Monday, May 23, 2011

Soul Food #91

Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day. ~Quoted in P.S. I Love You, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

This is a tree stump in the bramble of our garden..covered in moss I like to take photos of it's bark and moss..and tuck fairies there in early spring when it is quite visible..In looking at my LCD..I noticed the stump smiling at me..I thought I would share it with I smiled back~

There is something that brings an inner smile when we see nature unfold~

The cameras come to life again..


  1. how cute it that! i am glad you see the good in all :)

  2. :) It almost looks Photoshopped.. but it's a genuine smile~ For everyone.

  3. Beautiful! And thought- provoking quote.
    Thank you for the smile (and sweet compliments!), smiling back at you ;)
    Monica x

  4. What a lovely start to the week, Monique. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photographs. No question about it, your tree stump is smiling at you.

  5. Thanks you for sharing with us the smile, and you bet I can see your tree stump smiling at you.

  6. Ahh, it's definately smiling...
    I just love these shots of your garden!
    You give us all reason to smile at the beginning of the week!
    Thank you.
    Shel x

  7. I believe we have a lot in common Monique, from our love of nature,flowers and fairies to our love of good food and cooking, oh and family of course! Just love the smiling tree. It made me smile too. xxoo

  8. Monique a very peaceful picture, you must be a very loving and forgiving person you see the beauty in everything and everyone!


  9. I see it, Monique. I'm smiling back at both of you!
    Your photos are exquisite. What kind of camera do you use? I want to get a new camera. ~ Sarah

  10. I feel like heaven's smiling at me... thanks for bringing a little piece of heaven to us, Monique.

  11. Thanks for enjoying the happy face with me..

    Sarah.. I use different cameras..

    From a Sony DSCH-2 point and shoot to an Oly E 510..
    But I think most of the photos are with my Canon XSI..
    There are so many great cameras out there now I would be hard pressed to chose.

    I like the Canon because of the 50mm lens..that is great in low light indoors and is inexpensive.
    For travel.. as when were were in Europe..all shots were with the Sony DscH-2.
    It's been a long time since I have researched cameras..
    I hope you find the perfect fit for you.
    It is such a nice hobby.You love photography..nature..pretty things etc.. spoil yourself...if you can..This isn't a rehearsal:)
    Have a great afternoon~

  12. I smile for spring! I especially like the photo of the ferns unfolding.

  13. That is the happiest tree truck I've ever seen :) I love how nature decorated it.

    Yes, the camera is smiling these days as well. The weather is still far from perfect but we're getting there!

  14. A beautiful smile to start my day - I smiled back - I feel better now!

  15. Everyone needs a happy stump.

  16. Oh, I love the "smile" ~ your photo actually made my heart skip a beat (happy skippy!)

    Love you Monique, sweet girl. You always bring sunshine and happiness. Thank you/ Merci!

  17. Bonjour Monique, désolé de t'écrire ici mais mon accès à Blogger ne fonctionne pas. Pour répondre à ta question je pourrais sur commande faire les boucles, il faudrait que tu me le confirme et je pourrais voir avec mon fournisseur les couleurs disponibles pour les pinces à oreilles. Toi tu aimerais les avoir identiques à celles-ci Le prix peut être légèrement différent.

    Il peut avoir un délai pour la livraison puisque poste canada à voté pour la grève mais si ça ne te dérange pas d'attendre un peu (j'espère que ce ne sera pas trop long).

    Je te souhaite une belle journée.¸

  18. Monique, good karma surrounds you.

    That is the sweetest smile I've ever seen...from a tree stump :)

  19. ha ha such a cute little smile for you too lovely M xx

  20. Only true believers are able to see the fairies...and smiles in tree stumps! Your garden is gorgeous, I would imagine it's home to lots of fairies~ Thanks for the inner & outer smiles :-)

  21. You are so right about smiling to a stranger. You just brought back memories. I was raised with this poem my mother passed in to me. Le prix d'un sourire. My boys grew up with this taped to the fridge.

  22. Dear Monique,
    Thank you for giving me your smile yesterday! Your little comment was my bit of sunshine.