Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A most beautiful dessert~Star worthy~

When I saw this dessert at La Casserole Carrée..I knew I had to make it..her blog is exquisite..her creations sublime..No comments allowed..I have sometimes e-mailed to tell her how beautiful her blog is..this is a small tribute..

It's a special dessert sure to please the chocolate lover..I could have put more chocolates..but it's for my husband and he will have each piece w/ a chocolate:) Different if you have company..the more chocolates the merrier.I can see See's in many futures:)

I used these..

They are all ....
It's called Box Of Chocolates a blog I follow:)..and like..

The recipe is at la Casserole Carrée..just follow the link above..

To sum it up.. you use a basic could even use a sweeter one.. I think a shortbread crust would be divine also..and blind bake.. then finish baking w/out the paper and weights until golden..

Once cooled you add your mousse type filling.. she makes hers w/ 3 egg yolks and whites..I did the same..I added my nuts to this mixture as well as the spread on top and leave overnight to chill,covered in the fridge.... then dust w/ cocoa powder ..and press the chocolates in gently..
I think you could use your favorite mousse type daughter makes and excellent one with Silken Tofu..It would sit well in this also..

If you need any help in translating Vibi's(La Casserole Carrée's ) recipe just ask..

Take the time to browse through her blog..I think last year I spent a whole afternoon just admiring.

It takes your breath away if you are a Foodie..Plus the always interesting..Thank you Vibi..

Keeper dessert..~If I was in California..there would be one on my friends a yay!!!!!!It would be the perfect dessert for her and her huband:)


  1. It is a most beuatiful dessert -- and I would appreciate a translation -- I can get some of it but not all of it and in baking it does need to be right. I'm thinking of this for my next dinner party !

  2. For some reason, I'm not getting your photos today, Monique. But I went to La Casserole Carrée and saw it. How divine. And perfect for Valentine's Day.
    Thanks for introducing me!

  3. I'm with Barbara.. your photo came through but not the photos at the top... your version is splendid and what a great use for chocolates... they make homemade look like a fancy pastry chef did the baking!

  4. Lovely...I shall head off to peruse......ummmmm!!!
    Thank you for the tip!
    Margaret B

  5. Absolutely divine Monique. TQ for bringing us such beautiful things. :))Im hopping over right away.

  6. you know this is the stuff dreams are made off ;)

  7. I am having a Blogger photo/Picasa problem..many of my photos have broken links:( Any advice? I re~uploaded these~
    Martha..I used pre bought pie the frozen section..I think bakers make the lovely balls:) The mousse .I would just use your favorite mousse recipe..the easier the better..:)

    This is hers..

    3 onces chocolat mi-sucré haché
    ½ tasse sucre glace
    2 cuillerées à table Frangelico (ou autre liqueur de noisette)
    ½ tasse noisettes mondées grossièrement hachées
    3 blancs d’œufs
    3 jaunes d’œufs
    Pincée de sel (ou de crème de tarte)

    3 ounces semi sweet chocolate chopped
    1/2 cup icing sugar
    2 tbsps Frangelico
    1/2 cup coarsely chopped skinnned hazelnuts
    3 egg whites
    3 egg yolks
    touch of salt or cream of tartar.

    In a bain ~marie ..moderate heat..melt the chocolate
    add the icing sugar and whisk well until homogenous..
    Always whisking add egg yolks one by one.. and Frangelico..mix well..I added the almonds here.. (Hers were hazelnuts..but I did not find when she added them)
    Remove top part of bain marie and let cool.
    Beat egg whites until still peaks form.. add a pinch of salt or Cr of tartar to help..

    gently mix 1/3 of the chocolate mixture into the whites w/out breaking the whites..add the rest and gently mix..

    Pour into baked crust.. the rest is explained in my I mentioned feel free to use any mousse recipe..The use of raw egg whites here will deter certain people.
    It's an art to make this's all in te fold and warming the ingredients and mixing properly..:)

    Enjoy..I have fixed these photos hopefully the rest will take care of themselves~
    I would hate to have to repost my blog~


  8. I have to tell you I think `Table de Nana` is such a delight for me to read. Your recipes and your photos inspire me every time; I feel very comfortable here.

    I did go visit La Casserole Carrée; love that name; you`re right is it quite special. Thank you for introducing her.
    That pie is must be so creamy good.
    I love fruits de mer chocolats and buy them often.

  9. That is so elegant! The shoreline/sand dune of crust, the floor of the sea..mousse and cocoa and the finale of gorgeous chocolates waiting to be found. How unique.

  10. No comments? Gasp!

    Such a lovely presentation - thanks for sharing the loveliness.


  11. Gorgeous Monique!
    Your friends blog is as well...
    Your pics look simply magical!
    I want a piece right now!

  12. Monique..this cake is a dream!!!

  13. On the run these days, but just popped in for a quick peek. Oh, my! This does look fabulous. I'll explore the site when more time is at hand. I've a box of these sweet little sea shells. Think I'll make this for my friend who has just been released from the hospital.
    Thanks for the recipe. Sorry I've been MIA. Will return soon. Hugs to you! ~ Sarah

  14. Monique, this is exceptional! Perfect for a summer theme party!

  15. oooooh! Stop by my place while you are in Cali! :)
    This is gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.
    xx Isa

  16. Oh thank you! I am really happy you enjoy it and that it inspires you to maybe make I was..

  17. Hello, dear friend! What a lovely post to come back to. Oh my! I actually think I could do this, but I don't know if it could ever be as lovely as yours.
    So happy to stop by!!!!!
    xo Yvonne

  18. This dessert is so pretty and clever - I would never have thought of it. I'm sure its as gorgeous to eat as it is to admire :)

  19. Ah ah! le plaisir des yeux, de la bouche... passe automatiquement par toi ma chère Nana... A force je ne sais pas si mes hanches vont résister...
    Gros bisous

  20. It looks amazing.Makes me dream.

  21. That looks very delicious and pretty too!

  22. Monique, I fixed my post. The insrtuctions hadnt posted. I think they will make sense to you now! Fabulous cupcakes. This tart looks wonderful! I wish Todd loved chocolate like I do! xxoo

  23. Thanks Marie.. can you believe ran out of Thanks everyone..Have a great Sunday~

  24. Beautiful beautiful photos as always monique.

  25. hey Monique thanks for the link and at the moment i'm not getting the photos so i'll be back later for another look

  26. This is such a neat looking tart. I love how the cocoa resembles chocolatey sand. What a great gift this would make.

  27. How beautiful, and a beautifully-fresh idea for summer!

  28. Quelles Magnifiques photos!! À couper le souffle:) Bon jeudi ma belle!!xxx

  29. How beautiful~ A seashore lover's delight :)

  30. Oh, absolutely lovely! It looks like chocolate sand, something I would love. I am having a luncheon this week and have been in a quandary about what to have for the dessert. I am doing a French theme to honor my friend who gave me the French cheese plates and this would be perfect. Glad I checked down to see what I missed.