Thursday, July 12, 2018

A La Mauve~♥

Look who's checking out the lay of her land;)♥

I am ready to do a rain dance.

The grass is like straw and turning brown..the gardens..are weak.

We have had years like this but I was so pumped about the gardens.
Watering had only..pots are doable but not the beds day in and day out.The water doesn't seep slides and forms rivulets to nowhere needed.
Things are literally dry.
C'est la vie.

It seems through the blooming months I have prevalent colors..from blue to pink to mostly whites to mauve.

It's mauve about now.

I made a delish tart w/ Dorie Greenspans sweet dough pastry..and her pastry cream..both from Baking From My Home to abound on the net.And THAT book? One of my favorites.

So easy so good.

Some may remember my heart shaped footbalms a few yrs back..I put them in different molds this time..cute as buttons..same mix of ings..yet these are so hard.:( Could be my beeswax batch was older..not sure..or because I had stipulated less olive oil next time..and followed my

And this happened.. part 1 of my garlic harvest..

LOL nothing pretty in the garage...snow blower..tractor..corded wood..leaf vacs..and extra garden paraphenalia..shelves..ok ..the curtains are ok;)♥Yes I put curtains in garage windows..

So..I guess I harvested about 40..maybe more.. from the Peter Rabbit raised hexagonal bed..where spinach and herbs and some borage remain..some self-seeded Dancing With Smurfs tomato plants..

I think this bed grows the largest sand in this bed just earth and manure..Bécassine:)
The other 2 areas..are old earth or mostly sand.I have to amend them..still..I will get small and medium sized bulbs..ap 60 more.
This first harvest I hung in the garage..the others will go in the potting shed.
Will do soon as these seemed fine and dandy.

It will last 1 yr and one yr only.I ALMOST had to buy some:)

LOL but I had made 2 decorative wreaths w/ 6..I took them off the wall;)

Garlic is my fave edible to pests..easy..plant in fall..first to sprout in Spring..collect in July..hang to dry..snip..brush
Next harvest I'll try and make it cuter;)

So hot!!
And now it seems Japanes Beetles have come to my little town.
Luckily nothing loves far..except us.

Have a nice weekend~


  1. Your Mauves are marvellous!
    Everything you bake, looks like it should be in the window of a very expensive bake shop...🌟
    Hot here too...cottage gardens aren’t too bad, but I put the sprinkler on when I am there....not as diligent here at home...sad to say.😕
    Hardly any grass here...just a front yard(small) with wall to wall perennials.
    As you say....c’est la vie!
    We are gardeners in our dreams...☺️
    Your Garlic looks enjoy all year...
    You wouldn’t believe what the Beetles did to my Tiger Lilies 😢
    Last evening with our sweetie for awhile...until next time 💕
    Off to the cottage in the am...heating up again, so I’ll be ready to come back to the a/c!
    Have a great weekend my dear....see you on IG!
    Linda :o)

    1. WE are..I go to bed with a bain swirling..children..littles..gardens..painting..baking lol.
      Never a moments peace up there. I am sure you are the same.
      Can't get over your litle berry offsprings:)
      I wobnder if you have the red beetles I used to get on my Oriental lilies..I gt rid of the lilies..disgusting black goop..eaten everything they lookde so bad:(
      I was boiling doing more garlic yesterday aft.Today ..will finish the rest;)
      Have a great Friday!

  2. Dearest Monique,
    Wow, you have been one busy bee! Love that yummy looking cake with fig and flower decoration with the blue berries!
    Also your garlic yield is great.
    Went shopping today, that means over 5 hours driving to Atlanta, back and forth... Got all the ingredients for a brunch this Sunday for friends.

    1. Mariette you have to go all the way to Atlanta for shopping? That's a trek, 5 hrs..sounds like when we go to Vermont for Trader Joe's..6 hrs.. have not been this year..don't think we will..our dollar ..etc..
      Have fun Sunday I am sure the table will be set to the nines and the food delish!

    2. Yes Monique, for healthier food we go to Trader Joe's, Whole Foods Market and to Costco Wholesale... it is a trek! Don't see any ever coming closer by.💗

  3. Oh, a little bit of heaven. Or all that scorched earth, maybe not. I feel for you. We don't have the watering ban but we should. It's been so dry and I know what you mean about the water not even sinking in because the ground is so dry and yard. Most of my stuff is in pots but I really feel for you with beds and such. But that garlic harvest is impressive. I must remember come fall to plant some this year. Sixty? I'm impressed!

    Hang in there. It's cooled off here a bit (well, they say it will get back up there tomorrow, but there may be some storms.) I hope they come your way too.

    1. Yes rivulets:( I ma making holes around some things for the water to go in the holes near the plant..oh lala..complain complain..everyone says we are having a glorious summer and we are..tis IS summer..if I didn't would be even nicer :)
      There should be over 100 garlic bulbs when I am done..Will finish today perhaps:)
      20% chance of rain here tomorrow..only 20:(
      Have a nice day!

  4. Your garden look What i see enjoy summer love from me Ria ☀️

  5. I think I much prefer the lay of your lemon-vlueberry poe, not having a green thumb moi meme 😄👍🏻 💋💋🐻

    1. LOL..Baking is so much easier! And painting so relaxing..see? I needed painting in my much!:) Thanks for all the inspiration.

  6. Loving the mauves. I hope you get some rain. Last summer was extremely hot. This year, the weather is more even. The tart looks heavenly.

    1. Oh me too..ready for a rain dance:) Are you following your Tote friends? Wish you were there w/ them:)I am sure they miss you.

  7. Love the mauve colored flowers. I hope you get some rain soon!

    1. I do too..even the million bells..they do so well..I must say everything in that urn does was a client's and he gave it to me when he movd..still grateful.Their Karma must have come w/ it.Lovely lovely people.The Dions.Mireille and Guy.

  8. So about no rain and the beetles. Both at once is not easy I'm sure. Great sign hanging on the post.

    Love garlic and so good for you. Beautiful harvest.

    Hope you get some rain soon


    1. Quite the battles:) Don't they see I am looking for pest free?:) I may get some rain..may..fingers crossed and thanks Cindy!

  9. Well done Garden Queen. She is doing her job and it looks beautiful. Oh the pie. I could eat it all. Then I wondered how to eat the little bee things before I read about them. I'd have probably popped one in my mouth and learned the hard way. I used to get my mouth washed out with soap as a child. And to think the Royals don't eat garlic. Their food must be very bland indeed. Have a good one to dear.

    1. I never knew that roya eats garlic? How interesting.
      However I am so far from royal..that's fine w/ me:)
      We may get some rin..shhhhh..:)
      Thank you Donna..hope all is well..better go peek in case some posts din't get to me...

    2. No, I just read the Queen hates garlic and doesn't allow it at meals. Guess it's like me with cilantro. It tastes like a stink bug to me.

  10. What a clever idea to cut the figs like that. I must copy that!
    I am slowly remaking our yard, with the idea of eliminating grass. With our kid grown, there's no need for a space to run around, and it's just wasted space that consumes water, or, at this point in summer it's impossible to water enough so we just let it go dormant and dusty. Blech.

    1. I am 100% positive I copied that idea..:) And years ago..a friend..cut his lemons like that..always loved them:) Garlic hardly needs water.I just went out for 40 more..:) It's beautiful.Hassle free!

  11. Now I see the little bird! I couldn't find him on IG but was looking down around the clematis :) Lots of blues and purples in my garden now as well. All the petunia varieties are doing so well this year! They must love the heat. Dorie's book is also one of my favorites. I'm pretty sure I've made her pastry cream also. What a gorgeous tart with the fig and blueberry garni! My garlic will not get such a lovely place to hang in our garage. It will be surrounded by tools, our covered Christmas tree, and yard equipment :) Wish mine were larger this year, only got about 36 teeny bulbs this morning. I'm so sorry to hear that Japanese Beetles have arrived there. There will be more squish-squish in your future, sad to say :(

    1. I just read the Downton Abbey is returning as a movie with the original cast!!! Film production is set to begin this summer :)

    2. A penpal wrote and sent a forward about the movie..Yipppeee!!


      re the bulbs..try and buy the biggest bulbs you can find..I bought white Germans..bigger than Music..Rocambole..I am always encouraged w/ the White German..The bigger the variety you plant the bigger your bulbs should be.
      I too will feed the last bed..but still most are large.I just went outside to peruse the beds.
      Our grass is jute.
      Plants toppling..hostas turning yellow.OMGEE rain already.
      So disappointing..what about the farmers?Oh I hope all is well...
      Honestly..discouraging right now in the hot sun out there so yes Thank God for garlic.

      Happy re DA♥Very.:)

  12. The tart has me swooning. Fig season is in the early fall here, and I'm always looking for innovative ways to use them. They make the tart look so elegant.

    Little if any rain here as well. At the lake there are no ordinances. I've only watered my flower beds. We are close enough to the water that the ground is moist. But my pots dry out. I have just a few, as we are going to have a lot of outdoor work done in a few weeks. More on that if I ever get around to posting a blog. Back to the city we have special hours. 7:00 a.m. until 11:00. And then from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Rather smart as the sun doesn't counteract the effort, and people aren't using much water around that time for dishes, bathing, etc.

    The garlic looks lovely, I may give it a shot. Do you roast the entire bulbs for spreading on bread and such? Always wanted to try that. As far as curtains in the garage, yes we do here at the lake as the window faces the street and it makes it look like a room rather then a packed (but organized) garage. Before you think we are perfect, the garage in the city should be condemned. The only reason the garage here at the lake is neat is because its filled with boats, bicycles, water toys, inflatables, sporting equipment, and a large refrigerator for beer, wine and water!!

    Sending love across the miles, dear Monique.

    Jane x

    1. Good morning:) Have a lovely weekend..saw that cute pic of you and your two SILs:)
      Yes I do that sometimes..but mostly the garlic is just used in dishes..and some garlic confit..
      Hard to believe we go through 100 bulbs..LOL.

      Here I plant in October..and harvest mid-end July.Hang to dry ..clean up and there you have it..Until your back is 100% you may want someone to pull it for you.A pitchfork works well for me ..does the work..and leaves the bulb intact..But my back feels all gardening now..prior to my 60' hurt maybe the next 65..the back lingers for days on end.
      I should do warm ups.

      We used to have assigned days..even watering.By hand yes..for pots etc.I had to wash my tiny car and felt guilty..after the pollen etc..It's sad to watch things deteriorate isn't it?

      Have a nice weekend Jane!!

  13. Have always loved your Garden Queen, and it looks like Jenny Wren does also! We, like you have had a really dry summer, and yes, the gardens are showing it. Normally everything is so lush and green. Now brown and although we did have a heavy rain on Friday, it mostly ran off as the ground is so hard. Not complaining however as it is better than the opposite and floods! Your garlic looks amazing! I keep saying I am going to grow some, and then I don't! I guess I just can't get in all that I want to do! I have to settle for the few things, and leave it at that! If I can do a few things well, then I am happy! Your lavender is beautiful along with your petunias! I love the colour purple/mauve. Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend! xoxo

    1. I am..I was walking around w/ a cuppa..thinking how nice it is to have not one obligation:) LOL.EXcept Bécassine;) I love not working.After all these yrs I know this:)At last.The first few yrs..I worried I would miss it.Not one iota.;)

  14. Monique yours posts are always like Fairy tales ! I love all, the pictures, this little bid, all look wonderful and beauty and love your blueberry tart!
    Hugs and love!!
    Vive la France ! hahah We saw the game today !

    1. France is soooo happy! Exciting to shine:)Thank you Gloria:)

  15. For no rain your garden looks great Monique. I’m sure it is due to all your hard work. I have to get my garlic harvested too. The heat has made gardening much harder, especially the sunny borders. Still no baking here. We did get a new kitty, her name is Stormy. She had the girls visiting this weekend and they were thrilled with her when she came out from her safe place. She was gentle with them and vs versa. We got thunderstorms and heavy rain last night. Hope it is heading your way. How are your chicks holding up in the heat?

    1. I only have Bécassine left..Caramelle went to chicken heaven a number of weeks ago.She had never laid eggs..gone:( Bécassine is part rooster and yesterday was in my neighbour's yard..I left her unwatched while I harvested the rest of the garlic..J came out and said:"Your chicken's next door.." LOL MY chicken..well she is but it's always the way..when a child of a pet is not behaving it's her brought her back..but she squawks and squawks..not quiet at all..even in the AM..I think I may get complaints:(
      Oh 2 little girls and a kitty..what could be cuter?
      I hope we get rain..just the grass is jute and the full sun all day borders ..the perennials look dead.In fact one plant is an anthill now:( If I wasn't a gardener I would say this summer rocks;)

    2. Sorry to hear about your other chick. Maybe Becassine is looking for her sister and searching the neighborhood for her. Yes the girls were cute but I took no pictures. Our grass does not look bad but my beds do. It is so hot and but the weeds don’t mind😡.

  16. I am ready to do a rain dance too. Our grass is like straw and turning brown. Thankfully the garlic is giving us smiles :-)
    Your little wren reminds me of our little wren. What a production for them to choose their home, and they were busy, busy, busy. They have finally quieted down.
    Our blueberry farm is opening in two weeks. xo

    1. I hope to get blueberries:) I have my OUI blueberry yogurt made me get one;)
      Did you see the lovely blue ceramic yogurt pots in NJ and NY..from France? You need one:) Or two;)
      Jute ..the grass is jute!

  17. While your garden may be parched and struggling from the insects, it still looks lovely to me. That is what I miss most about New England, all the beautiful flowers.

    1. It must be very hard to gardening Fl.. with the heat and humidity..I see it now..But you have the ocean..and you never freeze:)

  18. Your garlic is beautiful! :)

  19. Yours photos are super! Love them all.

    I'm back from Provence where I've stayed for a long weekend. So beautiful! And the lavanda scent? Amazing!
    I intende to write a few posts about this trip.


    1. I cannot wait.I wondered if you were's July after all:)

  20. It's so hot here too - and dry. Please send some rain our way if you get some to spare! Our garden is just pitiful :) Too much rain, then none. Love all that garlic - so good for you too :)

  21. So by the time I'm reading this, I think you have had some rain? Marvelous, this post, i think the freshly picked photo is my favorite...Je pense à toi...Rita