes watching us outside;)

      I truly believe it's how you are..and good you are..and how you practice all the good of your beliefs.
      Can you tell I can't explain it?

    2. I have always wanted white couches, but too scared they'd get stained. My friend and her daughter have white couches and lots of large dogs. There is some new material on white couches at Restoration Hardware that supposedly won't get stained. They haven't met my family.

    3. Check out one Ektoprp piece..and buy a spare cover..I have yet to use my spare's been 4 years..4 grandsons..the first yr..I had sheets on them..LOL..not worth it..I only put them on when the boys came over..I stopped..they wash like magic.

      I have 4 dining chairs in there too all white..

      we have the boys every week.;)
      Really..try one piece..IKea will be there for a while;)

  5. i love all the special family photos in this post and just looks like you had a great Easter and that cake is just full of all my favorite colors. Love it all!

    1. Thank you:) The boys are getting so day..I may not have all this time with them..they say I will..but who knows?:)

  6. There is so much I love in this post I can hardly keep count. First and foremost, the gorgeous photo of you and "the kiss." What could be more special? Someday that young man is going to count that amongst his most cherised possessions and photographs. And you look beautiful. Oh, I know the frizzy thing. I have the same hair only dark. Once in a play when I had very long hair I played a witch -- and I didn't have to do anything to it -- just let it dry. And it dried big.

    I feel much the same as you do about Easter. I have faith, I know what I believe and all, but it's all about the bunny. Like you, my mom died when I was young (a little older -- 25) and at Easter time. It can be a hard holiday for me so I go with the bunnies and flowers and joy of it. Oh, and your baking -- I love your egg nests. I'll have to check that recipe out for next year.

    And I think of my blog the same as you -- a journal of every day. And yes, it's fun to come back and take a read now and then.

    I hope you have a wonderful Easter Recovery Week!

    1. The kiss♥
      Well I love that.
      Thank you:)

      Mine dries big too:) If I leave I don't and maybe I should.
      It's just so cold here for 6 months LOL>

      25 is not much older..not much at all..I did not know..did you ever read the book Motherless Daughters?
      I have had it for 100 yrs and sometimes I still look at it..

      do you?

      I recovered the floor washing today..went quickly!:)

      I hope you had a nice Sunday..I look forward to reading:)

      About everything:)
      Take care.

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter filled with family and love. Good for you!!!
    Hey, having Janis Joplin hair can't be that bad, eh????
    As for me....I have poker straight hair and have always wanted JJ hair....LOL
    **hugs** diane @ thoughts&shots

    1. We can all be so critical of what we have!
      I wanted straight California beach girl hair;)
      I swear my hair gets 4 inches shorter in humidity.
      And yet I am grateful for it..could be a whole different situation.....right?

  8. It sounds like you have a wonderful Easter with family and with all the adorable kids.. I feel sad after reading your story... I just want to give you a big thigh hug to take out all your pain.. XOXO..

    1. You are so sweet!
      Life works in mysterious ways..all those faces healed my heart..K
      Lucas..our first grandson..when he was born it was as if a big hole had been plugged❤️❤️I guess because I got the chance to be a nana..when I had missed my daughters never having my mom.Thank you!

  9. It is like visiting a special beautiful place when i come over here....
    The boys...that picture of you! Could you be any more beautiful???
    You will cherish that photo of the kiss 4ever!
    Your daughters are so beautiful...gosh...what else can I possibly say...
    Your wedding story is like a fairy tale...and all your wishes came true 💫
    Enjoy your week my dear...
    Linda :o)

    ps....I have an white... at the cottage...F A B U L O U S!

    1. Isn't it so nice how we get to like each other and only see everything so wonderfully nice?
      I love that!
      You just proved it😊I feel the same way when I visit you and see your family..your homes..gardens ..and Ektorp!!

  10. Great post and it sure sounds like it was a terrific one. So many beautiful pictures of your boys and I especially like the one of you and grandson.

    You certainly made some wonderful Easter goodies.

    Hope your weather is better this week. Enjoy....


    1. Oh my gosh I hope the weather is better this week too Mary..!My gardens need warmth!

  11. I'm savoring this post! There is so much about these images and words that touch my heart, dear friend. You so eloquently expressed much of what I feel and live as well. Life is just very different from when we were children. Of course not having children of our own, the joys and pleasure of watching these boys is something that we don't experience. My sister has it though. She had all her grands home this weekend, so the house was full of love. I love the image of you and Lucas. You should frame this one. I'm glad you shared. It is special to see photos of you, especially ones with soul such as this. Candid photos are often the best! The last photo I have of my mom was a candid that my sister took of me and mother on her 99th birthday. We are looking into each other's eyes, not the camera. It's probably my all time favorite photo. My niece recently took one of me holding Sadie. I feel the same about it. They are photos that capture the moment! Love your Janis hair! ;-)
    Our Easter was quiet with not special meal. The first time in many years that we didn't host friends or go to friends. Just the way it worked this year. I've had the bunnies out and about all month all the same. It will be sad for me to pack them away next week.
    Love the story of the little girls and the cookies. You know I love children too. They are so honest with their thoughts and feelings. I need to order those straws for my sister's grands. Can you ask Myléne for the source?
    Thanks for sharing this joyous day in all it's candor. Loved it!

    1. It's not that easy to share super personal pics..but blogging is my is lovely of you to share you had a beautiful peaceful Easter..every day of our lives here..are just that except with our family suits me..I love a quiet life now..
      You have a beautiful family..Monnie..Sadie..your sister..sooooo many friends..and rightly so..don't they say that friends are the family you choose?❤️
      I saw you had inquired about the straws on Caro's post and asked Mylène..

      Oh do it Sarah!They are reasonable..except if their names are like Priscilla..the longer the names the more $$. I think these are $5 US each.
      I think they are adorable.
      Now you have to take out garden things and dishes..etc..all your collections we love to see!
      I will write you with the link in case you don't come back..

  12. Monique, this is my most favourite post ever! Looks like you have had a beautiful Easter! I have always had frizzy hair and used to iron it as well when I was a teenager. I had a beau once tell me for a girl who had hair that looked like steel wire, it sure was soft. I think it was supposed to be a compliment. Oh how I longed to have the straight hair of my sister. Oh well. Your grandsons are so handsome and your girls so very pretty. No surprise there! Apple/tree. You and J are very attractive people, but more importantly attractive also on the inside and it leaves you with a special glow that resonates around you. Love all that you write, paint, bake, cook, share. I really do. But most of all I love YOU! You are so kind and generous of spirit. Love the "kiss" photo. It is easy to see you have a lovely relationship with your alphabet boys. Keep on sharing. We, your faithful readers, love our visits here. Bless you and your lovely family! xoxo

    1. PS- Your egg breads are gorgeous!

    2. Thank you know I hate photos and showing them of me..there's a real non photogenic reason to me....but I think age would have done it friend once told friend.. we all change..and it's true:)
      But this one..well I could just feel how I feel about's a cell phone pic..I hope I can print it..put it in a small frame..makes me happy inside.. a glow.
      Thanks so much:)

  13. Absolutely kids say the darndest things :-) How sweet of you to buy that broken cookie! Love your kiss photo, you remind me of my mom and her grands. The Littles are getting so big (that's what old people say....LOL) and the straws look like they were a big hit! We had 80 degrees and sun on Easter. Hard to believe. Have a wonderful weekend ahead. I love everything about this post. xx

    1. Thanks Debbie:) Maybe you should get a straw now:) For Xavier!!..Well of course for Xavier;)

      Such a nice compliment re your mom♥

      Today..SUNSHine:) Have a great week.

  14. That 1st picture of the hen and the bun put a smile on my face and its still there. LOL
    Whats that pale green marble gateaux? Mint chocolate ice cream I wish?

    1. No..a white chocolate buttercream spaltttered w/ milk chocolate..mixed w/ vanilla..

      ISHOULDHAVEMIXED IT WITH MINT..they all love choco mint!

      Where were you when I needed you LOL.

  15. I need to be washing my floors, too. ;) I can only imagine how hard it was for you losing your Mom at 19 and the heartbreak of not being allowed to marry the man you love in church. My own spiritual journey has had some jagged climbs and falls. Staying put in church... it's for some reason very difficult. We are stopped. My love of God goes on forever. Monique, I love. love. love. that kitchen sink kiss. Makes my heart smile! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

    1. I appreciate your words:) So much Tanna!
      My floors are sparkling..but house is can't have it all lol:)

      The sun is shining..I may run out shortly for a few garden errands..:)
      Have a beautiful day!!

  16. My head is still in sort of a fog with this cold but not enough to say how much I love your honesty and openness ♥ We all know what your loves are in life and that's the beauty of you :) Pretty on the outside, pretty on the inside! I know your family appreciates that too. At least your hair falls into pretty curls in the dampness. Mine goes every which way of broom sticks. Adore everything about this post and that photo of you and Lucas ♥♥♥

    1. I feel for you..that feeling..Caroline had it a couple of weeks ago..get well soon..
      I have appreciated you for years on is too short to not say what we think:)


  17. Dear Monique,
    Your writing today is such a poignant sharing of a life steeped in love and family. Your home is gorgeous with those great windows opening into such a lovely yard and your immaculate kitchen so open to muddy little bodies and wet hugs. We are the same age, but you look 40! You have "worked yourself young"! My early childhood Rasters were like yours. Church, white gloves, little matching outfits sewed by my mom. I did not remember that you lost your mom so young. I may have read that when I used to read your posts regularly a few years ago, but I don't think so. I cannot imagine and am ever so sorry- yet, to read you found your soulmate that same year offers some joy. My mom will be celebrating her 87th birthday with us Friday and I know this is a gift. I lost my father just 3 years ago and he had a full and vibrant life, but it was still and is everyday - hard. I was divorced with a baby and a 2 year old at 25 That's when I stopped going to church. A divorced woman had different rules in those days. And your grandchildren are so gorgeous. Like you, I had only daughters. I also had only 1 sister- so my one grandson is a huge gift and such a new experience. His sister is due in 3 weeks. I am over the moon. Thank you for sharing your journal with us. Such inspiration. Big hug, Vakerie

    1. In some's wonderful how things have changed..that being divorced is not the sin it was;)I am joking of course..
      52 yrs ago..I was 11..a girl on our street..a teen..16 pregnant..and left..
      imagine...imagine ..imagine...:(
      so glad..those archaic practices..are banished.
      I can't even fathom it.:(
      I still cannot believe the narrow mindedness of the church saying a 20 yr old was shunned from marrying in her church.I would have needed a pardon from the Vatican..etc..oh use talking about it of my daughter's married a catholic divorced gentleman..and they both had no problem being married in our local Anglican chucrch and being blessed.

      I remember when you had your first:) I will be looking for the pink post:)x

  18. I LOVE everything about this post, your heartfelt stories, your beautiful bunny cake with chocolate! Those gorgeous photos of your grandchildren, and the absolutely wonderful photo of you in the kitchen. My face hurts from smiling through the whole thing! I am glad you had a lovely Easter. We had a quiet one this year - with two grandchildren at the beach. It was a beautiful day anyway as we watched our son run in a race, which he won in the men's division. LOVE our family too.

    1. Yours sounds lovely too and I loved the pic of your little precious darlings:)

  19. Love this post Monique! What a special day! Love, love, love the photo of you!! We did a brunch at our house and an Easter egg hunt for the little one. Chaos at our house as well. I used to be so much more organized. We throw few dinner parties these days and I am out of practice.

    1. I bet you entrtain like Mimi Thorisson:)I can just seeit..

      and I loved being able to see on IG:)♥

  20. Dearest Monique,
    How hard it must have been for you to lose your Mom at age 19... and than the same year marrying your love.
    Yes, life comes with all sorts of surprises and many dreams are scattered but it is the perseverance for looking beyond that and finding happiness in the numerous little things.
    You manage very well to share that happiness over Easter with your own children and grands.
    That will create memories that will last forever. Precious and cannot be bought!
    Sending you hugs,

    1. Bonjour Mariette:)
      You are so right..all the twists and and friend sent me a lovely quote last week:"Don't give up before the miracle happens":)

  21. Loved seeing you and your beautiful family. Your hair is wonderful by the way. Also love your jewelry. You have such warm traditions. I agree about living your faith. We very rarely go to church anymore; too many bad experiences with organized religion. But doing the right thing, treating others well is something within my power. I'm sorry you lost your Mother so young.

    1. We feel the same way.
      Our faith is there..but not in an organization ..
      My daughters gave me the Sawtch for my birthday..and the V Emerson bracelet ..last birthday:) I like what they offer me..I always say..nothing..nothing..I need nothing..but ..I like them:)

      The necklace is from a store in Venice Fl you would love..POSH..Fifi O'Neills friends..
      and the silver bracelet was my mom's and I not have it on my wrist..

      lol just in case you wanted to know all that:)
      Thanks Penny:)

  22. What a lovely Easter and the wonderful breads you made. It must be a treat to visit your house, since you cook up a storm and have beautiful food. You are such an awesome Nana. My hair gets fizzy too. I usually blow dry it straight. It does have body. Thanks for sharing your lovely family at Easter and for also thinking of me and my dad.

    1. Aww..he is suffering so much Linda:( I want him to get a feel like a miracle:)

  23. What a delight this post is - with the pictures of you all, the cake, the egg breads, the stories remembered, Mr. McGregor - and that dear hug and kiss. Every picture, every memory is a treat - thank you!

  24. Hi there :)

    I just found you via Sarah (Hyacinths for the soul) and I've so enjoyed my visit.

    By the way, I think your hair is gorgeous :)


  25. Hi there:)
    I love your dear house..your girls are adorb..2?

    We share the love of yellow..our first floor every every room except the dnr is a variation of vanilla/yellow/..even the outside.
    And getting tears in your eyes over a coin on a railway track ..♥

  26. Janis Joplin rocks and so do those straws and the young ones with them. Holidays have a way of dredging up emotions. Looks like you have managed quite successfully-not to mention-beautifully!

    1. It flew by..every holiday..flies by now!
      You are so right..occasions bring back memories❤️❤️Some bittersweet!

  27. Belated Happy Easter. It has been busy here, my sister came to celebrate Easter with the whole family and stayed because this weekend we celebrate our daughter Gerarda's birthday along with our son in law, Chris's birthday. We even squeezed in an Ikea trip and sleep over with Chris's mom. What fun! Your family sure is growing up Monique. The boys look like they had a great time. Your daughter (Caroline? with the dark hair) looks like you only the wrong hair color. I love your hair description but I think you look much better than Janis Joplin. The cake is spectacular! I love the speckled egg look. Your cakes are always decorated so well. Glad to hear you made Goat's mustard sauce. We had it too. Gerarda hosted dinner and she did a wonderful job. Her ham came out delicious. I think she stumbled onto a good technique. She didn't trim off the fat and she placed the ham flat side down in the pan. It turned out moist and tastey. Even those non ham folks enjoyed it. I'll be finishing up making the birthday cake you served for your daughter's 40th. Wish me luck with the poky decorating! Have a great weekend.

    1. I am glad you had such fun!

      :) Gerearda must have been beaming:)
      I gave Linda..your mustard sauce..I find it just makes a ham even more delish:) And so easy..I know you don't mind I shared:)

      Mylène is our dark haired daughter..ike muy mom and Jacques..:) And Caroline is the blonde one(With a bit of streak help like me lol)..
      You sure had a lot going on!

      I hope our weather warms calendulas are getting leggy..Costco had baskets yesterday! Too early!
      I hope you send me a pic:) Of the cake:) :):)

      Good luck..but you don't need will ace it.

    2. I had a feeling I got the names mixed up on your daughters. Share away with the mustard sauce. At least this recipe is written down. His waffle recipe is all in his head and so delicious. He adds sour cream to the bisquick batter but measures nothing.

      I sent a photo of the cake. Tomorrow the next round of partying begins for the birthday girl and boy. I have to get my first batch of seedlings transplanted this week. They are getting crowded in the pots. You should pinch your leggy seedlings.

    3. You are right I should.. even my tomatoes..

      Gorgeous cake:)

      Maybe J can take notes:) And write them down..then you could share;)

  28. What happiness--is just glows from here and the photos of your family, Monique. So glad you & yours had a LOVE-ly Easter... and such a delicious one too! ;) I'm slow to visit... after all the Easter happy, it was good to have some time this week to rest, relax and reflect... Happy Days! ((HUGS))

    1. I am so glad you had a lovely time too:)
      Enjoy Spring:)

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