Friday, December 14, 2012

Home Made Wafer Paper Designs~

I enjoy wafer papers ..they dress up a plain cookie so well..I have had the pleasure of working with them..having purchased and received some from Fancy Flours..~
You can see some here~and I did make some for Valentine's one year also..

But having recently bought the Sprinkle Bakes book..I was tempted to try my hand at buying the wafer paper and hand stamping w/ edible food coloring~Her Paris cookies were so cute!

So ...I had to buy a bunch of them..don't ask how many..not too expensive..but I will have some for a long time..

I made her sugar cookies..good little recipe..and made some royal icing,..
That day I made a few cookies..with my fun stamps.that have words in them..Petits Beurre etc....and with rubber stamps and wafer paper..

Oyoyoy..First of all..although I LOVE the look of decorated sugar cookies with royal icing..the taste..does me in..I prefer a cookie to taste like the cookie and not sugar..
I know I know..I love painting cookies:)and need the icing to do so..

It's not the stamping that is hard..or time consuming..

and it's so easy to dress the stamp with the food coloring and stamp and's the whole preparing the sugar cookie with royal icing..letting it dry..

and then..  making the wafer paper look better outlining and adding edibles to hide the paper edges..
I was excited when the stamping went so well ...with the reasonable Christmas stamps I bought at Michael's..It's the finishing touches..that never finish!

Look at all the dots and pearls or mini trees or snowflakes one had to by one~for small cookies.

9 cookies took me longer than painting the other ones~

So I will try and find other uses for the transfer papers..or an easier way to hide the edges..because so far I prefer and painting..

I'll put my thinking cap on~Maybe I will borrow the Red Baron's:)
He had a little cold this week and he and grandad played with this hat for a while..He made me smile out loud as he always does..It's quite festive too:)

There you have it..the truth ..for  me:)

But in her book..hers are great! and her sugar cookie recipe was spot on!I will try the Paris one one day..
I guess I just expected easier..yet my other ones..the transfers from Fancy Flours..needed as much camouflage also.
I just love playing in the kitchen so much..I could not resist..
On to.. deliciouser cookies or bars..and less time consuming:)
Don't get me wrong..I love the time spent in the kitchen..but these were over the top..time wise.

PS you can find her sugar cookie recipe here..It is her most recent one and the one I used..


  1. Very nice, but obviously out of my ability range. If it took you a long time, it would take me forever!

  2. Ditto...from Pam!
    Now I'm thinking twice about bringing my Pizzelle's tomorrow simple and plain...OY like you say???

  3. The cookies are lovely. I do believe that one needs an artistic talent to do and you obviously have that. Your little one is adorable! Love the hat!


  4. I love his hat too.I would love to wear one:)

    The wafer papers are definitely not something to do en groupe either.:)

    I just found the already made wafer papers so $$$$..
    These are fun..but so long..:)
    Your pizelles area work of art!
    Pam:)my love of baking cutesy things again came back when our first grandson was born..
    I had a break in between with really mostly just the norm..They made my heart excited again.

  5. They look so pretty and Christmassy.
    I took a visit to "Dehillerin's" in Paris last month and thought of you Monique as I was rummaging through their amazing collection of copper pots and kitchen-ware.... just delightful!

  6. Hard to think of Christmas since I saw the news~

    All afternoon ...since my daughter alerted me of the tragedy in Connecticut:(


  7. I so agree the tragedy - imagine Christmas for those families and for years and years to come. How terrible!

    I love hearing your honest opinion. I have been wanting to try these papers. Of course yours are perfection. I probably wouldn't decorate as much. But I liked hearing that you had to do camo on all.

    The Red Baron is absolutely edible too. What a smile. Aren't they just the most amazingly wonderful addition to our lives?!!

  8. Jacqueline ..they ARE..And we cannot stop thinking of the ones that were lost yesterday~
    Thank you for coming by..

    Keep enjoying those dolls you have~

  9. I'm with Pam. Way out of my range of comfort or abilities. So glad I can say I know someone with your talent Monique.

  10. Your cookies are so professional; I always said your were a culinary artist as well as anything you set out to do. Always a pleasure to come and visit you little corner.

  11. I so agree on wanting to taste cookie and not sugar. I like my cakes that way too - plain and simple :) They are beautiful, though and so photo worthy!

    I love that hat! I could use one like it myself today as it has been raining all day. All I would need are two wee window wipers for the goggles :)

  12. I am glad I have you all to share visits with..
    Bitter cold here right now..

  13. These are too exquisite, but alas not in my capablity!
    Anyway they are a feast to the eye...
    we are also in shock on hearing about the tragedy just before Christmas.
    Keep warm...
    Shel x

  14. He's a beautiful boy...
    the cap is gorgeous())

  15. Hi Monique,
    These beautiful cookies truly are to pretty to eat. I would have to hang them on my tree, after all the work to make them. Love your Grandson's cool!

  16. Just beautiful your cookies...the red baron is so adorable...
    I have been so sad the past few made me smile.
    L xo

  17. You have to have the patience of a saint to have decorated those cookies. I wish I had a Red Baron would be perfect when I use the snowblower.

  18. Oh Karen you made me smile..~

    That's a good thing..

    So many details coming out now..

    C'est vraiment trop triste.

  19. Oh my, those are beautiful, but decorating is too tedious for me. I didn't know about transfer papers, but seeing edges seems untidy - good luck. Guess what I just made and cooled - those very same pale pink meringues at the top of your page! Underwhelmed by the taste, but they're a very pretty color:)

  20. Oh, I just read your post with your letter from Santa Claus! How magical. Joni just posted a copy of her son's letter. I have a couple I dug out of the mailbox and saved. I wish I had started something like this! They will treasure it someday.

    I had to laugh out loud at your comment on your hands. Mine are just like that - I think yours are beautiful, especially baking! They are hands that are filled with love.

    Yes, I have thought the same thing that it could have been my beloved grands. I have two that age. My heart aches and eyes fill with tears just contemplating it. They are my light!

  21. Very good idea. Cute cookies. Santa looks very happy-)

  22. Such pretty decorations! Well done. I wish I had the patience to do that... ;-P



  23. Monique, you are amazing. So much talent. Your cookies are adorable. So is your little Red Baron. So cute.


  24. So beautiful! You have so much patience!
    We had our family party Sat. Did a living Nativity! Eamon was Baby Jesus. Come see!

  25. O ho, such loveliness Monique! From start to finish. Love your little Red Baron! So sweet. I shall admire your beautiful cookies from afar . . . my impatience could never cope with them. But I can appreciate beauty when I see it. Love you. xxoo

  26. Oh my, what beautiful cookies!