Monday, May 16, 2011

Soul Food #90

I mentioned this last week~..Thich Nhat Hanh

I highly recommend it~

From.."It is a great joy to hold your grandchild"~ to" Flower insights~"

It is a book to have and to hold~

The Dandelion Has My Smile~Another great entry in this book.
Have you read it?
I would have never known of it..if not for a friend.
Sharing books is a good thing.
Do it~.If you can..if you have the opportunity..I know many people do~It's just such a nice way of gently sharing your likes..

A poem taken from this book~

I have lost my smile,
but don't worry.
The dandelion has it.

I also just read.. Those Who Save Us..and enjoyed it..and The Happiness Project..that my daughter lent me..That too was enjoyable..and has great food for first I thought it may be better suited for younger people:) But there are sage words for every age...~
I gave Those Who Save Us to someone..and now my other daughter will be reading The Happiness Project..
I read Room..and although there are great reviews..the book is sad and haunting.. sometimes that can be interesting.. but I found it too sad.That one went to one daughter now too..

The Forgotten Garden..was read also and I expected more..I love to be excited by a book... to want to turn every page in Sarah's Key..
Oh..Secret Daughter too I just read..from my daughter.... that was really good:)

Some different books The Brain that Changes Itself.. excellent..and My Stroke of Insight..another wonderful book~
Comes in waves when I read:) There is a Kindle in our family now..and so far my daughter really enjoys it..
I picked it up..held it and it's more enjoyable than I imagined.
I wonder if I would miss the pages? It's light..compact bright enough to read in daylight..
I was impressed.
I know I am late to talk about Kindle..I remember recommending it to my friend..a great reader..many moons ago... but never considered one seriously for myself yet..
Time will tell~
Do any of you own one? And do you enjoy it?
Do you miss holding a paperback..or a hardcover?


  1. I love the last photos the best :) and the dandelion quote. When we had Mack here last week he picked a dandelion - I have a sweet photo.

    I don't think I would like Kindle. I love to hold a book, to see the cover, mark a page and share. I think they must be wonderful for people who travel, though.

  2. Susan.. I need new Mack photos:) I bet he's changed so much.. and I know you are enjoying every minute:)

  3. I have one too I received for my birthday, I find I read faster with it, but I do miss the smell and touch of a book! Lately though I haven't had time to read even though the weather isn't good.

    As for danelions I receive some mostly everyday from my children at school....enjoy!


  4. Dear Monique , every time I tell you the same things, but my English is not so good... anyway I always love your soul food.... next Summer during our holiday we are going to spend just few ( only 4 days) in USA, in LA, but a visit in a SURE!!!! Hugs, Flavia

  5. Thanks so much for the book suggestions, Monique. And that last photo is so dear. :)
    Yes, I have a Kindle. My daughter got one first and talked me into it. I love it. Don't miss turning the pages at all (I thought I would) and it's wonderful for traveling.

  6. i love to see you reading, its so good to keep the mind busy, alert, forever young and learning...

    you know i love kindle, if you are a true reader its all about the content, not the format. lets not forget you are the one that told me about kindle in the first place, after you saw it on oprah :)

    i am going to get a 3rd one for the beach, in case i forget it i always want to have my library there... i ordered 2 books when i was there last week, 21 miles from the nearest store, but i got 2 books with no car in minutes :)

  7. Nice to share indeed. Kindle...i dont know if I will like it. I know i will miss books though. I need the feel of books and pages and to collect them so that i can see my collection grow. I have a row of books right by me now as I type. I feel happy to know and see that they are there. I love their colours.

  8. are my friend I mentioned:) That is a great convenience!A beach buddy for sure..

    Love hearing your reviews everyone..

    Have a great day~

  9. Thanks for sharing your reading list, Monique. You listed several that I am going to search out. I need a little inspiration right now.

    My sister has a kindle and loves it, but I'm resisting. I like the feel of a book in my hands.

  10. Monique, thank you for the book suggestions. I'll look for them. I gave my husband a Kindle for Christmas, but he hasn't embraced it as yet. Perhaps when traveling.
    Darling photo at the end. ;-)
    Thoughtful hugs sent your way ~ Sarah

  11. I love that poem from the Dandelion...My friend has a Kindle..and to be honest...I envy her when we are at the beach, reading. Otherwise, I'm perfectly happy reading my pages!
    Your photos are gorgeous, Monique xx

  12. We bought my husband a kindle and since he takes the plane every two weeks to go to work he loves it. He does not want to carry a lot of weight with him and this is perfect. Also he goes a different places in the world and he can download his paper everyday.

  13. I am taking note of all these great titles; sounds like what
    I enjoy. My son gave me a Kobo Reader for Mother's Day. I had no idea how nice this is.

  14. Thank you for your opinions.. :) So interesting.. I see the beauty w/ travel ! I remember as a university student taking the train to McGill.. I read books..this would have made the time speed by..OR when I did Open Houses later in life..slimmer than my agenda.
    Thank you again..
    Food For Thought~
    Things are so light now,,I still have our 800 lb Encyclopedia:)

  15. Thank you for sharing your list. I love to hear what others are reading. I read Forgotten Garden. I also expected more but I loved the way each generation's story was woven together.

  16. I LOVE reading books, paperback or hardcover. Mechanical reading lacks something in MHO.

    Thank you for the book by Thich Nhat Hanh. I have been touched by his writings before and this book looks like another great inspiring read. I will see if the library has it tomorrow when I return books.


  17. love love this post. You are so inspiring my dear!

  18. How very lovely. I just wish I have more time to read...:(... the dandelion has my smile..will remember that.

  19. I love coming here to visit you...a little piece of beauty added to my day!

  20. Thanks for sharing some of your favorites with us. I always enjoy knowing what others are reading.

    I love the feel of holding a book too Monique. Trouble is I have too many of them and can't seem to stop myself from purchasing even more. Two are in the mail from Amazon as I write. I haven't purchased a Kindle yet, but I feel the time may soon come. But it will never ever feel the same.

  21. hello my dear you suggested two days ago, I've got now the happiness project and I'm already enjoying it sooo much...thank you.
    I love books, and when traveling I always pack my books,fav. music and camera with me,this way I,m never bored.
    lovely post as always.

  22. My husband bought me a Kindle because I was spending so much on books! I have loved it and safe more than half on most books, and especially on new hard covers.

    I especially love it when I travel, I can order 4-5 new books and only have one thing to carry. I don't miss the books at all except when it comes to sharing them - definitely not when it comes to where do I store them.

    He just bought me the Ipad for Mother's Day and I loved getting to see the color book covers when I downloaded all of my Kindle library!

    Great book list.

  23. Thank you for your input..It's so appreciated..and thank you for snippets of yourselves~
    Happy you are enjoying the Happiness Project:)

  24. I can always rely on your Soul Food to feed my soul.
    Love that last photo!

  25. Monique you are such an inspiration ~ thank you for the recommendations and your thoughts, always insightful.

    If a kindle makes it easier/more convenient to read ~ I say go for it. Personally I'm a 'hands-on' book person, the aesthetics ~ the feel of the paper, turning the pages, the type print, etc., but I can appreciate the convenience of the electronic device as well.

    I love when you share pictures of your precious ones ~ those always make me smile, no matter what. xo

  26. i'm a paperback girl, i love the turning of the pages and I enjoyed Forgotten Garden if that is the Kate Morton one? Not so much her last one the Distant Hours. But I have just finished Olive Kitteridge and loved it so much.

  27. I have an ipad that son gave me for Christmas. I have read a few books on it, but I prefer the real thing. I do like that he added an app that allows me to watch TV. Very nice for the porch so I can keep up with QVC! :)