Sunday, December 11, 2011

Soul Food #118~And Rudolph~

We had the pleasure of looking after 3 of our little grandsons this weekend~
The littlest one , quite the helper in the kitchen..insisted on vacuuming and doing the dishes... in his diaper no less..(cropped)..Loves climbing on chairs and playing in sinks..Yes their mom is a gentle soul.. who likes to keep him busy any way she can..:)

The older crafts and building things and doing homework type activities..
I had collected many shark's teeth in Florida and decided that would be a neat activity for them to draw a beach scene.. complete w/ sharks and then we would glue the teeth..
I am so impressed w/ their shark is even eating a fish.. I said "every artist should sign their work and date it".
Imagine my surprise when Lucas(my Lulu) ,6.. wrote Décembre..and 2011..all by himself..
Yikes they grow up do fast~

For these 3 and Noah..I wanted a special little cookie for Christmas morning and had seen these everywhere on the net~

Notice I am not doing a full post..

Well they didn't turn out as I had Google them..Reindeer Cookies..and pick your options..

I decided on a peanut butter cookie recipe abounding..and look reindeer are old and wrinkled:( They cracked ..

So I would opt for a different recipe next time..also I bought Tiny Twists pretzels in the US..they are bigger than I expected..:(

Many blogs said as soon as they come out of the oven press the antlers in..Mine kept falling~

I had started w/ one cookie..and thought I have mastered enough mix made for many cookies..melting antlers and cracked faces..
I think I would stick to mice next year:)

All in the name of love..xx

For Ollie..Noah ,Max and Lucas.
I hope they see them w/ rose colored glasses:)

I bet many of you will get these right..I'm just saying...:)


  1. Really cool Rudolph cookies. Why didn't I ever think of using pretzels as antlers. My daughter would LOVE that.

  2. What a lovely post - sounds like you had a magical time with your grandchildren :)

  3. Thank you Monique, for posting these. I will be making them for my Ollie and Isobel this Christmas.

  4. Such a lovely post...your grandchildren are beautiful and you know just how to capture the perfect photo of them!
    Such a magical time of the year.
    I think the reindeer are just perfect.
    Wnjoy the week.

  5. I'm sure the boys could care less about wrinkles :) Adorable idea anyway even if they didn't turn out as you had hoped.

    LOVE the shark picture with the shark eating the fish! You have such wonderful helpers and artists :)

  6. Oh my goodness, they are so precious!!

    Have a great week!


  7. Cute! I bet you had fun and were tired! We did an overnight with ours too, busy times. Tomorrow I will sleep late!
    But what would we do without them? :)

  8. Beautiful post Monique. I make Reindeer cookies each year, I just use peanutbutter cookie dough and I bake them with the pretzels, no problems with them falling off at all. Yours are cute nevertheless. Getting to spend this time with your grandsons must be the sweetest thing of all. xxxoo

  9. Well, I think the reindeer cookies are adorable and so did the grandsons, I will bet! And what wonderful little grandsons! Lucky you. Love the shark drawing!

  10. Monique, this is beautiful and precious!

    And the cookies? Cute! Cute! Cute!

  11. Don't you love it when things just go wrong? If you have the right attitude (and aren't shooting them for a movie) you can laugh at it... which you did. I bet they tasted great and taught your grandkids a life lesson about attitude.

    I have found, after all these years, that when one entertains and a dish goes wrong you can laugh and everyone laughs with you (and order pizza) or cry and moan and everyone feels miserable.

    Happy Holiday, Monique... I know it will be for you.

  12. You are all so right:)

    Thanks for reading:)

    Marie..I know your turn is coming up soon w/ the wee ones:)

    We may have a sleepover next Saturday..And on the 29th..
    I agree what would I do without them..perhaps if I had never known their would be ok.but once you've had it..

    Have a great day everyone.

  13. I love when you share your grandboys with us.

    As always a beautiful post.

    PS. I like your reindeer.

  14. Cute cookies and grandsons!



  15. What a fun weekend;the are adorable and yes they grow so fast. Mine are much too old now, but I do remember the adventure and fun that was.
    I used to love to buid and make cookie house with my boys as well as the grandchildren. Last year when they were visiting we made lt Bûche de Noël.

  16. Rita..I remember I think? Did you post about it?

    I am not sure!

  17. Ooooh, Monique! Sooo cute!!!!!
    Monica xo

  18. Now listen, Monique...old and wrinkled means character. Character is VERY important whether in a cookie or a face. :)
    As a result, I am in LOVE with your reindeer faces. (Looks a lot like mine!)

  19. Maybe your cookies did not turn out perfect, but those sweet little boys certainly are! I hope that I get to enjoy the pleasure of grandparenting--soon?!!


  20. Vos trois adorables petits-enfants ont bien mérité les friandises que tu leur a concoctées ma chère Nana... Ils ont beaucoup travaillé!
    J'aime beaucoup le dessin...
    De grands artistes ...
    Gros bisous à tous.

  21. even if your cookies didn't turn out the way they doesn't matter. what matters, is your help in the kitchen(the vacume cleaner, the dishwasher, the craft builders and homework doers, the artists of beach scenes...) that is more precious than anything else! Having them around you is such a blessing. All as you the name of love.


  22. De toute façon, les rennes du Père Noël doivent bien être aussi vieux que lui ... ;o) Par contre, tes petits jeunes grandissent bien, eux ! Ils sont magnifiques ! Tes petits biscuits me tentent. j'attends ma nièce Zoé pour les vacances et je pense qu'elle sera ravie ed les préparer avec moi !

  23. Bonjour tout le monde..

    happy holidays all over the globe to you.
    I have enjoyed getting to know you through your beautiful blogs..
    I am happy to share my little boys with you .
    Thank you for all your nice comments..always.

  24. It seems that some of the simplest ideas can give us the most grief. I know the little ones will love them. After all, Nana made them.

  25. Karen so true..heavy antlers will do it every time:)

  26. oh how cute, i hope you have the email addy to share with the shark teeth sharer too, this is beyond adorable!