Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pouding Chômeur~

Pouding Chomeur~

Forgive the lack of accent circonflexe on my o..but my computer brings me to another page when I use the alt+code for the accent..
Oh well..

So pouding chomeur..translated..means an unemployed man's pudding~
Well it is warm and fuzzy and cozy and decadently delicious..
if you like cream and maple syrup.
Jacques' dad owned a grocery store..there were 5 kids in his family and busy times..his mom often made these and they are still one of his all time fave desserts.
He even makes them for himself and has several variations of recipes saved in a binder.
I make them too..
What I am offering today is one of one million recipes for this..but like Goldilocks..I have found the right one for us..I have a bit of one and another one and yet..another one.
This perfection itself.

Mind you Jacques often makes the sauce w/ just water and brown sugar etc..

but this is my try my fave first if you want to love PC..

It could be served w/ linen:)On Linen..and china..

Like in that pretty resto I happened upon in Little Italy~

in one word..raffiné..

it's got the light cake..not heavy..some are like bricks I kid you not..and the sauce is like the best fudge..sucre a la crème ...softened and warmed and creamy...EVER.

La Recette~for my BEST.

For the batter..

1 cup flour
1/2 cup sugar
3 tbsps melted butter
4 tsps of baking powder
3/4 cup of milk
I add a touch of maple extract .. Watkins

Pre-heat your oven to 350F

Mix the ingredients and spread in a greased baking I used a Rachel Ray fluted ceramic pie dish..and above small ind.ramekins.

The Sauce

1 cup whipping  cream
1/2 cup pure maple syrup
Bring to a boil in a saucepan..

Pour over cake batter.

Bake in the 350F oven for 35-45 mins until it is set.

Serve warm w/ ice cream.

You can also bake ahead and just warm in an oven..don't bake it again..just warm it.

It is loved by all.

It's not a's a cake w/ a fudge sauce.

You could also use this good alternative,that is from the first cookbook I started adding notes in:)Little flowers here and there..hearts..oh my..Dorothy and Toto.

La Recette~

2 cups flour
3/4 cups sugar
1 cup milk
4 tsps baking powder
1/2 tsp salt


2 cups brown sugar
2 cups water
 1 tbsp flour
1 cup maple syrup

Bake in a pre-heated 375 F oven for 35-45 minutes..

And  don't forget to serve warm w/ a dollop of ice cream..and wait for the.."mmmmmmmm's".... "is this ever good"!

My brother had a birthday..68..he loved his card.

Shutterfly thank you for great cards and calendars.

Happy that made me..  he must have been 11 ..4.

He looks invincible..I must admit I look  a bit bratty there..

..his Perry Como sweater was at home I mom loved him..I remember our console stereo playing his songs..and Nat.....Bing..
She always did my hair like that.. the front pulled back w/ a ribbon..then a tonypail:) Another ribbon  at the back I am sure.
God I loved her. Happy little girl she made me.

A few other things that make me happy..Max arriving at the door w/ a container of soup and tapenade from his mommy..Frédérick made the soup..she the tapenade..♥

Put all the gardens to bed..God bless Jacques I tell ya.
What a helper..
All the furniture..ornaments..stored..
Some roses still budding and blooming amidst this grey grey weather..and this little pansy popped up out of nowhere..where I had some growing 2 years ago.
You never know.
You never know what can happen.:)

awww..footnote..I said to Jacques I wish you had photos of your dad's grocery store..I looked..nothing ..but this came up and he said yes! That's it!
His sister owned it..and at one point the name changed..but this is it:)♥

And still there..!

It was called by his dad's first and last names..then a dépanneur w/ just the last name..and now totally different..but Jacques assures me..that was it.. he lived there until he was 8..upstairs..

Talk about A Tree Grows in Brooklyn..not far the beginnings..but in Montré the 40's.


  1. Bonjour ma chère Nana,

    Un sublime petit billet qui unit la joie de la famille et les papilles... Ce dessert me donne l'eau à la bouche, moi qui suis si gourmande !
    Tes photos sont tellement romantiques... J'aime beaucoup !

    Un grand merci pour ton gentil petit mot.

    Gros bisous ❀ ❊ ❀

  2. Lovely! The photos and the pudding.


    1. Thanks's not that pretty out today..going to do inside things..

  3. The pudding/cake looks delicious. What a beautiful fall it must be there. We don't have many red leaves, but lots of yellow. Good days.

  4. I love the card that you made for your brother. I think you like exactly the same in that photo as in your 'selfie' = beautiful and bubbling with joy xoxo

  5. Yammie pudding....lovely week love Ria x

  6. I love it when certain recipes bring back happy memories. This is certainly one to try on a chilly day. It sounds all cozy and delicious! I don't think you look bratty in the photo, just full of fun and very happy. The smile is exactly the same :) How nice that you have all of your outdoor chores finished. Today was another pretty day here - almost 60 and abundant sunshine. Everything is golden outside. I dug all the dahlia tubers to store for the winter today and I kept thinking it's going to be a long time before they bloom again. I guess that's what makes up appreciate flowers so much. It must be wonderful to have a delivery boy :)

    1. It is so wonderful to have a delivery boy:)♥

      Not pretty here at all today..don't laugh..I kinda did a bit of Christmas..preps..made stencils for cookie cutters..could not find the cutters here..

      Here it is golden too..I look out and my maples are golden..

      Try the first recipe..w/ L and B:)

      I threw out my dahlias..they were ordinary..and last yrs fiasco w/ saving the beauties..:(

      I will buy new..and watch YOU:)
      You do it so well!

    2. I meant makes us appreciate, not up - LOL. Never too early to start Christmas preps in my mind. I will try it with L & B! Came back to pin it :)

    3. When I reread some of my comments I am frightened by my typos:)
      Truly..I nearly made a doozy w/ this post..

  7. Thank you for the wonderful recipe - it looks wonderful and I know it tastes terrific. You are the best photographer - your pictures are stunning. Wish our fall looked like yours. Enjoy your fall with all the beautiful colored leaves. We had 93 degrees yesterday - way to hot for me at this time of the year. I want to wear my jeans, flannel shirts and boots. I am afraid that it will not happen for a long time.

    1. I am such a boot person Mary..I would miss fall and winter boots are more for protection ..frost protection..but fall boots..are better than shoes:)
      I go from flipflops to boots.

      You can grow all yr long..must be nice too no?

  8. Beautiful Monique - the adorable photo of you and your brother as well as the pudding. God bless good husbands like Jacques. Hope you have a great week ahead.

  9. I've never heard of tis Monique but it sounds just wonderful. Your card is precious, I can see why your brother loved it!

    1. Scott..try the first one..and then say..awww:)

      Like I have done for soo many of your recipes:)

  10. Ces belles couleurs d'automne <3
    Et les bons petits plats en famille, autour d'une célébration ~

    1. Nous sommes privilégié pouvoir popotter:)
      Je le sais..un plaisir dans la vie.

  11. Well, you have me wanting to make this tonight, but it already near midnight. I'll postpone the delight till tomorrow sometime. '-) I love the way you share these things, Monique. You have such a darling tone and way with words. Love the snapshot of you and your brother. So cute!
    Rainy here all weekend, so I did absolutely nothing but stay curled up on the sofa reading.
    Have a great week. I know ours will be better for a bite of this cake!!!!

    1. I hope you stayed i your jammies..
      in my next life I will do that:)
      I was mentioning you to Jacques hoping that topical storm would calm down..

  12. Lovely post Monique. I adore the photo of you and your brother. You still have that same smile! Oh, and that pudding. What an old favourite. I think it is distinctly Canadian! Love, LOVE IT! Especially with maple syrup. Then a scoop of vanilla melting over the top. Max at the door with soup and tapenade made my heart strings tweak. You are a very lucky woman. Our gardens are almost put to bed now for the winter also. Sigh . . . xoxo

    1. I realize my good fortune in their proximity..I always think inside myself that it was the best gift being a realtor ever offered me..and I am grateful the couple I showed the house to wanted to see many..and that my family got this one:)

      Sheer luck..I have been lucky with my family.
      The luck of the draw?
      It is so Canadian eh?;)

  13. Oh! I will make that. Maybe I will try it as part of thanksgiving dessert instead of pumpkin pie. Your brother's card must have really touched his heart. I agree with Susan, the smile is the same. Actually the face is the same. So nice you found a photo of Jacque's father's store. Not much blooming here but some fall blooming crocus and one of my hardy chrysanthums. I still have to plant my garlic and a few crocus for next year. And I have to make some Halloween cookies and cupcakes for the gang. Can't disappoint a little girl (and a bigger boy!)

    1. GRandma..if you don't want to hear..But how come you didn't bake cookies;)..I think you should:)
      I would absolutely make this for TG..EASY!! Make the first..and I do think they will like it..Noah loved it..make sure there is a high enough rim on the dish as it rises of course..Caroline made it the next day and doubled used and even bigger vessel.A hit there also.
      I do hope you enjoy it Terry..vanilla bean..or vanilla ice cream..and WARM...

    2. Cookies baked, cupcakes baked, icing tomorrow, drop off Wednesday. I got a new Halloween stamped cookie from sur la table and used your honey stamped cookie recipe. To add color or not, that is the next issue.

      I have a deep dish pie dish or is a soufflé dish better?

    3. If you do single like mine..deep dish should be perfect!
      I think you told me about that cookie stamp:) You were nice enough to alert me to it..
      K will be over the moon..and F too..

      2016..I am going to learn to color and do those fancy cookies:)

    4. You already do beautiful cookies, they can't get better (or is that what my New Years resolution should be!).

    5. We should learn together grandma.

  14. Sounds perfect for this weather! I love that he makes some too. My hubby likes to cook some too and has his favorites.
    What an adorable picture - not bratty at all - fun and happy, happy, happy! What sweet memories of Mother. They make the home a joy!

  15. Oh my! That sounds delicious! Your pictures are beautiful.

    1. It is very delicious..:) Perfect for fall and winter!

  16. A perfect dessert for fall. Looks simple enough to make....The photo of you and your brother is priceless and I think you looked like a very happy little girl. What a sweet gift that card is. Love the beautiful fall photos. It is such a lovely time of year. I have worn my boots here and there, but I have also switched to sandals. So glad you found a photo of Jacque's family grocery store. So many wonderful memories.

    1. Online..the maarvels of what you can find online..
      Even in California..I would wear boots:)

  17. Dear Goldilocks,
    Is that you (1958 pic?)

    1. Tis':)
      Would love to go back and feel it all for just one day..

      I forget everything about back then..

  18. i've never heard of this pudding it sounds so good and perfect for fall this is a perfect fall post with your beautiful trees with the leaves turning. such a cute picture of you and your brother, are you at the beach? oh and of course i just love that little pansy
    Hope you have a great week :)

    1. And you paint pansies so perfectly:)
      We were at the beach and I would love to know which one..will ask my brother..he must 11 you start remembering...we lived in the we would have had to go somewhere and I can't remember any trips ecxept QC city for the mom's sister lived there..and Old Orchard Beach..once..but I was much older..

  19. Why am I always so late to visit???
    Those first few photos...of the white...are gorgeous!!
    I am sure everyone loves the way YOU make it!!
    You look the that picture with your dear cute!!
    My Dad owned a furniture store...we lived above for a few years, while he built us a house on a river♥️
    It was so different knew everybody...there was a small diner 2 doors up...I remember going in there for the most delicious grilled cheese!! my Dad's store....we would have one of his friends dress up as Santa every year!! I wonder what happened to that fab Santa Suit??
    Enjoy the rest of your day my dear...thanks for your lovely comments!!
    Linda :o)

    1. Isn't that funny? 2 stores..Did you ever watch American Dreams?
      I loved that show..the dad had/or worked in a furniture tv store..

      There are so many things I wonder..what happened to that?

      What's not to love and comment about your cottage and Miss V?:)

    2. No....don't remember that show......
      Love your blog......

    3. I forgot! I love that note!♥️

    4. Google it:) My girls loved it,maybe you saw it at one point..Vanessa Lenghies was in it..Canadian girl..lovely family.

  20. Just found your blog because of a comment you left on Chocolate & Croissant. The recipe looks scrumptious and I'll definitely try it. I can't wait to catch up on all you recipes and French tips. Every Monday, I have a meme called Dreaming of France. .I'd love it if you'd stop by sometime and play along. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  21. So beautiful! I love the picture of little girl you and your were beautiful then and beautiful now. I must try the Pouding...I need to replenish my maple syrup supply. Maybe this weekend!
    Bisous xoxoxo

    1. Do replenish..we need to also..I used to go to the cabane sucre and buy it's been 2 yrs..:(Oy not so cute now...
      I think you would love version numero uno♥

    2. That will be the one for sure! I can taste it now! xoxoxo

  22. This is so funny, because I actually made this pudding yesterday! They had a recipe in the Wall Street Journal and it had always been on my bucket list. I love maple! And puddings! This looks fabulous Monique and soon you will see mine! Love old photos. My grandfather owned a grocery, too!

    1. Uncanny..not this recipe?:) Unless the NYT snuck into my kitchen files..can't wait to see yours Abbe.

  23. Hi Monique, love the pictures of your trees with the leaves beautiful. This pudding sounds magical, I will try your way first.

    1. Jacques was blowing them all afternoon..still we both said at dinner 2 of the back ones are GOLDEN maples and the whole house glows inside out..

  24. An intriguing recipe, Monique. I can imagine it is delicious and I always trust your recommendations. It is fun to have recipes that bring back special family memories.

    1. I believe this might go over well w/ your clan:)I hope so..I would love for you to have a keeper like I do of yours:)

  25. Replies
    1. Sue..the only one who has ever said that is my husband.
      That is reall nice of you to think so..
      One who writes well is my brother.I always tell him he should write a book..every email is engaging and interesting..just like my mom he has the power of the pen.

  26. I love the pudding Monique!!
    and love all these beauty fall pictures!! awesome ;)

    1. Fall is awesome..and backbreaking;)You should see us getting out of bed in the morning..:)

  27. Taste yummy! White color table cloth looks cool...

  28. Such a sweet post with the history and photos. Excellent photos old and new. Thanks

  29. The recipe for pudding sound very interesting, and at the same time very simple ingredients. I love the last photo with leaves.


  30. Quand j'étais petite, l'une de mes tantes faisait un pudding à partir de vieux pain ... une sorte de bread and butter pudding, en quelque sorte ... Elle l'appelait pudding-misère ! ;o) J'adorais ça. Mais j'essaierai ta version, qui m'a l'air plus élégante, quand même ... Bon, sinon, j'adorerais que l'on m'apporte du minestrone et de la tapenade à ma porte, moi ! ;o)

    1. Pouding au pain:) Jacques aime tellement aussi..pas moi:) Essaie version.. la première...
      Nos enfants..comme toi.. le soleil se lève et se couche auprès d'eux♥

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