Sunday, January 8, 2012

Soul Food #122~

These are a few of my favorite things~
They came out of hiding..I was glad to see them~:)

I like saving the EVOO bottles..(don't like cleaning the labels off though..but in the end..worth it..I think I have saved and cleaned ap .10 now..:) )..and then using as water bottles..I just like those tops so much..

I like little individual butter dishes..

Old fish knives..
Glasses with words on them..actually anything w/ words:)

Rooster plates and napkins..

Snow frosted trees..
Salt and pepper shakers~
My "Maman's" silverware..plated..or not.

Loved Julie Andrews Song~ Knew it off by heart~
I may come back with more through the year~ :)

Do you have favorites also? We all do don't we?


  1. That collage is beautiful. I started reading Dolci di Love months ago and then I had to take it back to the library and I forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Love the collage. so pretty. My favourite things . . . salt and pepper shakers, cream and sugar dishes, hearts, cherubs and YOU! Tis true! xxoo

  3. Beautiful collection, Monique. What kind of EVOO do you buy? I love small jars... I save them all.

  4. Lovely collections Monique. We collect Tea Leaf china from the Alfred Meakin China Company. Alfred Meakin was one of my husband's distant relatives. We inherited his mother's collection and actually use the china for lunch sometimes.

    I am a collector at heart, so I have to be careful or I can get in trouble because my wish list can be long (smile).

  5. I am sure I would enjoy all your collections..I admit to not being a collector..I don't have a collection of anything I think.. but I have things that become favorites.. hand me downs..heirlooms..things that remind o me of people places and events..Gifts that were sent or given with the heart~

    I did at one point collect cows:( Long gone..I think it was a fad.I know it was.

    Sam how interesting re the Tea Company.

    For the last few years we have been buying the Il Grezzo evoo.. it comes in these large bottles..
    It's the kind of Evoo that gives a tingle..

    I have accumulated many small odds and ends..but not one "Collection"~Small jars are a lust too:)
    Marie your little profile pic is so cute here.

    I am still in Dolci..the Language of Flowers steered me away momentarily:)
    Have a great day~

  6. I have so many favourite things and they change depending on what what stage I am in my life.
    When we downsized a few years ago, I had to give away so many of my things; that I made the resolution to stop accumulating; not as easy as it sounds.
    At the moment my favourite thing is blogging and coming to visit others with the same passion.
    C'est toujours une joie de venir te visiter Monique.

  7. Rita..:) When we moved 10 yrs ago.. we gave.. donated..tossed.. and I vowed never to accumulate again..both Jacques and I..well guess what? we are in the same predicament again:) High chairs were added..booster seats..a crib put up
    We are bad.. Spring clean up has started and a few items are gone again..feels good..

    Toi aussi Rita.

  8. My olive oil bottles are soooo boring.. not stoppered like that at all.

    I am a terrible hoarder of things... some valuable and antique but others... like a nest that a tiny bird made with my dog's hair... how can I give that up??? Each thing holds a memory.

  9. Love Julie's song too, and as I look at your mosaic I could be looking at some of my favorites here at HFTS. I think we indeed share some favorites. ~ Sarah

  10. I love too many things...mostly old things...
    I do love bottles with those tops...I had one I was using to hold my dish finally broke...
    I love many of the same things as you...I need to let go of some things...especially kitchen things.i have too much.
    I recently gave some of my olf baking pans away to my friends 23 year old daughter...she loves to bake..she was so thrilled and so was I ....does anyone really need 15 pie plates? Lol...

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  12. My mom's blue transferware and old fashioned jewellery...these are a few of my favourite things!...
    love your collage
    Shel x

  13. Il doit être agréable ma chère Nana de boire dans les verres de l'amitié...
    Des marottes, j'en ai beaucoup et beaucoup de petites choses auxquelles je tiens... peut-être trop!!!
    gros bisous

  14. I am not a collector of much but a keeper of a lot--interesting bottles, mismatched pieces of silver/silver plate and, like you, love most things with writing on them.


  15. Quelle belle mosaïque, Monique ... Si tu n'étais pas si loin, je te garderais bien mes bouteilles d'huile d'olive .. Il y en a de très belles, c'est vrai ! ;o)

  16. Bonjour:) Je vous envoie des bisous..H et M~A:)

    Linda.. I too.. over the years..we just tend to accumulate..almost 40 yrs of marriage.. At the beginning I can honestly tell you I did not collect kitchen ware.
    I did not cook.
    I did not know how.

    Then with the years..a little monster was created~

    I have given things away too..:)

    I know about pie pans dear Linda:)Twins in different countries:)

  17. on a practical note...
    do they have GOO GONE in Canada?
    Labels come off a toute a suite

  18. They are all gorgeous! I have the same butter keeper that a friend gave me. I agree, the bottles are beautiful. I despise removing labels too!

  19. Oui they do! I use it too:) unfortunately on these takes 4 tout de suites:) they are baked on w/ cement I think:) Thanks Carol..I like the stuff..not the smell..but it is a very good product..helps get the last residue off too:)

  20. A perfect reflection of you :-) I have those same rooster napkins and covered butter dishes are one of my favorite things too. I've never seen the olive oil in stores here but I see it can be purchased on Amazon. Love the bottle. I was going to recommend something called 'Goof Off' but I see you use a similar product. What a labor of love ;)

  21. Your photos are always so lovely...and what a beautiful collage of your little luxuries! They are all beautiful. Like you, I have several "favorite things". I suppose you'll find, on the top of my list, a pair of very, very thin porcelain chintz~ware mugs that make (almost) anything I drink from them taste magnificent. :))) And, of course, I never tire of pulling a pretty silver or silver~plated spoon from the drawer to stir my tea or coffee with! Such a fun post.

  22. My favorite things... my oldest sheets from France that are sooo soft from many washings, my wine glasses with very thin stems and a glass of Champagne. I would be very happy with your favorite things as well.