Friday, April 8, 2016

Stinkin'Cute~ Susan Quote:)

And this is the reason it's nice to be a crafter in Qc.
Snow in April.

I used one of Z de Las Cases books to imitate her girl w/ the leaf..and Vivian has a lesson on leaf painting in her new book..
I need practice..not snow days..:)

It's no secret I like  pretties..

gathered through the years..some things are over 150 yrs old..
some things are recent.
My mother's things..are my favorites and then heartfelt gifts through the years..I still have my  string of 8 tiny miniature pearls on a necklace  from was for my 1rst communion from my godmother.
On our honeymoon 42 yrs ago..we bought a ring for me..enamel on copper..a floral design ..a large band..w/ white inlay and roses..I never take it the 4 rings I wear in permanence.I am amazed that although the gold came off..the stirling silver has remained as beautiful as day 1.
My girls offer me such cute things too for birthdays..and friends.
I never buy expensive things for myself..I'm not interested in the best gold jewelry ..
I like cute..
even statement necklaces I bought w/ my daughters on sale..
so heavy..but then you just look at the necklace;)
Great at 62.

The perfume bottles are the age of 7 maybe..we babysat Lucas and Max one week when the kids went away:) Caro brought me back that set of minis..keepers;)See.? Cute.

Pretty..I don't know why but pretty matters to me ..that's not good..
I would prefer to be neutral.
I read Susan Branch's book The Fairy Tale Girl..I told you already..
I did what she did when  got married..I taught myself to make meals..grow flowers..stitch and craft and always tried to make things ..well like a fairy tale:)
I loved to cook and bake and have friends over back then  and loved when they said they loved the food..the tables etting..the company..

times change..and things aren't always fairy tale fodder..

but I still like doing pretty.
A friend had sent me a sign she found at a B and B in England..the sign simply said:"Please Park Prettily"..she said it was meant for me.

So I guess you feel joy at having compliments in home making.''child rearing..and so you keep doing it..
I am older and wiser now..I still like each their own and I adore people who don't care.
Who wear no jewelry except the same earrings and necklace and watch..or nothing..
that don't care if the garden looks a little raggedy..and the house needs a sweep.
It's too late now..but if I had to start over I would want to be neutral.
And just care about what really matters..:)

But I have not started over so I still get sidetracked by stinkin' cute..and there you have the embroidery hoop necklace story..LOL

I didn't set it in I am not sure it's my fave look;)

I really want a black background:) I had no black fabric..:(

It's a kit..from Australia and arrived in a very short comes with everything except your floss and fabric and needle and scissors and glue gun and hoop:)But I am a stitcher and had it all.

Here is a link if my stitching friends would like one..what a fun thing to give as a gift or to do w/ daughter..
Tiny wearable art:)

The seller is quick at corresponding..friendly and looks adorable:)

On Instagram I found her..hooked on the stitchers ..I am..and food and Montreal ..and artists ..etc...

By the way..just in case you think this is a plug..well it is..but Ifoundheriboughtitiloveitshedidn'taskmetosayallthis:)

Bon Weekend~


  1. All that and a sense of humor too - like I said Monique, you're perfect. The first artistic thing I ever did was at twenty, a simple embroidery of a little girl in a swing and the words, "when you're gone, I just pretend you're here." I haven't done any since and think I'll give it a try again. Painted leaves before too. All that, but no one does it better than you. Love your "pretty" as it is you inside and out. And I am sure the snow doesn't bother you one bit. Now, I have to go back and look at all our pics.

    1. look at all your pics is what I meant.

    2. You need a sense of humor in QC in April:)

      You're right..I don't's going to be over soon anyway..and I have no control over it:)
      I actually love those words youembroidered Donna..I have a phto of me on a swing as a little girl..I would be thinking of my mom with those words..were you?
      I understood;) Right away.

  2. Your tiny embroidered hoop necklace is so very cute. I collect perfume bottles, too, and love how you display yours. But to be honest, it's your photography that sings to me. How do you take such bright, crisp, yet soft images? By the way, you should never go're meant to be cute!

    1. Laurie..your pics are great!
      One thing I did this winter..and the photos are not as shoot in TV mode..the shutter speed..quick so it takes the pic w/out slugging.I only adjust the ISO and the Aperture..
      I am not a Manual mode person..
      But I found TV instead of A (I have a Canon for winter LOL)..helps in low light.
      I am so past cute you have no idea..but you are adorable to say that and your cheque is in the mail:)

    2. Hmmmm, I'll have to practice with that. Thanks!!

    3. I don't think you need help:)
      And strictly indoors that TV:)For me.

  3. My things from my Grandmothers and Mother are my most prized possessions. I know exactly what you mean...from one Fairy Tale Girl to another.

    1. Mine too:) And also from my daughters the necklace w/ my grandsons names and birthstones♥

  4. Beautiful memories and keepsakes Monique. Gotta love snow in April - we have a small bit in the forecast for tonight. Love the tiny embroidery hoop! Have a lovely weekend.

    1. No choice but to love it:)It will soon be a distant lettuce leaf basil sprouted today:)
      How's that for excitement?
      My kind;)

  5. Mon your lucky to have picture's of yourself growing up! I wish❣

    1. I have 6..
      you need to get yours

      our Little are lucky..soo many photos of them!

  6. You made me smile :) I would have said it if you hadn't already - so stinkin' cute! You find the most adorable things to create - seriously. You are my Canadian Idol :) It would look lovely on black - almost like your beautiful painted tray. We don't have that much snow, but I tell you, it has been snow showery and cold lately! Worked all day on preps for Lauren's party tomorrow and the belated egg hunt for the boys. Can't wait to see our little Bigs and one very Little :) BTW, you do LOTS of pretty - and heartfelt pretty!

    1. I can't wait to see your munchkins..the party will be perfect and the hunt too!
      We had more snow showers late this aft..late in the season...slushy..dirty..mixed garb clothes wise with people here..we don't quite know what to put on to go out..
      You made me smile too..right before lala land..thanks;)
      And have a ball en famille.

    2. Canadian Idol!! That's it! Because every American would do well to take in the grace and charm of our kin(dress) to the north, and I am lucky that I found Monique, vraiment my Canadian Idol. Merci. We here on Long Island brace ourselves for SNOW, and thank you for showing me how to take it in stride, in nature.

    3. :)
      Snowed again last night..pouring now..c'est la vie..but I have good books to keep me company:)

  7. That necklace is adorable! Yes stinkin' and a work of art. I love the leaf paintings too. I am hoping our snow is done... but not sure.

  8. How do you make such tiny needlework projects? It is a work of art. My fingers would be tingling away trying that. I love the display of all your favorite things. Could study that photo foverver. I know how having your mom's things are so special. I just went through some old linen tablecloths that I can't use anymore so I am hoping to be able to pass them on to the girls. That snow scene is going to be playing out in our neck of the woods later today. We had 70 degree days and it forced so much along and between last weeks freezing temps and now snow my garden is protesting loudly. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Unseasonably cold!The little chive shoots:( And garlic..All should be well..the basement basil has sprouted..keeping an eye open for every little spotting of green..
      at least the sun is out:)
      The girls will love the tablecloths:)
      You too Terry..have a nice weekend.

  9. Monique, you have a gift for finding the most beautiful things to create. I think you are like your blog, sprinkled with fairy dust and lots of cute too. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    1. Sam..I am enjoying Pat Conroy's cookbook so much..thank YOU!What a writer..
      all the stories in the many beautiful thoughts.

  10. I can see why you Iove your pretties, most are precious memories and so feminine. The necklace is cute, tiny and so creative. The photo of the snow is gorgeous! Keeping busy with your painting, crafts and baking sounds like good fun. We were 84 here the other day.

  11. What a sweet necklace Monique AND group of pretty things. You take such fabulous photographs. I Love them. My brother said they had gotten quite a bit of snow in Ottawa. Not sure about NS. Here it is just April showers. I have two books by Vivian Swift, but the Gardens of Awe and Folly hasn't come out here yet. I have it on my wish list. I didn't know she had a blog. I am off to check it out! Love and hugs! xoxo

    PS - Got all excited when the postman dropped off a package today, thought it might be my new SB book, but alas, it was not. Sigh... I am on pins and needles in anticipation of its arrival!

    1. I have not ordered it yet..have some more on my wish thing at a time:)
      I know we enjoy the same books..

      We are very close to Ottawa..often get the same precipitations!
      Now I am curious as to what was IN your package;)

    2. Oh, it was a cookbook for review. haha and some gluten free lemon cookies to review. Not that a new cookbook isn't cause for excitement, but sigh . . . the SB book would have been so much MORE exciting! xo

  12. I often think the same way..if I were would be easier...
    But...I am not....I also love pretty...and your pictures and needlepoint speak to that...
    I feel we could be great many of the same qualities,loves and passions...
    Bonne weekend mon amie...
    Linda :o)

    1. What a nice thing to say:)We should say more of these things in life!:)

      I wonder how many people live near us that we would have affinities with?
      And maybe we just don't know it..

      Have fun at the cottage Linda!

    2. Only a visit this weekend...still too darn cold down there!
      Hope that next week will be sleeping over, and getting some clean-up done!
      Enjoy the rest of your Sunday...Mid Wives tonight!♥️

    3. The highlight of our Sunday night:)
      Shoud warm up next week some time;)

  13. I love PRETTY and CUTE tons!!!
    Things that matter? What, like the news?
    You can have it. Whenever i start thinking CUTE in a big way I feel very, very happy And that's what matters IMHO.

  14. Glad you like keeps the world a prettier place to be...:) Love the snow photo! xo

  15. The little embroidery kits look so cute..I will try to get one from the link too!
    Gosh you are still having such cold different to the Southern Hemisphere.


    1. She is such a nice Etsy seller..she is on Instagram..I found her there..the kits are perfect..:)x

  16. I have a lot of pretty things from my grandmothers. My sisters don't like these sort of things at all and they both refuse to iron. Lucky me.

    1. Oh cute that you say:Lucky Me:)

      I am happy you have them!

  17. You definitely have the "pretty" covered here! It's like a fairyland when I visit your blog! I had to laugh when you described the "don't care" individual; You're describing me, but I sure do like and appreciate PRETTY! :) I MUST purchase the tiny hoop necklace even though it's been ages since I've embroidered, I so want to do it! Thanks for all the inspiration and beauty!

    1. Have fun with it..I could just make and make many ideas on Instagram too..Enjoy!

  18. As you know, I am also a fan of Pretty and Cute...When I come to your blog, I think of Loving Cute rather than Stinking Cute...Cute, pretty, joy...all of that, along with some very great human values I find here. I'm remembering some tiny perfume bottles we kids found in a neighbor's attic once...she let me have them...they had those little glass dabbers in them too and even though they were empty, they still were fragrant. Your miniature embroidery is so so appealing!

  19. Tu fais toujours de si jolies découvertes !