Sunday, April 10, 2016

A bit of this a bit of that~mostly blues..

The past couple of weeks..I have made old standbys..because it has been chilly and before warmth sets in..
so chilly and snowy..

I made home made stock..soup bowls..I adore soup bowls..

Shepherd's pie..which we love and I jujj it up a bit every time..this time I added wine on top of the worcestershire sauce to the beef..and egg yolks and Spring Green onions  to the mash..our forever corn is always in the mom made it that way..J's mom too..of course that's pre-baked above..we are hungry by the time dinner is ready..and well..there seems to be no time for photos.
..picture it.. bubbly and golden brown..

I love making it in the morning and then at the end of the's as if Mrs Patmore or a butler had made it for me..Bake till bubbly..warm plates..

We ate Marie's Korean Beef is a staple here and at my daughter's..I have posted about it good.. and I made yet another General Tao Chicken that was baked..too sweet so I won't post :)
I get a GT craving once in a while..
Speaking of Marie..I made another SP..larger..and basket weaved my mashed potatoes..because she does;) So pretty!

And I made Averie's soft cream cheese chocolate chip cookies for bus duty and they are can find her recipe here..

We had avocados that needed to be eaten up..we try and eat one a day..just plain..or w/ tomatoes and garlic and oil on toats..or even naans so cute..
I put a bit of salt on my half..but this day..I had gone through old saved recipes the day before and pulled out my famous crab stuffed ones..from 1979..I was just learning to entertain..

I was married in '74.. both girls were born..and I started having aquaintances that had babies too..
I took great pleasure back then in having friends for dinner..and my entertaining mentor..Nicole..had served us these..everything she did IMPRESSED me so much.
Lovely lovely girl.I am sorry she moved many yrs ago and we lost touch.
The recipe is from those recipe box cards..LOL remember?

1971 it was published..

From The Betty Crocker  Recipe Card Library

1 can  7 1/2 ounces drained crabmeat
1/3 cup chopped celery
3 hard boiled eggs chopped
2 tbsps chopped pimiento
1 tbsp chopped onion
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup mayo
3 large or 4 small ripe avocados
lemon juice
3 tbsps dry bread crumbs
1 tsp melted butter
2 tbsps slivered almonds

Heat oven to 400F
Mix crabmeat,celery,eggs,pimiento,onion,1/2 tsp salt and mayo.Cut unpeeled avocados in half,remove pits,brush w/ lemon juice,sprinkle lightly with salt.
Fill avocado halves w/ crabmeat mixture.Toss breadcrumbs in butter,spoon over avocados
Place in an ungreased shalow baking dish..bake uncoverd 10 minutes..add almonds over crumb topping..return to oven for 5 minutes until bubbly and golden.

My notes..I used panko..I halved the we had it twice for lunch..I baked mine longer and used sliced almonds.
Total flashback for me.
I was in my twenties again.

Speaking of mashed potatoes..Am I a collector or what?
Ricer,single masher,double masher, round masher..not to mention the food mill and etc..but each ones serves it's purpose..the round one makes the best chopped egg was my mom's♥
that's what cooking and baking for 42 yrs end up with "stuff"~
Another night I made Ricardo's crepes..but added can find his recipe here and of course the above pic is pre-baked.

All food no fun this post:)

Too cold.

I promise to be back as the temps warm up..later in the week..;)

I kid you not..we store all the winter garb away..and it snows..

went for a walk today IN winter garb and FROZE.
Back w/ softer posts ..


  1. Now I am hungry for Shepherds Pie!
    I also love to entertain...not so often now...but when I do...I enjoy it so much!
    Those cookies look really moist and chocolatey...must try those!
    We are having avacadoes tonight! With tomatoe,basil,goats chees,olive oil....yikes!
    I better get busy! Pizza too!
    Beautiful post Monique...we are snowing right now.....Geesh!
    I must add green onions to my Shepherds Pie next time!
    Enjoy your evening....
    Linda :o)

    1. I cannot believe it but the news just said snow here too overnight..oh we will enjoy those lazy hazy days of summer won't we?
      I don't entertain anymore..just family..

      When I worked.. I had less time..yet entertained more.

      I am good with that..

      it is fun to prep a meal for people we love..
      I know you do..

      it shows in everything you do.
      Enjoy tonight!

    2. I keep thinking about what you said in your post...
      Having dinner prepared early in the day...
      Feels like Mrs Padmore served dinner...
      Love this....and...I have felt this!
      I also have many different mashers....2 of my Mom's♥️
      You inspired me...making Shepherd Pie this afternoon!
      Sun trying to shine...wind still nasty :o(
      Enjoy your Tuesday Monique...

  2. Overcast and expecting thunderstorms tonight, but weather is very mild here. Sorry you are still freezing. The hyacinth is so pretty! Love crab salad, especially in an avocado. I may have to make this later in the week. Can't make the cookies. I would eat them!!!
    Thought of you today as I poked around Anthropologie. I went to see Molly Hatch's latest ~ flower pots that I saw on her Facebook page. They were no where in sight, but I popped into the sale room as I always do. I found a treasure! Can't wait to share this whimsical piece sometime soon. It is the same gift I gave a friend for Christmas, but on sale it was a third the price plus I had a 15% off coupon. Happy girl! '-)

    1. Cannot wait to see your post!
      Uncanny..I have a Molly Hatch post prepared..soon;)
      Maybe I I'll see if she is on Instagram and check out Facebook!
      Stay cozy!

    2. I think ISAWIT:) On Pinterest..Cute cute cute!

  3. I don't entertain anymore either. I don't know how I did it all. Everything looks delicious; exactly the things I love. I've only made crepes once and they had nutella and banana inside. I can't imagine anything would be bad in a crepe. We ate them often in France. I keep dressing warm and then burn up in the stores or dress for warm temps and the wind makes it feel cold. Can't get it right yet. Your presentation of cooking is very pretty, btw.

    1. I remember hosting a shower at our home..and out of town clients deciding to look at houses again that day..(I didn't blame them..a home is IMORTANT)I have to tell you..they were quite sweet because he brought me a huge bouquet of flowers for the they knew..things like this happened all the time..yet we made it work:)
      You should see Jacques mise en place:) And engineer ...

  4. If it wasn't so late, I would go make those cookies right now. I've never used cream cheese in cookies, but I have used it in biscuits.

    1. Averie has great we can play w/ aperture ;)

  5. These are my favourite things..comfort food looks so delicious and warming and my favourite colour..Blue..
    Your posts are so comforting to me...I'm glad I popped in here again this morning..although I should be working!
    You have put a smile on my face.
    I envisage a little blue and white "pied-à-terre" for myself in those colours soon!

    1. I can't wait to see what you are really up to..Pinterest has pointed out your blue and white..and sandy toes:)Bonne semaine!

  6. Love this Post Monique, and catching up with all that you have been cooking. I am trying to get in my last bits of comfort foods also before the warm weather arrives and we are into salads and lighter things. Those cookies look fabulous. I have tried a lemon cookie using cream cheese this weekend. You are supposed to chill before rolling into balls and then sugar and baking, but even after chilling overnight it is too tacky to roll, so I have it in the freezer now and am hoping that will work. I hate wasting ingredients! I haven't made the Korean Beef in a while. I should make some this week I think! I had those same recipe cards! Betty Crocker ones. I was also just married in 1974. Oh, I thought I knew so much back then, but I really knew nothing at all. And I loved to entertain also, and try new things. Such nice memories. Love and hugs! xoxo

    1. I think I thought I was learning a lot too.but compared to having known nothing..I was right..:)
      1974 and were 18?
      It looks lke we eat a lot of ground beef in this post..we don' just happened..thak you for that BASKET weave idea on the potatoes Martha!
      I made your Bourbon/Vanilla cookies yesterday..I know yours turn out;)

  7. OMG, everything looks so good and I am hungry now. It's 12:05 Pacific time and way to late for me to eat. But, everything sure looks wonderful.

    So sorry that you are having such cold weather.

    My gardens are full of roses and iris's, so I have been playing in the garden and replacing new plants in my pots.

    Hopefully your Spring will arrive soon.

    The pictures are terrific - great job.

    Have a wonderful warm week.


  8. Love seeing all those comfort food dishes you've been making. I too have been making my good old stand by 'Cottage pie' as it's cold here too in France. Sorry that you have cold weather & snow again. Now I feel a bit happier, as really I should not be moaning , it's just that the weather doesn't know which season it's in yet, one day we are in T/shirts then back into thermal vests, with the wood burner stacked to the top. Loved seeing all your different potato mashers, Over the years of my 54 yrs married life, I think I've tried all those mashers that you have shown , my best one at the moment is one I bought last year on my birthday visit to Denmark. My Mr France would choose mashed potatoes everyday if I let him. Let's hope the warmer sunshine comes your way soon. We have some forecast for us this coming week, I'm hoping it will, as we are going to the coast to stay on a small island for a few days break next week. I might take my paints with me, I haven't done any painting for awhile. If i wasn't trying to cut down on calories I'd be tempted to try your Choc-chip cookies recipe, I love the soft ones.

    1. I hope you will post abot your get away:) Good for you!
      Jacques too..mashed of his faves..
      I wonder wht my girls will do w/ these mashers when I am gone? I did buy Frédérick the double masher:) They make the best Smashed easy!

      what a nice long marriage:)Congratulations:)

  9. You have eaten well this week, that's for sure. Your warm crab and avocado salad sound delicious and it's so pretty too. Avocados are a dollar here, so it's a good time to buy them. We've been eating avocado toast with a squirt of fresh lemon and crunchy Maldon sea salt for breakfast lately. Avocados are so good for you. Hope you have a lovely week ahead Monique.

    1. I always salt my avo also..for some strange reason the nicest avos we get are in abag at Costco..they are large and stay edible for the whole week in the fridge once ripe..a treat!

  10. I kid you could never be All food no fun this post!!! It simply isn't in you IMHO.

  11. I have three of those recipe boxes. One is Jerry's and is that stuffed with some good recipes (his mom's mustard recipe is in there). I never knew there was a double masher. I have a ricer but must admit I don't use it often at all. Lots of great recipes. The avocado stuffed with crab looks great. And I have never done a sheppards pie. I have to give it a try. We were supposed to get snow on Saturday but didn't. It has been colder here too and that's why I did closets. I need to decide on a cake for our daughter Gerarda's birthday. We celebrate her and our son in law's birthday together each year now. We are off to his mom's house with visitors from Germany so I hope I get this cake right!

    1. You will! You will get it very right..! A German Choco Cake?:)..Or Ina's..
      Goat's Mustard:)I hope you try a SP..there are so many variations and a bit of a pain to make..but once done..good for 2 meals..
      And now..I brown /cook season/flavor the onions and beef in a large enough pan to boil the potatoes:) I empty the cooked meat in the base..our topping is a mix of cream corn and kernel corn..then the delightfully seasoned mashed potatoes even prettier w/ some spring green the tines of your fork through the butter and make a design..or basket weave.. 350 till golden and bubbly..I do love it.So one pot to wash,twice but still:)

    2. I was going to do Ina's but some of the reviews talked about it overflowing the cake pans and undercooking. I borrowed the book The Cake Bible from library. I did a yellow and chocolate cake trial. One layer pan of each. The yellow rose high so getting it out was a chore and the edges stuck to the pan. I used my new nordicware pans that are deep for the chocolate cake. They worked well. By the time I was done I was undone. Test cake is in fridge and I'll make a chocolate frosting to see how they taste. I think chocolate will win.

    3. Thanks for the tips on SP.

  12. Old standbys can be new treats for some of us. I've never seen your baked crab stuffed avocados before…they sound very good. Hopefully spring will get a good foot hold in your area and finally warm up.

    1. You must remember this:) Snowed last night..white blanket again!
      My daughters make 2 of them now as staples in their homes..:)Some traditions continue;)

  13. We've had dreadful weather the past two weeks when I want warm spring breezes and pretty flowers!! Lovely treats you have shared!!


    1. Warm is what I am most looking forward to..

      our winter was fine..but it's being like a little bulldog right now..biting at our trousers..

  14. Such lovely yummy treats, Monique. What a relief that there is something nice for dinner, Mrs. Patmore has been busy here as well :-)

  15. Ahh Monique I love all in blue and white, look beautiful And love so much yours warm crab and avocado salad :) :)

  16. I have been making old standbys also, both for entertaining and for the two of us. Chilly here as well! Snowed the night before our belated egg hunt this past weekend but thankfully it melted by the time everyone arrived. Still, the boys needed their winter jackets! Years ago, I could do everything for entertaining in a day or two, now I need to start several days ahead and so pooped the day afterward. No time for food photos during the frenzy ;) Now I can take a break for a while - and there are left-overs :)Everything looks so delicious at La Table de Nana :) Love the soup bowls, the crepes, the Shepherd's pie, crab and avocado salad and cookies - what a feast for the body and eyes! And those beautiful hyacinths! Mine are popping out now - everything seemed to stop growing during the cold. Now more spring-like temps are coming, thankfully!

  17. I am happy the snow melted before your celebrations..I know everything was perfect:)
    I start ahead of time too if la famille is coming..ou still see your gourmet club ..friends etc..I am certain that helps keep you so youthful have a great group and I am certain you are the hearts of it.
    The avo baking dish;) Remember?:)
    Mine are indoor hyacinths..

    and guess what? No dahlias this year..didn't find my dinner plates..the rest? not my faves..
    I want a veggie box garden w/ picket fence now..
    so next life:)

  18. Bonjour chère Nana,

    Demoiselle Printemps fait des caprices !!...
    Une bonne soupe régale toujours... Chaude ou froide, j'aime beaucoup la soupe.
    Tu nous gratifies toujours de merveilleuses photos gourmandes.

    Je t'envoie plein de soleil...
    Gros bisous ♡

    Ps : En ce moment, je ne suis pas toujours très présente sur les blogs... Pardon !

    1. Bonjour! Les blogs.. quand on a une vie occupée..le temps y manque..depuis ma peux me permette de bloguer sans culpabilité:)

  19. We enjoy the Korean beef that you shared a while back, and I think we should make it again soon.
    Must be the time of year for making old standby's..made chicken stock with homemade noodles. Warmer spring weather is on the way, and I had to have my soup fix before that occurs ;o)
    Joe makes our Shepherd's old standby also.
    The hyacinths are beauties!

    1. I was thinking about Joe's garlic:) Because some of mine is struggling to poke out:)
      I sometimes add a touch of hoisin to the KB..

      it's a nice quick dish isn't it?
      Have a great day Debbie...another FTG:)

    2. Joe's garlic is getting big! We had a mild winter, and everything popped up early. We are having a warmish weekend so I'll get into the garden and do some weeding and bring Joe with me. LOL

  20. Comfort food to say the least, along with the sweet cookies. I shall try that recipe with the cream cheese. This post is making me hundry with so much yumminess.
    I always appreciate you sharing great recipes with us all. Yes, the wine cart is empty, but my husband has a huge sub-zero wine refrigerator full of wine...LOL

  21. Love these blues. Love old recipes. Love hyacinths. And cookies! Great post and pics!

  22. Wow, I think I gained weight just looking at all of your wonderful dishes. The crab stuffed avocados look amazing. Isn't it fun to get recipes from friends? You always remember them as you make the dishes.

    1. flowers in the garden..seeds from frieds..or cuttings etc:)

  23. Mashed potatoes are a great comfort food, Monique. Perfect for the cold weather. Love your addition of scallions. The crab dish looks divine...the old recipes are the best. Wish I had written down more of my grandmother's.
    I made those cream cheese cc cookies (or sonething similar) and although I am not a fan of soft cookies, they were delicious. I posted the recipe on my Culinary Bric a Brac blog...they were called "secret ingredient" cc cookies.
    Am off with my book group today to Cross Creek Florida...we read the book and are now going to visit Rawlings homestead.

    1. That is great that the book club does this too..I know you will enjoy it..I don't think I have sen your Bric a Brac..will go peek:)

  24. I love the blues that are floating through the images...A delicious post with a bit of your history added! Your card is enfin going out today!

    1. I will look forward to it!
      Did you know April is letter writing month? I posted one yesterday in honor of this month..and now you have too..thank you!

    2. PS..a little Jill Butler book should be here Monday from Capters/Indigo..Wandering Paris..thanks again!

  25. Ici, on passe petit à petit aux nourritures printanières ... Mais je n'aurais rien contre un petit shepherd's pie à ta façon ce soir, malgré tout. Tu m'as donné faim. Ce soir, c'est Philippe qui nous prépare un curry de poulet ... ça sent déjà bon !

    1. Tu es bien entourée avec tes 3 hommes:)
      x.Je m'en vais te voir en revenant d'une petite n'aime pas écrire sur ton blog bien- aimé :).. sans avoir mes accents:)x

  26. I can't get the cookies out of my to make them!

  27. Looks like you've had so... much deliciousness around your house Monique! You're making me so hungry. I think those crab cakes are calling my name!

  28. We fluff up in winter:) And trim down in summer:)

  29. Good Morning Monique, I love blue too! You got me thinking to take out my blue Calico dishes from England. They were my first set of dishes I bought in the 70's. All your recipes look so yummy, especially the crab stuffed avocados!
    Stay warm ♥ Hugs, Jody

  30. That's's 8.15 AM there?
    :) Good Morning!

  31. I saw someone who cooked an Hainan Rice Chicken :) I love your pictures, they are so bright and delicate. It's beautiful :)