Sunday, February 20, 2011

Soul Food #78~ Lavender Eye Pillow~

At my yoga studio.. they sell eye pillows..I have made the little warm rice bags.. but needed an eye pillow..I find when listening to say..a relaxation cd or podcast on my IPOD....when they tell me to relax my eyes..It doesn't always happen..But I did notice that if I had a small weight on my eyelids ..they relaxed more..
So I used a Graphic's Fairy.. her designs you know that.. I used the freezer Paper technique once again.. such a great idea....I see she has other day:)...and sewed my own little eye pillow.. added some rice.. and essential lavender oil and lavender..
I don't warm's just to have weight..It works beautifully..If you need one try it..very easy 4 straight stitches..and just a touch of hand sewing at the end to close the seams..

Give your stress wings and let it fly away. ~Terri Guillemets

With a little cup of tea..afterwards.. and a nice magazine or a good book..It's the best I can do ..:)

Footnote~: Imagine my surprise when my friend wrote..she does yoga at home..and told me she likes a weight on her eyes during the final relaxation period.
I was so happy she told me that.I stitched one up for her ..She lived in Paris it had a little Paris dress on it:)She was happy:)


  1. Oh Nana. Everything you do is lovely. You relax my eyes by just coming and seeing your wonderful photos and posts.

  2. I agree with Ninette....

    Lovely is the very word.

    Lovely is you.

  3. Bonjour Nana,
    Lorsque j'étais petite, je souffrais souvent de conjonctivites et ma grand-mère me posait sur les paupières des compresses imbibées d'eau de bleuet. En me les maintenant bien elle me massait légèrement en tapotant avec le bout de ses doigts...
    C'était une véritable détente...
    Gros bisous

    J'aperçois des petites choses de ma région, l'Auvergne sur votre photo...

  4. I'm agrre with Ninette's words too!!!

    For silicon rose mold , I asked them if they are also in USA and I'm waiting for an answer!! Anyway I'm going to send one to you!!! Hugs, Flavia

  5. Everything is so lovely,thanks for sharing....A hug...

  6. Yes, I agree, just coming here is an eye feast!!! The little pillows do sound perfect for a nice bit of relaxation!!
    Thank you for the idea!
    Margaret B

  7. It's so important to take a little time in each day for relaxation. I love this suggestion, Monique. A little lavender makes it extra special.

  8. Monique a visit here is always a feast for my eyes and soul! Beautiful! xxoo

  9. I have to agree with the others -it is always good for the eyes to visit you!


  10. Who wouldn't be happy receiving something made by YOU? :)

  11. This eye pillow certainly sounds relaxing. I adore the fragrance of lavender, and the nice thing about a rice pillow is that you can warm it up slightly.

  12. Funny, I have an eyepillow. I don't know what's in it but it can be chilled and it does help an old insomniac like me... it blocks out light that comes in and keeps you awake (most of us don't realize how much light comes into a room). Perhaps I will put a drop of lavender on the pillow and see if that improves it even more... thanks for the tip!

  13. have a great day everyone~
    It is harder to sleep these days isn't it?

  14. This sounds so invigorating, always, you come up with such beautiful ideas...Lavendar is so relaxing too.
    Thanks for always stopping by...your graceful comments mean so much to me.
    Take care my friend
    Shel xx

  15. Sometimes I forget what a really good nights sleep is...these days I am sleeping like I have a baby who wakes me.
    Who would not be thrilled to receive anything you have so lovingly made...
    Eye Pillow?...fabulous idea!

  16. An eye pillow....what a nice idea. It is certainly lovely.

  17. I've never heard of an eye pillow. Very lovely.

  18. C'est tellement reposant venir te visiter. And yes is is harder to sleep these days.

  19. You are soo talented (have I ever told you that before??!) heehee.

    I love the colors and design you chose for your darling eye pillow ~ and isn't that just like you to generously make one for your friend?? A cherished gift forever, I know. :) ((hugs))

    I hope you had a very nice birthday my friend. You always are in my thoughts. xo

  20. What a beautiful little treasure. I have to give the freezer paper technique a try. Thank you so much for showing us your creative projects and the introduction to the Graphics Fairy. I adore you both!

    And...Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday to You.....and many more!!!!

  21. You are so creative, I love it! When I saw the eye pillow photo, i instantly thought of my yoga classes in Sydney. They gave out eye pillows during the relaxation part of the class, and it looks like others have experienced it too! Loved the eye pillows...adds to the whole experience and absolutely relaxes you. I should go out to the store and buy one...need to learn to relax better these days.

  22. So wonderful! I made neck warmers with rice and lavender, never thought of an eye pillow... what a lovely idea! I must give it a try! Thank you!
    Monica xo

  23. Oh, I love the lavendar eye pillows, but a gorgeous one you made - now that would cause a stir at the yoga studio! I haven't done the freeezer paper method yet, but I need to try it. This is such a gorgeous and simple idea. I can almost smell the lavendar.