Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pretty VDay Downloads and Linzers~

With Valentine's Day approaching quickly..I knew I wanted to make special little home made packages for my darling little boys..

I know they all like Nutella and Linzers..so I stuck to those..with some heart shaped and I Love You and Kisses cookies..Lulu and Max are at the age when they say..Did you bring us a surprise nana?:)
God Bless them.I love them to bits..

I used little plastic Chinese take Out Boxes to package the treats..

I packed the goodies on a red heart doily..there are Cars and Toy Story chocolates in there too..Toy story for Noah..he loves Woody..
The bigger boys can have a pencil too:)

They're all differently sweet my little grandsons

So they each get their individual box with shiny hearts..

All these darling tags are from one of the most beautiful blogs I found when I started spending more time on the internet..Heather Bullard's Blog..I have linked to the Chocolate Bar downloads..keep peeking for all her other beautiful ones..So nice to do this..Many many thank yous Heather~

Everything is so adorable there you will want to download them all..

Have fun..I hope you enjoy making them as much as I did..

You can find the Linzer recipe here


  1. Monique, the boys are so lucky to have you as their nana... Such thoughtfulness, such prettiness! I was thinking, if only you have a grand daughter, she will be inheriting all your skills...!

  2. Oh Monique, you are the sweetest Nana. Your little darlin's are the luckiest grandsons.


  3. You have the luckiest grandsons!

  4. Let me quick come back in another life as your grandchild!!!

  5. Monique, I hope your grandchildren know how fortunate they are to have you as their Nana. They are at such a precious age - did you bring me a surprise. You're one lucky lady.

  6. So cute! I made heart Linzer's too for last Sunday's post.
    I am going to make baskets of treats for the gkids to give their teachers.
    I hope! ♥♥♥

  7. Comme ils sont chanceux de t'avoir autour. C'est adorable ce que tu as fait. Great photos. Wish mine were younger and nearer.

  8. Such a super gorgeous post..charming and so lovely!!

  9. Checked into the blog you recommended... lovely site!!! Always so inspiring to visit with you, m'dear! Valentines is really the sweetest holiday!

  10. Bonjour Monique - Your little Grandsons will be so...pleased. They are the most gorgeous boxes. I'm clicking over to Heather's blog to check out the pretty tags!
    Thank you so much for sharing this information.

  11. On ne peux qu'être amoureux...
    de cette dernière publication...
    Bisous ... gros bisous

  12. Thank you..you will all love Heather's site..I often swoon..M-A... gentille..tu es gentille comme toujours.
    Rita I wish yours lived closer also.
    I would surely miss the proximity now that I am blessed with it.
    I have seen your creations for the kidlets K..Just over the top:) Wish I had CTS here..the ideas must be great there.
    I actually wish I could be a better nana:)

  13. What a wonderful Valentine post, Monique. Your sweet little grandsons will love their gifts.

    Thanks so much for introducing us to Heather's site. I'm going back right now to browse.

  14. oh your sweet little boys will love this what a fabulous nanny you are xx

  15. We just had our sweet Mack all day today so I can relate to those hearts ♥

    I just made linzers too - of a different sort...with hearts, of course.


  16. What lucky little boys to have a nana like you!
    Those boxes are the cutest thing I've seen... Valentine's is going to be a big hit for your little ones.
    Shel x

  17. I bet your boys are going to leap with joy. The little takeout boxes are a cute idea. You are a terrific Nana. How lucky those little ones are to have you in their life and so close by. Enjoy! ~ Sarah

  18. So beautiful Monique! Your grandsons are very lucky little boys!! I wish I was one of your grandsons! xxoo

  19. Heart ♥ Warming post, Monique. They must love their Nana to bits, also!

    The Linzers look so tasty and I will go check out Heather's blog. Thanks and Happy V-Day ♥♥♥

  20. Oh those babies are so lucky to have you for a SuperNana...
    Just perfect Monique!
    I adore Linzers for Valentines Day...
    so nice with the Nutella...I must try those!

  21. What a beautiful post! ♥

    I love everything about it ~ except your Linzer cookies are too pretty to eat. But I doubt that will deter your darling grandsons for one little minute ~ because they look absolutely irresistible!!

  22. your grandsons are so lucky to have you as their Nana. one can see all the love you put in these cookies and the packages.

    hope they enjoyed eating the cookies as much as I enjoyed reading this post

  23. I wish you were my nana! I would feel loved and grateful that I had such a talented relative whom I could inspire to be like.

  24. What a fabulous Nana you are! Nutella and Linzers - YUM! I will be sure to check out Heather's blog - thanks for the recommendation - Cheers:)

  25. Thank you:) I never knew a nana.. I am happy to be able to be one:)

  26. Oh, Monique, you are the most wonderful Nana! I am going to have to get some cute Valentines together for my little grandkids! They are the heaping spoonful of sugar in my life. I just adore everything they do!

    Thanks for the information on the downloads. I want to hop over there. Everything is just beautiful and I love the boxes and the added touches that make them so special. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  27. Lovely post and photos. Hope you have a wonderful V-Day, Monique!

  28. Oh, Monique, Happy V day to you too. Do you remember our chocolate party last year? I miss that this year. Next year I'll have to be more organized.

    Hugs to you from Belgium.

  29. Nutella & Linzers...what a great combination! Adorable boxes of Valentine's Day treats!

  30. Dear Monique, your treats are wonderfully presented! And what cute tags, thanks for sharing with us how to use them.
    Thank you also for your blogging friendship! It means a lot.
    Monica xo

  31. I am sure your little grandsons loved those!
    It is always a treat to stop in here- thank you for sharing the recipe.


  32. Oh Monique...just love the new look! I have linked your blog to my post today.....I hope that's OK with you...
    Have a wonderful Valentine's day...I'm sure your family will spoil you "rotten!"
    Love Shel xx

  33. Je t'aime everything about this romantic entry too, Monique!

  34. These little suprises are beautiful for those cute boys of yours...I can imagine the happiness around V. day!