Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Masquerade~And 2 Recipes~

My daughter  had a Halloween dinner for our family..the Alphabet boys love getting dressed up and they can pick and chose great costumes straight out of their closets:)
I was going to be a chef..and Jacques a baker..that's how many costumes we have:)

Well we changed our minds..I have a cape with spiders all over it.. this mask..the gloves ..the spider ring and green nail polish..EEK:)

But Jacques was the scary one..w/ a Dracula cape and fork and the ugliest scariest mask I have ever seen..
We practiced it on the kids yesterday..They love him so much we can't have them being afraid..
But Noah..who had not seen grandad  kept saying take it off! Take it off..and so he did:)

I wanted to show you that those little carved pumpkins look cute with tea lights:)

It's been so dark here the past few days..difficult to get bright happy photos..
I found a perfect little hostess gift for her~

A photo album from HOME SENSE.. that says My Little Pumpkin.. she took so many photos of Noah w/ Pumpkins and at Le Jardin Botanique..for the festival of lanterns and pumpkins..
Can you believe our luck? After years in the dark w/out commercially proven stores like Michael's and Home Sense..we now have both.
These stores are amazing for gifts.
Mind you I prefer quirky..different little stores..brocantes..artists galleries..but they are not plentiful close to our home..brocantes even further:)One day again!

I tried a new appetizer for dinner w/ a healthy bowl of soup..to bring..but felt it was easier to bring something that does not need  watchful baking..
However..it's on my keeper list now..So I thought I would share with you~

The recipe came from a little color flyer in one of my magazines..
This recipe makes 20..I halved the recipe for Jacques and I..
So easy..cute..and good.
I would make one change and use garlic butter where the recipe calls for plain butter

La Recette~

Mozza-Olives Pizza Twists

1 1/4 cups warm milk,about 130 F(55c)
1/2 cup melted butter divided
2 tbsps golden corn syrup
2 packages(8grams each) Pizza yeast(I used reg)
3 cups all purpose flour ap.
1 tsp salt
2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup chopped green olives(I used Kalamata)

1/4 cup each of chopped green onions and sun dried tomatoes.
poppy seeds optional

Feel free to use whatever fillings you like..I would love roasted peppers I know it

1.Stir milk,1/4 cup of butte corn syrup and ueast in a bowl and let satnd ap 10minutes or until foamy.Sir in flour and salt until mixture forms a sticky dough,
2.On a lightly floured surface knead dough 20 -30 times..until smooth and elastic.Let stand 10 mins.
Meanwhile preheat oven to 400F(200c).Toss cheese with olives and sun dried tomatoes..
3.Stretch or roll dough  into a 12x16 rectangle..cut in half making 2 12 x 8 rectangles.
Sprinkle and even mixture of filling lengthwise over half of each rectangle.Fold over   to enclose filling making 2 12x 4 inch rectangles.Press down lightly to adhere filling.
4.Line 2 baking sheets w/ parchment..Cut each rectangle into 10 equal strips.
Twirl each strip twice and place on baking sheet..Brush with remaining melted butter..sprinkle with poppy seeds.
5.Bake 16 minutes rotating sheets halfway..or until twists are golden on the bottom..Serve warm.~

  To bring to the party..I made the baked feta I have mentioned before..You prepare everything at home..and they just pop it in the oven until the cheese is warm and soft and the toppings become fragrant.
It's so easy..and serves many.I made a loaf of bread to accompany..found some cute printables online..Thank you Printabelle.
I found more cute Printables here..but I had already printed mine~

and I made this recipe from  MenuTuristico:) Hers caught my eye.. Her blog is lovely..and the English recipes are so appreciated!I made mini muffin hearts and the only difference..was that I sliced mine open and added this red pepper jelly because I know my girls love it.

It was a lovely get together..he kids had so much fun..the weather was bleak and grey...BOO!..there was a cookie decorating event after dinner at the table..and my daughter had also filled four buckets that were Halloween pumpkins filled with different things..(blue jello..creamed corn..pickled onions..I forget the fourth!)  and put lids on top  so only their hand could get in to feel and they had to guess..lots of shrieks and laughs:)

She made darling Candy Corn parfaits,,piped into glasses..fajitas..all kid friendly food..The children each got a wonderful Halloween book w/ a sticker of Noah amongst pumpkins inside.
And lady Giuliana was a rock star with her dad at the end of the evening.♥She sang Adèle for us:)

Have a nice Halloween to those who celebrate~
Most of all..everyone in sandy's path..Stay safe~


  1. What a fun celebration for your family. I am impressed by what I see here... the decor, the food... and most of all, all these cute personalized tags and labels. You must have some serious crafting equipment at home (and skills, too, obviously...) :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Bonjour:)

    Staples prints the printables:) They won't print on fabric for you..but for papers I find it worthwhile.:)
    Thank you..I am enjoying your blog so much since I found it at Carol's(Paris Breakfasts)..Of course she's in your beloved city now..

  3. Looks like such fun!! What is Home Sense?? We don't have one, and I am sure we need one!

  4. Monique, been without a computer for a few days, but I'm up and running with a new one this morning. Your photos are even more beautiful on this new screen. I do love to see a post from you!
    I smiled at your costume. Went to a small gathering with girlfriends last night. We were visiting a home bound friend so wanted to arrive in festive spirit. ;-)
    One friend wore a black cape and peacock feather mask. I was a black fly. LOL
    Looks like a fun evening.........Sarah

  5. Your photo for the Mozza-Olives Pizza Twists is simply gorgeous. Beautiful!

  6. Everything looks SPOOKTACULAR as always Monique!!! Very nice, but then, I'd expect nothing less from you. Happy Halloween!! xxoo

  7. I would have loved to see you and Jacques all dressed up for the party. I have a photo of my parents dressed as Raggedy Ann and Andy for a party they had many years ago. Not scary but so precious. Isn't it amazing how excited the children get on Halloween - special treats and dressing up all in one night.

  8. What a wonderful evening you must have had. I can't wait until I get home to take the time to read all the posts I have missed while traveling.

  9. I also would have loved to see you and Jacques in your costumes! What a wonderful party it must have been but the show-stopper is your pizza twists. Magazine-worthy photo, Monique!!

  10. What a wonderful party! I love coming to your blog, it's so inspirational. All the beautiful photos and wonderful ideas! Happy Halloween to you and your family!


  11. It sounds like lots of family fun. I love Halloween with the little ones being so excited. Happy Halloween!

  12. Hank you for your comments..our daughter took our pics:-) they ere on her camera for posterity.
    I started liking all this again once they came along..the wee ones..for them..dress up is every day:-)
    Have a lovely day-

  13. Would have loved to see everyone dressed up....Halloween is cancelled here because of the storm. The second year in a row...the poor little kids. Sadly there are much worse things at the moment...:(
    This made me smile!

  14. What a lovely night...the little ones bring such magic to gatherings such as these! How lucky you all are. Your mask and gloves are intriguing!

  15. What a great recap of our fun evening! It also reminded me that I need to send you pictures .. this weekend, I promise :)

  16. Your lovely post just says it all..FUN! I love that mask..and would've loved to receive that beautifully, typically Monique gift...and oh, those pizza twists look divine..sigh, I wish could have been be one of the kids..

  17. Such a fun Halloween party, Monique. I adore your feather mask. (Every time I've been to Venice, I bring back an unusual mask. I love them!)
    Copying the recipe...what a nifty appetizer for the holidays.
    Re Sandy: my daughter got back to the city, but there still is no electricity. Most of her friends are staying in upper Manhattan with friends. I'm waiting to hear what she's going to do. I know she plans to make certain all is well in her gallery today. Cell phone coverage is spotty.

  18. i do hope all is well in her gallery..what photos on tv to make us aware of the devastation:(

  19. What a nice party, that must have been fun. Love the pictures!

  20. The pizza twists look amazing! What a great idea for an appetizer. I love olives and bread. The feather mask is so pretty, I have something like that myself, too.

  21. Sounds like such a fun celebration! I love the mozz-olive pizza twists, such a clever idea.

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