Tuesday, March 25, 2014

La Maison Des Biscuits~

I don't know how this cute stamp ended up in our home..
Okay..a new Renaud-Bray opened up in a close radius to our home and I had to wait 1  1/2 hrs for an appt.in the same vicinity.. cute little book..stamp..cutter and decorator..all packaged up in a cute little house.
I was a realtor for 28 years..I'll blame it on the fact that I have a  penchant for cute homes..
This one fits the bill..the door with the  fan window..the large window with the teapot and dessert..a hanging sign..lampstandard..awning at the front..
Too cute.
I used one of the recipes in the small French book..
Thank goodness I have baked before..
These are a type of Dulce De Leche cookie..the recipe said to add one jar to the mixture..

not so fast Larousse..The DDL goes IN between the cookies..nit IN the recipe..

You can leave them single.. but this recipe needs the filling I find..not too much but just enough to give it the DDL taste..after all that is the recipe.
Imprint is clear and sharp.
If I had a shop I would have these at the counter..Under a pretty cloche..♥
And I would serve pretty teas..
And I would have flowers in the shop..and the softest music playing~

Coup de ♥~

La Recette~

Courtesy of that cute little book there..again..there is an error in la recette..and the book is not all geared for stamping..


Dulce De Leche

100grams of softened butter
 250 grams of flour
1 egg
100 grams brown sugar
pinch of fleur de sel

Cream butter and sugar add egg then salt and flour..the flour..start with 200 grams..and add if you feel the mixture needs it..I did..
Again these were not their directions..
But it worked for me..
Bake at 350 for ap 15 minutes..  mine took less..

Place a dollop od Dulce De leche between 2 cookies..and there you have them:)
I won't give you a rundown on how to use a stamp..you must be tired of hearing my method by now..
It's different f you live with me and I repeat myself..you get used to it I guess after 40 yrs..but if we just visit each other..you could find it terribly tedious..:)
I am at a loss since my new computer stepped foot here..
What looks right sized on the new computer appears so large here..
Give me time..
I will get used to it..
On the new computer..the fotos are full size..

On my netbook..as I check..half the photos are missing..size wise..
How about you?:)
Thank you..


  1. Monique, the biscuits look so perfect! they must be heavenly delicious. Thank you for stoping by another day. Yes, Peddlar's Village still exist, and when the weather improves I will go there and will take many pictures for you!-)



  2. You've an exceptional blog, Monique! I love visiting it! I've not tired of any of it! The biscuits are perfect!

  3. They're so cute! Glad you were able to figure out the DDL mixup. I wish I could find that stamp here. I ordered the cute Eiffel Tower one after you posted them quite a while ago.

  4. Bonjour ma chère Nana,
    Je viens de noter ta recette car tes biscuits me semblent succulents. Comme j'adore ma pause thé à l'atelier avec une jolie tasse et of course des douceurs, ces petits biscuits seraient parfaits !... Le plus est évidemment la finition avec ce joli décor sur le biscuit. Comment te procures-tu ce "tampon" ? ou d'autres ?...
    Une très jolie publication... je viendrais bien partager une tasse de thé avec toi !
    Gros bisous

    1. Bonjour M~A.. c'est une publication Larousse..Tout probablement Amazon.fr?

      En effet!


  5. Adorable! The packaging is as cute as the stamp. ;-)

  6. Nana, dear - those are perfect little cookies! And so tidy and pretty with that delicious filling. I never knew you were a realtor but I am in love with houses, just like you. My father was an architect, so houses and design were part of my life, always. Happy good morning to you and I just checked - the weather IS getting better, slowly.......

    1. Almost 30 yrs..I loved bringing my clients a gift:)
      I admire architects..having viewed many styles from the 1800's to brand new here.. Architecture has always intrigued me.
      Have a penchant for older..a big penchant..
      I know..I have been following our elections in a small way..only to see who is ahead..and the weather:)
      Heating costs were up this yr for certain!

  7. That's darling! That's what my grandmother would always say ;o) If I had the package, I would put it on display.

    1. It is:) on the cookbook bookshelf I keep the little boxes..
      As a little girl..I had my things out on display too:)
      We never change all the way do we?

  8. You are the Queen of embossing.
    Maybe you could do sculpture too?

  9. What adorable cookies. I'm thinking you should own that shop or perhaps open your own. I know it would be a fabulous success.

  10. Oh what a cute stamp! Do I buy another? Maybe use the recipe for ones I have first to get more practice.

    1. It depends how deep your like for these stamps is:)
      I just enjoy them..totally like PLAYING:)

  11. Another sweet cookie stamp to add to your collection, Monique. Finding a dough that holds its design is a real challenge. I'm sure the filling adds a nice bit of flavor. You are the perfect person to have a charming little shop of your own.

  12. great blog....always attractive, readable and mouthwatering.

    1. That is really so nice of you to say.It is I am sure the way you are with people:)

  13. Love the biscuit box and the cookies look so wonderful!! Thanks for sharing. Always love looking at your beautiful photos too!!

  14. Adorable cookies, Monique! But, all of your cookies are adorable :) You have such a wonderful collection of stamps and molds. I'm sure those grandsons of yours love coming over for milk and cookies - they are always in for a treat. Better than Oreos to say the least! They baked beautifully and the stamped image so clear. Love the cute house and the box they came in is charming.

    I am having a hard time with my old computer with a new Windows operating system. Photoshop is wacky and my pictures are filed so crazy. I will get used to it too. You photos look just fine to me (and beautiful).

    1. I knew you would enjoy this stamp:)
      The funny thing is..they LOVE OREOS:)or cake mix cookies..or regular chocolate chips..:)
      Noah is the adventurer..he is the first to check what's under the cloches:)
      Mario in the making:)

  15. Oh Monique, another beautiful post. If you had a shop I would be your best customer. I need to look into stamps. I just ordered some pastry tip because I have had the urge to decorate cookies and cakes.

    Don't forget Call the Midwives will be on Sunday. I can't wait.

    1. We can't wait either:)

      And Mr.Selfridge..

      I just found something ..for my wish list.. but dear $$..
      Still..I may go for it..a work of art..
      We shall see:)

  16. The cookies turned out beautifully and I love that they were made into a sandwich. Wish I were you next door neighbor and would get to sample all of your lovely goodies!

  17. Your photos & blog look gorgeous at this exact moment as I am viewing it on my iPhone. I wish I had one (or 2) of those cookies right now. Yum!

  18. I wouldn't have been able to resist that little house cookie press in it's house box either. Sweet!

    1. These little temptations:) they can get the best of us for sure!

  19. So pretty and perfect! I bet these cookies taste wonderful.



  20. I'm pretty handy but I think I could never make a cookie look as well as you do. They are always perfect. The stamping is wonderful.

  21. Ces biscuits sont réellement parfaits !
    Et tant appétissants avec la petite ganache intérieure.
    Passez une bonne fin de semaine :)

  22. Your cookies are perfect! Sharp...beautiful! As always! You are the cookie stamp queen in my book!
    I love this stamp particularly! Gorgeous!
    Bisous xoxoxoxo

  23. If you had a shop, I would come & bask in the beauty of all of the individual beautiful things & in the ambiance...and I would carefully, lovingly select a gift or 2...Your home customers must have enjoyed working with you because of your love of homes! The cookies & the little package: adorable! (I would have guessed that you were a professional photographer...perhaps you were also...)

  24. Have a great weekend:)
    I am just going to post about Carol G:)

  25. What beautiful cookies Monique. Each a perfect little masterpiece! I love cookie stamps and now I must find this stamp for me. :-) I live in hope! I hope you are having a beautiful weekend. Is that your journal I see over there in a photograph on the side? I am intriqued! I love houses too. :-) We are twins. xxoo

  26. I think Amazon has it Marie..here and in France so I bet the UK has it:)
    I don't see the journal?:)

  27. You should have a shop, Monique ! Et je serais cliente, c'est sûr ...

  28. I love this post so much, I was in Paris in Feb. for the first time with my son and want to go back. It was one of the best trips I did. I do like you, I keep all of the emails from my 3 kids. :)

    1. It must have been so much fun and such a great pleasure to have seen it with your son:)