Saturday, January 21, 2012

Soul Food #124~

From Blogger Pictures

These are a few of my favorite things~2~

Black ware with words,wood boards,popover pans.(Popovers that actually popover)
Zucchini Blossoms
Minestrone soup with puff pastry stars,simmered with a big end rind of parm cheese
Pretty wine bottles
Muffin liners
Picture Frames with people I love in them
Grand papa's furniture
Dovetail details
Olive Oil
Jasmine Tea..the pearls..
Sage Bread/Old tole trays
Any Magazine Fifi is involved in:)


  1. I love how simple things make us smile inside and out!

  2. Just love this Monique...I love all these things too....these things make a home....the fuzzy feeling you get when you walk through the front door and say "it's good to be home"!
    Your collage is gorgeous.
    Hope you having a super weekend.

  3. Les choses que tu aimes sont de belles choses puisque je les aime aussi!!! Grand sourire!!!...
    J'aime la manière que tu as eu de nous montrer tes goûts...
    Gros bisous ma chère Nana et bon weekend.

  4. A wonderful gathering of ideas and loves..
    No clue how you concoct this melange
    I love anything with words on it except birthday cake :(

    merci carolg

  5. Bonjour Carol..

    The part about Birthday cake made me smile:)I would have never thought of that!
    I use Photoscape..It is free and easy as download off the net..there is a french version for you too if you want carol.. M~A you too!
    Picnik is closing in April:( Photoscape may be a good venue for some of you if you will feel at a loss w/out Picnik.

    Too bad..Picnik was great!
    M~A..j'aime les choses que tu aimes aussi:)

    Thank you..I enjoy visits to your homes also.

    Bon weekend!

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  7. Today I found a wonderful watercolor sketchbook and thought of you! Obvioulsy I treated myself to it ;))
    Are you enjoying yours?
    The puff pastry stars are so cute and look yummy in the soup. I pinned them :)

  8. You made me smile with all of these simple yet beautiful things....I also love them too! You have such amazing taste!
    I think I edit in Picassa on flickr
    I am going to download Photoscape this weekend...fingers crossed!
    Beautiful post Nana dear!

  9. A lovely list of lovely things. The soup is the star :) I love Monsieur Le Lion too.

  10. I guess we like the same things, Monique. Especially those muffin liners...which, unfortunately, they don't make anymore.

    Pleased to hear Chuck Hughes is a nice guy as well as a good chef. I was rooting for him and was sorry he lost so early in the competition. It always amazes me the tiny things that cause them to be eliminated.

    As for the pizza puffs, I have a recipe (don't know if it's the same one) I got from Noble Pig and posted it last year. Will check to see if they're the same.

  11. all look beautiful and I love the soup!!

  12. I love your list . . . I would add to my list: You! (And your beautiful blog of course!!) xo

  13. ahhh, my dear, yes, we seem to love the same things. I adored this little peep into your true loves.

    Dreaming of France and all things French!



  14. I nodded regarding each of your selections!

    But what about Jacques—where's your beloved Jacques in all of this? :)

    Kidding, of course. Enjoy your weekend.

  15. Yep to everything except the muffin liners. Those don't do it for me. I'll sub flowers from the supermarket.

  16. THINGS:)

    And he reads your comments and will love this:)

  17. I love all those things too! Especially zucchini flowers and picture frames :) It's a very cute site you have!

  18. I so want to find oven-proof cloches to make an old mushroom dish.. where did you find them? Lovely montage, but then you are an artist, m'dear. You just keep getting better!

  19. The most joy in life comes from being able to enjoy and find pleasure in small and simple things. You are a woman after my own heart. xxoo

  20. The one prettier than the other..those muffin/cupcake liners touch the point of my heart too...and the lion, my favorite animal...being a Leo moi meme..what will we be without these small loves in our lives.

  21. your know i am leaving here humming :)

  22. I enjoyed sharing these:)

    have a lovely day!

  23. Again what a lovely post! I am still searching for Meyer Lemon in my little corner.
    Like you small pretty things make me very happy. I went to check out Linda; she has a treasure of a post.
    We are now living freezing rain and surrounding areas with power shortage; so far so good for us.

  24. On a quelques points communs, mais ça je le savais déjà ! ;o)