Thursday, January 31, 2013

Soul Food #137 ~Cire d'Abeille~Beeswax~

I had been reading about the benefits of beeswax~  2 of my little grandsons have bouts of eczema..beeswax.. combined with other things seemed to be a nice add-on for calming the redness and itch..And who could resist having a little heart rubbed on him or her:)

So I went to the beekeeper..
And picked up a few things..I could not resist the dear little candle.. they make them there..I have to say the scent of beeswax..  is fabulous to me.
I combined equal parts of beeswax..coconut oil and olive oil..and melted together..I did add some Lavender oil also..poured  the delightfully scented warm liquid into silicone heart molds..and very soon..the little hearts became..hand rubs..leg rubs..anywhere rubs..
I brought one over to Oli~ and he let me rub it on his small beautiful toes..and the crook of his arm:)
So worth my making it just for that..and his little dear smile..he rubbed some on me too:)
I have to admit I like them also..:)

I gave one to Jacques..One to Oli..and I have one in use ..I put it on my hands and feet and face~
Feels great~I love to put little sockettes watching  Downton Abbey or Parenthood:)... my tastes are varied..  :)at -6 F many would enjoy a blanket and sockettes:)
I used The Graphics Fairy graphics to make parchment paper wrappers..and to do the collage below~ Love Graphics Fairy graphics..:)
These are super easy to make..
I used ap 85 grams..of the Beeswax..Coconut Oil and EVOO.. with a few drops of Lavender essential oil~
It made 6 hearts.
They are easy to make..And the house smells amazing!I might put less Olive Oil in the depth of summer..~

Enjoy..I think they make such sweet Valentine gifts also~♥♥ thrilled me that Max came over a few days later and said:"you know what Oli  has? "I have it too..and he pulled up the sleeve of his shirt..
I must want a heart?

After all February is for ♥'s~


  1. This looks amazing. I have passed on this post to friends who are beekeepers. I hope they make this for the Farmers' Market.

  2. Qu'ils sont jolis, tes petits savons. J'ai regardé hier un épisode d'une émission anglaise consacrée à l'Angleterre d'Edouard VII et on y montrait les utilisations du miel ... et de la cire. J'ai eu envie d'essayer et aujourd'hui, tu arrives avec ces petits coeurs tout doux ... J'imagine qu'il faut y voir un signe ? ;o)) On a plein de ruches dans notre arrière-pays. Je vais me mettre en quête d'un morceau de cire d'abeilles ... Voilà un joli but pour le week end !
    Bisous et bonne journée

  3. Heavenly! I love the smell of beeswax...



  4. C'est magnifique, j'ai un grand plaisir à venir voir tes photos si joliment composées, j'adore!
    Très belle journée à toi.

  5. ahhh ... I love to read about your sweet grandsons. What a dear and loving Grandmother you are to do this. I have exema myself, and I know how bothersome it is. I wish I had a grandma like you to make me some of these lovely heart rubs. You are just the best Monique. Love you to bits! xxoo

  6. They look beautiful as well as so soft. And I can't believe you can make these! Wonderful. And your romantic description just soothed me imagining rubbing the beeswax on my skin.

  7. What a lovely post Monique, your little beeswax hearts look delightful & must be, for another grandchild to come & hint he'd like one too. Wonderful moments to cherish.
    Enjoy your week end.

  8. Your post is as sweet as honey! The little hearts such delightful gifts to sooth the itch. How cute that Max wanted one too.

  9. Really love the wax bee hive candle; do you know if the beekeepers sell their products on-line.
    Beautiful post - I love everything about bees. You are the Queen Bee!!
    Judy - Texas

  10. Judy...I had Googled and yes they do:-)
    Shipping is $ as the substantial.
    I never thought of our local beekeepers!
    I contacted someone in Ontario..and he said it would cost much more than the price of one lb itself..He suggested contacting local beekeepers..I did..and he keeps it ..on the shelf of his MIELLERIE:-)
    His daughter was so nice.I bought the pollen too..I am adding it to my flax and chia and yogurt:-)
    We enjoy his honey also..if you have a local beekeeper...go there:-)
    Hope many of you get to find some..Coconut oil literally melts here in I wonder what could happen..but that is just our warmest days..right now..I could have igloos.

  11. Thanks Monique for the research. We do buy local honey; I've just never seen the bee hive for sale. I'll do some research for local beekeepers. Have been using Virgin Coconut Oil a lot in my cooking lately - even give some to my doggie companion. I'll trade you one of our very warm Texas winter days for one igloo, lol. That would be a novelty for us.
    Judy - Texas

  12. :-)
    It's the candle you like?
    I have seen those on the net:-)
    I will look:-)


    Google images..first one that popped up:-)

  14. Etsy too:-)

    There are many Judy..

  15. Your picture are just fabulous! I love it!

  16. I love the scent of beeswax candles - and honey. Such adorable and soothing little hearts - winter is the perfect time for skin to have a little TLC like this :) Ollie is adorable behind his little heart mask! So sweet that Max wanted one too ♥ You are such a good Nana to those boys.

  17. Such a sweet story.
    Monique, you can also make your own beeswax finish for your boards.

    You melt beeswax in mineral oil.


  18. won't believe this..I just saw a product like that..
    Now I will:-) I have mineral oil of course:-) and some glorious boards:-)
    You are a great Nana your boys:-)

  19. You are my hero and that is the sweetest little story.
    All your posts are so happy and fun...something to savor and refer back to..glad you aren't going anywhere!
    My Hello Kitty cookie cutter finally came yesterday :) I'll soon make them and blog about it :)

  20. I am looking forward to seeing them:)
    Blogger will tell me:)

  21. It is very healthy indeed. I have one teaspoon of pollen with tea when I am sick. Your idea is wonderful.

  22. I LOVE this post and idea...I've been wanting to try something like this for so long but have procrastinated? :( We use plain coconut oil as our body lotion but during the warm months (of which we have quite a few) it turns to a messy liquid...I've been wanting to try mixing it with beeswax to give it more body but didn't quite know how to go about it. Thank you so much...and it's all so beautiful as well as soothing and useful!

  23. My coconut oil liquifies in summer also..I took a spoonful or 2 for months..but when it liquified..ugh..Refrigerated it and then of course it's harder than I sometimes cook with it..and now these:)

    And maybe a mix for my boards:)