Friday, January 27, 2012

Soul Food #125~

A while ago..on Monica's superb blog at The White Bench..she gave a wonderful tutorial about making paper roses..Coffee Filter roses..I wanted to try..
I zoomed over to the Martha Stewart site on the weekend..and thought..just try drawing the petals without a template..:) Big hand is not a template..

A Rose Is A Rose By Any Other Name..
This looks like a rose kissed a dahlia.
I can tell you that it smelled divine though..
You bake it w/ coffee and cinnamon.
I knew I was making mine to adorn a bag.
I love brown paper packages tied up w/ string(these are a few of my favorite things~!:) or brown bags embellished with tags..I thought the flower would be cute..
I think it is..

Take the time to do it Monica's printing the templates and cutting well:)It will BE a ROSE and look so much better.
I added a pearl to my center and stamped For You on a petal.
It is a lovely fun project..

Her wonderful tutorial is here..

Take the time to read the tut through..I never got to the end about shaping the leaves and the stamp.It amazed me I thought of the stamp..Perhaps when she first posted I read through:)I am sure that's it! And in my haste to make this time..never got to the end..I thought:"That's it you did it:)"! Wrong..the petals should be rolled..thus the dahlia look I guess..
Enjoy the beauty of her whole blog.
Monica..Ti ringrazio!

Footnote~ Nota Bene~
Determined to try and actually make one of Monica's Roses to look like a rose..I followed her tutotial to a T this time..and I liked it much better.

Use the thread like she did..I did this makes a much nicer job than holding and bundling the florist tape..I actually curled the leaves afterwards also.
It's such a nice way of adding a little loving touch to a gift..etc.

I love when people share their creativity..I told Monica it's sometimes just the little lightbulb someone needed that day to get busy their fingers and mind and to get creative..
You feel like a kid again when it's done and you like it.

If you pop by her blog today you will see she has been published again in Somerset Life~ Bravo Monica!

Bon Weekend~

and a last PS..I know I should have just posted the better rose.. but we're all a little imperfect..and this gives hope to all..If at first you don't succeed and all that:)


  1. Beautiful!
    Happy weekend to you.

  2. I love them both! Besides, each rose is unique, no two are the same. I'm headed over to see the tutorial - thanks for the link!


  3. So so pretty!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hallo!
    Oh wie wunderschöön!Schönen grüßen aus Germany.Schönes Wochenende.Bussi.Luciene.

  5. So lovely. I am so challenged when it comes to making things...but, I want to give this a try. On my way to the tutorial.

  6. Thank you - you're right. I really needed the extra push. I have been meaning to make these since I first saw the great tutorial, but I've just put it off. So, today is THE day.

  7. simply gorgeous!
    I can see them decorating a wedding..
    Even a wedding gown!
    if only I drank coffee...

  8. Dearest Monique! THIS is exactly what I needed today... feeling a little miserable :((( but maybe I could cut a few petals and make one rose... that would help tremendously! Thanks for your kindness and friendship.Your rose is gorgeous. Perfect.

  9. Awww sweet!!
    I love the first one as well as the second...all roses are not the same anyway :)
    The gift package looks adorable.

  10. I love brown paper packages tied up with string too. That rose is the perfect embellishment!

    Have a lovely weekend.


  11. I love that your posted the first try :) Nature isn't always perfect either and art is open to much interpretation They are both beautiful! What a wonderful craft and idea.

  12. You will all enjoy making this:) are such an encouraging mentor:)

    Again..have a great weekend everyone..

    I looked for bulbs to force today..nada..old maps..nada..
    She's addicting:)

  13. How pretty! Love that lemon tart below as well. Yum!
    ~ Sarah

  14. are amazing...I am also a brown paper package girl. That is just about one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. I am so not crafty...but I am going to try!
    My soul is once again fed...
    bisous xo

  15. Nana,
    I wanted to link to yr terrific Kindle post but I can't find it :(
    Pls. email me

  16. Love it when you share your creative projects; this looks superb!

  17. I think the first one is beautiful too- reminds me of a camellia. the second one is a very nice rose! I am going to hurry to drink my 3rd cup of latte so I can try this too. I might just attach it to a Bobbie pin & wear it in my hair!

  18. Hi Monique, what a lovley rose you made.And what a great idea to use coffe.Brilliant!

  19. I took a quick peek at Monica's blog and can't wait to go back to read more. Your rose is so beautiful, Monique. It's a lovely present all in itself.

  20. I am sure you could use tea also..

    When I look at what Monica just makes me pull out hearts.. canvas.. dowels:) Ribbon..I truly enjoy making things with my hands and have been remiss.

    I always had bulbs to force..I didn't even remember I used to buy them in the fall and keep them in the fridge until now..

    Lesson learned.

    Many many blogs are inspiring..
    each in their own little idea pops up and you feel like you just had the best day at school:)

    Others inspire me to take my watercolors out..
    baking pans..

    Right now I think Jacques would prefer I pulled out a shovel..:)
    have a great day!

  21. These are great! I love the colour, too. And the pearl is a nice addition. I will check out her tutorial.

  22. i like both actually the little pointy petals on the first one are nice but as you say if at first you don't succeed....
    lovely weekend for you

  23. Just like real roses, they are all different. If you hadn't said a thing, I wouldn't have noticed! Both are truly lovely and so is your tag. You do such gorgeous projects. I always am inspired when I come to visit my favorite site.

  24. Such an elegant post - the roses look beautiful. Very inspiring!

  25. I followed the tutorial and used Martha's pattern and made two of them today. They are so much fun to make and the directions are perfect....the roses were beautiful and I'll surely be making lots more. Thanks so much!

  26. I bet they are beautiful..the ARE so much fun to make!
    Thanks everyone..especially Monica..without her,,we wouldn't know:)